26 Mart 2022

A Game Of Truth Or Dare…


A Game Of Truth Or Dare…(Not originally by me, just liked it enough to re-post. Don’t hate me for that.)Having just returned from another star-studded event in Beverly Hills, the women of the “Victorious” cast arrived back to Victoria Justice’s quaint two bedroom apartment in downtown Los Angeles. There they stumbled inside and collapsed to the sofa, and helped themselves to more alcohol before Elizabeth “Liz” Gillies suddenly produced a hefty joint.”Whoa! Where did you get that?” Ariana Grande inquired.”One of the guys at the party just gave it to me.””Really?” she enquired.”Yeah, I offered to give him a hand job for it but he ended up leaving the party early.””Bummer, huh?” Daniella Monet remarked sarcastically.As Elizabeth went on to explain just how she had managed to score the impressive blunt, the girls all stared at her still unsure if she was in fact being serious or not. Fact was, with her track record of late anything was indeed possible.”I wouldn’t smoke that if I were you.” Victoria suddenly claimed as she sauntered into the room with another drink in hand for each of them. “Who knows what’s in that.””Relax Vee,” Liz quipped. “That’s why I waited for us to be alone.””Light it up!” Ariana stated enthusiastically. “I wanna try it!””Me too!” Daniella admitted, if only to spite Victoria who now stood there with her hands on her hips and mouth agape, the drinks placed on the nearby table.The girls then got onto the topic of d**gs and alcohol and it seemed that while most of them had not yet indulged in pot, everyone but for Victoria was very much curious and interested in trying the d**g and seeing for themselves what all the fuss surrounding it was about.”Err, I don’t know?” Victoria whined. “I don’t think we should.””Oh come on Vee,” Ariana pleaded. “It’s just us girls here tonight. Besides, aren’t you even a little curious?””Yeah,” Daniella added. “I heard sometimes it can make you really horny?”Despite her concerns, Victoria permitted her friends to indulge in the mystery spliff and they soon proceeded to pass it between them. And several minutes later, the large doobie was handed to Victoria, who simply glared at it and then looked back at her friends, all of them grinning expectantly.”Go on, do it!” Liz dared her as she held the spliff. “Come on VJ, we all know you want to!””I know I’m going to regret this,” she snickered. “But what the heck.”With that said the “Victorious” star sucked in the tainted air and enjoyed several long tokes before she finally handed it back to Elizabeth, who immediately giggled as she realized just how stoned Victoria was quickly becoming, her eyes somewhat bloodshot and her demeanour tranquil and sedated.”Wow! That was fast,” Liz giggled, herself already well lit. “You look so stoned right now, Vee.”It was then as the ladies sat there enjoying their high that Daniella insisted they play a game of “Truth or Dare,” with the emphasis on the “Truth” and telling each other secrets they did not know about one another. Before they knew it, they were moving furniture out of the way and found themselves sat in a circle on the floor.”OK, so who wants to go first?”Seeing as she was the one to come up with the idea, Daniella was chosen to answer first and she quickly chose “TRUTH” before she was asked about the kinkiest and/or most risqué place she had ever had sex. The sexy actress thought for a moment before she finally admitted to giving some guy she just met a blowjob while attending the Emmy Awards earlier that year.”What?! When?” Ariana gasped. “I was with you the entire night!”Daniella told her about the boy she was referring to and the few minutes they had spent together. They had apparently ditched the ceremony and wandered around the backstage area, and finding an empty dressing room to make out in, she soon found herself on her knees sucking his dick. To the ladies amusement Daniella then went on to add how he was apparently a big fan of the show.”Well, I bet he is now!” Elizabeth laughed loudly, making the others break into hysterics.With the game now well and truly underway, Victoria was quickly put on the spot and asked the same question “Truth or Dare” but to everyone’s surprise the striking teen-queen eagerly answered, “DARE!”Feeling bold, Daniella then proposed a ridiculous task and insisted that Victoria strip down to her birthday suit and stand outside on her tiny terrace for a full minute. Naturally, no-one in the group believed for a single moment that the well-known and respected Victoria Justice would agree to such a bold challenge, but fortunately for them the speed laced marijuana they had been smoking really seemed to strip her of her inhibitions and common sense, and the preppy brunette suddenly rose to her feet and happily agreed to the task in hand.The “Victorious” cast