21 Mayıs 2023

A Gift That Keeps On Coming


“Do you really have to leave today?” Terra says into the phone.

Marte replies, “Yes, unfortunately. You know how important this trade show is for our business.”

Terra sigs into the phone receiver. “I know, but tomorrow is our anniversary. How can you be gone during our anniversary?”

Marte giggles then says, “I thought I was supposed to be the sentimental one.”

“Shut up.” Terra quickly quips. “I have been looking forward to celebrating our anniversary with a night in bed, if you know what I mean.”

Terra turns the SUV left and begins heading up the hill to the cabin in the hills that she shares with Marte. After a long day at the craft store the two of them own and operate, along with their longtime friend Cindy.

Marte says, “I am packing up my Tahoe and getting ready to leave. We can celibrate our anniversary in a few days when I get back. Are you headed home? I have to leave in less than a half-hour.”

“Don’t leave before I get there. I am just heading up the hill.”

After she finishes packing the Tahoe for her weekend trip to the regional craft show a few hours away, Marte places her gift on the kitchen table for Terra. She grins and begins to blush just thinking about the gift she has for Terra. She cannot believe she is actually going through with her gift. The gift is totally out of character for her, but after five years together, she wants to give her lover a gift that shocks and rocks her world. Marte feels a familiar twinge between her legs.

Knowing she has a long drive ahead of her and not wanting to be distracted, Marte changes her thoughts and begins second checking the house to make sure she has everything she needs for the trip. She hears Terra’s SUV pulling into the stone driveway and heads for the door.

Terra steps out of her vehicle and runs over to Marte. She wraps her arms around Marte’s thin frame and gives her a big kiss on the lips. As she heads toward the door of the wood cabin, Terra wraps her arm around Marte’s waist. They walk side by side up the steps to the entrance.

Marte turns to her lover when they approach the door. “I have to get going, but I have a gift for you on the kitchen table. You can open it once I am gone. I think it will adequately keep you occupied while I am gone.”

Terra looks deep into Marte’s green eyes and says, “You didn’t buy me another dildo did you?”

Laughing, Marte says, “You wish.”

“Well here. This is my gift for you. Open it now.”

“So bossy.” Marte says, laughing loudly.

Marte slowly removes the wrapping from the rectangular shaped present. The anticipation builds as she carefully pulls the tape from the wrapping. Terra waits with bated breath as she watches her lover open the gift. Marte shakes her head back and forth when she sees that Terra has bought her a glass dildo. It is packaged in a clear plastic box.

“I wouldn’t expect anything less from you, Terra.” Marte says rolling her eyes at her lover.

Terra smacks Marte on the ass and says “You are going to need it this weekend without me” as they walk inside the cabin.

The two of them embrace and give each other a few kisses before Marte grabs her keys and heads toward her Tahoe, grabbing Terra’s butt cheek as she passes her. Terra turns back with a confused look on her face as she watches her woman rush out of the cabin. It is not normal for Marte to grab her ass or be forward. Marte plays the role of the reserved, inward thinker. Terra laughs as she shuts the front door and rushes into the kitchen. The SUV is hardly pulling out of the stone driveway before Terra tears into her present.

Her present is wrapped in a square package about 6 inches long and wide. The package is about three inches thick. Throwing the wrapping paper onto the floor, Terra pulls the top lid off of the white cardboard box. Reaching down into the box, Terra pulls out a digital memory card for Marte’s video camera.

“What in the hell is this?” she mutters to herself.

Marte drives down the hill with a huge grin on her face, singing along with the religious CD playing through her speakers. She hears her cell phone begin to ring. She looks down at the cell phone screen on the dash and starts laughing when she sees Terra is calling her. She reaches forward and sends the call to her voicemail. A few seconds later, the cell phone starts ringing again. Marte sends the call directly to voicemail a second time then turns the ringer off.

