13 Mayıs 2023

A Day at the Races

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It was the perfect day. Livvy sat in the bleachers, making her butt sore but the bright sunshine on her face soaking into her skin made it worth it. The peaceful day was interrupted by the extremely loud roar of hundreds of car engines, a stadium of excited fans, and the announcer of the loud speakers rambling off the day’s events. It was 5:30 in the afternoon and still 90 degrees outside. Livvy wore her favorite pair of white shorts – a decision she regretted when she remembered how dirty the races got – and a deep blue tank tube top, allowing her shoulders to tan with no lines. She had come here with her brother and a bunch of his friends, not normally her first choice, but all her friends had been busy and she couldn’t wait any longer. It had been a year since she had been to the local stock car races and she was getting anxious. This was her favorite place to be. A plus side of being with her older brother (one of the only pluses) was that she could sit and enjoy a beer, or two, or five, without him caring. In fact, he just kept handing her another one as soon as she had pulled the last empty one from her lips. By the time the races ended around 10pmm she had drunk her fair share of beer and was slightly buzzed. Next came her favorite part, going down to the pit to hang out with the racers. She hadn’t seen them since last year and missed her old buds. She met up with a few of them and sat and chatted. It was nearly midnight when she went Başakşehir escort searching for the bathroom. She swayed as she walked but her brother was nowhere to be seen to make sure she was okay wandering around by herself. Livvy practically fell out of the port-a-potty, where she then tripped over her own feet and face planted into the dirt, her forehead smacking right down onto a man’s shoe. Too drunk to pull herself up, she lay there in the dirt, knowing her shorts had ridden up, feeling the cool summer air on her ass cheeks that were poking out from the bottom of her shorts. Strong, calloused hands lifted her into the man’s arms. They were muscular and felt amazing holding her tight. *** Livvy opened her heavy eyes not sure where she was. She looked around, beginning to worry. Last night was a blur. She vaguely remembered being on her face in the dirt and someone picking her up. She looked like she was in a trailer of some sort, like a camper. It wasn’t until the shower turned off that she realized that it was even on. Her breath caught when a half-naked man with a towel wrapped around his waist and water dripping from his chest emerged from a small door. Her jaw dropped as her eyes traveled to his face and realization dawned on her. Standing, half-naked before her, was her teacher. “Shit! Livvy, I didn’t think you would wake up for a while. I’m so sorry.” She had to giggle a little as he scrambled Bayrampaşa escort bayan around to find a shirt. It actually excited her to see him looking so hot and naked in front of her. She had always found him attractive and loved his woodshop class. She had been the only girl in there, as not many of the high heel micro mini skirt wearing ditzy bimbos that she went to school with would willingly take a high school woodshop class. She and Mr. Todd had gotten along great. He was one teacher she could laugh and joke with and say whatever came to her mind without fear of repercussion. She had been too drunk the night before to notice the announcer call his name even though she had known he raced here. She had actually given him a hand a time or two on his car. She sat up slowly, her head feeling like it might fall off. “What happened?” Mr. Todd laughed a little. “Well, I was minding my own business last night walking to go pee, and just before I reach the bathroom, a very drunk 17 year old fell to my feet. I recognized that it was you and couldn’t find any of your friends that you might be with, so I brought you back here where you proceeded to throw up on my chest and all over yourself.” Livvy panicked as she realized she was only wearing her underwear and what she assumed to be, his tee shirt. Mr. Todd noticed her panic. “I’m really sorry about, err, you know, changing your clothes, but you were covered Escort Beşiktaş in puke and beer.” She blushed, not wanting to admit that it sent a thrill through her body knowing her had seen her practically naked. She was suddenly glad she had worn her matching red and black lace thong and bra set. “It’s okay, I would rather have you do that than let me sleep like that…Look, about the whole, finding me drunk thing, I don’t normally do that. I’m really sorry, please don’t tell.” Mr. Todd smirked at her. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to. If I did, I would have to also explain that you woke up the next day half-naked, wearing nothing but my tee shirt in my bed and why I am still standing here naked except for a towel.” They both laughed at the situation. Livvy got up from the bed, suddenly very aware of the fact that her bladder might explode at any moment. The tight space caused her and Mr. Todd to have to squeeze past each other. Her body was pressed up against his hard, bare chest. They were beyond intimately close. She felt a charge between the two of sexual energy, but her bladder problem caused her to push past him into the tiny space. His plaid blue boxers lay on the floor along with his other clothes. Livvy checked herself out in the mirror, wiping her finger under both her eyes to remove the smeared eyeliner from her face, followed by running her fingers through her long dark curls. Satisfied, she emerged from the bathroom to find Mr. Todd standing in a pair of boxers with her bra and other clothes in his arms. “I was just gonna throw these in a bag for you to take home with you.” “Oh, well um thanks.” She smiled slightly at the awkward situation. Mr. Todd shifted uncomfortably and stared at the ground. “Livvy, you umm…” She looked at him confused.

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