15 Mayıs 2023

A Father’s Foot Fetish Exposed Ch.3


Alan sat on the couch, lapping away at his daughter’s panties while his cock shrank. He was suddenly jolted out of his depraved fixation when he felt a cold wetness on his thigh. He looked down to see his dick lurched over, the cum-filled sock that adorned it resting on his thigh. He didn’t want to keep Angela waiting so he figured he’d better clean up.Alan sprang to his feet and wiped his dick clean with her sock. He collected the discarded clothes and brought them all to the laundry, dropping them in a basket. Except Angela’s panties. Alan held onto those and brought them back to his room. He tossed them onto his bed and dressed himself for dinner in jeans and a polo shirt. He took a deep breath as the reality of his new life set in, and headed back to the living room.There he found Angela, sitting on the couch with her legs crossed and feet resting on the table. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail with some loose playful bangs. She was wearing a white tank top with a red bra clearly visible through it. A short black flouncy skirt. And sheer black pantyhose that hugged her athletic legs down to a pair of old, purple, beat-up chucks.Alan’s heart skipped a beat when he saw her. It wasn’t as if it was anything out of the ordinary from how she usually dressed, but after their experience earlier it floored him to see her body like that. He felt like a horny teenager again, lusting after a crush.”Ready to go, hun?” Alan asked as he approached the couch and leaned over.”Yeah, let’s go,” Angela replied as she eagerly jumped to her feet.”So where are we going anyway?” Alan asked as they exited the house.”Let’s go to Angelo’s, I’m in the mood for Italian,” she answered as they got to the driveway and took off in the car.The car ride to the restaurant was nothing out of the ordinary. It was like they were a regular father and daughter again, talking about school and Angela’s future plans. Alan didn’t know how to broach the topic of the sexual deviancy, so he didn’t. He just kept eyeing her legs as she lifted her feet up and rested them on the dashboard. He could barely keep his eyes on the road, relishing the sight of her strong legs all the way up to her hip as her skirt had fallen back.”Don’t crash the car, dad,” Angela said, snapping his eyes back to the road, “I’m not going anywhere.””Heh…” Derek chuckled, excited about her reassurance of their relationship.The two arrived at the restaurant and grabbed a table for 2 by a wall. Angelo’s was a modern Italian place with fancy glasses and tablecloths. Angela never really showed an interest in it so it was a strange choice for her that left Alan thinking. There were only two other couples in the restaurant at the time.When the waiter had taken their drink orders and left, Angela spoke up, “You know why I chose this place?””No, I was actually wondering. I thought you didn’t like it.””I’m not a fan, really. But this place does have one thing no other place has,” she said with a grin as Alan felt pressure against both his knees, “Tablecloths.”Alan looked at how she was slouched in her seat and realized what he was Ankara escort feeling. She was resting the treads of her shoes on his knees. He started growing in his pants immediately.”Ange, w-what are you doing? Alan spoke in a whisper.”Just having a little fun, dad. Isn’t this what you wanted in the car?””Yeah but… We’re in public. This is dangerous for… many different reasons.””Aw, dad, don’t be such a prude. No one’s gonna know. The tablecloths cover everything.”There were tablecloths, but they didn’t go all the way down to the floor. There was about a 1-foot gap where anyone could clearly see if they looked, that Angela’s feet were missing.”It’s too risky.””You’re saying you don’t want it?” Angela asked as she leaned in to whisper in a low tone. “This silky smooth pantyhose covering my little feet, wrapped in these old dirty shoes. You don’t want to rub your cock all over them and cover them with your warm, sticky cum?”Alan’s cock throbbed. How could he say no? Angela sat back and moved one foot to his crotch and pressed against it.”If you don’t, that’s fine,” she continued, going back to her normal voice. “But if you do,” once again low and sexy, “then take my shoes off for me so I can get to work.”Alan was under her spell. He had no idea his daughter knew how to act like this. She wasn’t like his wife, who just let him do whatever he wanted with her feet. She was manipulative, dominant, she was in control. Alan had no choice but to go along. He reached his hands under the tablecloth and ran his hands over the worn canvas and up to her smooth ankle. He grabbed the laces, undid the bow and loosened them from the eyelets. He pulled it off her and rested the shoe on his lap. She moved her foot back to his knee and gave him the other one which he did the same with.Alan looked around before tossing her shoes to the floor below Angela. She giggled at her father’s attempt at stealth and used her feet to make her shoes stand upright before resting them on Alan’s knees again. With a quick glance, you might not notice, but spend more than a second looking and you’d see there’s no legs attached to those shoes under the table.Angela brought her feet to her father’s crotch and he began massaging them. The little minx was just glaring at him, watching his reactions as he fondled her toes. Even when the waiter reappeared to take their orders, it didn’t break her focus.”I’ll have the spaghetti with a side salad,” she said calmly, not breaking eye contact with Alan.Alan, on the other hand, stumbled over his words when asked for his order, as he hadn’t even looked at the menu since sitting down. He mumbled some gibberish before stammering out, “I-I’ll have the special!””O…k,”  the waiter said awkwardly before departing.Angela held her hand to her mouth as she laughed at him, “Wow dad, you’ve gotta relax. If we’re gonna get caught, it’ll be because of you, not me.”The two spoke in hushed tones.”Sorry, hun, but this is crazy. Do you understand what could happen if we got caught?””Relax… Even if we did, no one knows we’re father and daughter Ankara escort bayan so it wouldn’t be that bad. I’m just your hot, young girlfriend.”Alan had never