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A Boy and his Mother


A Boy and his MotherA Tail of a boy and his MummyXenophobio, at 18 had been raised to understand his Mother Dearest’sattitude towards the need for discipline for boys and in particular hisneed for it.Valoria Mother Dearest-Thumpsdale had always been strict, but her sternattitude increased with the teen’s age and he knew it would just continuethat way.Mrs. Mother Dearest-Thumpsdale had no intention of letting up on her sonand was always finding ways to increase his shame and the regularity ofhis now routine spankings.She simply believed it was his cute girlish bottom that needed theattention and his bare bottom at that. She saw it as a separate entity toher son and when he misbehaved, it was his cheeky bottom that hadmisbehaved and needed to be dealt with in the most severe manner.The fact that Xenophobio possessed an extremely plump rounded bottom fora boy was a constant irritation to him and more so as his Mother Dearestconstantly reminded him of the fact.He often studied his long smooth bare legs which his Mother saw to italong with the rest of his body was kept shaved and hairless in themirror and could not help but notice the way his swishy buttocks wererounded and upturned like a girl. His shaven genitals were the mosthumiliating part of his body particularly in Physical Education class.Mrs. Valoria Mother Dearest-Thumpsdale often commented that most girlswould die for such a rounded high cheeked bottom. She especially admiredthe natural sway and wiggle to his derriere as he walked around duringher home tutelage wearing a tight skirt with high heels and of coursewith the required panties underneath.This made her son very conscious of its feminine fullness but not as muchas when vulnerable over his Mother Dearest’s lap with the skirt liftedand the panties down baring his girlish bottom elevating it high into theair for a lengthy leathering from one of his Mrs. Dearest- Thumpsdale’smany straps.The fact that the pretty teenager was still also kept in extremely shortpants when outside the home in warm weather did not help his predicamentand especially as some of his shorts exposed a large portion of hisgenerous bottom cheeks often reddened by a stinging switch.Some of the tight lavender shorts were buttoned down the back. One pairof his feminine shorts had twenty two small buttons which the young boywas unable to do and undo by himself.Having his Mother Dearest undo these shorts some afternoons before aspanking was a slow process but it allowed for Mrs. Dearest-Thumpdale’slong scolding and prep talk about some disobedient or disrespectfulreason for what was about to happen to his very vulnerable and sensitivebottom.Being a good looking boy with big soulful brown eyes and shoulder lengthblonde hair whose personality had become submissive and feminine allowedhis Mother Dearest to easily reduce him to a lip pouting, blubbering,shaking and frightened c***d even before his spanking began and togetherwith the impending pain keep him fully under her stern control.Part of her regimen for feminizing Xeno was the shots and pills she gaveto the totally submissive teen that were doing a good job of filling outthe bra she insisted he wear.Discipline was always separate from punishment in the Dearest-Thumpsdalehousehold.Punishment was when he seemed to break one of her many, many rules orseemed to disobey her in some tiny way. It could be a carelessly acquiredrun in his stockings, or a lock of curly untidy hair, or some smallmatter in his bedroom such as forgetting to close his lipstick or givingin to a bad bathroom habit of standing up to urinate when going to thetoilet. “Little sissies sit to urinate and while doing it are carefulnot to touch their genitals too much and achieve an erection.”Discipline however, was an entirely different matter. It involved veryregular spanking of his bare bottom and thighs, front and back. It wasdesigned to keep Xenophobio behaving at his best, to remind him he wasunder his Mother Dearest’s rules and control and to make him continuallytry harder to be pleasing, mannerly and at his most obedient.The shy youngster even had what his Mother described as ‘good boyspankings’ and these were usually lengthy affairs.Mrs. Dearest-Thumpsdale’s theory was that if he had been a good boy, itwas because of the hard spankings he was receiving and therefore neededmore to help him continue in that manner.Some of Xenophobio’s friends were spanked, some more than others, andsome on their bare bottoms, but mainly when they had misbehaved and haddone some misdeed.Xeno, however, was spanked on his bare bottom on a very regular basiswith a variety