19 Aralık 2022

A Day At The Beach


Nicole always loved going swimming at the beach. The rolling waves felt good on her body, and the approving looks from the boys as her athletic curves maneuvered through the waters weren’t half bad either. Her brunette hair was up in a short hairdo so as to keep it out of the way while swimming, and she had been rather daring today in selecting a skimpy blue string bikini, which she hoped wouldn’t come off at an inopportune time.

As she paddled around she caught sight of another thing she enjoyed about going swimming at the beach. Not too far away a group of guys and gals gathered around the net for some volleyball. Watching the boys do their thing was always fun, and today there were two players who were particularly well built. The female players seemed to share her opinion, as most of them found several opportunities to ‘accidentally’ bump up against them or fall on them while diving for the ball. She might have done the same had she been over there. It seemed like it had been ages since she’d gotten laid, and she found herself watching the boys more and more often lately.

Absently she noticed her nipples begin to poke through the thin material of her bikini top, and not just from the cool water. She took a moment to dip under a low wave, both to clear her head and to avoid showing a blush. But when she came back up her eyes found their way right back to the volleyball game, so she simply went out a little deeper where she could have her breasts underwater and avoid getting a little too much attention.

As the game progressed and adrenaline increased, they became slightly less discreet about bumping into each other. Here and there someone would give someone else a playful slap on the tush. One player would ‘accidentally’ tackle another and wait a little longer than usual before getting off of him or her. If she didn’t know better she’d almost say she’d seen the guys cupping a breast or two.

Nicole glanced around pensively. Nobody was swimming close enough to figure out what she was doing. The water wasn’t clear enough for anyone to see. The athletic bodies running and jumping and tackling and semi-discreetly groping each other were quickly sparking that familiar fire between her legs. She smoothed her hand slowly down her tummy and brought it to the front of her bikini bottoms, stroking herself lightly.

She wished she had the courage to go out there herself and join them in the game, but just the thought of approaching them made her knees wobble. Instead she just imagined herself in the place of one of the girls, so close to those lovely muscular bodies. She began to rub herself a little harder as she imagined ‘accidentally’ brushing her breasts against someone’s arm. She cupped her breast with her other hand as she imagined a muscular body pressed against her as she let one of those especially attractive boys tackle her onto her back. She bit her lip to stifle a whimper as she imagined the contours of his skin under her fingers, the smell of his body teasing her senses.

She gasped softly as she pushed aside the material of her bikini bottoms to finger her folds, her breasts rising and falling quickly as she endeavored to relieve her growing arousal without being spotted. Her body trembled and her heart pounded in her ears. It was so loud it sounded like the roar of the ocean. She forced herself to open her eyes (having just noticed that they were closed) just in time to see a colossal wave bearing down on her.

She was rolled and battered and tossed about underwater, but her practiced swimming technique helped her end up safely on the shore. As she knelt in the shallow water to catch her breath, she became keenly aware that her bikini top hadn’t made it back to shore with her. She covered her breasts with her hands and blushed profusely, knowing half the beach must be looking at her by now. Quickly she surveyed the area hoping to catch sight of the fugitive clothing. Instead she nearly fell over with a squeak of surprise as she found the two best-looking volleyball guys standing over her. Her blush grew quickly as she tried to say something. “I lost my top… the wave… and… um… I’m Nicole.” She chuckled nervously, feeling like an idiot.

One of them knelt beside her. He smiled at her warmly. She smiled back nervously. “Pleased to meet you Nicole. I’m Cody and this is Lance.” She shifted an arm to cover both breasts and tentatively reached out to shake their hands, but instead each took a turn gently taking her hand in his and giving it a soft kiss. She was glad she was already soaked from being in the ocean, lest her bikini bottoms give away that she still hadn’t relieved her arousal from watching them earlier.

The one kneeling beside her wrapped his towel around her shoulders and gently lifted her to her feet, where she found herself feeling a little dizzy and leaning against him. Truthfully she probably would have leaned against him whether she needed to or not. But as she tried to stand on her own she cried out softly as a sharp escort izmit pain ran up her leg from her ankle, causing her to fall into the arms of the other guy. She probably whacked it on something/someone when the wave hit her. Her hands went to his abs as she leaned against him and his hands on her hips held her close, letting her stiff nipples brush lightly against his best as the towel hung loosely on her shoulders. A quick glance around showed her that though a few people were still trying to leer at her whenever the towel shifted, most were largely oblivious to her plight.

