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129.SARAH AND THE SILVER MASTER PART 6 .. Sarah and the silver master, part 6.Next day a long e mail arrived;My Dear Silver Master I need to tell You Master that you have achieved a remarkable change in me and the way I respond to my sexuality. It’s been over three years since I subjugated my body and soul to a true Master of your persuasion and skills and meeting you has made it a worthwhile wait. More than I could ever have imagined. When I agreed to subject my vulva to the ultimate punishment and degrading humiliation of having my large labia being stitched together, I did so to prove to you and myself that I was finally able to offer my complete and utter womanhood to another human being without question, -a man who would nurture my desires and take ownership of my total sexuality. You alone had total control of my sexual functions and to decide if I would ever be penetrated by a penis ever again…. you took control of my body in my ultimate sacrifice to my womanhood and my gift to you.When I returned to you and climbed onto the treatment table, I still wasn’t sure if you were going to free me from the shackles of sexual availability. I was surprised you allowed Harry to be the first to penetrate my newly opened and exposed vaginal canal. Although you instigated my “opening” after a week of being “sealed”, you worked impassively and professionally as I cried out and writhed in anticipation of the decision you were going to take as you wielded your scalpel like a true surgical specialist to reveal and release my virgin cunt. I felt two of the three stitches being cut through as you nodded to Harry that he should penetrate me with his long 9″ penis, longer than I have ever experienced Master as he forced his huge manhood into my still partly stitched opening in such a cruel movement.When people talk of making love, you are a true Master in the art of truly loving a woman. I felt so loved as you gently penetrated me in our beautiful night together, thank you my Master for my present, I know you have planned more sadistic pleasures for yourself and I can only begin to imagine what they may be, I think I might be ready to push my personal boundaries beyond anything we have experienced before, I have been dreaming of being coupled and mated with a canine and I can’t seem to get this feeling out of my system. I know you have experience in this field and would value the opportunity to discuss how you could make this happen in great detail and I’m looking forward to being assisted to accept this degradation and humiliation as my body is ravaged by a sex crazed dog. I expect you will need a couple of assistants to ensure I’m held securely and to ensure the chosen dog will be able to fully expand inside me. I find this thought exiting but frightening as well, I’ve never had these thoughts before about mating with a non human and I know it will affect me but I do hope you can assure me of my sexual desirability immediately after I have been coupled with your chosen dog by allowing Harry and perhaps one of two other assistants to take the a****ls place inside me. The thought of being immediately being penetrated by a human sounds so wonderful if nothing but to reassure me that my vaginal canal although stretched by the a****l is still able to give pleasure. YoursSarahWell I replied thanking her for her compliments, and suggestions telling her, that her visit would be laid on for the next weekend for her and Tom to visit, arrive Friday afternoon as usual and I will think about the k9 thing. She sent back “thank you sir” and nothing more was said.Tom and Sarah arrived at on the Friday evening in the merc, The pair soon sat at my table, Sarah in trousers, black heels, red shirt and a dark suit and he in casual trousers and a thin blue jumper, shoes polished and not a sandy hair out of place despite the warm day and them travelling with both windows open on the big estate car. She opened the gate for the arriving car shutting it slowly and with care, before walking to the run in which my dogs reside, she stood gazing at the big dozy mutts and he unloaded the car and stood watching her, waiting for her to come indoors.Mrs bridges met them I was talking to a client, who`s tiny car stood in the corner, a little fiat, she was a huge woman all of 26 stone or more, and she suffered from what I can only call; seaside postcard syndrome. On a postcard the husband was always tiny to her huge size, sadly this lady, we will call her Carol, had a husband of 18 stone 6 ft 4” tall muscular and who worked as a bouncer! Thinking her size put her in charge. she had tried the “I`m in charge in this house” bit and he had ‘objected’ leaving her bruised and somewhat lacking in ego and self esteem, so she had as a protest, tried selling herself on the docks just to spite him. There`s not a lot of call for big women in Dover, their being shall we say a surfeit of good looking girls available and that had diminished what self respect she had even more so she had tried suicide, that had failed, her big body absorbing the sleeping pills she had taken and she had been asleep before she could finish administering a fatal dose! Hence she had been sent to a local shrink, none of the regular men being available and her plight being urgent, she had washed up with me.Anyway session over she was about to leave and her bulk blocking the front door as they came to it so they stood aside for her to pass, curt nods were exchanged by the two parties and she wobbled over to the little