16 Mayıs 2023

A Bet is a Bet


We met Vernon Turner the day we moved into our new home. We thought we’d arrived, trading up from a small cramped apartment to a house with it’s own garden. It was an expensive move, so I suppose we had. It had taken us a while but we’d finally scraped together enough money to put a sizable deposit down on a house in the suburbs so making the accompanying mortgage affordable. It had taken some doing though. Me working long hours with lots of overtime including most weekends.

It had been tough on both of us and I knew there were days when Tammy; that’s my wife; didn’t like that fact I was never at home. She was still to return to the workplace after having had our darling little daughter Belle, who was now six years old.

Anyway, the removal firm had left and we were in the midst of a sea of packing cases when there was a knock on the open door and a wheezy voice yelled out, “Is there anyone there?”

We both went to see who our first visitor was and there stood Vernon. Of medium height, bald and slightly tubby, his greedy little piggy eyes were already darting about all over the place, sizing us and our possessions up.

“Hello and welcome to the neighborhood,” he finally said in a breathy, rough sounding voice. “Vernon Turner, your next door neighbor.”

“Pleasure to meet you Vernon,” I said stepping forward to shake his hand, “I’m Joel Cuthbert and this is my wife Tammy.” I sort of half turned to indicate her but he pushed straight past me with a burst of speed that belied his size.

“My, my, my, now aren’t you a pretty young thing,” he wheezed as he took Tammy’s hand in his and shook it violently.

Now Tammy’s not tall, probably around 5’3, maybe 5’4 at a push and she’s quite slim with nice legs and a perfect little bubble butt ass but for her petite frame her breasts are startlingly big. Anyway, today she was wearing a particularly low cut tee shirt and was therefore displaying a fair amount of her full round breasts to the world, a fact that had not gone unnoticed by our old neighbor judging by the length of time he spent shaking her hand and watching her breasts jiggle up and down inside her bra.

“Pleased to meet you,” she smiled wanly, gasping as she finally managed to extricate herself from his grip.

“Excellent,” he enthused. “A real pleasure.” He could have been talking about meeting us but I knew exactly what he was referring to. We chatted inanely for a while about nothing in particular, his eyes darting about constantly but mainly focusing on Tammy. We were wanting to get on but clearly he was in no rush to leave any time soon. I knew why of course. Tammy had luckily managed to get away, excusing herself to tend to the needs of our daughter. But Vernon kept an eye out for her at every opportunity he could.

And why not. My wife is worth looking at. Well, I think so. Tammy is thirty two, around eight years younger than me. I’d first met her when I was dating her older sister, Connie Kowalski. At that time Tammy was only thirteen or fourteen. I knew she liked me but I just put it down to a teenager’s crush. Her sister and I broke up when Tammy was sixteen. At that time she still had her crush on me but now that she had a woman’s body it was difficult not to lust after her, especially as her breasts had just exploded out of her chest and then kept on growing. There was no doubt that she took after her mother in that department as Mrs Kowalski had the biggest, nicest breasts I’d ever seen on an older woman. Tammy’s a dead ringer for her mother so it gives me immense pleasure to think that Tammy’s breasts will still look as good in the years to come as they do now.

It was difficult to convince Connie and the rest of the Kowalski family that I was not a cradle snatcher when I started dating Tammy. I finally deflowered her on her eighteen birthday. I was particularly concerned about my health and well being for a while as it’s a fact that Mr Kowalski is an abrasive, intimidating character and is known for his explosive temper. But I survived and four years later we were married. She was twenty two and I had just turned thirty.

“So have you lived here long?” I asked Vernon, just making polite conversation.

“Yep, I’ve been here for about twenty years,” he said as he watched Tammy walk past us, her breasts delightfully jiggling about with every step she took. “I live alone now,” he added sharply and in a raised voice.

It was an odd comment to make in that context but I thought no more about it. Vernon for his part continued to watch my wife as she flitted about from room to room. As well as having large boobs and a deep cleavage my wife is also blessed with the roundest, firmest bubble butt you’ve ever seen. It truly has been sculpted by the gods and she always and I mean always wears clothes to highlight the fact. As indeed she was today. For our moving day her outfit of choice had been a no brainer really. It was denim jeans. But not any old jeans. Oh no, that would never do. These looked to have been sprayed painted onto her legs. How Fatih escort she’d got into them I had no idea.

