5 Ağustos 2022

$100.00 Housewife Party


I am a married women that has the best husband in the world, My husband is one of those guys that love’s to see his wife have sex with other men, i would like to share one of our adventure’s with you.

This is a true story, i am a middle aged women that has been married to my wonderful husband for close to 40+ years, my name is Diane and i live in beautiful Queensland Australia.

There is a trend going around at the moment in Australia which is called $100.00 Housewife Fucks, it’s basically where Housewives offer their body to strangers for sex for a $100.00.
We were running a bit short on money and i decided to talk to my hubby about this trend, i said i would like him to organise something like this so we could pay a few bills.

It was on a Saturday night and we had organised a Motel down on the Gold Coast, we thought this would be better as we know to many people in Brisbane, So we made a note to put in the local Adult Shop on there notice board which read.

” Housewife offering $100.00 fucks, Tonight only at Coomera Inn Motel, starting at 8.00pm till finish, She is 43yo, long blonde hair, slim, large breast, Attractive, love’s the taste of Sperm, give’s great head, tight pussy “bareback is fine”, tight Ass “extra cost for this”,
Just turn up at the motel after 8.00pm room 25, pay your money and enjoy the fun

We were in the motel at around and 7.00pm with an hour to start, as i was getting ready my husband called me over to the window and said take a look outside, i sneaked a peak thru the curtain and there was already about 15 guys sitting in their cars or standing around looking up at the room, i turned to my hubby and said this might be a long night,??

We talked about how i would let them Fuck me, I said that i might just bend over and let all the guys fuck london escort me in this position because i know guys love to ram pussy this way, he agreed and said that is one of the best positions to get in some deep pussy ramming, that sound great.

Anyway 8.00pm came an instantly there was a knock on the door, i was in the bedroom already in position kneeling on some pillows that i placed on a coffee table up against the base of the bed, I could here my husband talking to the first group of guys that were there, i could here him saying $100.00 each and that will get you some sucking and then pussy, you can blow in her mouth, on her face, in her pussy or where ever you want, if you want Anal that is an extra $150.00 on top of the $100.00 so it will cost you $250.00 for Anal.
I could here the sound of money exchanging hands and the guys telling him what they wanted , i did hear a few hey mate here is $250.00 i want to slam some Anal tonight, The first guy came in to the room, My husband and i discussed that he would stamp there hand with a black pen for Pussy and red for Anal this way i knew what they paid for and that was only what they would get…

The first guy came in and I said hi, he was a little nervous but when he saw me bent over in my short plated skirt and no knickers he soon smiled and lost his nerves, he took his clothes off and had a nice erection already, I asked him to show me the stamp and he was for pussy, I then looked at him and said well have fun back there, he then got behind me and I could feel him playing and moving his hand around my pussy, he was kissing my Ass checks which was nice, I said he could stick a finger in my ass if he wanted but not his cock, he then proceeded to push his finger in my ass and pussy “god it felt nice”, he pulled his finger’s out and london escort agency then I felt the knob of his cock at the entrance to my pussy I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter, then with one big push his cock was in me, “yum” it felt so nice , the most thing I was thinking of at the time was there was going to be more of this all night, he started of slow and worked his cock in and out of my pussy then he was starting to get faster and faster, I myself at this time was starting to moan and it did not take long for me to get in the rythem of his strokes as he started to slam his cock in me harder and harder, I got pretty loud soon by this time and i am sure the guys waiting for their turn in the other room could here me” i could feel his strokes getting faster and then a huge grunt from him and he exploded in my pussy, the feel of a stranger cumming in my pussy is so exciting for me,I don’t know why I just love it when guys grunt and I feel them squirting there sperm in me it’s just horny for me, So number 1 (one) got dressed and left, I heard him talking to my husband in the other room and said that was the most exciting thing he had done for a while and thanked my husband for allowing him to fuck his wife, i thought hey mate you could of thanked me seeing your spunk was dripping out of my pussy hahah.

My husband came in and told me that there is close to 28 guys in the next room and there was more in the parking lot of the Motel, I said I would get to sore to take on heaps of guys so I said Ii would be happy to fuck and suck 30 guys but thats the limit for tonight, My hubby said he will get the contact numbers from anyone who comes after the 30 and we will organise another night with them guys, So for the next 4 hours I had 30 guys pay to Fuck my pussy, Fuck my Ass, Fuck my Mouth, escort london I had cum all over me from my long blonde hair to even one guy just wanting to wank off and squirt his cum on my foot, “Hubby did not charge him for this” Hubby came in and said honey there is a guy out there who only wants to lick your foot and wank on it is this OK with you, I said that’s fine but send him in alone so he does not get embarrassed by the others, So this guy came in to the room and seen me covered in Spunk and my bent over ass in the air with spunk dripping out of my pussy and ass, he asked if it was all right to do what his fetish is, I said go for it have fun, So he started lick my foot that I know had some cum on it and he pulled his cock out of his pants and started to wank himself, I asked if he would like me to give him a little suck to excite him more but he was fine and just kept playing with my foot until he came on them and was rubbing all his cum around my feet, ” at least i had a good foot massage” That was interesting ?? hahah.

Overall out of all the guys who fucked me the following happened

Cum in my Pussy = 13
Cum in my Ass = 9
Cum in my Mouth = 4
Cum on my Face = 4

After the last guy left I had heaps of cum dripping out of my Pussy and Ass so I called my husband into the room and told him to lay down on the bed, I straddled his face and pushed my Pussy and Ass into his face hard and then I squeezed hard which made all the cum gush out and onto his face, I gave him a facial he will never forget, This is why I love my husband so much, he lets me fuck other guys and he gets to clean me up afterwards, By the way we made enough money to pay some outstanding bills, I had my first 30 guy Gang-bang, my husband got to eat all that cum, and we got another 19 phone numbers for the next $100.00 Housewife fuck.

till next time i hope you enjoy my night as much as I did
Love you all Diane xxx***

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