21 Mayıs 2023

A Discovery Ch. 06


It had been the busiest, strangest, of days and despite dozing for ages at the side of the old quarry, we were both very quiet that evening, very much at peace with the world. Debbie cooked something which she gave a, to me unpronounceable, name – Vietnamese, she assured me – which tasted divine. Our vodka consumption was limited to a couple of small glasses, and our conversation was limited to an increasingly nervous swapping of personal adventure stories.

The nervous tension built as the hour ticked towards midnight until Debbie grabbed my hands and pulled me up from where I had curled on her parents’ luxurious sofa.

“I have a feeling,” she said, “that we’re both nervous about what comes next, right?”

I nodded, “All that outdoor fun was one thing, but this seems so different.”

“I agree, but I figure it comes down to answering one question.”

“Which is?”

“Dallas,” she said, slowly, “All I think we need to know is whether we want this – want to spend the night together as well as our day.”

“Days,” I said, nerves now spiralling.


“Days in the plural.”

“Oh right…” She paused for a second, “Well yes, days plural… but you’re prevaricating, aren’t you?”

“You noticed,” I somehow managed to laugh, “But yes. It’s like actually saying so seems such a big deal. Even though every inch of me wants to.”

“You’re sure about that?”

I nodded, “I’m sure it’s a big deal and… yes, I’m sure I want to be with you all night.”

Debbie sighed deeply, “Thank fuck for that. I knew I’d get you to admit it eventually.”

“Do you then?”

She pulled me into a gentle hug, “Yes. I couldn’t bear the thought of you sleeping apart from me tonight, as weird as that sounds to my own ears.” A smile developed, both relieved and teasing, “It’s not that I don’t trust you, of course…”

“You are a terror, you know?”

“I know now that you’ve told me a hundred times.”

“Will you lead me to your bed, terror?”

“Despite the fact that you know full well where it is, yes… I’d like that.”

And so she did, and I followed with my nerves calming, my sense of wonder at the newness of everything growing by the stair.

There was no desperate eagerness from either of us. Debbie took our discarded towels into her bathroom and then returned to where I waited by her bed, turning off the lights until only a bedside lamp remained glowing. We kissed then, a gentle affair, before we each removed the other’s dress to stand naked in the soft, yellow glow.

The bed was wider than a single but not by much and we slid under the single cotton sheet, already tight together, already hugging in a manner that seemed familiar in the weirdest way. We kissed again, just as softly as we had earlier, but somehow in a much more intimate way. I stroked her bare back, my mind whirling with sensations that were still so new to me and yet so welcome.

Debbie broke the kiss for a moment, “I think,” she said, “that we are going to have a lot more fun together… if you want it, that is?”

“I want,” I assured her, once again letting my mouth answer without any intervention from my still-shocked brain.

“Good. Now let my lips start exploring and try not to fall out of bed, okay?”

“Very okay.”

In the next hour – or however long we explored – I only fell out of the comfort of the mattress twice. And what did I care? Both times I was mid-climax and scarcely noticed.

It was still dark when sleep overtook us, both softly sated, our tensions dispersed, our bodies intertwined.

Sunlight woke me, I think, but that may have been my imagination since I was pretty much face down in a fluffy pillow. Whatever it was, though, and however strange and sensuously sexual the previous day had been, I was fully aware of my surroundings in seconds. I knew at once that it was Debbie’s long waves of hair tickling my bare shoulder, and I knew it was her arm draped across my lower back. I was immediately aware that my whole take on life had altered completely and totally, and I knew that something new and absolutely wonderful had settled deep within me.

For all the new and immediate certainties about my own mind and my own feelings, I felt a moment of fear that maybe Debbie didn’t feel such deep emotions. But then I let my eyes flutter open and found myself staring deeply into the wide blue yonder of her eyes, already open and alert and staring into mine. Staring with undisguised love.

I couldn’t help myself. I let out a strangled laugh and wriggled properly and fully into her arms, peppering her with kisses even as she let out her own delighted laugh. It was ‘pass the bucket’ time again, but I didn’t care.

You don’t need to know about the next hour of gentle love-making. It was nothing overly wild and sexually remarkable for you and in any case it was something so special for me and for Debbie that I really don’t want to share. Yeah, that special.