of implements. Some of these “discipline” spankings wereactually worse than his punishment spankings and could involve up to fouror five implements, all chosen by his Mother Dearest for his particularlyrotund buttocks.Mother Dearest-Thumpsdale did not believe a responsible parent could havetoo many implements available for a plump bottomed teenaged boy and shewas always looking to add to her bed box where she kept them. A steelspatula in her local market may be viewed by most as to its use in thekitchen, but Valoria ‘s (what all her friends called Valoria MotherDearest-Thumpsdale) first thoughtful image was that of her girly/boy/sonwith his panties down bare bottom or plump thighs as she discreetlyslapped it into her open palm.Checking the hairbrush and bath brush section of a store was secondnature to her now and the hardware store also offered many useful toolsto help teach her full breasted sissy/son the many lessons required topermanently form the submissive, feminine, mannerly personality whichMother Dearest required.Occasionally she visited the local horse riding store to examine somelengths of leather or some pieces that could be used to secure her son’swrists or ankles for a judicial caning which he occasionally received.Mrs. Dearest-Thumpsdale often mused on the tales of her own Mummy when aleather harness maker could be visited and a choice piece of leatherordered to be made for a recalcitrant son or daughter. Some were evensaid to have a bench at the back of the store where a young boy’suncovered bottom could be positioned over a specially made spanking benchand left there as the Mother or Aunt went shopping.The harness maker could then study the bared backside of the miscreant tohelp choose the finest piece of thick leather to assist its guardian inchastising it thoroughly.On her return, a few choice pieces would be ready and could be tried outwith ‘the impudent one’ secured across the bench.Some responsible Mothers took the opportunity to deliver an overduelengthy strapping while choosing the best piece. The new strap was thenleft to be oiled and polished and narrowed at the handle, before beingcollected some days later.Mrs. Dearest-Thumpsdale always kept a strap and cane hanging onXenophobio’s bedroom wall close to his bed and a paddle on his bedsidedresser to remind the usually trembling, shy adolescent of the quiteregular routine of a hard spanking at his bedtime, a routine copied fromher own Mother as she dealt with her brother for all those years.A bedtime spanking was mainly to focus Xeno on the next day and he wasencouraged to continue his good behavior, if he had behaved well thatday.These sessions were also used to help train the boy to “present” hisbottom to the strap, a lesson that needed continual training for anagonizing treatment of his upturned buttocks.Valoria was never happy with Xenophobio’s efforts at pushing his barebottom up high for the relentless strap; at least she never let Phobiofeel she was happy. She did note however his nice attempts to “help” hisMother strap his bottom exceptionally hard, by pushing it up for her ashigh as he could, even though he was in some severe distress at her fullforce wallopings.She also knew that despite his best efforts to avoid his discipline, hisbottom would in time naturally start to rise up to the strapinvoluntarily, a secret she learned from her Mother Dearest. The reasonfor the phenomenon was not explained to her, but she reveled in the factthat she had started to see traits of it with Xenophobio, even though hedidn’t realize türbanlı aydın escort he was doing it.Mrs. Dearest-Thumpsdale knew deep down that in time to come he would bepushing it off the bed as high as he possibly could the instant he heardhis Mother say ‘Up’.This is also the reason she used the word continuously during a ‘trainingstrapping’ as a type of hypnosis for the boy. During a strapping, astranger outside the door would hear the word mixed in with the continualinstructions to “Give me your bottom panty-boy, up. That’s it good girl,up higher now. Up for Mummy, up Missy Prissy, up higher, that’s it holdit there. Push it up now like a good sissy. That’s it. Stick it out forme.”The intense pain was all directed at his very round and very bare bottomusually over two pillows, and on and on she would instruct during one ofhis many lengthy strappings.The suffering boy also knew of course that if Mummy was displeased, thestrapping could continue for some time until she was pleased enough tostart to deliver the full amount he was due. This could take up to twentyminutes on some occasions along with her continual scoldings.Valoria believed strict scolding was part of raising a boy