all glared at each other dumbfounded as they then watched their striking friend keenly strip and flaunt her flawless body, all of them taken aback as they quickly discovered first hand that their sexy co-star was in fact totally bare and hairless between her legs.”Who would have thought,” Elizabeth smirked to herself, “Victoria Justice actually had a hairless pussy?”Hearing her comment, Ariana flashed her a sly look.”What I mean is,” Liz tried to explain. “I thought I was the only one in the group who did that?”Clutching herself between the legs, and covering her nipples from view of the others, Victoria then dashed through the small living space and tentatively stepped out onto the cold dark balcony. Naked as the days she was born. Her friends giggled and huddled around the door and kept one eye on the clock.Sixty seconds later, the gang opened the door and allowed the Puerto Rican beauty back into her quaint abode where there in her current state she suddenly didn’t seem too overly concerned about her nudity, and apparently didn’t have the energy to put all her clothes back on. Instead she reached over to the sofa and snatched a blanket for herself, but despite covering her shoulders she was still fairly exposed to her flustered friends.Over the next few rounds the girls were slowly asked to take off their clothes, with Liz ultimately left to sit in the same state as Victoria, both of them buck-naked while Ariana and Daniella were relegated to their bras and panties. It was around this time that Elizabeth chose “TRUTH” and happily admitted to a very hot encounter she had experienced while in New York City a few weeks earlier.There she had apparently snuck into a club with a friend, and while hooking up with several guys on the dance floor, went back to a hotel and had a three-way while her friend was on the adjoining bed enjoying two other men and the sister of one of the men she was with. Moreover, her friends were then doubly shocked as Elizabeth went on to admit how she had actually been double penetrated by two of the boys in that hotel room that night.”What?!” Ariana exclaimed once again, making her friends giggle at her constantly shocked reactions.”Sure,” Liz said before helping herself to another swig from her bottle, and not mentioning the fact that she had sex with the two women in that room also. “It’s actually not as bad as you think.””Didn’t it hurt?””Hell yes!” Elizabeth balgat escort admitted. “But it also felt so fucking good too! I’d definitely do it again if I had the chance!””OMG!” Ariana finally snickered, before giving her friend a high five. “You little slut!”To everyone’s amusement, Victoria more than anyone else seemed particularly intrigued by this seedy ‘encounter’ and wanted to know every sordid detail, especially about the double penetration and her experiences with anal.As Liz was telling her story she had to remind herself not to reveal that she had not only had experience with women and liked it but she wanted to experience it again.”So does it hurt a lot?” Justice inquired. “You know… in your butt?””At first it does.” Liz confessed. “But you get used to it.”Pausing for a moment, Liz then grinned, “Why? Have you thought about it Vee?”Victoria suddenly seemed to go all quiet before Ariana jumped in and confessed how she had always fantasized about having anal sex with a complete stranger. Fortunately for her the tactic worked and it was during this conversation that Victoria readily admitted how the only thing she had ever had up her butt was her finger.”So you have tried it?” Liz smiled slyly.”Not really,” Justice answered in all honestly. “But I have thought about it in the past, and I do sometimes play with my butt when I masturbate.” It was only a moment later that Victoria realized what she was saying, and feeling ashamed she quickly corrected herself. “What I mean to say is, doesn’t everyone?” she tried to justify her actions. “Don’t you guys?”While Daniella immediately shook her head both Liz and Ariana keenly agreed.”Hell, I do it nearly every time!” Grande added.Moving on with the game, the next one off the rank was Daniella Monet who, after several moments of deliberation, finally decided to go with “DARE” and was soon made to expose her breasts to her friends She was also instructed to make out with Ariana, with full tongue, for an entire two minutes. Without hesitating the girls proceeded to make out as Elizabeth looked on and directed them, telling Ariana to suck Daniella’s tongue into her mouth and visa-versa. It was during this time that they also instructed the girls to reach up and fondle each other’s breasts, noting how incredibly aroused they both appeared to be. As they did this Daniella twisted and tweaked Ariana’s erect nipples, making her coo and moan into her mouth. This display apparently got the