5 Ağustos 2022

A Brat Gets A Spanking

Big Tits

Intimacy Coordinator: Hi Danni. Do you understand what’s expected of you from this scene today?

Danni: Yes, it’s a simulated rape kinda thing. I’ve done this before. It’s not a big deal.

Intimacy Coordinator: That’s great. I just want to make sure that you’re comfortable with the scene and everything it entails. You know you can “tap out” at any time, right?

Danni: Yup, I’m all set.


Danni was the epitome of a brat. She wore short shorts even in autumn that cupped her butt like a well fitted glove. Her red thigh high socks were wrapped tightly around her long legs. Her soft brown hair was a single long braid. It made her look childish even though she was eighteen years old.

She walked through the dark empty street home and she commended herself for bringing a jacket. The night air was cool against her skin and the crop top she wore did little to protect her. She stopped at the yellow house, her home. The porch lights were on but the lights inside were not.

“Thank god,” she said. Dad must have gone to bed.

She checked her reflection in the window glass before opening the door. The makeup on her face was a bit runny. The smudged lipstick accentuated her triangle chin and the freckles on her fawn colored skin.

Danni opened the door, cringing as it creaked, and tip-toed inside. The floorboards seemed to squeak louder than usual. Still, no footsteps or voices yelling her name.

Looks like I’m in the clear!


The lights snapped on and illuminated the room. Sitting in a large plush chair was man, a scruffy beard framing his square face. The heavy bags and red eyes suggested he’d been drinking. The bottle on the floor confirmed it. His half buttoned police uniform was a wrinkled dishevelled mess.

“H-hello, daddy,” Danni said.

“It’s 2am Danni,” he said. His voice was deep gravelly tone. It sent chills up her spine. “You were supposed to be home four hours ago.”

“I’m sorry, daddy,” she said. She twisted her braid in her fingers and swayed her hips. Maybe I can ‘cute’ my way out of this. “I just lost track of time.”

“Come here,” he said.

She obeyed and even sat on his lap. That had a way of winning over his heart when he was drunk and angry. Her shorts rode up and wedge themself in her ass. She tried to tug them down, to no avail. Though she was petite, the shorts were several sizes too small.

I’m getting a major wedgie.

Daddy wrapped his arm around her waist. “How many times have I told you not to miss curfew?”

“A lot,” she said feigning shame. In her father’s arms she looked tiny. He was a foot taller than her and a wall of muscle. She gave him a sad pout. “I just wanted to have fun.”

“I think you’re taking advantage of me,” he said. His grip on her hips tightened.

“Ow, you’re hurting me,” she said.

“Ever since your mother left you’ve been acting out. You stay out late, dress like a slut, and walk around with your face painted like a whore.”

Danni bit her lip. She tried not to cry but the tears trickled out anyway. He was so mean when he london escort agency was drunk.

“Daddy, you’re hurting me,” she said.

“Do you know what happens to little girls when they stay out late?” He wrapped her braid in his fist and unzipped his fly. His cock popped out, a bulbous eight


She beat his chest. “No! Daddy, please, no. You’re drunk. Don’t do this.”

“If you’re gonna whore around with your friends, you can whore around with me.”

He shoved her face into his lap. She tried to push away from his crotch but he was so strong. She kept her mouth closed until she felt his hand on her mouth squeezing it open.

“Start sucking,” he growled.

Danni was a virgin. She had never done any of this. She’d hardly seen sex scenes. But she obeyed.

She opened her mouth and slid the great cock into her mouth. At first just the head. She licked it with her tongue crying at the sense of violation. Satisfied groans bellowed from her father. Her tears slid down her cheek and onto his cock, mingling with her saliva.

“You can do better,” he said. He shoved her head down.

The cock was now in her throat and Danni couldn’t breath. She slapped his chest, his lap, the chair – whatever was nearby. She wanted to vomit.

“Breath through your nose, slut.”

She bobbed her head up and down like she’d seen on TV. If I can make him cum, maybe he’ll stop. Up and down she went faster and faster. Spit coated her father’s cock and mixed with the pre-cum. She twirled her tongue on the underside and lingered on the head. Occasionally she felt the need to wretch, but instead saliva collected in her mouth.

“Oh, you’re so good at this,” he said. “Better than your mother. How much practice have you had?”

Danni coughed as he pulled her face off his crotch. “This w-was my first time,” she said between sobs.

He cupped her chin in his hand. “I don’t believe you. You’re a natural whore.”

She wrenched her face away from him. She was humiliated and her face was heated. Still, something felt good about it. Her shorts were firmly wedged between her ass cheeks and the inseam rubbed against her pussy. She regretted shaving it that morning.

“I haven’t cum yet,” he said. “And I’m not done with your punishment.”

He threw her over his lap, the cock pressing into her middle. Her small breasts pressed into his leg. Her ass stuck out of her booty shorts, exposed and pale.

“Bad girls get spankings,” he said. “You get ten and better keep count.”

“Daddy, please!” she bawled.


“One, two, th-three!” She screamed each time. His hand was calloused and rough. It was like being hit with tree bark. Her soft skin would be red for days, if not bruised.

He paused and rubbed her ass. “Daddy does this cause he loves you.” He massaged her hurt flesh and his thumb traveled up along her inner mound, just grazing the lips of her womanhood.


“Ah! Four, five, six.” She cried as her ass became numb.

He massaged her ass again and this time and thumb worked its way up into escort london her vagina. “Who are you shaving this snatch for?”

“No one daddy, please I’m a virgin I swear.”