I could see Vernon was having a hard time trying to decide what he wanted to focus his attention on the most but I swear he almost had a coronary when Tammy bent down to pick something up off the floor by just bending over at the waist. She gave us a great view of her now heart shaped ass. I knew how he felt. I wanted to rush over there myself and give her a good doggie style fucking.

We finally got him to leave but not before he scuttled over to Tammy to say goodbye. He took her hand and shook it. Again he was fairly vigorous and he got the desired result.

As we watched him walk down the driveway Tammy turned to me and came straight to the point. “He’s creepy … and I didn’t like the way he was looking at me.”

“He’s alright,” I replied smiling, “he’s just old that’s all. Besides, who can blame him for looking. You are showing a lot of your boobs!”

“It’s not that, it’s the WAY he looked at them,” Tammy said talking quickly and ignoring me, “he was constantly pursing and licking his lips as if he wanted to suckle on them. Didn’t you notice? And did you SEE his trousers?”

I shook my head. Why would I be looking at his crotch. And further more, why would she?

“You couldn’t help but notice,” she added, as if reading my mind, “he was bulging down there. Yuk, it was really disgusting!”

* * * * *

After a week or so of getting the inside of the house sorted we turned our attention to the outside and in particular, the garden. I’d kept on top of the grass cutting but there was a lot of weeding and digging and planting to do until we got it how Tammy wanted it. She does love to garden and as I can’t tell a weed from a flower she won’t let me anywhere near her beloved plants.

We hadn’t seen much of Vernon in those early days apart from the occasional cheery wave and hello on the odd occasion we walked past his front garden. But all this changed as soon as Tammy started her gardening project. Every time she went outside, as if by magic Vernon would appear. Sometimes it was just a coincidence that he was out in his garden at the same time as us but one day looking out of a bedroom window I noticed him peeking through a gap in the hedge. After he went inside I casually wandered over to that spot and assumed the position that I presumed he had been standing in.

It was exactly what I had suspected. From his hidden vantage point he had the perfect view of where Tammy had been working with her back to him. The thing was, for most of the time she’d been on her hands and knees with her delicious ass sticking up displaying her firm ass cheeks to the world, which today had been nicely ensconced in a skimpy pair of shorts.

She’d done a lot of stretching forward, which had the effect of pulling the fabric of her shorts even tighter into the crack between her ass cheeks. As I took one final look behind me at Vernon’s vantage point it was then I noticed it. A huge amount of a sticky white substance was slowly dripping off the hedge. It was unmistakably cum and there was lots of it. My god, he’d jerked himself off whilst watching my wife!

It was later that evening that I casually dropped Vernon into our conversation.

“Did you see Vernon today?”

“No, why do you ask?”

“I think he was spying on you, that’s all,” I said with a slight laugh.

She sighed dismissively. “Huh, is that all. He’s always looking at me, sometimes surreptitiously, sometimes openly. He’s becoming a right pain in the ass!”

“Really, like all the time?” I asked.

She nodded her head. “Yes … ALL the time. Surely you’ve noticed?”

“Can’t say as I have,” I replied.

* * *

You know how it is. It isn’t until someone tells you about something that you then begin to notice it as well. After Tammy had told me Vernon was always ogling her, now every time he came around I kept a wary eye out. And she was right. He was very careful but now I knew what to look for I could see that he was constantly leering after her, watching her every move.

I did suggest to Tammy that she might want to cover up her assets a bit more to discourage him. She gave me that questioning look but the following day she came downstairs dressed in a full tee shirt. It hid her cleavage alright but the tight fit around her large round breasts just seemed to make the overall look even worse. She was positively bulging out of her tee shirt, her tits jutting high and proud and with a skimpy bra beneath doing little more than giving them support they looked simply amazing. You could clearly see her nipples. It clung to her so much it was almost like she was naked!

I was hard instantly and desperately wanted to drag her upstairs and gave her a quick hard pounding. Sadly I was due to go on a short business trip and was already running late. The drive to the airport was excruciatingly painful to say the least.