girls a little hot and bothered, with Victoria looking over at Liz and catching her stroke herself between her legs briefly.Continuing the game, Ariana then selected “DARE” as well, and Daniella immediately insisted that she take off her bra and sit topless as she masturbate to completion in front of everyone.Not one to turn down a dare, Ariana happily laid back in her sheer white panties and proceeded to rub her young sex as the others noted the way the thin material erotically clung to her soft, hairless mound and accentuated her pretty little lips. The girls then suggested that Daniella reach over and give Ariana a little hand, playfully teasing her nipples as Grande lovingly petted her pussy over her see-thru panties, her legs trembling and falling open. Watching her play the ladies then instructed Ariana to stop stalling and slide her hand inside her intricate underwear and plunge two fingers into her wanton cunt, which she did. They also told her that she was not allowed to shut her eyes as she played with herself, and she now lay there with her legs open, rubbing her still young cunt and moaning as she stared at her devious friends.Her co-stars all remarked on how incredibly hard her nipples appeared to be, and were taken aback as Daniella suddenly leaned over to suck one of those hard nubs into her mouth.”Oh.” Ariana gave out to the unexpected action, her head lolling back as she felt her friends wet tongue swirl around her sensitive areolas.The display was so hot that the others squirmed uncomfortably, and Elizabeth now had her hand buried between her legs and was fiddling with bare sex as she watched the sexy and spontaneous action.”That’s so fucking hot!” Liz gasped. “What do her nipples taste like Dee? I bet that’s making her real wet right now, too.”Daniella simply responded by locking her lips firmly around her friend’s succulent breast, and while manipulating the other boob with her fingers, she sucked and slurped loudly causing the sexy woman with her to climax abruptly.”Oh fuck! UGH!” Ariana shrieked, her entire body bracing for release. “Oh fuck Dee! You’re gonna make me cum! You’re gonna make me cuuuuum!”With that said, her eyes rolled into the back of her head and her young body buckled under the pressure.As Grande then attempted to catch her breath, once again the ladies went around the room and Victoria selected “DARE” like before. This time she was told to allow Elizabeth and Daniella to suck each one of her nipples at the exact same time for a full two minutes. To their surprise Victoria was unfazed by the suggestion and was more than happy to present her friends with her exquisite chest, blushing and whimpering softly to herself as they both proceeded to first lick and then gently suck her incredible nipples.“Mmm… there you go.” Ariana purred, as she watched her friends m***** the stunner and one of her best friends.Then Victoria gently placed her hands on their heads and lolled her head back with glee as Liz in particular took pride in her work and now suckled and teased and gently bit her right nipple with her teeth, tugging at it and causing her to squirm and moan out loud.”Oh! Oh wow,” Justice suddenly exclaimed. “Don’t do that, Liz. Not unless you want me to fuck you tonight?””You really like that, huh?” Liz snickered before she pushed Daniella’s mouth away from her other teat and gave Victoria’s other pristine breast the same treatment.The actress’ nipples were now the size of two thick pencil erasers as Liz helped herself and casually had her way with her good friend.”Oh! OMG! Fuck Liz,” Victoria whimpered repeatedly. “If I had known how good you were at that, I would’ve allowed you to do it to me sooner!””Wow!” Daniella remarked, as she watched her on-screen sister literally melt in Gillies skilful embrace.”Look how hard her nipples are right now!” Monet announced, herself becoming increasingly aroused by the sexy display.Meanwhile it was around this time that Victoria glanced over at Ariana to see her sitting there casually playing with herself to the show, her eyes glazed over while her hand absentmindedly rubbed her gleaming twat.”Ariana? Ariana?!” Victoria snapped, trying to get her attention. “Are you comfortable there?””Huh? Oh sorry!” she giggles nervously before she took her hand away from her sex and instinctively licked her fingers.This action seemed to rile Victoria up like nothing else, and without warning she took Liz’s face in her hands and kissed her gently on the lips, surprising all her friends, and thanking her for the added effort. But Elizabeth decided to have a little fun of her own, and, without warning, she trailed her kisses down Victoria’s body, across her chest and over her firm belly. Instructing batıkent escort her to lie back before her as she did so. Victoria shrieked with surprised to this bold action