and keepinghim under control. As her Mother Dearest used to advise her, spank himhard and often, scold him harshly and continually, and control his barebottom and his naughty penis, and keep the pantywaist in feminine clothesand she would have a very well behaved boy regardless of his age when hiswill was broken.Of course she had seen this with her brother, even into his 20s.Xenophobio’s penis control was a totally separate matter but she knew itwent hand in hand with his regular bare bottom discipline. Basically itwas not to be touched, felt up, played with, stroked, rubbed on items orused in any such manner other than when urinating and even then he was tobe careful and of course sitting like the ‘he/she’ her beloved son hadbecome.When he was being undressed for his preliminary scolding however, itcould be used as part of his humiliation and could of course be examined,stroked and even smacked by his Mother with the penis strap, if she feltthe need.To this end Valoria often took the boy along or astride her skirted,stockinged or bare thigh in preparation for a spanking. Valoriaunderstood how most Mothers used an over the knee position and stuck toit for the odd time they took their teenage sons across the knee.Valoria however came to learn that many variations of over, along,astride, up on, back on, pinned in, even kneeling up on her knees, couldbe used in the chastisement of her boy. She continually tried out newpositions on or about her knee and could often be found in her bedroompracticing a new position with a thick pillow.Once she was very happy with starting with the boy/girl standing at herclosed together knees and leaning over her shoulder and she would reacharound him and smack at his bottom and flanks. She would gradually slideboth of her knees between his thighs and start to force them apart. Thiscaused him to slide down her shoulder and she would scold him for that,telling him to ‘get back up over her shoulder for his well-deservedspanking’.After a period of this he had to ‘climb on’ to astride her knees andfacing her and then lean his head over her shoulder or under her arm. Intime with the slaps he would gradually be made to kneel up on her kneesand the proximity of his privates to his Mother’s face made for a veryhumiliating excitement to the boy’s burgeoning manhood causing extrapunishment with the penis strap.Valoria knew these positions did not allow for the very hard type ofspankings she liked to administer, but the pushing, pulling maneuvers,shame and scoldings along with the ultimate use of the penis strap itallowed for more than made up for this.She also knew she could vary her scoldings, her boy’s attire before andduring a spanking, and indeed her own attire and demeanor in the courseof administering the many, many spankings that went on in the Dearest-Thumpsdale household.Each piece of Xenophobio’s clothing was chosen with some care (skirts andbras and other frilly lacy things) and designed to keep him as a wellspanked and feminized boy should be kept.Valoria Dearest (as her Mother used to call her) had taught her thatthere was nothing wrong with keeping a boy appearing in a feminizedmanner that always invited a firm spanking, especially if he possessed achubby round bottom like Xeno did.Shirts, tops, blouses, halter suits, knee socks, ankle socks, ribbons,shoes all had a special place in Xenophobio’s wardrobe but mostimportantly in particular his underwear and pants. Valoria believedXenophobio’s bottom was best suited squeezed into exceptionally shorttight pants or on most occasions shown under an extremely short tightlittle skirt. She also used very short wide legged loose pants whichfitted onto his upper bottom and when they went shopping, she paid closeattention to how each pair looked, how it would shame him and how itmight suit one of his many spanking sessions.She felt he needed to be constantly aware of his well-rounded bottom andthe need for clothing that helped show it off in its ‘sticky out’fashion. She knew she often had those fleeting thoughts about his bottomas she went about her daily work when he might pass her or be seenbending over for something or on hands and knees playing and the thoughtwas of ‘he needs a sound walloping with one of his thick leather straps….. I think I will spend some time this evening, helping him learn topush that bottom of his well up for the strap …. Hmm, yes, that will dohim no harm.'”Xenophobio dear, I think a good strapping will do you good this eveningdear, and we’ll make it a very sound one, okay dear?”A subdued reply of “…. Y … yes Mummy Dearest,” was quite usual as theshivering teen let the new information sink into the consciousness of