Breakfast was late and light – it turned out that we had the same sort of tastes at that time of day which amounted to coffee. But that’s not to say bursa escort that it wasn’t an unusual time insofar as we spent an hour giggling our way through potential naughty plans for the coming day. For all the love we were discovering, the idea of naughty fun was as attractive as it was intriguing.

When Debbie suggested that maybe we could also try for some revenge on my brother and his annoying friends, she really piqued my interest.

“Now that is a cool idea,” I nodded, “but how could we possibly even get anywhere close to causing them as much annoyance as they caused us? The little shits.”

“Will your brother be coming home again in the near future?”

I shrugged, “He wasn’t due home yesterday, even, but he is due at the weekend.”

“Well I reckon we can come up with something in the next couple of days if you want?”

“Reckon we’ll last that long?” I spoke without thinking, regretting it immediately in one way, suddenly desperately hopeful in another.

Debbie had been sat on one of her mother’s high kitchen stools and she slid off it then and crossed to me at the table. There was an unusual uncertainty flickering across her features despite her steady movement. She leaned down until her eyes were level with mine, “Please?”

Of all the things she could have said, that simple request almost choked me. Shock and pleasure washed through me and all I could do was pull her into an awkward embrace, nodding madly. I hadn’t been thinking forward beyond the next hour or so but now a whole new future was beginning to open up before me. I still had no real idea what it might contain other than Debbie.

Sure, it was yet another ‘pass the bucket’ moment, but hey, it was a real sweet one.

“So,” I managed at length, finally releasing Debbie from what must have been a very awkward hug, “that counts as a big ‘yes’ and I agree that we must be able to come up with some sort of revenge in a day or two. But that leaves a day or two, and I have a feeling that there’s some other sort of fun that’s beckoning.”

Debbie was grinning madly, teeth flashing and eyes gloriously damp but happy, “Fun sounds like fun. Any suggestions?”

I stood up and pulled her into a much more comfortable cuddle, “Well… not really just so long as it’s good, naughty fun and involves the both of us.”

“Dallas, I have got the strongest feeling that your suggestion really doesn’t narrow things down too much. How about we start working our way through all the silly fantasies we’ve ever had?”

I nodded, “That sounds as if it might pass a few days. Or weeks if you’re the terror I think you are.”

“Not nice,” she slapped my rump, “but possibly true.”

“You start then, but be warned: there’s absolutely no way I would allow myself to do just anything… unless you are the one suggesting it'”

“I take my rump-slap back. For now anyway.” Debbie held up a finger, “I’ve just remembered – seriously, before you say anything – I really did use to wonder whether I would ever dare crossing town in like the most silly thing ever.”

I was instantly intrigued, “Given how little we were wearing in the car yesterday, that’s got me imagining all sorts of silly things. What do you have in mind? A hat?” I knew my suggestion couldn’t really be what Debbie had in mind, but I was already wondering if it was, whether I might dare join her that way.

“No, silly – maybe one day, though – no, I was thinking of touring the town on the bus that loops round the place.”

“You don’t strike me as the bus-spotter type so I’m thinking that your focus is still on what you’d be wearing.”

Debbie nodded, “Quite right, although it’s not what I’ll be wearing, it’s what we’ll be wearing.”

My heart rate was rising. The tremulous fear was still there, but now there was an added frisson of sensual desire to share something, as yet unknown and naughty, with my new girlfriend (and that word, girlfriend, was causing its own sensual desires, “And what exactly do you have in mind?”

“How about a little tour of the town on one of the tourist buses?”

“Er, what?”

“You know,” Debbie smiled, “One of those open-top double-decker things they put on for tourists this time of year.”

I was vaguely aware of the summertime tourist attractions the local authorities rolled out when the sun was shining, but I didn’t quite see what Debbie was alluding to, “I guess I remember them from when I was a kid, but what exactly are you suggesting?”

She laughed, “I bet they’re as quiet as anything during the middle of the week, and I reckon we might enjoy sitting up above most of the shoppers and tourists. You know? More or less all alone way up there with nothing on but… ooh, I don’t know, maybe a little raincoat each?”

My heart leapt into my mouth, “You mean just a little raincoat each, don’t you?”

“I’m getting the impression we’re getting to know one another already. Would you dare do it, though?”

My mind raced, and I realised that Debbie’s idea was desperately thrilling, “I dare.”

Her big blue eyes widened and I realised bursa escort bayan that she had thought I might demur – and that she was both excited and very nervous at her own suggestion, “We’re even going to have time things really well when we go up to the top deck, you know?”