fiat as I opened the gate. To see 26 stone of flab shoehorn itself into a fiat 127 was one of the funniest things you could imagine, and I desperately wanted to laugh but managed not to as the very full little car started and slowly drove away. After she had gone I turned to see Sarah and Tom in stitches of laughter, collapsed on the bench by the front door, and I had to join them unprofessional though I knew it was.After the laughter had subsided, and the weekend had started with right good laugh we adjourned to the sitting room in a brilliant mood, there the good Mrs bridges brought us coffee and her delicious date and walnut cake.As we drank I suggested “perhaps I should have a chat with Tom while Sarah took the dogs over to the meadow, she having enjoyed them so much last time she was here!” this was agreed and after a while the coffee over she collected the leads and then the a****ls and we watched her set off with the two giant a****ls to the long meadow opposite my front gate.Tom and I adjourned to the consulting room. I explained that I had interviewed his wife under hypnosis and what I had concluded, telling him she needed help, and that she would be a long time being weaned off the scenario, if it ever happened. She had a fetish of pain that meant she needed mentally to be used hurt and abused badly and had a latent desire for him to understand and be involved at least a little in bebek escort her misuse, if only by the token of sending her for sessions and having her “repaired after” like a crashed car at a garage.She had needs other women either resisted or in 80% did not have, she was not unique, but in that small minority that needed, and if they were to stay sane must have, pain and humiliation in quantity as well and not mild pain either, but pain in regular doses.I explained the syndrome that drove her, in detail, and a simply as I could, and astute business man that he is he cut to the financial chase, we talked fees, we talked frequency, we chatted about his situation and his sexual needs and aspirations and then we went to join our subject in the meadow. Like a small girl she was throwing a ball for the a****ls, ‘Rufus’ the great dane, rushing about like a two year old despite his age, though the more laid back younger but less energetic ‘paddy’ the grey shaggy Irish wolfhound, was sat at her feet his head on her leg in an ‘adore me pose.’I explained to her between balls, that Tom had agreed to pay for a number of sessions for her, as many as it takes, and that he had agreed to her being mine to “use as I saw fit” to see if we could effect, well, not a cure but some sort of compromise and so he could understand her needs and assist from time to time.She threw her arms round Tom`s neck and thanking him profusely, eyes sparkling she kissed him, her joy at his letting her be misused and hurt, strange but exhilarating.I explained that not all sessions would be just with me, as humiliation she may be required to do things for and with others in my club, older men, women even, if I wished her to stand naked here in the field or on the sea front, or wherever she would obey me instantly and unquestioningly. She would be my plaything, my doll, my puppet and my metaphoric punch-bag.Did she understand?She knelt at my feet and said “yes master and thank you!”“You will be here once a month, on the first weekend of every month, sometimes alone, sometimes when he is available with Tom, I told you that you would wear my butt plug while here, but I have not insisted on that so far as I know you don’t like your anus touched. So I have decided the collar will be enough, unless you disobey me at any time, which I strongly advise against by the way.”She nodded her head and replied “yes master thank you master”“Right run over and tell Mrs bridges tea for 5 and as soon as its served she can finish tonight, you will be doing the cooking and so on till Monday.”She passed me the ball bounded away, and was soon back, saying “she says that`s ok and thank you sir”Paddy my wolfhound placed his shaggy head on her lap sniffing at her sex, he was always randy, but she did not push him away as most women would, so I said that he obviously liked her, “so perhaps soon if I felt she was ready he would enjoy her body,” which sent a shudder of pleasure through her, as she said “she would look forward to that as she had long wanted to experiment with k9 sex”.Well perhaps then you shall have him and perhaps ‘Rufus‘too, if I`ve a mind!We all strolled to the end of the meadow and on into the orchard, “right then take off your trousers,” it was a command not a request she looked a little stunned, then stooped and removed the slacks. “Now the knickers” she glanced round furtively looking for anyone else in the area then slid the tiny black lace items from her body stepping gracefully from them and folding both items under her arm.