“If you’d like,” volunteered Cody, “We could escort you back to your hotel room. How far away is it?”

“Kinda far,” she mumbled while she fought the urge to wriggle away as Lance’s fingertips drew little patterns on her hips.

“Maybe we could stop off at our hotel room first then?” suggested Lance. “We could lend you a shirt and then give you a ride back to your place.”

She nodded in agreement and made sure the towel was secure, then headed on off the beach with Cody and Lance walking protectively on either side of her, occasionally giving her an arm to hang on to when her ankle started bothering her. It didn’t even occur to her until she neared the hotel that she had just agreed to go to a hotel room with two complete strangers. They were good-looking strangers though. And very polite.

She came to enjoy the guilty pleasure of alternating between Cody and Lance, idly stroking the contours of their arm muscles as she held onto them support and letting her breasts press against them, drawing little knowing smirks from them. She didn’t really mean to do it, but she couldn’t help herself. Usually she was too shy to go hang out with the boys, and now here were two of them with her out of the blue.

They made their way up the stairs and entered the hotel room. It was up on the corner away from the other rooms and had a wide couch positioned to give a good view of the beach down below. “You can use the shower if you want,” offered Lance, “while we look for something in your size.” Cody helped her hobble her way to the shower in the back while Lance went off in search of a shirt.

Cody steadied her with gentle hands on her hips as she stepped into the shower, and she held onto his arm and shoulder firmly as she got her balance. “Thanks,” she said with a smile. She blushed a little as it looked like he might follow her into the shower, but once she had a hand on the wall to keep her balance he moved away with a grin and pulled the shower curtain between them. It was one of those translucent kind of shower curtains that let you see the people on the other side, but everything looked too hazy for you to make out more than fuzzy shapes.

Once he had left the room she set the towel aside outside of the shower and got it going, sighing contentedly as the warm water washed over her body. Once she was sure of her footing she arched her body and stretched her arms over her head, enjoying the relaxing warmth of the water. She had gotten quite a bit of swimming done today, and the fatigue was starting to set in. She closed her eyes as she stepped under the water, running her fingers through her hair to remove any errant sand.

Stealing a glance to make sure one or the other hadn’t wandered back in, she traced her fingertips down her cheeks and down her neck, her thoughts wandering to the two able-bodied young men only a room away. Though she couldn’t have possibly asked him to do it, she almost wished he had joined her in the shower. She smoothed her hands down and gently squeezed her breasts, wishing it was Cody’s hands on her body. She whimpered softly as she rolled her swiftly stiffening nipples between her fingers, chewing her lip and hoping she wouldn’t alert the guys to her arousal.

She imagined Cody wrapping his strong arms around her from behind and holding her against his muscular body, smoothing his hand down her body to gently stroke at her center. Her hand followed her imagination, slipping inside her bikini bottoms and fingering at her folds. Already aroused from her little adventure out at sea, she went ahead and slipped a pair of fingers inside herself while stroking her clit with her thumb. She had to stop fondling her breast to hold onto the wall as she shuddered with pleasure, clenching her jaw to stifle a moan.

The sound of the door opening jarred her back to reality and she cried out in surprise, yanking her hand away from her pussy and hoping whoever had come in didn’t guess what she was up to. It was probably rude for a guest to masturbate in someone else’s shower. “There’s a shirt over here for you when you’re done. Take as long as you need.” She quietly blurted out some sort of verbal acknowledgement, very glad that the curtain was sufficient to hide her profuse blush.

She toweled herself off and stepped carefully out of the shower. Her ankle still hurt a bit but she could walk on it easily enough. As promised, a light blue button-down shirt izmit escort was waiting for her. The long shirt was just barely long enough to cover her tush, and she slipped it on without even having to unbutton it.

Cody greeted her as she came out. “Feeling better?”

“Mmhm.” She smiled and idly ran her fingers through her hair. She modeled her somewhat-healed ankle for him. “Much better.”