I nodded but managed a laugh born of fear and sudden desire, “I bags I follow you up!” I could already imagine the view as I followed close behind – and below – her.

“And you call me a terror!”

“I note you didn’t argue.”

“And I didn’t even tell you that if you’re the one following me then you weren’t allowed to dare raise a hand to whatever you can see…”

My imagination was now turning cartwheels, “And I didn’t say that I would obey you even if you had!”

Debbie rolled her eyes in desire – yes, that is possible I now know – and took my hand, “Leave the coffee. We have raincoats to pick out!”

Within ten minutes we were ready to leave. Debbie was wearing a lightweight jacket that stretched down to mid-thigh but was light enough to float wide around her legs and had just four buttons up its entire length, the top one just about level with her nipples. It was made of a shiny grey leather-like material festooned with pockets and had a high, wide collar. My own was a tad shorter but slightly tighter, hugging my slender figure and, Debbie assured me, a garment that she hadn’t worn for almost ten years. This one had just three buttons, the topmost one slightly lower than my bust line, the bottom not far lower than my groin, the material a pale blue that was equally as shiny as Debbie’s current garment.

We stared at our reflections in her mirrored wardrobe with a mixture of shock, desire and naughtiness. We were both perfectly respectably covered from that angle but the slightest bend or twist threatened to show off far more flesh than was deemed normal– or even polite – by most people. And on the bus, particularly the actual mounting of its stairs, we were going to be doing a lot of twisting and bending.

Debbie finally turned to me, “Sure you dare do this?”

“Chickening out?”

Her eyes flashed wide, “No way!” She stepped closer to me and bent slightly, straightening with her hands on the outside of my thighs, lifting the hem of my raincoat, “Dallas, my fallen angel, I am more than ready to view you just like this right out there in the middle of town.”

I shivered but didn’t otherwise flinch, “Then, my equally fallen angel, you had better get your car keys and get driving us to whatever awaits.”

“They’re already in my pocket. Check if you don’t believe me.”

My hands dropped eagerly to where Debbie’s raincoat sported deep pockets that hung very low and quite far forward. The keys were in her right-hand one so I plucked them free, my right hand caressing her belly through the other pocket.

“Dallas,” she breathed, heavily, “I think you’d better hand me the keys before I explode.”

I gave another probing caress before kissing her nose and slipping the keys into her hand, “No bangs until later. Let’s do it.”

The Ford-whatever had been left with the top up this time and the seats were mercifully cool despite another day of unseasonably (British weather-wise) sunlight. Which was just as well given that both mine and Debbie’s little raincoats rode up to almost our hips when we sat down.

“I really like the way you trim down there,” I told her as she fiddled with her seatbelt.

She paused and made a big show of looking down at my groin, “You trim rather beautifully yourself. Very tastefully, in fact.”

“Eyes have a good idea but tongues are the real tellers.”

“Oh you have that right, Dallas.” She paused, “Just listen to us, huh? Talking about pussy tonsure and how much we want to be licking and kissing!”

She was right – this was all so very new. But that didn’t stop me giggling and opening my legs a little wider, “And I sure never expected to be saying ‘all yours’ to another woman.”

Debbie groaned delightfully and delightedly, “That explosion I warned about just got closer still.”

“That’s something I’m really looking forward to. You sure about this little trip?”

She leaned over and kissed me, “More than ever. Shall we go?”

I looked down first at my exposed pussy and then at Debbie’s. “I can’t believe I’m daring to do this, but yeah, let’s go!”

Debbie drove as quickly and as smoothly as she had the day before, even though her face wore an almost feverish expression throughout the trip into the town. We parked in a mercifully nearly empty area not far from where the sightseeing bus started its journey and bought tickets from a convenient machine, both of us giggling like schoolgirls and constantly pulling our raincoats down as far as they would go to maintain at least a little decency and dignity before the trip started.

The bus soon appeared and pulled up at its stop, just three tourists disembarking from the vehicle.

“Ready then, Dallas?”

I eyed the double-decker with a mixture of ‘I can’t believe we’re bursa sınırsız escort going to really do this’ nervousness and ‘I want to do this with Debbie’ anticipation. “Ready as I’ll ever be.”

“This,” she said, leading me by the hand, “has got to be the craziest thing ever.”

“Craziest yet, you mean.”