hisbottom in his very tight pants and panties became all the more aware.”And perhaps a lengthy session with the bath brush on those fat barecheeks of yours will help prepare you for the strap and get you cryingproperly.”The following “Y … yes Mummy … uh … whatever” was intoned with a littlemore alarm as he knew his Mother usually turned such a statement into afull shaming for him, but more importantly despite some of his leatherstraps being quite severe, he was really more terrified of the dreadedbath brush.It was long, hard and heavy and it impacted so “perfectly” with his barebottom as the Martinet put it. But it also stung something terrible andhis Mother Dearest seemed to like using it for an exceptionally lengthytime. So what may have been a straightforward bedtime strapping could nowturn into a full blown disciplinary session and that thought justterrified him.He hated the bath brush and more so as it always played a big part at histwice or thrice weekly bath times. It always made him think about how hisbeautiful Mother could be so stern and how methodically she went aboutgathering two fresh towels, and taking the bath brush down from its hookon bath nights, a harbinger of bedtime pain.”We’ll see if we can have you thrusting that big bare bottom of yours upa little higher tonight for the proper, thorough ‘brushing’ it deserves.If not we can fetch out the prison strap which as we both know alwayshelps you to concentrate on your bare behind when I am chastising it,don’t we, dear?””Y… yes…. yes Mummy, I will try my best, Mummy.””Oh, you’ll try your best alright, believe me sweet boy, you will tryexceptionally hard to please me and the thick strap I will use on you.It’s all boys like you understand, isn’t dear? A thick leather strapacross their bare backsides.”As far as Mrs. Thumpsdale was concerned, Xenophobio thrived under firmdiscipline and he would continue to do so as long as he lived with her.She also believed that the young him/her thrived under the continualverbal reminders of his constantly diminishing status as a male member ofthe family into a very controllable wimp.His Mother Dearest teased the sissified panty-waist unmercifully with thethreat to change his name to Pansy türbanlı aydın escort bayan deVille so his friends and familywould have another reason to laugh at him.Phobio wondered why his breasts seemed to be growing and the nipplesseemed so sensitive with the vitamins he was taking. He now did not needto pad his bra. His growing breasts did that.Certain items were used for different types of chastisement. For example,the oval polished clothes brush was used solely for a furiously fastwalloping with the struggling boy locked tightly between her thighs withhis bottom being almost squeezed upwards for her attentions.The boy’s wrists needed to be secured for these spankings. With theblistering pace of the hard spanking, Valoria figured she applied enoughgood firm smacks over a five minute period.Xeno usually started bawling after about ten smacks and she liked the wayhe just settled into a nice helpless crying rhythm and heaving ofbuttocks during these furious discipline sessions.There was no scolding with these spankings and she did nothing butconcentrate on delivering the spanks hard and fast to about two areas onhis bottom cheeks evoking from her son, “Please Mummy, not in the sametwo spots. Please!”Of course this was completely ignored by Mrs. Dearest- Thumpsdale whoenjoyed watching the two spots turn red and then purple eliciting adelightful reaction from her squirming son’s painful ordeal perpetratedupon his disobedient behind.So, Xenophobio knew what was to happen if he was sent for the ovalclothes brush which sat in a drawer with a length of soft rope. No othertype of spanking was administered with this brush.The riding crop was mainly for his thighs. He stood naked and raised athigh for his Mother to strike it six times on its top. Then he loweredit and raised the other for her.This went on and on as the thigh was usually not ‘held up properly’ foreach of the six spanks, allowing for a prolonged treatment. This was alsoused for his ‘prancing’ training again designed to prolong.A switching was dreaded by Xeno because it was not only painful but madehim feel like a majorette dancing in a parade because his Mother Dearestmade him wear a cute pantied skirt like a strutting member of a highschool band.Firstly, as it took a while to get the preparations right and secondly asthey were usually quite intense for the boy.Out of the blue his Mother would announce a switching. It involved himgoing to his room and stripping down and selecting a pair of light see-through panties worn under the majorette costume