“Face me” she did that and then I told her to piss.She went to squat, , “I didn’t say squat I said piss” I hissed , she stood legs akimbo and strained a little to over-come her natural desire to only piss in private.Her stream was brief and weak but she done as I had told her, which was the point. Tom looked on in a shocked kind of way and ‘paddy’ walked up and licked at her wet sex, I told her to “hold it open for him then!” Which she did, his big rough tongue was dragging itself over her fast lubricating sex. She groaned as the tongue found her clit, Tom and I watched in awe as that old dog did his thing, she stood on weak legs semi naked in the centre of a Kentish orchard with a large dog slavering at her sex, ‘Rufus’ the dane wandered up He stuck his nose at her wrist but she was too busy holding herself open for ‘paddy’ he looked at me with pathetic eyes, so I led him behind her and held her arse cheeks open telling her to keep still and tapping her rosebud and urging him to lick at her.He began to lick and she stood her eyes closed enjoying the sensation as the two a****ls lapped at her in a most energetic way. She began to cum but I stopped her and told her to get dressed, which she reluctantly did, the two dogs less than impressed. But it was tea time and I will not have Mrs bridges inconvenienced as she is too good to lose or abuse.We strolled back, the two dogs crestfallen at the loss of their play-thing. We put them away then washed up and were sat for the meal as the clock struck five.Mrs bridges a genius with country fare ,but perhaps serving, well not the food these folk were obviously used to, not the Savoy or the Grand, but delicious and tasty simple fare followed by a pudding that melted in the mouth, they loved it and told her so.The matronly Mrs bridges went home with compliments ringing in her ears and a very big smile.The evening past with us all sitting watching television in front of the fire, it had begun to rain, soft wetting and persistent. I presented them with a contract which they both read and signed, it gave clear details of her attendance, and that all instructions in my presence or under my direction would be obeyed instantly or punishment would ensue. It detailed that she would be given pain, sometimes prolonged, sometimes leaving scars and she would occasionally require medical help when she was released from my care. The wine flowed, though not excessively, it was convivial, friendly and relaxing, Tom regaled us with stories of big business, I told of some of the funniest of the past subjects, and Sarah told of her youth. We turned in for an early night, and were all asleep by 11.30. After a leisurely start, breakfast and a gentle walk with the dogs on the downs on this lovely morning, we returned about 11am. We found Harry, patiently awaiting our return sitting on the short padded bench he had fetched from the woodshed. he sat in the middle of the yard in the sun. I introduced him again to Tom who said he thanked him for the help in his absence that last weekend. Harry said “it was a joy and he was here for the rest of the afternoon today.Not once, to her disdain, did he acknowledge Sarah, other than a polite nod Because of the woodshed and the hedge our yard is not in view from the roadway, so tying the dogs to the wood shed, I approached the padded stool then levent escort turned to Sarah and told her to remove her trousers and knickers, she looked round as if to question the order, so I shouted “Do it”, she looked shocked, then slowly undid her slacks dropping them and the knickers and stepping out of them stood as if to pick up the clothing. “Leave them, and come here” she stepped forward and I indicated the stool, “lay on that knee`s on the ground.”She knelt on the tarmac as she was directed, and then lay forward chest and belly flat on the padded top of the short bench her face a mixed mask of surprise and fear.I nodded at the two men, and asked them to hold her still, lifting the tail of her shirt and folding the cloth up out of the way as they took her arms firmly and held her down. I showed her the garden cane from the border plant`s, I said “two for your reluctance when told to remove clothing yesterday and again just now.” She said nothing, I swung the cane from shoulder height, splat it landed across the fleshy backside, she cried out, tears fell, and then the second landed an inch below the first, she screamed as the pain hit, seconds after the cane, suddenly and hard and her butt was on fire. Shock set in as we men laughed at her discomfort.“Right missy, you’re going to get fucked now, so which dog would you like?”Her jaw dropped, the suddenness of the question caught her by surprise. “Erm” she shook her head then said “these are too big for me!” I said “tuff, now pick” “Rufus” I said “good choice” released the a****l and fetched him from the shed, he could scent her now, both fear and excitement on the air. We watched as he sniffed the wet sex, I walked him to the head of the seat where she could see him, his red and purple veined tool slowly appearing from its sheath, long and menacing. Her eyes were fixed on the tool, her lips saying a resounding “no,” her head wondering if she could really take it all, knowing in her heart that I would not relent. The a****l went from her vision as I led it to her rear, he sniffed at her, lapped at her sex, the in an instant he leapt forward, his forepaws grabbing at her waist like some demented ape, his hard rod stabbing at her, desperate to find its target, his hips jerking at her rump, her bruised and marked backside receiving stab after stab till he found the right spot, then he moved forward a little more, burying himself deep into her, jerking madly as he forced himself deeper intent on making his bitch pregnant, she trying to move forward and lessen the invasion. The two men however holding her in place not allowing her to move.She began to scream as the knot began to form swelling within her, stretching and forcing the walls of her sex outwards, in an attempt to seal and secure his hot seed within his bitch. His movements had slowed to the odd twitch now. Boiling seed filling her guts, she shaking her head now, she confused, not understanding the mix of emotions, the