“Well then, let’s check that ankle out and then we can take you home.” He motioned her to the couch, where she took a seat beside Lance. She wasn’t sure what he was going to check out exactly, but she didn’t really give it much thought. And anyway she was enjoying the visual feast of two well-built guys in nothing but swim shorts focusing all their attention on her.

Nicole watched with a nervous giggle as Cody knelt by her feet and gingerly held her sore ankle in his hands. He ‘hmm’ed at it ponderously as though reading a detailed medical diagnostic, then smirked and began to gently massage her ankle. She smiled at the gentle touch and got comfortable next to Lance, blushing just a little. Then she felt his hands move a little higher to massage her calves. Her legs were a little sore from all the swimming too, so she decided to sit back and enjoy it.

Lance’s arm appeared around her shoulders and she smiled and leaned into him, resting her head on his shoulder. She closed her eyes and sighed softly, relishing the pleasant sensations. Despite only having known them for a few minutes she felt quite safe with them. She giggled as she felt him kiss the top of her head. He smelled really good. It was a shame she’d be leaving soon.

Lance’s hand felt slowly down her side and came to rest on her hip, gently pulling her a little closer to him. She grinned and cozied up to him, fumbling her hands in her lap nervously. His warm hand felt nice as it slipped under the shirt to rest on bare skin at her hip, as did his fingertips idly tracing back and forth along the string of her bikini bottoms.

She bit her lip as she felt Lance’s lips brush lightly against her neck. “I bet you could use a good neck rub too,” he said softly by her ear.

“Sure…” she replied, despite not being very sure of herself. Cody’s hands were beginning to roam, now gently massaging her calf. It felt really nice, so she didn’t question it. She then squeaked softly with surprise when Lance’s gentle but strong hands lifted her into his lap, settling her in with her back to his chest. She bit her lip and blushed a little at the development as his hands slid slowly back up her body to rest on her shoulders.

She closed her eyes and laid her head back on Lance’s shoulder, purring softly from his and Cody’s gentle fingers massaging her skin. Lance’s hands worked their way from the base of her neck out to her shoulders and gradually back, loosening her tensions and relaxing her body. Absently she felt Cody’s lips tap lightly at the top of her knee as his fingertips brushed along the back of her knee, causing her to giggle softly into Lance’s shoulder.

Lance gently kissed the top of her head, drawing a smile from her. “If it’s ok with you, this would feel better on bare skin.” Cody’s massage certainly felt good on her bare skin, so she nodded her assent to Lance’s idea. He smoothed his hands down her chest a bit to open the top two buttons of her shirt, then brushed his fingertips up her cleavage on the way up to slip the shirt off her shoulders and let it sit loosely on her arms. She blushed a little as she glanced down to see her breasts only barely covered by the shirt.

A soft moan escaped her lips as the massages continued, Cody’s hands beginning to explore her thigh while Lance’s hands felt at her shoulders, the warm touches on her bare skin starting to make her squirm. She hoped they didn’t notice her nipples poking through the shirt. She started to wonder if she should ask them to stop, but it felt so good. Cody squeezed and smoothed his way gradually up her thigh, a little bit up and a little bit back, not exactly feeling her up but not exactly an honest massage either. Lance planted gentle kisses on her neck and shoulders every so often as he kneaded her skin, occasionally letting his fingertips trace along her collarbones. She could feel his erection stirring under her tush.

Her lips were a thin line as she tried to stifle another moan. Lance’s hands seemed to be drawing ever closer to her breasts with each gentle caress. Each time she squirmed under their hands her tush rubbed against Lance’s shaft under her and made it grow. Cody’s hands were nearing the top of her thigh. She was sure he could smell her arousal by now. She whimpered with desire when his lips tapped against her inner thigh. She felt paralyzed by anticipation as Lance’s fingertips traced the edge of the shirt, ever so close to her eager nipples. She shuddered and let out a ragged breath as Cody’s fingertips ever so gently brushed against the front of her bikini bottoms. In that moment she izmit kendi evi olan escort would have been perfectly content if they had laid her back and taken her right there.

