16 Mayıs 2023

19 Year Old Uses Older Man


Ted was fifty six and always stared at me like he was imagining what I looked like naked. He worked at the same department store as I did selling shoes. We also happened to take the same train home.

I was nineteen and liked fucking men who were older than me. Men of all ages had a chance with me but I usually didn’t go for guys my age. Extremely older men, thirty to forty years my senior, were a bit of a fetish for me and already I had experience with them.

Every night on our way home, Ted would sit next to me, chat and quite frequently ask if I had a boyfriend yet. If we didn’t work together, I would have fucked him already. He wasn’t ripped at all and a bit overweight. I never cared if a man had a lot of muscles and there’s something cuddly about a man with more meat on his bones.

As a rule I never was one to shit where I eat. Also I got the sense he would get clingy and wouldn’t be discrete about a fling in front of the people at work. Not wanting to pursue anything with Ted didn’t prevent me from flirting on our rides home.

I had put my notice in at work because I had gotten another lucrative opportunity. On the rides home with Ted I wondered if I should finally let him have me.

“I put my two weeks in at work,” I told him. “Also will be moving to the suburbs.”

“Another job?” Ted looked disappointed. “Well congratulations but I’m going to miss our rides home together.”

“Thanks and me too,” I smiled as I put my hand on his thigh, above his knee.

Ted smiled back, “how about I take you to dinner to celebrate.”

“Oh that’s sweet, Ted, I think I’d like that.”

As my last day neared, I increasingly got more touchy feely with Ted on our way home. My pussy would get wet thinking about if he would be a good fuck or not. As we had our conversations I wondered what it would be like to have this big bear of a man over my smaller frame or me riding his dick.

We agreed to meet the Friday after my last day. He was going to take me to a nice Italian restaurant.

For our date I picked out a sexy little black cocktail dress that would hug my Latina curves perfectly. My breasts were D cups and I liked how the dress accentuated my bosom. Despite my big tits I opted to go without a bra. The dress hugged them nicely and being nineteen they were quite perky. I left my panties at home as well. I wore my long full brown hair down.

We met at the restaurant and Ted’s eyes looked like they were going to fall out when he saw me.

“You look fantastic,” Ted said as he eyed me up and down.

The dinner was fabulous and I had a genuinely fun time spending time with Ted. Ted ordered a bottle of wine which only helped to get me hornier for this much older man.

During the meal Ted kept looking down at my chest. Several times I would lean in a way so he could get a better look at my tits.

“Thanks so much for dinner, Ted. This was fun.”

“Sandy, I like you a lot. I know I’m much older than you and I really didn’t have much expectations taking you out to dinner. I only wanted to spend one last time with you. I might be an old fool but I think you’ve been giving off hints that I might have a shot with you.”

“I’m not wearing anything underneath this dress,” I say in almost a whisper.

“Holy shit,” Ted says with a grin.

“I don’t want a boyfriend but I like having friends,” I gave Ted a wicked smile, “maybe you can be my ‘friend.'”

“I’ll be your slave if you want. I’ll do whatever you want me to.”

Ted was very eager to pay the bill and get going. Getting into the cab, my pussy was soaking wet. Reaching for his hand, I moved it between my legs to show him my fully waxed pussy was dripping wet for him.

“Fuck, you’re even hotter than I imagined,” Ted’s voice was full of lust as his finger found it’s way inside my slit.

Having no shame, I moaned out my pleasure as I rubbed my tits over my dress, Haramidere escort “I like you touching me.” As I rubbed myself, I lowered my top so that my tits were exposed. My nipples were hard as pebbles and I pinched them.

Ted stuck another finger in me as he watched me as if in a trance as I writhed in pleasure. His ministrations kept me on edge but just out of reach of a climax.

When we reached his house, Ted paid the cab fare and I reluctantly fixed my dress so that I was decent again. After walking in the front door, Ted backed me up against it and kissed me passionately. I willingly succumbed to it but pulled away because an idea popped in my head.

“Did you really mean you would do whatever I want? That you’d be my slave?”

“Fuck, yes.”

“Ok, slave, you have to prove to me your dick deserves my pussy,” I said and moved from his grasp walking into his living room.

I don’t know what came over me because usually I would be the good little submissive fuck toy when playing with those dynamics. Ted saying earlier he would do anything for me got my wheels turning.

“You can’t touch me unless I say you can,”

“Yes, ma’am,” Ted said eagerly. I sat on his couch and thought for a moment what I was going to ask for, “undress for me.”