as everyone else cheered them on. The “Victorious” star clearly tensed up her body and giggled nervously as her friend daringly dipped her face even lower still, now trailing her tongue over her belly and across her slender hips.”Just wait,” Victoria winked at the others. “Let’s see how far Liz is willing to go? I’m willing to bet she’ll stop at any moment.”To her surprise Elizabeth did not stop kissing and licking her way down her friend’s incredible figure and at the very last moment Vic was forced to concede and back away.”Okay, okay! I surrender!””Ha! I knew it!” Elizabeth exclaimed. “I knew I could make you flinch eventually.”The others now looked at each other knowingly as they could clearly see that Justice was noticeably wet, her hairless mons now gleaming with arousal as she and Elizabeth exchanged playful barbs towards each other’s naked bodies.It was now Liz’s turn to make a choice in the game and the sexy young harlot immediately answered with “DARE” while smiling widely at her sexy co-stars. For her troubles, Elizabeth was instructed by Victoria to give Ariana the same kind of treatment she had just given her, but also to get Grande off with her fingers.”Really?” Liz scoffed. “Is that all?” she then turned to Ariana. “Do you care if I do it?” Liz checked with her BFF, to which Ariana simply shrugged and giggled excitedly at the exciting prospect.Taking a long swig from her drink, the youngest member of the cast then moved to sit directly in front of Ariana. There the redheaded vixen was instructed to finally take off her sheer panties. As she did she threw them in the direction of Victoria who quickly collected them from the floor and, without thinking, instinctively brought them up to her face to inhale her scent.”Wait, what the hell?” Ariana smiled at the lewd action. “Did you just sniff my panties?”Finally coming to her senses Victoria simply blushed brightly and apologized for her lewd behaviour claiming that it was just an instinctual reaction. Pausing for a moment, the ladies then looked at each other before Elizabeth casually dipped her hand between her friends parted knees and proceeded to twiddle Ariana’s sensitive clit with her fingers.”Is this OK?””Sure, I guess,” Ariana beamed as she leaned back on her elbows and let her friend freely fondle her in front of her other good friends.”Hmm you’re pretty wet already, huh?” Liz grinned, as it was Ariana’s turn to blush with shame.It was as she was saying this Daniella turned to Victoria and handed over her own panties. With a shared look between them Victoria raised Dani’s panties up to her nose and sniffed in the scent of her pussy. When she had done this Daniella lifted Victoria’s panties and sniffed them for herself.”I bet you got turned on a little when you saw me kissing my way down Vee’s body, huh?” Liz teased Ariana, knowing full well what her friend was like and knowing that she was right.Neither of them knew what Victoria and Daniella was getting up to.After sniffing each other’s panties they leant over and retrieved Ariana’s and Liz’s panties. Victoria inhaled Ariana’s scent once again as Daniella took in the sweet smell of Liz’s sex. After that they exchanged panties and Daniela got a good whiff of what Ariana smelled like as Victoria inhaled Liz’s heavenly odour. All the while they looked into each other’s eyes, never once taking their gazes from the woman opposite them.Victoria quickly encouraged Ariana to return the favour and the pocket-sized cutie finally reached down between her friend’s legs and proceeded to caress Liz’s sex at the same time, just as she was doing to her. Both girls now giggled briefly at the bizarre situation they suddenly found themselves in, and they shut their eyes and attempted to get through the dare while trying to get the other one off first. Meanwhile Daniella and Victoria started making out with each other with a passion normally reserved for loving couples.It was a several moments later that Victoria suddenly chimed in yet again, and now insisted that they make it even more interesting and share a kiss.”You have kissed each other on the lips before, right?” Victoria assumed, seeing as they were the closest friends on set.”Um, actually… no, we haven’t.” Liz admitted.”Well, tonight is your chance at it,” Justice claimed. “Tonight you finally get to show each other how much you care for one another.”To the others amusement, the ladies kept their eyes shut as they leaned forward and pressed their lips together and shared a peck, but this quickly turned passionate and they now proceeded to make out in earnest, their fingers delving deeper inside each other’s cunts as they’re tongues wrestled wildly, urgently. It was without a doubt one of the sexiest things both Victoria and Daniella had ever seen, as their mutual lust for each other finally bubbled to