in which he had to marchwhile strutting his parade of pain under the slender branches of wooddancing out welts on his bottom and thighs while his burgeoning breastsbounced in the air.The fear-ridden boy did not like the way his Mother described the typesof switches she wished him to go and cut for her as the descriptionsgenerally leaned towards one that will ‘sink nicely into those fleshybuttocks of yours’. He also knew all three switches would be used on himtill he was more than in agony.On occasion this chastisement would not involve just his bottom as Mrs.Dearest-Thumpsdale may decide she wanted to stripe ‘every single inch ofhis plump thighs, front and back’.Valoria’s leather strap collection would be praised in the strictest oforphanages of old. She had eight straps in total and each one had its ownparticular flavor. She still had her short over the knee strap for whenhe was much younger and she often mused on how after all the years itstill had its uses when it came to Xenophobio’s discipline.There were the two tailed tawse of sixteen and twenty three inches. Sheknew the sting of such straps and knew that when Phobio howled at eachstroke. Her other three straps were plain double sided thick leather, thelast being a Canadian prison strap.A few years back she had been chatting with a Canadian Mother of twoboys. This woman had talked on and on at length about her boys’chastisement, but she noted keenly smiling in glee when she stated whatwould happen if she caught them masturbating, “Of course if that happens,then it’s out with the prison strap for them.”After some close inquiry, Mrs. Dearest-Thumpsdale researched it andfinally found one and bought it. The Martinet was even more impressedwith it when it arrived one afternoon. In a box about fifteen incheslong, she discovered a lovely curled piece of fine crafted leather.Mother Dearest knew at once that the comment from this Canadian Mother as’designed for the most recalcitrant boys’ bare bottoms was not anexaggeration.Not easy to hold at first but she learned the uncurling of the leatherwas important when delivering a hard strapping with it. A beautiful tancolor at thirty inches long with a four inch handle and four inches widewith a solid one quarter inch thickness.It was a wonderful looking implement. Designed originally for grown womenin Canadian prisons, she had found that some were sentenced to thirtystrokes a day for the duration of their sentence. This was applied withthe offending woman strapped across a horse with a cushion placed beneathher hips for elevation of the buttocks which were bared. Thirty strokesseemed a little lenient but she was happy to learn that often an offenderwas given many more for ‘offensive behavior’ during her strapping.Mother Dearest held it in her hands and swung it about gently. Sherealized quickly that this strap was designed for over the head lashingand she knew immediately that due to its design, a ‘lenient’ strappingwould be very difficult to administer with it. She placed it out flat onthe table and called Xenophobio to her and he arrived sharply andobediently.She told him to sit and announced the arrival of a ‘new disciplinaryimplement for his more and more deserving bare bottom cheeks’.Xenophobio stared at the strap trying to take it in and only able tocompare it to his other collection of punishment straps but he did notlike what he saw. He clenched his buttocks fearfully.”It’s designed for the bigger boy, Xenophobio, or perhaps they said the’bigger bottomed boy’. I can’t recall exactly, but it certainly looksideal for you, doesn’t it dear?”Xeno was quiet, still trying to take in the picture of the strap on thetable. This was surely going to hurt terribly on his bare bottom, hethought.”There are even some notes with it, isn’t that nice”? Valoria picked upand unfolded the little leaflet that accompanied the chastising strap.She ignored the details about the women’s prison and went on, “Let’ssee, ‘Designed to teach the most wilful miscreant the error of theirways, this strap will make a very sudden and lasting impression on theupturned bare buttocks of even the most disobedient subject. It candeliver a most severe punishment with a few dozen strokes and the userwill find the only way to apply this strap is with great force. Themiscreant should be placed along a bench if available and secured withits bottom elevated to help meet its very striking impact.Even the most well trained subject will find it difficult to present itsown buttocks to this strap and its owner will find training will almostneed to be started over’.Xenophobio noticed the spankee was referred to as ‘it’ as if he were ana****l. Is there no mercy? — Not