A few days later and Fındıkzade escort bayan I was back. I was working from home and Tammy was again out in the garden. She was telling me about her plans for a particular flower border when Vernon arrived through our back gate. She’d dispensed with the full tee shirt and was back to wearing another low cut one. Today, instead of her usual shorts she had on a pair of combat trousers. It didn’t matter though. They were a tight fit and her ass still looked smoking hot!

“I just dropped round to give you these,” Vernon said as he held out his hand to reveal some seeds. “I’ve got plenty of them so I thought you might like some too.”

I thought I detected a slight sigh from Tammy before she thanked him and walked over to our greenhouse. Vernon watched her every move, both going; when he took in the sway of her hips and the twitch of her ass cheeks; to coming back, when her bulging breasts almost jiggled out of her tee shirt with every step she took.

Remembering what my wife had said about Vernon’s crotch I snuck a quick look. I didn’t really want to but bloody hell; she was right! His loose fitting grey sweatpants did seem to be hiding what seemed to be a large appendage down his right leg. I could only imagine that he was sporting what appeared to be a massive boner.

After half an hour of painful small talk in which he constantly stared at Tammy as she worked, he finally left.

Later that night after getting Belle to bed we opened a bottle of wine and then curled up on the sofa together and talked about the progress she was making in the garden. This then led us to talk about Vernon.

“It was good of Vernon to give you those seeds but I noticed you were less than impressed with his neighborly generosity,” I said before taking a sip of my wine.

Tammy sighed. “Yes, I suppose so,” she replied. I took a sideways look at her. She seemed pensive.

“What’s up?” I asked, “is there a problem?”

“Not really …”

“Come on … out with it,” I interrupted, shifting in my seat to turn towards her, “what is it?”

“Well it’s nothing really … just that Vernon comes around virtually every single day.”

“And …”

When Tammy didn’t reply straight away I added, “surely there’s nothing wrong with that, he’s just being neighborly that’s all.”

Tammy turned and fixed her green eyes firmly on mine. “He’s a nuisance and you don’t know what he’s like.”

“Oh but I think I do,” I retorted, “he’s a man and I know what men think when they look at you!” I smiled because I did. I’d seen it often enough in our years together. “But he’s harmless enough. He’s just an old man trying to get his jollies by looking at you that’s all! Besides, I’ve not seen him here that often. Don’t you think you’re exaggerating a bit!”

“You’re not HERE every day Joel,” Tammy asserted firmly.

“So what does he do when he comes around?” I asked, “does he help?”

She shook her head. “Mostly he just stands there and ogles me. No, maybe that’s wrong. He doesn’t so much ogle but leer at me. Yeah that’s probably a better description for what he does. He leers at me.”

I was about to say something but Tammy continued. “He keeps on giving me gardening tips too …”

“The nerve of the man,” I quipped, interrupting her. Tammy likes to think she’s an expert gardener. She doesn’t take kindly to unsolicited advice.

“Exactly!” she exclaimed, “plus he keeps telling me he’s got a special dibber tool that he can give me. He says it’s just what I need. But I’ve already got a dibber, so why would I need his?”

“Seriously?” I couldn’t believe my wife was that naive, ” … you do know what he means about a special tool … surely?”

I stared at her, waiting for the penny to drop. But there was no reaction, just a blank look on her face as she chewed on her bottom lip.

“How often has he mentioned it?” I asked, moving on, intrigued with how quickly Vernon was becoming bolder.

“Everyday this week,” Tammy replied.

“Maybe you should stay out of the garden for a few days.”

“Why should I,” Tammy bridled, “besides it’s not just here. Virtually every time I go to the supermarket, he’s there as well, so it’s not going to make much difference.”

“Bah, just coincidence,” I blustered, “you only go a couple of times a week and he’s got to buy his food sometime. I think you’re making too much of this.”

She stared at me for a moment as if making a decision. “He’s started trying to touch me,” she finally said quietly, “as in groping, touching.”

Now this grabbed my attention immediately. It was one thing to look at my wife’s generous attributes but another thing altogether to start trying to fondle them.

“Where … how?”

“A couple of times in the supermarket. He comes up to me and chats for a while. Then he’ll reach past me to get at something on the shelves and tries to brush against my body.”

“Nothing wrong with that, is there. Escort Gaziosmanpaşa Maybe you were stood in his way?”

She shot me a withering look. “The first time he did it I was stood in front of the feminine hygiene products!”

