5 Ağustos 2022

A Fantasy , Part 1


Once on a dark night in a small town outside of huge city called Hdain in Europe was a van of four guys. The strange thing about these four guys was each was wearing all black and had mask that resembled presidents of the united states on. Well now that you have the picture of what they look like let me give you a small bit of information about each of them. Their were two in the back of the van named Vinny and Sam both were related and had been convicted of several crimes including rape. The one in the passenger seat was named Jim and he wasnt a very huge man he was somewhat skiny around 150 pounds, and had never commited a crime in his life. Now the driver was a huge man of stature, for one he had both arms covered in tatoo’s and he had long stright black hair, down to his nipples. He had two guns on each rib cage held by a holster and he was dressed in all black as well. His name was Jack. Where they were heading was a mystery to all of them but Jack, he knew exactly where he was heading.

They were heading to the town of Keira, a small suburb town that consisted of mainly farmers. On the way to the small town he made a plan of which was told to each of his comrades, it was to capture a young woman of 18 , named Alexandra Cifer. She was the daughter of the richest family of Keira, and she looked outstanding, she could stop any man or woman in their tracks just by her beauty. She stood 5’8 , 110 pounds with a breat size of 34B, she had stright black hair, and prefect tan that any woman would die for. Most importantly she was rich, and this interested Jack, and the one thing Jack loved more then sex was money, and Alex interested him in both subjects.

In the van, the men started to talk to pass time, “Where the fuck are we going Jack?” asked Sam, “To the town of Keira, were almost there so shut the hell up”. With coming with Jack everyone of the men in the van knew they were in for a treat, for Jack had never let them down. Approaching the farm of the Cifers, london escort agency Jack gave the signal to gear up, as each of the men were given a 9mm pistol, a taser gun, and Navy Seal knife. For thats all they would need.

When the van was parked the men started to unload into the darkness of the woods, the farm was only 50 clicks away and each of them knew what was going to happen. Jack was the first of the four to head into the farm, he knew this place like the back of his hand. Knowing there was no real threats, except for the guard dog and the twelve gauge shotgun the old man kept in his rifle kit, he walked onto the farm. Jack took out his tranquilizer gun and shot the dog twice in the neck. Now he knew everyone was sleeping since it was nearing three in the mourning, all he had to do was walk in and grab Alex and get out. But then why would he bring three other guys with him.

When he got up to the door he picked the lock in seconds, apparently he had down some work with locks before. Once he was in he noticed the radio was on, he knew something was wrong so he pulled out his 9mm and put the silencer on. Walking up the where the sound was coming from with almost no sound what so ever coming from his boots, he saw a small figure of at least four feet. A small boy, the youngest of the family was up eating cookies next to the radio. This wasn’t to odd, but Jack had no intentions of killing a small boy, none at all. So jack grab his tranquilizer gun once again and loaded it, with one perfect shot to the neck, just like the dog, the small boy was knocked out, falling out of chair onto the floor.

Jack knew the boy wouldn’t wake up for quite sometime, so he heading upstairs to where the mission objective was sleeping. He saw the parents sleeping in the bed together, and he quickly shot both of them with the tranquilizer gun so they would not interupt him. Now it was him and his objective in the house. Walking up to her room he noticed the escort london door was not fully shut, but cracked. He heard crying, now he had to wonder. Why was this girl up, and why was she crying. But Jack didn’t care he was a trained professional he could not let emotion get in his way.

So Jack barged in the room, shocking the girl, he grabbed her mouth so she could not scream. Though either way it wouldn’t of mattered, both her parents were sadated, so was her little brother, and the guard dog. Now Jack opened his mouth, “Well, well your even prettier then I imagined”. With those words being said Jack quickly ripped off Alex’s nighty, so only her plump breat, with her bra and panties were showing. He quickly yanked her bra off, not taking it off but grabbing the back and ripping it from the front, then he took his knife out cutting off her panties.

“Well now, I heard you were a virgin Alex, lets see if its true”. Throwing her on her stomach on the bed he took out some zip ties and tied her wrist behind her back, and her ankles. He also took her panties and stuffed them in her mouth.”Spit the panties out and it’ll only get worse”, he told her. As her nice teenage ass was laying infront of him he took his pants off, and grabbed his hard cock.” You’ll enjoy this baby, believe me”.

Jack took his 10 inch cock and stuck it into Alex’s crimson pink pussy. It wasn’t wet either, so when Jack stook his cock in her it was rough, not smooth. Quickly Alex’s pussy was bleeding on her sheets, and she was moaning not with pleasure but pain. Alex knew she couldn’t do anything and the sight of her parents through the hallway, with the moon’s light on their faces told her they were drugged some how, so she didn’t try and spit the panties out and took it. After Jack had fucked her virgin cunt for atleast ten minutes he took out his blood covered cock and rammed it in her ass.

Jack did not have to wait and push it in, but he took advantage of the time london escorts and rammed all ten inches of his cock stright into her ass. The blood on his cock made getting into her tight ass all the eaiser. The tears that were gushing out of Alex’s eyes could of filled up the Nile river, for she was balling her eyes out and now she spit the panties out and screamed out as loud as she could. For the pain was now unbearable, she had never had anything in her ass before, and now she was have a ten inch cock shoved into her, she couldn’t take it and after she spit out the panties she started shouting “Please stop I’ll do anything”, “What do you want?”, “Stop”. Anything she could think of at the time.

After Jack had fucked her ass to his pleasure he took out a metal object from his left calf pocket. The object was some kinda of oblong shape that Alex could not make out. Jack shoved it in her mouth, cutting her lips alittle bit,making them bleed. He then used his fingers to open the contraption to the right size to fit his cock. This object was to hold Alex’s mouth open, so she wouldnt bite down on Jack’s cock. Jack took his cock and pushed it to the back of Alex’s thoart making her gag several times until saying “Baby, im going to cum into your thoart, and when im done, im taking you to be fucked by several other men. Not only that, but you will be made into my slave, so I can fuck you any time I desire, so just imagine that while I fuck your thoart”. Jack now started to fuck her thoart like never before.

Now Jack was now about to climax into Alex’s thoart, but before he did he took her thoart and looked her stright in her eyes and said, “Welcome to Hell bitch”. Jack now let go of her thoart and had to have cummed into her thoart so many times that it made Alex pass out for she couldn’t get enough oxygen for her body. With all of his cum inside of Alex’s body, Jack put his cock back in his pants, took his object out of her mouth and put it back from the pocket it came. Now Jack took the sheet in the corner that was folded and covered the naked teenage girl up. He now slingged her body over his shoulder and headed towards the van.

To be continued….

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