when he was panties down getting astrapping.”Honey, it seems you have a new friend. Just think how much fun it willbe spending many long evenings getting you acquainted with your newleather friend. We’ll be seeing if we can teach you some new goodmanners. We’ll have to work on your curtsey. It’s atrocious.”His Mother went on reading the brochure. ‘While the amount of strokes inthe past with this strap was generally predetermined in the hands ofprivate disciplinary requirements, the user should find their ownsuitable measures and not limit themselves to the original stipulations.'”In other words baby, you will need to be strapped at length, even withthis strap and that is what I intend to do with it. No sense in limitingourselves when it comes to the disciplinary requirements of your cheekybottom, is there, dear?”Valoria liked the way she used her own words mingled with the türbanlı escort aydın ones in theleaflet as Xenophobio sat almost motionless and very quietly stillclenching and unclenching his terrified behind. He knew his MotherDearest’s questions did not always require an answer or response but hesuddenly started at “I said, is there dear”?”No, no Mummy,” was his instant response.”What else is there, if the miscreant is used to other types of leatherdisciplinary implements, it may be of use to warm up the bottom cheeksbeforehand with one or more of their regular straps for quite a while,before introducing its soon to be extremely sorry buttocks to this fineimplement. This can be continued for the initial few weeks, but then thebuttocks left alone to become white and vulnerable again after a week ortwo when it may be applied to a fresh pair of bottom cheeks. Punishmentcan be continued through other methods as hitting the front and back ofthighs and the calves while thinking of new ways to humiliate the boy tobreak his will to a suitable feminine nature.'”Isn’t that considerate, Xenophobio? And what’s left, (This strap isideally suited to the more plump bottomed miscreant, and while quitesevere, it may be used on a frequent basis, if very instant obedience isa requirement’.”If very instant obedience is a requirement! Well that is certainly arequirement when it comes to you isn’t, Honey?” Mother Dearest asked asshe crossed her legs and looked pointedly at the boy.”Yes, Mummy it is.””Yes, it most certainly is and we’ve spent many hours teaching you andthat bottom of yours that lesson, haven’t we dear?””Yes, Mummy.”Xeno was still taking in the strap on the table when he noticed hisMother’s skirt riding up her now crossed leg exposing her knee and thigh.Her maternal lap was very well known to the constantly fearful lad as hespent many hours over it, across it and astride it, learning the many,many lessons his Mother Dearest decided he needed to learn.Just the sight of it alone reminded him of his bawling antics as a brushor paddle cracked repeatedly onto his upturned bottom.”Well then perhaps it will be required on a frequent basis then, what doyou think, my little pansy?””Yes, Mummy.”He could never get used to the way his Mummy incorporated his ownagreement into his regular harsh discipline, but he knew better than todisagree. However the young victim did not like the look of thisparticular addition to the disciplinary family of implements. Thinkingabout what such an implement could do to his rump almost made him urinatein his panties which would certainly give his Mummy reason to pain hisbottom with what she called ‘his new friend’.”Well, I try my best to be obedient, Mummy.””Yes, you do, dear but that is not always good enough now, is it?” Thematernal voice had now a sharper edge to it and he recognized itimmediately.”Eh, no Mummy, it isn’t”.”Of course it isn’t, dear boy and while you may think you are beinginstantly obedient when I tell you to do something, I may view itentirely differently. Isn’t that correct, sweet Zeno?””Er, yes Mummy, that is right.””Of course it is right, my little queer. In fact it may be viewed asbeing disobedient, isn’t that right”?Xenophobio did not like the way his Mummy had started to sound now.”Downright disobedient in fact.” Mrs. Dearest-Thumpsdale said with aharbinger of inevitable certain pain dripping from her voice. Xeno beganto clench and unclench his buttocks in anticipation of the agony comingto them in the immediate future.”Er, well, I will try hard to be very obedient Mummy; I promise I will.””Yes, dear, you say that now when you see this new strap on the table.You see; it’s working already isn’t it? Little disobedient boys withsuch swishy spankable bottoms need the feel of our leather friend here?””Yes Mummy …. It is.””An extremely disobedient little pansy, that’s what you