done anything this risky before. He and his wife would get kinky, but the most adventurous place they’d ever had sex in was in a car. He was in scary new territory.”Why don’t you stop worrying and take it out already?” Angela coaxed him as she pushed her foot against his crotch, feeling how hard he already was.Alan was nervous, but his little girl’s foot pressing into his erection drove him wild. He wanted those feet on his dick. He slouched down in his chair and pulled the tablecloth to cover more of his lower half. He looked around before reaching his hands under and unzipping his pants. He was thankful he hadn’t worn a belt as he reached inside the slit of his underwear and pulled his dick through. His cheeks turned rosy as he exposed himself in the middle of the restaurant, he folded his arms on the table unsure of what to do next.He didn’t need to take any action evidently as he felt Angela’s feet glide against his inner thighs and come to rest on either side of his dick. She brought her feet together and let out a playful little gasp as she made contact with his shaft, “Ooh, what’s this?” She smiled widely.Angela began gently stroking his shaft up and down with her feet, slouching even more in her chair for leverage. She was smiling, but at the same time had a sort of pained look in her eyes. Alan’s fatherly instincts pulled him out of his pleasure.”You ok, Ange?””What? Yeah, I’m f-fine.””Your legs must be pretty sore after the game today, and our ‘activities’ earlier,” Alan said with a concerned tone as he grabbed her feet and held them still. “I don’t want you to hurt yourself.”Angela pouted and spoke under her breath, “But, daddy… I want to make you cum here.”The words sent shivers up Alan’s spine. He would never tire of hearing his daughter talk about him so erotically. He wanted her to, and he couldn’t disappoint her. He held her feet tight and squeezed them against his shaft. In his best attempt at sounding sexy, he whispered in a low tone, “Let daddy help you then,” as he began to move her feet with his arms.Angela’s face lit up like a candle.”Oh my god, dad, that was so hot.”One of her arms disappeared under the table. Alan could only imagine what she was doing with it as he fucked the silky sides of her arches. He felt so filthy, so utterly depraved, and so incredibly turned on as he fucked his daughter’s feet right there in the restaurant. He picked up speed a bit. Being careful not to shake the table. Angela bit her bottom lip and glared at him; the pair’s eyes locked onto each other in taboo harmony.Alan’s stroking slowed to a halt as the waiter approached. Angela shot him a sad look and wiggled her toes, begging him to continue. Alan sighed and clenched his teeth. Not wanting to disappoint her, he pushed his fear aside and gave in to depravity, slowly restarting his motions. Angela’s frown quickly shifted to a brilliant, giddy smile.”Spaghetti Escort Ankara and a side salad,” the waiter announced.”Thank you,” Angela said with a cheery smile. “And today’s special, Linguine Alfredo with the house meatballs.””Thanks….” Alan said quickly as he continued his secret fucking.”Can I get you two anything else?””Nope… Thanks…””Ok, enjoy your meal,” the waiter said as he departed.”You’re getting better, daddy,” Angela said as she leaned into him.Alan picked up his speed and let out a quiet grunt as he used her. The whole erotic situation was driving him close to orgasm very quickly.”Ange… I’m getting there,” Alan huffed, “Where can I…” His voice trailed off.”Just blow,” Angela smirked, “I just want you to explode, and wherever it goes, it goes.”Alan couldn’t believe how he raised such a slutty girl.”What? I can’t do that?””Really? Well then maybe I want my feet back…” Angela threatened as she lightly pulled away from him.Alan gripped her feet tighter, “Ok ok, fine. I’ll just let it go.”Angela chuckled snidely, “Good boy.”Alan was nearly there. He turned her feet to the sides and fucked her soft soles as he felt the pressure inside him building. He was just about to go over the edge.”Alan? Angie? Oh my god!”Alan was rudely awakened to his surroundings as a familiar voice rang in his ear. He stopped his fucking and quickly brought his hands above the table as he and Angela were approached.”It is you guys? Wow, what a coincidence!”Alan’s stomach sank as he looked up to see his sister and her boyfriend hovering over their table.”Aunt Rachel, hi!” Angela said with glee as she pushed her feet against Alan’s stomach, egging him on.”Oh, Angie, you look great. It’s been a while!” Rachel exclaimed, “This is my boyfriend Robert. Robert, this is my niece Angela and my brother, Alan.”Hi, nice to meet both of you,” Robert said with a soft wave. “Hi there. Good to see you, Rachel,” Alan replied courteously, trying to keep his composure as Angela took over stroking his cock with her feet. He couldn’t believe she had any strength left in her legs.”Care to join us?” Angela offered, smirking at her father. Alan shot her a dirty look as he clutched his fork and knife, quickly losing his cool while his daughter pleasured him inches away from his sister.”Oh we’d love to, but today is sort of a special day. It’s our six-month anniversary,” the couple replied.”Oh, that’s great, congrats!” Angela exclaimed, somehow keeping composed as her feet furiously stroked Alan under the table.Alan could feel his orgasm coming. He shook his head ‘no’ at his daughter, but Angela just winked at him.”You feeling ok, Alan?” Rachel asked as she bent over him.Alan was trying hard to not show any emotion, but the pleasure he was receiving was thrashing at his stone-faced facade.”Yeah…  Just a cramp…” he grunted as he grabbed his side and squeezed.Rachel put her arm around Alan’s shoulder and pressed herself against him.”Ahh it’s probably from stress, my little brother is always worked up about something,” she said, pulling him tight. Rachel was a busty girl, and at Alan’s sitting height his head was pressed right up against her breasts. He could feel her bra through the thin fabric of her shirt.Angela was loving this. She had a smile plastered on her face and her body was clearly shaking now as she used every bit of strength she had left to stroke her father’s cock.

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