14 Mayıs 2023

23rd Century Digital Girl Chapter 5 and 6


Nicole lay on her back with her thighs apart, and her knees pointing at the ceiling. Her bare feet were hanging limply, almost touching the bedclothes. The cast wasn’t heavy, but surely was very restrictive. With her hips completely immobilized, she was helpless as a baby. She was able to turn on her side, and even to pull herself up into a sitting position, but that was all she could do. In these moments of activity, she was so painfully clumsy that I feared she might hurt herself. I felt content that she was comfortable with me. There was no shyness in her demeanor. That was a bit strange, considering the fact that we met only a couple Ankara escort of days ago. I had to prepare a special diet for her, to dress her, to bathe her, to carry her to the bathroom if she needed to use the toilet. She wasn’t a burden to me though. I was glad to assist her in every possible way. And she knew it. She spent most of the time in bed. She had a fully automated wheelchair but with her legs wide spread, she could not sit comfortably in it. When she needed to go out for a breather, I just carried her to the window. She enjoyed these moments. Me too. My hands supporting her casted hips, her Balgat escort bayan breasts pressed against my chest, her hands resting calmly on my shoulders, her breath tickling my neck. She watched the traffic, the people on the streets, the mountain in then distance. Her childish curiosity was impressive to me. But sometimes her eyes became sad and she sighed. She envied these “normal” people outside. “Peter, I have to tell you something,” she said and turned on one side to look at me. Her shirt twisted around her waist, giving me a view of her private parts. She quickly covered herself and continued:” Escort Batıkent I think our relations must change.” “What do you mean?” I asked worriedly. “I turned you into a …nurse. You have to go out, have fun, date normal girls, and have sex. I can’t …” “Nicole, just stop talking like that!” I snapped. “You know that I am right. I will always be a problem.” “Nicole, I love you!” “Oh, come on! We have no future together.” I jumped on my feet and started pacing up and down. She turned on her other side, with her back to me. Then I sat on the bed beside her and caressed her neck. Her shoulders started to shake violently. “I love you,” I said calmly. She stopped sobbing, but didn’t look at me. ***A week after Nicole’s cast was applied, Nadja paid us a visit. She didn’t seem to be well-disposed to me, nor did she try to hide it. Her displeasure was obvious. She perceived me as a potential threat, and I had to admit she was right.

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