“S-s-s-even, eight, nine, ten!” She struggled to get up from his lap but he refused to let her move.

He inserted two fingers into her sopping wet pussy. “You’re right. You’re too tight to have had a dick in you.”

She wriggled and squirmed under his torture. Why was she so wet? She was being fingered, raped, by her own father. Oh god, please don’t let me cum.

She hadn’t worn a bra and her nipples were pressing against the fabric of the crop top as she tried to sit up. “Please let me go, daddy. I promise I’ll be good. I’ll come home early.”

Her pleas went unnoticed. Her father was busy toying with her pussy. “You know, these shorts are a real hazard. Anything could crawl up there and fuck you.”

“I’ll wear a dress from now on. I promise. Just let me go to my room.”

Daddy stood up, spun her around in the air, and shoved her face into the seat of the large chair. He held her braid in his fist and forced her ass into the air.

“No, I think it’s best I teach you a lesson.”

Danni looked back and saw his pants fall to the ground. “No daddy please.”

“Don’t worry, hun. Daddy’s gonna make you feel real good.” His voice was a low growl in her ear. He ripped her shorts down to her knees with her panties. She heard him spit and moments later the rough palm of his hand was rubbing against her pussy.

“Looks like you’re already wet, babygirl.”

A shameful whimper escaped her throat. She didn’t want this to feel good. She didn’t want to cum to her father’s touch. I am a slut. She groaned as he rubbed the head of his penis against her bald lips. “Daddy, please-”

She yelped when he pressed his cock into her pussy. She struggled with renewed vigor but with just one hand her father shoved her face deeper into the chair cushions. Her screams were a muffled whine.

It hurt so much. Her pussy was being ripped open for the first time. She’d never even penetrated herself with her own fingers. This was unbearable.

“Oh baby, you are so tight.” He spanked her numb ass and she clenched up. “Don’t worry, I’ll be slow. Daddy knows it’s your first time.”

His slow thrusts were of little help. He was driving his cock so deep into her. It was so big and she was so small.

Danni tried to remember her sex ed class. Breath and relax. It’ll be easier if I breath and relax.

Her father soon go tired and started speeding up his thrusts. “Oh god, you feel so good. Better than your mother.” His balls slapped against her pussy.

She was shocked by how turned on she was by the noise of the slaps. Each time they hit her pussy, it evoked a warm and welcome ache. Oh god, don’t let me cum.

She reached back and covered her pussy. Her father’s balls instead hit her hand but now she was rubbing her clitoris. She felt shame and ecstasy. I can’t help it. I need to cum.

An electric wave rippled through her body and the muscles london escorts in her vagina spasmed. Everything suddenly felt so good. Everything was so sensitive. The shirt brushing against her nipples was heaven. The juice dripping from her pussy to her legs was somehow sensual.

“Oh I like how you’re moving,” her daddy said. “You’re starting to enjoy this.”

She realized she was thrusting herself back into her father’s groin. “Oh, daddy,” she said. She groaned into the pillows as wave after wave of pleasure rolled over her body.

“Oh, good girl,” he said. He let out a mighty groan and relaxed his grip on her. She could feel him empty himself into her.

Danni curled up on the sofa chair and pulled up her shorts. Tears and runny makeup marred her face. What had she done? What had she allowed to be done?

Her daddy zipped up his pants, a monster towering over her. He fixed his shirt and fastened his belt. “You’re grounded for the week,” he said. “Clean yourself up and go to your room.”

Danni retreated up the stairs to her bedroom wondering what life would be like with her father from now on.

“Cut,” boomed a voice.

Danni halted on the stairs almost tripping over herself. A pot bellied gray haired man sat in a chair next to a camera crew and lighting equipment. He waggled a finger at Danni to come back down the stairs.

She let out a frustrated groan. “How many times do we have to reshoot this, Max?” she asked as she stomped down the steps.

“Until you get it right,” Max said. “Everyone take a break. Corbin, will you be ready in ten?”

The man playing Danni’s father nodded and chugged a bottle of water. The crew walked over to a lonely buffet table to sate their hunger. Max pat a hand on his knee and Danni sat down on it. Nose hairs protruded from his large snout and his chin was covered in gray scruff.

“Are you hungry?” he asked with a goonish grin.

Not this again. She hated how he toyed with her.

“Of course I am,” she said.

“I’ll tell you what.” His fat fingers slithered up her leg and into the crotch of her shorts. “You come visit me in my apartment tonight and I’ll call this scene a wrap.”

“And if I don’t?” she asked.

“Well, then we’ll just have to do this scene again and again till Corbin breaks your puss.”

She flinched under his touch. Her crotch still throbbed from the multiple takes. She couldn’t believe this sleezeball. Doesn’t he have a daughter? What is it with old men wanting girls?

“I don’t know–”

“Fine,” Max said. “But I promise you won’t find work again.”

“But that’s not fair!”

His goony grin exposed his yellow teeth. “That’s the industry, kid.”

Gotcha. She leaned in with a smile on her face and whispered in his ear. “Look down my shirt. I’m still wearing a mic and that camera’s still rolling.”

His grin vanished and his eyes expanded like dinner plates. Beads of sweat dripped down his brow. “What the – you tricked me.” The bulge in his trousers shrunk and disappeared like a sinking ship. “That’s not-”

“-fair?” Danni finished. She cupped his ugly face in both her hands and kissed his forehead.

“What do you want?”

“A confession, money, and a promise,” she said. “Do that and I won’t let the world see you for the slimy shit you are.”

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