“Ahhh, I see. Have you tried moving out into the middle of the aisle when he starts chatting to you then?”

“Of course I have. Do you think I’m that stupid!” Her eyes flashed and I knew I was on touchy ground.

“No … no of course not. I was thinking out loud that’s all. I wasn’t trying to make out you were stupid.” She stared at me for a bit longer and then took a drink from her glass of wine before adding, “but when I do that he just stands closer to me and tries to grope my ass.”

“HE DOES WHAT!” I exploded. “The nerve of the man.” I made to jump off the sofa.

“Joel, what are you doing?” Tammy said resignedly, putting her hand on top of my leg to hold me down.

“I’m going round to see him. I won’t tolerate him trying to grope you.”

Tammy smiled weakly. She knew I was all bluster. “Relax tiger, I can handle it. You don’t have to go all macho for me!”

I slumped back down again and picked up my glass of wine. We changed the subject, chatting mostly about Belle and how she was settling into her new school. It appeared that there was a school outing in the offing. A little while longer and Tammy went off to bed.

After she went I sat there on my own, nursing the last drop of wine from the bottle as my thoughts once more focused on Tammy and our seemingly lecherous neighbor.

I sighed as I pondered our current situation. This wouldn’t be the first time we’d had to contend with a man trying to cop a feel of my wife’s body. As I alluded to earlier she’s put together quite nicely. Apart from her slim build she’s quite pretty with a pixie face, medium length black hair and green eyes. I guess you could say she’s your typical all American girl next door with a happy smiling face and sunny disposition. Add to this her amazing ass and her lovely 32FF tits and she’s a great package.

So I could see why Vernon was interested in ogling my wife but somehow this time it seemed different. For one thing he was much older than the usual suspects but worryingly he was much more persistent. I didn’t want, as Tammy said, to go all macho on him but I definitely wanted him to cool it. As I said before I don’t mind people looking, just don’t touch.

I suppose I could get her to tone down on the way she dresses. In particular Tammy seems to like to flaunt her big natural boobs and is usually to be found wearing cut away tee shirts which reveal a substantial amount of boob flesh together with her stunning cleavage. Her breasts whilst large do seem to defy gravity. Maybe in the years to come that may not be the case although as I alluded to earlier, if she takes after her mom they’re going to be okay. I call them my puppies because when she walks they bounce up and down with boundless energy just like a puppy does. I’ve told her this on many occasions and all she does is roll her eyes in disgust and laughingly calls me a pervert.

Anyway, having pondered on the situation with Vernon before I went to bed, I made the decision to work from home again the next day to see if I could witness first hand his moves on my wife.

The next day dawned bright, warm and sunny. Tammy was pleasantly surprised when I told her I would be working from home. She took Belle to school and on her return donned her usual gardening clothes of low cut tee shirt and shorts and went outside.

I watched her for a while before resigning myself to the fact I really did need to do some work now that I was home. I guess it was about an hour later that I went to make us both a drink. As I approached the kitchen door to take one out to Tammy, I stopped. I could hear voices outside.

I immediately knew it was Vernon by the wheezy tone of voice. I crept nearer and cautiously peered around the open door. I wondered how long he’d been here. And then I noticed how close he seemed to be standing to my wife. It was obvious that I’d come into the kitchen in the middle of their conversation, so I had no way of knowing what they had been talking about earlier but Vernon seemed to be in full flow.

“As I’ve said to you before, what you need to help you out Tammy is my own personal, made to measure, ultimate extending and expanding dibbling tool. I can absolutely guarantee that once you’ve used it you won’t be able to get enough of it!”

“I know what a dibber is Vernon,” Tammy replied in a condescending tone, “but I’ve never heard of one like yours.” I shook my head. Yes she really IS that naive!

“That’s because it’s unique. A one of a kind. And it’s really handy. I can use it in those tight, hard to reach places,” Vernon oozed. “It can soon open up any tight spot … with the right kind of application of course,” he added with a flourish.

“Of course,” said my wife in agreement. I knew she hadn’t got the faintest idea what he was talking about but she did however have a touch of hesitancy in her voice. “But I don’t understand why you would need it to be extendable and expandable?”

“Because, that’s just the way it’s made,” Vernon said. Even from my poor vantage point I could clearly see the leer on his face, even if Tammy was oblivious to it.

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