He at first looked hesitant and unsure but then followed my instructions. He undressed with no special fanfare or sexy dance. It would most certainly look ridiculous if he did. My pussy was getting wet as he exposed himself to me. Being the one clothed, made me feel like I was in control.

When he was completely naked, I looked his body up and down. The hair on his chest and the trail leading down to his dick looked manly and made my pussy gush more. Ted had a tummy but I didn’t mind that. Ted looked a little embarrassed but his thick cock was hard as a rock. It looked to be over six inches that would fit just right in my cunt.

“Turn around,” I commanded. His ass was full and looked like it would be a good handful to grab as he fucked me missionary. “Ok turn around again and get on your hands and knees.”

Ted yet again did what he was told.

“Crawl over here and kiss my foot,” I extended my right foot out. Ted moved over to me and put a kiss on my foot right above where my skin was exposed above my shoe.

“May I worship your foot?”

I was surprised by this but was cool when I said “you’re allowed.” Since this was a new experience and a bit spur of the moment, I was going with the flow.

The older man took my high heel off and began massaging my foot causing me to moan.

“Such a good slave,” I praised.

I never was a foot person but when Ted began kissing and licking all over, in between my toes, sucking my toes, I felt it all the way in my pussy. The more I moaned, the more enthusiastic he became.

“Now my left foot,” I panted out. I never realized how erotic having someone take care of your feet could be until that moment. I think I would have cummed from his efforts but I stopped him.

“Lead me to the bedroom but crawl,” I said all breathy.

I giggled as I watched this man crawl up his stairs for me. Also it turned me on because this man was willing to put himself in a humiliating position for me. Looking at his round ass in front of me, I couldn’t help but give him a quick smack. Liking the way it made him yelp, I smacked both his ass cheeks a few more times.

“Your ass is getting a little red,” I chuckled at him.

“As long as it pleases my mistress,” Ted said, and then somehow my pussy gushed more.

“You are a good little slave,” I cooed. When we got to his bedroom, I ordered him to lay on his back. His cock stood up at attention leaking precum.

“Remember no touching until I give you permission,” I said, putting my hands on his cheeks and leaned down for a kiss. My hands explored his body. I caressed him İkitelli escort bayan up and down his chest. Making my way down his legs but never touching his balls or dick. I got close but made sure I didn’t.

“Is that precum leaking from your dick all for me?”

“Yes, mistress,” Ted was breathing heavily and obviously extremely aroused.

“I like being your mistress I think,” I went to use a finger to wipe what was leaking from his dick up. As soon as I touched his cock, Ted groaned and started to cum like a volcano erupting. Honestly I was quite shocked, a bit disappointed but still massively turned on. Having that much power over a man was quite the power trip.

“I’m sorry, mistress,” Ted seemed a bit embarrassed.

“You came so much and I had barely touched your dick.” His dick hadn’t gotten completely soft yet so I hoped maybe he would be able to get hard and cum again. I wanted to taste his cum so I began licking where it splattered on his torso and chest.

“Mmmm. Your cum tastes good though,” I looked up and smiled.

“Thank you mistress.”

I straddled him and kissed him wildly. My hands roamed his body while he was a good boy and kept his hands to himself.

“You want to taste my pussy?”

“Fuck, yes, please, mistress, ride my face. I’ll make you feel good.”

“Such a good boy,” I said before moving up to straddle over his face and lowering myself, “you can touch me if you want.”

The man didn’t need to be told twice. His hands were all over my ass. Caressing and squeezing my ass cheeks. His mouth worked on my pussy like a champ.

His tongue explored my slit. In and out then worked on my clit. As soon as he started sucking on my clit, I had a leg shaking orgasm.

“Oh fuck. Oh fuck,” I repeated. Ted was certainly an expert at pleasuring a woman with his mouth. I was lost in ecstasy with my eyes closed, hips bucking and head thrown back. He had a headboard that I held on to.

“Shit your tongue…fuck…Oh God you are so good at this…I’m cu…ooooh…” I kept shouting and moaning how good he made me feel.

I lost count at how many orgasms he gave me. He exhausted me and I was the one who tapped out first. I’ve been known to be multi orgasmic but for once it was too much and I was too sensitive to keep getting pleasure.

“Jesus christ,” I said grinning and falling back on his king sized bed.

While I was recuperating, Ted went to wash his face. He had a big grin on his face and was sporting a hard on when he came back into the room.

“May I kiss you?”

I nodded and he laid beside me, caressing my face before leaning in for a kiss. My hand found its way to his dick where I began stroking it.

“I can take care of this for you,” I offered.

“Can I fuck your tits?” Ted asked very sheepishly.