are, aren’t you?”It was too late; his Mother had walked him into the trap. To deny thiswould be seen as blatant cheek and he was too afraid of going there. Hehad no choice. His cheeks were going to suffer.”Yes … yes, Mummy.””And what happens to disobedient little sluty sissy-boys, Honey?””They get ….punished, Mummy.””Yes dear, they do. They get punished. Punished long, and punished hardon their very bare bottoms with this long leather strap which wasspecially designed for disobedient boys and especially those with plumpbottoms like yours. Isn’t that right, honey pie?””Yes, yes Mummy it is yes.”Being cooperative never did help the boy escape his Mother’s fulldisciplinary measures, but he tried hard to reason in his immature mindhow it had transpired that a new strap arrives to the house and shortlyinto a discussion about it he was being told he was an extremelydisobedient boy.”Well, Xenophobio baby, let’s not waste any more time on this. You heardwhat the leaflet said, didn’t you? So off you go and fetch two of yourstraps. Get me the over-knee-strap and the sixteen inch tawse; theyshould be sufficient to warm you up properly for your first taste of thisnew big strap. But you can expect a good hand spanking too, youdisobedient little miss, for your slow mumbling as you were questioned onthe proficiency of this fine disciplinary strap I went to the trouble ofacquiring for you.Sometimes I feel you are totally ungrateful for the efforts I put intoyour training and discipline. We will have to address that in the nextfew weeks.Although this will be your first taste of this fine strap, I intend usingit in a full and proper manner across those full buttocks of yours in anexceptionally lengthy strapping. With this strap it may be ok for thenormal disobedient boy, but with a little pansy boy with buttocks such asyours that would be of little use now would it?I intend to discipline you very thoroughly today, Phobio, for thedisobedient faggoty boy that you are. I am sure you will be begging me tobe allowed to be an extremely obedient fruity boy by the time I amfinished with you and I am sure you will be repeating your feelings againtomorrow afternoon when we repeat these measures.Maybe then you won’t complain about being kind to my friend Samuel whenyou two are alone in your bedroom.Xenophobia began to cry.”But he’s so big … Mummy … so big … Mummy,” responded Xenophobio throughhis tears.”Xeno, honey. He’s a real man and not a little swishy/sissy/boy like you.The next time you are in the bath check out your tiny penis. It willnever get big enough to satisfy a girl.Save your tears until this new strap starts tearing up your fat behind.You’ll need them, then. Get it, baby …. tear and tear – you obviouslydon’t find that amusing … maybe your ‘new leather friend’ will improveyour sense of humor.””Of course at your bedtime tonight I will still expect full cooperationfrom your impudent bottom regardless of how well punished it may be.””Now over here and let me remove those little pants and panties of yours.You may as well do your fetching bare bottomed today.”Valoria stood the boy just in the juncture of her slightly separatedknees as she slid her skirt back a little. The Matriarch eyed him sternlyas she slowly turned him awkwardly to get at his buttons that claspedtightly across his girlish bottom cheeks.Slowly Mrs. Thumpsdale unclipped each one slowly, as each one allowed afurther piece of his plump bottom out. She always marveled at the way hisbottom inched out of these pants and the way his generous fleshy cheeksassisted the undoing of each button, as his white silky panties came intoview.Eventually the last button popped open and out fell the soon to bechastised naughty bottom. She slid the tight pants down his legs and heknew to lift each foot to allow them to be removed and folded and placedon the table.They didn’t take up much space and Mrs. Thumpsdale looked at them andwondered how on earth they contained such a bottom. The panties were notmuch better and she slowly slid them half way down his thighs.”Leave your panties there as you trot off to get your straps. They won’tbe there for long, of course, as I’ll be removing them completely whenyou return. I want that bottom completely bare today. Off you go anddon’t dawdle, boy.””Y yes Mummy,” was the reply as Xenophobio took himself off to retrievethe straps. The reasoning behind this discipline session was long gonefrom his pretty little head as he just knew his Mother Dearest had to beright. How was he going to cope with that strap though? It lookedterrifying, and the quivering of his bottom as he walked didn’t help hisplight.

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