the surface and now threatened to overwhelm them both.It was during this scene that Victoria then encouraged them to sit a little closer to each other, and they happily obliged and scooted their butts nearer to one another, each of them placing a leg over and under the others limps. They then made out fervently with one another yet again as they eagerly probed and explored each other with their fingers, while the other girls openly discussed who they thought would come first.”I think that it will definitely be Ariana?” Daniella claimed. “She’s just so horny tonight, and she surely can’t hold off for much long?””Are you sure?” Victoria quizzed. “My money is on Liz. That bitch gets off on stuff like this more than you know.”To everyone’s delight it didn’t take long for Liz and Ariana to make each other cum, and they both moaned into each other’s mouths as they climaxed together. The girls were now all openly touching themselves and didn’t even bother to ask if they wanted to answer “Truth or Dare” anymore. Instead they just dropped any pretence and now flat out dared each other to do stuff. As liberating as this was, they were all still taken aback when they suddenly heard Victoria Justice suggest that the girls all masturbate together to see who could hold out the longest.Naturally they all giggled at the mere suggestion of this, but realizing that Victoria was indeed serious they all went along with this suggestion, and they simply sat in a circle and proceeded to openly touch and fondled themselves while looking at each other seductively.”And you can’t cheat OK?” Victoria stated. “You can’t close your eyes and think about something else. You have to keep your eyes open and look at each other, agreed?”While Arianna and Daniella glared at each other, Victoria locked eyes with Elizabeth who sat next to her and looked back at her with a sly grin.”It’s not going to work, you know,” Liz claimed. “You’re not going to win this game.””Oh really?” Victoria scoffed. “I could outperform you any day of the week, honey.””Yeah, prove it.” Gillies dared, as her own fingers increased in speed across her clit.”Everyone, lick your fingers OK?” Victoria çankaya escort insisted, and they all followed suit before continuing to probe and pleasure themselves in front of each other.Meanwhile as the ladies continued to play, all four women could not be any more different to each other. While Ariana and Elizabeth seemed to enjoy penetration, gliding two of their fingers in and out of their gleaming cunts, Victoria and Daniella preferred stimulation and they rubbed their clits fervently. The room soon filled with the sound of soft moaning and whimpering. It was then Liz grinned slyly to herself once again as she started to talk dirty to the others, attempting to get them offer quicker which would allow her to win.”You’re such a slut, Victoria.” Elizabeth teased, as she gently dipped her fingers in and out of her own dripping cunt and smeared her juices along her probing digits. “I bet you really get off on this right now, huh?” she added.”Shut up, she snapped back.” I can totally hear how wet you are over there, Liz. You probably get off like this three times a day at least.””Fuck yeah! And you know what?” Liz quipped, “Most of the time when I do it, I think about you! What do you think about that? Me wanting to fuck you so bad that I have to fuck myself to completion.””You do, huh?”The others simply sat dumbfounded, still rubbing themselves and watching the increasingly hot banter between Liz and Victoria go on.”Face it, this is one game you’re not going to win.” Liz grinned slyly. “This isn’t a Victorious episode. This is real life. And I own you, bitch!””Oh!” VJ snickered, “Oh really?””Yep,” Liz smugly answered. “We’re totally going to make you come first tonight, Vee.””Yeah right, we’ll see about that!””In fact, I bet you come way before Arianna does.” Elizabeth went on.”Oh yeah?” VJ replied a little out of breath. “You guys couldn’t make me cum even if you tried.”Elizabeth took this challenge to heart and she immediately stopped what she was doing and dared her to agree to a daisy chain. Hearing this term for the first time, the others seemed confused before Elizabeth went on to explain what it meant and how it worked. While the others looked at Victoria for direction, Liz baited her some more.”What’s the matter, chicken?””No! Of course not,” Victoria huffed with a shaky voice, as she continued to rub her pristine twat while having a casual conversation. “I’ll do it if the others agree to it.””What do we have to do?” Ariana interjected, as Liz directed everyone to scoot closer to the middle of the circle and instructed everyone to lean to the left, and spread their legs.She then explained how the girl to the right had to get off the girl to the left, and the rules were that they could