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A Bus Journey

Big Tits

First of all this is my first attempt on Literotica.com. I would request you to read the story, the way you would read a story of an amateur.

The story is based on real incident. I am happily married and I have a beautiful and sexy wife. We were together on a journey.

She has a lovely and sexy figure. She has a long hair which falls on her back and her eyes are brown and big and inviting. Hers is a pointed nose, which immediately attracts attention. She is slim by any standards. She has broad and luscious lips and long throbbing tongue.

Hers is long neck and thin neck. Her figure is 36-28-36 and she has a sexy voice. I am going to share one of the many experiences with you.

We went for a trip to a hill station immediately after marriage, we (means me and my wife) and we had some incredible experiences.

Due to some reasons we had to travel of by a bus and it was a night journey. When we boarded the bus, we were informed that our seats were just behind the cabin of driver on the right side of the bus and on the left side seats a newly wedded couple was sitting. Seats of the bus were comfortable with high back and arms. It was not possible to see what was happening on the next seat or for us on the back seat.

When adjusting ourselves on the seats, I noticed that the bus was almost full and most of the seats were occupied by young couples. Some of them were wearing sexy and revealing outfits, some were giggling, some were kissing each other or holding hands, even before the bus started its journey.

I told her that we would have a great time and she said she is looking forward to it.The bus journey started late at night around 11.30 p.m. We both were excited and almost hot and bothered in anticipation. It was cold wintry night so we covered ourselves with a thin blanket to give us warmth and cosines .

Although, it was late at night but there were no signs of sleep on either of us. We were behaving as the day had just started for us. We were chatting and laughing and holding each other.

She was sitting on the window side and I was sitting on the ankara eve gelen escort aisle side. It was two seater bus on both sides.

Soon the bus picked up its speed and it was on a high way. As the bus driver and conductor believe that passengers go to sleep during night journey, so they normally switch off all the lights. Bus was on highway and was speeding and soon they turned off the lights of the windows and passage.

There was a very dim light coming from the corner. I winked my wife and asked her let us start our play and she nodded in agreement.

Our hands started moving on each other’s body and our hands were grouping each other. Movement of our hands was a trigger to make us hot and bothered. She whispered me and asked me to slip my hand under her T-Shirt.

We knew that a blanket was covering both of us and even if anyone tries to peep, s/he won’t be able to know what is going underneath the blanked.

I did not waste a minute I slipped my hand under her T shirt and my hand moved toward the hook of her bra. My hand struggled a bit to get hold of hook of her bra but finally my hand was managed to unhook her bra.

Her round and fuller tits were firm and my hands managed to massage her tits and she started moaning. I found that her big nipples were erect and hard were in need of my attention.

I started rolling my fingers gently on her erect nipples. She said – “oh dear what are doing, your fingers on my nipples are just sending strong current in my entire body.”

Her sighs and moans were louder and she was enjoying like anything. Constant noise of moving bus was able to suppress her moans and sighs and as I was closest to her, so I could listen to her moans.

Her eyes were closing and her hands were moving fast on my entire body. Meanwhile, she noticed my bulge and said oh, why your cock is locked in the jeans, when it wants to come out. I said………it needs your help to come out.

She did not take much time in understanding my signal and She said do not worry what for I am? She moved her hand towards my gaziosmanpaşa escort torso and it started moving downwards. She unzipped my jeans with her one hand and my cock came out like a spring and was out of the bounds. She got hold of my cock in her hands and said…oh it is already hard and throbbing.

Although, we were initially sitting sideways yet we positioned ourselves in such a manner that we were almost facing each other.

Now my throbbing and hard cock was in her hands. We started French kissing each other oblivious of the fact that we were travelling in a public bus and any passenger or the conductor could have peeped. However, I realized that most of the passengers were either dozing off/sleeping on their seats or there were some couples who were enjoying themselves like us.

I rolled her T shirt up as I knew that it was not possible to see for anybody (who might have peeped in) to see what was going on under the blanket.

I positioned my mouth in say a way that her tits were in my wet mouth. Now my lips clasped her erect nipples. My long tongue swirled around her nipples. Soon I was suckling her erect nipples, like a hungry baby. Meanwhile, my other hand had entered her jeans and touching her swollen clitty and soon my finger were inside her wet pussy, which was getting creamier and creamier by each stroke. She was now moaning in delight and said it feels heavenly.

I continue to suck her nipples and my hand was pressing her clitty, she whispered oh dear I am near my climax, do not stop ………..do it faster…..She said her orgasm was fast approaching and she was not able to hold it.

Soon, I felt that her body quivered and shivered and her tummy had ripples and she came with a shudder. She lowered her jeans in the statement of extreme excitement and indicated me to give my head to her. I was also on frenzy and I immediately position myself on the floor of the bus while she was on the seat. Her legs were wide open and inviting me to eat her alive.

I placed my tongue right on the outer lips of her pussy and my long, ankara grup escort red and wet tongue was teasing her clits. The more I was licking the more juices were flowing out of him and she was moaning and sounds of pleasure were coming out of her. The speed of the bus was on full throttle and it was running on the highway. High speed of the bus was giving us jerks and jitters in between. But those jerks became immaterial to us as we were immersed in some other world.

I soon realized that someone behind me got from his seat to adjust the luggage. We immediately wrapped the thin blanket around us and laid motionless, as we were sleeping. The man soon got back to his sitting position. We started, where we had left.

I continued to flick my tongue around her pussy and tip of my tongue entered a bit in her pussy. She said that she was getting mad with pleasure. She whispered that pressure is mounting inside her pussy and groin and she was finding her difficult to hold back her orgasm.

I felt that her body was shaking as some kind of internal her pressure was overpowering her and while I was feeling her shaking mouth, I felt that her body jerked and she came in my mouth with a scream. I know that noise of the running bus was enough to drown her screams.

She said now it is her turn. We changed our position, she adjusted her in such a fashion that my cock was in her mouth now and she started sucking it. She rolled her tongue on the shaft of the cock and teased the tip of my cock.

It felts amazing. Soon three fourth of my cock was in her mouth and she was sucking it like a lollipop. Her one hand was massaging my balls. My balls were getting harder and harder. I was feeling the sensation of sucking all over my body, my mind was just blowing out. She was sucking it like a perfect sucker. Soon, I indicated her that am about to come. She nodded and hinted that I could come in her mouth. OH………..soon I exploded in her wet mouth, spurts of my hot cum entered in her mouth and she swallowed all my cum and sucked me till last drop. It felt great and I just cannot forget the experienced of being sucked in a moving bus.

Our exploits continued throughout the wee hours. We were like hungry lovers, as there is going to be no tomorrow for us.

However, we got tired and went to sleep in each others arms.

PS – Constructive feed backs are welcome so that I could make another attempt to write a new story.

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