“You can fuck me where ever you want after all the orgasms you gave me,” I smiled up at him. I still had my dress on even after all the fooling around we did. I sat up and quickly tossed my dress aside. Ted played with my tits for a bit, sucking and licking them.

I gave him a blow job. My tongue licked up and down his shaft, encircling the head of his cock. I took him all into me. Then he had me lay on my back as I held my tits together as his dick titty fucked me.

“That’s right, baby. Fuck my tits. You deserve it for being such a good boy.” As his hips gyrated, I tried my best to encourage him.

“Oh, fuck. I’m going to cum,” Ted moved back a bit so his cum shot on my tits. Some of it got on my neck and chin as well. He gave me a kiss before running to get me a towel. After he cleaned me up, we spooned for a bit.

“You are fucking amazing,” he whispered in my ear.

“You are too. I never thought it would get this kinky but I liked it. It was fucking hot.”

Ted pulled me closer, “fuck yes it was.”

I ended up staying the night Escort Çapa but we didn’t fuck again in the morning. I had to get going as I had plans in the morning. Ted definitely proved himself worthy to be a repeat fuck. We kept in touch and sent sexy text messages to each other.

A couple weeks went by when one night I was horny thinking who I could call up to fuck. It didn’t take long for Ted to pop up into my mind. I texted him asking if he was busy or if he had time to come over then followed up with a picture of my wet pussy.

He texted right back saying he was on his way. While I was waiting for him, I touched my pussy not to make myself cum but to keep me on edge. When he arrived, I answered the door in the nude.

He went to grab for me but I stepped back, “I didn’t say you could touch me, slave.”

“I’m sorry mistress,” Ted said, giving me puppy dog eyes.

“Get undressed,” I commanded.

Ted moved to come inside, “Did I say come inside?”

Ted’s eyes widened in shock, “here?”

“Yes, here. You said you would do whatever I want, remember?”

“Yes but…”

“Ok well good seeing you again,” I moved to shut the door.

“Sandy, wait. I’ll do it.”

“You mean ‘mistress’ don’t you?”

“Yes mistress,” Ted said as if defeated.

I don’t know what made me so mean. I guess I wanted to see how far I could push it with him. Having power over him was a turn on. My street wasn’t busy with only four other houses and my neighbors would be in bed already. If I thought there was a high chance of someone seeing us, I wouldn’t have made him do that.

Ted got undressed in lightning speed. I looked at his body and his cock was rock hard. “Let me see the back.”

“Yes, mistress,” he whispered and had turned bright red.

“Such a cute ass,” my hand reached out and caressed his behind. “Ok. Come inside. On your hands and knees.”

He did as was told.

“Good boy. Now follow me,” I said as I had him follow me into the bedroom. “Get on the bed on all fours.”

When he was all settled, I gave him a kiss on both ass cheeks and then caressed them.

“You’re a good boy but you hesitated when I told you to undress,” my hand came up and gave a smack to his ass. My pussy got wet to hear his yelp again.

“I’m sorry, mistress,” he pleaded.

“Sorry isn’t good enough,” I smacked his ass again.

“Please forgive me, mistress.”

“It will be after I’ve made your ass red.”

It was fun to smack his ass seeing it turn color. Alternating between fast slaps and long pauses was fun to experiment with. Since I was using my hands, they started to sting a bit. My older lover was a trooper and he would have easily taken more if I gave it to him.

When I was done, I caressed his ass again, “such a good boy. You earned my pussy. Eat me out and then you can fuck me.”

Laying back on my pillows, I opened my legs wide for my slave to service me. As like the last time, his efforts had my pussy cumming over and over again.

“Oh fuck. I want your cock in me,” I pleaded while I came down from an orgasm.

“Yes, mistress,” Ted moved in between my legs. Reaching down to grab his erect member, I guided him into me.

“Oh you fill me so good,” I whispered in his ear.

Ted at first moved slowly but gradually upped his pace. He filled me nicely and liked how he stretched me. My legs wrapped around him and I held him tight.

“You make this tight teen pussy feel good.”

As he was fucking me, I came and quivered all over his cock. “Cum inside me. I want your cum in me.”

I could feel he was close until finally he gave me what I wanted. He exploded into my pussy and I relished how full I was of him.

Afterwards we took a shower and then I ran and got his clothes that were still sitting outside my front door. In the morning, we fucked again. I asked him if I went too far with making him get undressed outside. Ted said he was embarrassed but was extremely turned on. He was definitely kept on my fuck buddy list and we had a few more meetups where we experimented more with me being in charge and sometimes played with humiliation. One time I got some friends involved but that’s another story for another day.

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