Debbie stopped and faced me, her cheeks flaring as brightly as my own, “Yeah, I reckon you’re right. Dallas, you’re bringing out the naughtiest in me – and I love you almost as much for that as I do for you being you!”

We hugged then, right there on the street, and I didn’t care one little jot or iota who might see us. I think I can say pretty surely that I even wanted to be seen kissing Debbie. I know I couldn’t help myself in any case.

The last few strides to the bus were the toughest I’d ever taken up to that point, but with Debbie’s hand gripping mine in a vice-like clasp, we made it and somehow stepped through its doors while the driver was consulting his timetable – and thereby missing the fact that we both must have flashed a daring amount of flesh to mount the entryway. He didn’t even look up when he told us to put our ticket in the machine near the stairs to the top deck and to choose where we wanted to sit.

Giggling again, Debbie quickly pushed the ticket home and looked up at the steep stairway.

“Will you go first or shall I?”

“You,” I said very quietly, “and I will be right behind you!”

She rolled her eyes and bit her lower lip before taking a deep breath. “Just make sure I don’t fall!”

I let her take two steps up in front of me then followed, my eyes locked on the firm mounds of her fully exposed butt and the dark, clearly wet, pussy that lay between them. I just couldn’t help myself but lift my hands to those cheeks and took their weight, “I’ve got you,” I managed, as we slowly mounted the remaining steps, oblivious to anyone who might have got on behind me.

“You sure have,” she said. Then whispered, “You sure have got me so wet.”

As she stepped onto the upper deck I just couldn’t help but let one hand ease between her thighs, “You really are,” I managed, my own juices starting to flow as my fingers found her heat, “and I love it.”

Wary of a driver’s mirror I let my hands drop as I joined Debbie on the top level, “Where do we sit?”

She surveyed the layout then nodded to the seats on our left as we faced front, “If we go to the back on that side he’ll never see us properly. Not that I really give a flying fuck just now. Plus we can monitor the stairs in case anyone else gets on.”

“I know just how you feel,” I said, “And I’m not just talking about your gorgeous pussy!”

There were more giggles from both of us as we scurried to the back of the bus and pretty much fell into the seats.

Debbie’s hands were at my thighs immediately and her fingers found my wetness at once, “I have a feeling,” she said, “that this is going to be the wildest tourist trip ever.”

“And the wettest.”

She slipped lower in her seat, “If no one else gets on and comes up here I’m going to undo your buttons!”

My eyes widened, “This thing probably goes past lots of tall office buildings!”

“So? I don’t care who catches a brief glimpse of the most beautiful girl I’ve ever known.”

I was close to out-of-control with lust by then. Okay, beyond it. “One condition.”

“Anything at all.”

“No coat for you!”

It was Debbie’s eyes that widened then, “You mean get naked?”

“I do,” I managed.

“That’s way wilder and naughtier than I had in mind,” she paused, “but if that’s what it takes, then yeah.”

We were almost nose-to-nose by then and the kiss that followed was hungry, acknowledging that we belonged to each other, wanted and needed each other. I broke it after a few seconds to ask when the trip was due to start.

“Any second,” Debbie panted just as the vehicle’s engine rumbled into life.

We stared at each other, open-mouthed, our eyes then darting to the empty stairs.

“Get it off,” I giggled as the bus started to inch forward.

Debbie’s fingers were a shivering blur as first she shrugged out of her coat and then unbuttoned mine, spreading it wide, exposing so much flesh to the dazzling sun. Her head dropped to my left breast before I could even react, and her mouth found my erect nipple in an instant. I reached under her and cupped her naked breasts, her own nipples rigid against my palms. One of her hands slid up my thighs and my legs scissored open, welcoming her fingers as they penetrated me, my hips bucking already.

Her mouth left my nipple and her head moved rapidly lower, her lips trailing kisses down my heaving belly. This was beyond wild but I was beyond caring. I spread as wide as I could as the tip of her tongue pressed hard against my already firm and sensitive clit. My hands were now tangled in the long waves of her hair and I lifted my butt from the seat as her own hands slid underneath it, squeezing hard as her mouth nipped and licked at my wetness.

From the corners of my uncaring eyes I could see the glass and concrete of the first office buildings and I just held Debbie tighter to my sizzling pussy. She glanced up once herself, pausing only to tell me that she loved me before plunging her tongue deep into my inner folds, her nose now rubbing at my hard clit, one hand sliding from under me to search out and pull on a rigid nipple.

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