feelings as she was flooded with the hottest seed she had ever felt in her womb. Stretched to the point of expecting to tear, thoughts tumbling through her mind, as the pain still continued.The weight of the a****l slumped heavy on her back now, her breathing a struggle due to the extra weight,Harry and Tom easing the grip, she could go nowhere she was anchored, everyone present knew it, we waited, still impaled she began to enjoy the strange full hot filled belly feeling more than a little bloated, her belly distended now as the dog still forced more of his jizz into the already full space, smaller quantities it is true, but she felt like a balloon. Ten minutes, twelve, fifteen the minutes passed slowly oh so slowly , then at 17 minutes he moved, the knot began to shrink, he came loose, then fell from her red distended and dribbling sex. He stepped over her back, his paw leaving a mark on her shirt- back as he jumped down and wandered off uninterested now in his used bitch. Doggy cum spraying from her sex like a small waterfall she laid collapsed, still on the bench; suddenly realising I was mounting her, my tool loose in the very wet channel. I soon pumped a little more into her, the wet sex receiving my small tribute, but she hardly noticed. I tucked it away, taking Toms place. He too added his tribute, though she probably did not feel him at all, she made no reaction at all to his piercing her, and he soon relieved Harry, 9 inches, surely she would feel this, but if she did she showed no sign, just laying with slimy wetness dribbling from her as Harry made each retraction, he grunted in rhythm as he worked, then with a groan he too added more to the pot.She seemed in a trance, glassy eyed, we sat her upon her heels, and then stood her up, I snapped my fingers in front of her nose and she began slowly to focus.Her tearstained face, slowly followed my progress as I went and fetched ‘paddy’, my intention being to put him in the run, as I had to pass her she began to rave that she couldn’t take any more, “please master not yet, I can`t have my sex stretched any more, I couldn’t stand it, please master please” I smiled and told Tom to “go bathe your wife, she is a smelly cum stain.”He led her away as old paddy watched her go and I felt sorry for him with his sad look.She soaked for about two hours, then she appeared dressed in her dressing gown, and we gave her a stiff drink. She sat with it saying she could hardly walk as she felt so stretched, and I suggested that she needed to sort herself out as she needed to do it again in the morning as poor old paddy had missed out… She made no answer, her face showing her shock and wondering if I was serious. Harry soon said his goodbyes, and Tom and I started on a meal, it was not as good as Mrs bridges fare its true but it served.We spent a quiet evening in front of the fire, again sex was not a topic, and she needed to recuperate. Just before they went up to bed though, she asked if I was serious about Paddy, I said “why not?” Giving nothing away and keeping a straight face, “I am sore and stretched and I suspect bruised that`s why not!” she retorted perhaps a little sharply.I reminded her she was here to be punished, I was her master and if I wanted her used again, so be it, she would obey me, and that tomorrow she would be disciplined again for this outburst, I then swept out to my bed.Morning came, by 10 am the sun beating down, slowly beginning to warm the cool air, a typical British Sunday morning, birds wheeling high in the uncluttered blue sky, distant church bells calling the few faithful to prayer, the heathen rest washing cars and mowing lawns.I called Sarah through their closed door, “up girl and outside.”She called “I will just go take a leak master.”“NO I want you outside NOW!” Then I went downstairsShe appeared at the front door, by now I was stood in the yard waiting. She wore a thin halkalı escort baby-doll style, see-through nightie, and knickers, she was rubbing sleep from her eyes.“Stand still” I ordered then ‘Whack’ the cold water hit her from my garden hose, cold, and shocking. She sputtered, but to her credit after her initial reaction as anyone who gets hit with a stream of cold water, she stood stock still, dripping now but wide awake. I snapped the hose off, and discarded it “come” she followed me to the woodshed, where I tied her wrists to the roof beam.I left her and fetched Paddy, the old grey dog plodding along at my heel, at the woodshed she stood legs crossing as she attempted to stop herself from peeing, she still dripped water from the nightie, clinging coldly to her skin. I tied the dog up to the doorpost. She eyed the a****l suspiciously, no doubt remembering Rufus, yesterday.“Have you drained off all that cum yet?” I asked, she said she had “but it had been a long wet night and she had had to wear a towel” I laughed. Then pointed at ‘Paddy,’ and said, “he`s worse, balls like a stallion has the old lad!” She shuddered eyeing the dog with a troubled frown, but saying nothing.Tom appeared, dressed in a tracksuit, I asked her if she needed to piss. She said “yes she did and soon!”I told her if one drip hit the floor before she was told, she would be whipped and hard. Her face creased in an agony of desperation, and her thighs clenched together hard. “But sir I need…”….crack, finger-marks red and painful appeared on her cheek from my flat handed slap. “Quiet” I cried.She fell silent, eyes bulging, shocked, as I explained that “poor old paddy had missed out yesterday and he still needed satisfying!” She eyed me