But they had other plans it seemed. Cody stroked his fingertips lightly down her thigh as he departed, moving to start again all the way down at her other ankle. Her lips quivered as she found her self almost asking him to touch her again, but she caught herself and blushed profusely at her reactions. She couldn’t help but give a nervous giggle. The thought of it, giving herself to two complete strangers. Two well-mannered strangers. Two very attractive well-mannered strangers. With four hands gently kneading her skin.

Before she knew it Cody had passed her ankle and was on her calf, seeming to move even slower than before and adding a little kiss here and there. Her breasts rose and fell quickly with anxious breathing. Her heart was pounding. She barely noticed Lance’s hands swiftly unbuttoning the shirt and pulling it away. She gasped and covered her breasts with her hands, blushing wildly as she looked up to meet Lance’s eyes. His hands on her shoulders held her bare back against her muscular chest.

Lance’s words were soft by her ear, his breath warm on her neck. “If you want us to stop, we will….” Cody gently felt up both her thighs, no longer under the façade of a massage. “If you want more, we can gladly provide…” Lance smoothed his hands gently down her sides and back up, teasing along the sides of her breasts along the way. Cody nibbled his way back and forth up her inner thighs, drawing ever closer to her last bit of clothing and the moist folds behind them.

She tried to say something. She honestly didn’t know whether she was going to say yes or no, because all that came out was a mew of pleasure as Cody’s lips gently pressed against the front of her bikini bottoms. Lance traced the tip of his tongue slowly from the base of her neck to just behind her ear while he smoothed his hands along her arms to cup her breasts with his hands over hers. She couldn’t speak. She couldn’t move. She couldn’t think. She wanted them so badly right now, whether it was a good idea or not.

Lance tenderly nibbled her earlobe while fondling her breasts through her hands. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back limply on his shoulder, moaning softly. The moan jumped to a whimper when Cody’s tongue flitted up and down either side of her bikini bottoms, teasingly peeking under the material here and there. She found her hips moving with a will of their own to rub her tush against Lance’s thick shaft through his shorts. Finally she gave in to her body’s needs, crossing her legs over Cody’s back and enclosing him between her thighs. She didn’t resist when he untied the strings of her bikini bottoms and pulled them away, leaving her completely naked and now with a finer appreciation for the erection pressing against her.

She slipped her hands out from under Lance’s and saw them hover above her breasts, as though still waiting permission. She smiled up at him and held his hands to her breasts, then reached up to feel at his neck with one hand while reaching down with the other to run her fingers through Cody’s hair. Lance smiled back and leaned in to kiss her softly, gently parting her lips with his tongue. She couldn’t help but moan into the kiss, both from Lance’s fingertips delicately tracing slow circles to the tips of her nipples and from Cody’s tongue teasingly lapping up and down either side of her moist folds, gradually proceeding inward to the prize.

She sucked gently on the tongue between her lips and flitted her own tongue against it while the tongue between her legs made her squirm by beginning to graze up and down the sides of her slit. Lance gave both her nipples a gentle pinch while kissing her deeply. She then broke the kiss to lean her head back limply on his shoulder again with a throaty moan when Cody’s soft lips nibbled tenderly at her folds. Lance’s tongue appeared on her neck and she stroked his cheek affectionately.

Cody gently stroked her thighs as he began to wriggle his tongue between her folds. Lance lightly tugged at her nipples while flitting his tongue here and there on her skin, adding a playful nip between her neck and shoulder. Nicole arched her body as the pleasure coursed through her, trying to press herself into both mouths and all four hands. She found herself digging her fingernails gently into the boys’ shoulders as she stroked them, her body moving and arching and writhing to dance to their touch.

She turned Lance’s face to hers and pulled him in for a lustful kiss, moaning into it and eagerly accepting his swift tongue. She moaned louder and squeezed her thighs together to pull Cody closer to her pussy when he gently wrapped his lips around her clit and began to lap at it tenderly. Lance’s fingers alternately rolled and pinched her nipples, making her squirm this way and that. She gasped when Cody’s fingers made an appearance, briefly stroking up and down her slit before slowly slipping inside, all the while driving her crazy with flits of his tongue on her clit. She used what control of her body she had left to rock her hips to grind both on Lance’s lap and Cody’s fingers.

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