not stop masturbating with one hand as they did so. With that said Elizabeth then took Victoria’s breath away as she dipped her head between the Puerto Rican’s parted thighs and proceeded to leave delicate butterfly kisses all along the inside of her smooth thighs. Just then, as VJ considered making a smug remark, she suddenly gasped with surprise as she felt Elizabeth’s hot wet tongue make direct contact with her pussy, causing her legs to tremble and her entire body to burst out in tiny goose-pimples.”Oh! You bitch.” Victoria mouthed, as she quickly imitated the move and dipped her own head between her friend’s legs and proceeded to tentatively lick Ariana’s snatch.The room quickly fell into absolute debauchery as they all now moaned and whimpered audibly. From left to right, Victoria Justice licked Ariana’s pussy, while Ariana gently sucked on Daniella’s snatch, and Daniella feasted on Elizabeth’s cunt, who in turn keenly licked at Victoria’s pristine sex.”Ooh. Oh! Oh yes!” they all moaned in unison, when suddenly Ariana cried out the loudest, and catching her breath claimed something about Victoria cheating.”Hey, you can’t do that… oh! Oh Jesus!” she let out again, as her protests were quickly silenced with a fresh series of quick moans.”What is it?” Daniella asked, curious to know what Victoria was doing to her, to send her over the edge.It took several moments for Ariana to respond appropriately but when she did she utterly shocked her friends as she revealed that Victoria was in fact licking her butthole. Hearing this, Elizabeth looked up and smirked slyly to herself and quickly obliged, and proceeded to eat VJ’s tight little asshole in earnest, making Victoria Justice moan out loudly.”Oh! Oh you fucking bitch!” Victoria moaned, before taking her frustrations out on Ariana again.”OMG! Stop!” Grande moaned involuntarily. “You can’t do that! It’s not… ugh, fair!””Ugh! I like that!” was Victoria’s reply, as she felt her own backdoor being tickled by Liz. “Oh! Don’t stop!””Yeah?” Liz grinned, her mouth and chin gleaming in girl juice. “You like my tongue in your ass?””Yes! Eat my ass you fucking slut! Eat it Liz!”It was then as Ariana ate out Daniella’s tight butt that she suddenly and abruptly climaxed loudly and fell away from the chain.This left the others to carry on, and without warning Grande and Gillies exchanged knowing glances before they turned on Victoria who was moaning and thrashing about wildly between them. There, Ariana turned around and moved to sit directly over Victoria’s face, grinding her young gleaming sex into her mouth as Liz spread the “Victorious” stars legs even further apart and proceeded to all-out assault Tori Vega’s puckered butthole with her long tongue.”Ugh! Jesus! Jesus Christ!” VJ squealed, as she felt Elizabeth proceed to tongue-fuck her anus. “Yes. Good god that feels so good!”Ariana then leaned forward to place her and Victoria in an impromptu 69 position and proceeded to feast of her friend’s superb cunt while Liz stiffened her tongue and thrust it further inside her backdoor. Meanwhile across the floor, Daniella now sat there with her legs spread wide frigging herself in earnest to the wild show and grinning smugly to herself for suggesting they play the game.”Oh yeah, eat my cunt Vee!” Ariana hissed down at Victoria, as Liz also talked down to her while shoving her tongue inside her shitter.”You like that, don’t you? You fucking horny cunt!” Liz growled, before giving her friend a sharp swipe across the buttocks and thighs.”Yes! Eat my ass, Liz! Please! I love it!” Victoria confessed between moans.”Yeah? You love what? Tell me!””I love your tongue in my ass!” Liz panted. “I love you!”To their delight Victoria seemed to really get off to this dirty talk, and was apparently close to the edge. It was then they pulled her by her long dark hair and directed her pretty face towards Daniella’s sopping cunt.”Here, eat her pussy Vee! You dirty whore!” Ariana yelled down at her, as Daniella instinctively rubbed her cunt against her friend’s face and smeared her juices all over Victoria’s mouth and chin.”Yeah, tonight you’re going to eat all of our pussies!” Elizabeth vowed from behind her.With that said, Ariana Grande slapped her co-stars butt sharply for good measure, before she abruptly plunged three of her long fingers deep inside Victoria’s cunt.”UGH!” Victoria Justice said, loving the sensation that Ariana Grande was delivering to her.”Yeah tonight, Tori Vega gets taught a lesson in pussy eating etiquette!” Liz Gillies exclaimed as she began to massage her lovely tits. As she was saying this, and as she still had her head between Daniella Monet’s legs, Victoria Justice smiled to herself, fully knowing that something that good had to be repeated time after time.THE END

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