warily, as I told her “she was to give him oral till he came, or I would let him have her just as ‘Rufus’ had yesterday!”She gulped; the said “really?” her eyes like saucers! I told her she was about to be released, but only if she was “up for it!” the alternative was the padded bench again.I stood waiting her decision; she said there was no way she could swallow all that cum shaking her head sadly.I exchanged glances with Tom, and placed the padded seat in front of her, to Paddy`s delight, he knew what that seat was for and his eyes brightened and he strained at his leash eagerly. She again asked for a chance to pee, but I told her she could wait and I would punish her if she leaked in the shed. The dry sawdust floor would show even a little sot of damp.We released her from the beam and she removed her knickers then knelt then before resignedly lying submissively forward on the padded top, this time Tom was instructed to secure her arms which he did though he took a moment or two.I fetched paddy, he smelt her, licked her then as soon as Tom had finished, like an old campaigner he leapt on her back, the nightie was little protection from his claws, tearing as he scratched at her as he wrapped her in his fore-pawed embrace.There was no lack of aim as there had been with Rufus, one stroke and the thing found its mark, a second and the thing sank home to her scream of pain or perhaps enjoyment we could not be sure!Her shaggy coated lover banged away at her, urgent thrusts his long prick well up into her body, his balls jangling, his grey shaggy coat covering her still damp body, her head up, her eyes wide, gasping for air and groaning hating herself for loving the full feeling she already had and knowing what was to follow would be much more exciting, and even more painful and more filling.Tom and I stood in awe, the a****l growling softly, then as his knot began its awful swelling, the note changing. Hers too, the swelling knot forced her already bruised innards’ to press on her bladder and knowing she would be punished now anyway; she began to pour forth her water wetting the hind legs of her canine lover as she did.His knot now fully inserted he eased his movements, each pulse of seed filling her and she groaned over and over that it was so hot, so very hot! Then it changed to “god I`m going to burst!”‘Paddy’ let out a howl of triumph, as he had made her his bitch, ‘Rufus’ in the run howled back his ace trumped.She continued her litany of pain muttering “it must end soon, my belly is swollen and I feel I am about to burst,” in a muted monotone.All movement ceased now Paddy collapsed on her back, Tom and I stood motionless, jaws slack, hands on cocks mid stroke. Time stood still, she became resigned to the wait for release, and the pain of the balloon she called a belly, she had quietened now knowing there was nothing we could do for her she alone just had to bear the discomfort.Paddy rested his head on her shoulder, drool fell onto her hair and the seat, his weight heavy on her full body, and Tom came copiously on the floor with a groan. I restrained myself, someone had to. Ten minutes past, I fetched the hose dropping it on the floor Paddy suddenly revived and tore himself loose, Tom and I having to grab the seat to prevent it toppling as the giant dog threw himself from her.She screamed once again as I caught my pet and walked him to the run, Tom stroked her head, sympathetic and said soothing things as her tears fell.On my return I adjusted the hose end from jet to flood, then thrust the nozzle into her sex as I switched it on half power, icy cold water gushed into her violated and overheated organs washing out her guts, removing his seed, cooling the overheated and the bruised surfaces. I motioned Tom to hold it in place, and then went to her head.She silently regarded me with eyes that said do your worse, I`ve had the pain of the a****l nothing can get worse. I explained that as she had leaked on the nice dry sawdust the hose would remain for a moment or two as punishment and she could describe the feeling of it.It took her a moment to realise the implications, the water was rapidly cooling her, and washing her clean just like a bidet but deeper and colder, after just a few moments she asked for its removal, I shook my head, she began to beg, again I shook my head, she began to wail, then squawk like a woman possessed. That was what I had waited for telling tom to remove it and turn it off which he did rolling it neatly and hanging it over the tap in the yard.I released her and on wobbly open legs she stood, awaiting my orders. I hurried her indoors, Tom following, I wanted her but no way was I getting down on the wet sawdust. I had her lay on the sitting room carpet and there I mounted her. It was like shagging a block of fridge meat, almost like taking up n*********a, Cold damp, but a wet damp not a sexually slippery damp, the effect was not good so I removed the didget and placed it to her lips, it was as cold as a lollipop. She went to her task like a trooper and was soon rewarded with a huge mouthful that she swallowed with relish.They were soon away home; she dressed in her track suit, and not having been allowed a bath or shower to warm her. She kissed me and blew one to the dogs as she left. She had enjoyed her weekend. The merc cruised quietly away and was soon lost from my sight as I closed the gate.Monday I knew would bring a complaining shoplifting prostitute from kursney, sent in by a court, oh what a contrast.

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