Terra waits for the voicemail message to finish playing and says, “What the hell kind of gift is this? I video camera memory card? There better damn well be a great video on here. If this is a video of nature or something corny like that, I am going to kick your ass when you get back home. And why the hell are you sending me right to voicemail?”

She hangs up the phone and puts the memory card into the camera, plugs one end of the A/V cable into the video camera on the entertainment center and plugs the other end into the back of the the 42 inch flat screen bursa escort television. As she sits down on the couch on the opposite side of the room, Terra changes the TV channel to A/V and pushes play on the video camera remote control.

Fuzz comes up on the screen for a few seconds before Marte’s face pops up on the television. She is smiling and beginning to blush within seconds. Marte looks into the camera and blows a kiss. She is sitting on the living room couch, right where Terra is currently sitting.

Marte starts to talk while looking into the camera. “Hello Terra, my love. Have I even pulled out of the driveway before you started watching this? I hope so. My wish is that we were able to spend the weekend together, but I unfortunately have other obligations. I wish you could have came with me, but it wouldn’t have been fair to make Cindy run the store all weekend by herself. Thank you so much for staying behind.”

Terra sits back on the couch, kicking her shoes off and placing her feet under her butt cheek as she curls up on the couch. She watches intently as Terra picks up the camera and begins walking out of the living room. Terra wonders where Marte is going.

“I bet you are wondering why I gave you a video for our anniversary. Well, I wanted to give you a gift that would keep you occupied while I am gone and last for a lifetime or as long as digital cameras continue to use these type of memory cards.”

Marte chuckles on the video. Her laugh has always made Terra laugh in return. Terra watches as Marte makes her way into their bedroom and sets the video camera on the dresser then moves over to the bed. The camera reveals that Marte is wearing a baggy t-shirt that she wears to bed and nothing below but a pair of white panties with light blue outlines around the edges.

Terra’s eyes open wide. She is solely focused on the big television screen, ignoring the rest of the world around her. This video is starting to get interesting, a far cry from what she expected from her lover. Had this video been a documentary about the scenery around them or a tour through downtown, Terra would not have been surprised one bit. A video inside the bedroom with Terra is quite a surprise. She fights the urge to fast forward the tape in order to see what happens. Instead, she puts the remote down on the end table next to her and pulls a blanket up over her legs as she watches Marte lay down on her back.

“I bet you are wondering what this video is about. I wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t already fast forwarded past this part. Trust me, you will enjoy your present.” Marte says on the video.

Slowly, Marte begins pulling the t-shirt up her stomach, stopping just below her breasts. Her finger tips slide up her rib cage then down the center of her stomach before making small circles around her navel. Her right hand slides up the center of her stomach, between her breasts and up to her mouth. She sucks her finger into her mouth while her other hand continues circling her navel.

Terra cannot believe what she is seeing. She doesn’t believe this will last and expects Marte to stop any moment. Despite what she believes will happen, Marte continues moving in a seductive manner. Terra takes a deep breath and feels a twinge between her legs.

“Would you like to see more?” Marte says, staring into the camera one more time.

Slowly, Marte slides her shirt up over her breasts then removes it from her arms and throws it onto the floor. Her hands cup her smaller breasts and begin kneading them for the camera. Her legs slowly begin to separate, revealing the center of her white panties.

Terra cannot believe what she is seeing. She doesn’t know which part of Marte’s body to focus one. One part of her wants to continue watching Marte fondle her breasts, the other part wants to get a closer look at the panties and see if she can spot the outlines of Marte’s full labia through the panties. Terra unbuttons her pants and slides her zipper down toward her crotch. Her hand slides under her panties and starts stroking her own outer labia. She can feel her juices beginning to flow as her heart rate increases.

After a few minutes of massaging her breasts and moving her saliva around her long, erect nipples Marte lets out a soft moan. She looks deep into the camera with lusting eyes, having gotten past her shyness.

“I bet you are enjoying this.” Marte says, looking right at Terra, through the video recorder. “I want you to press stop and wait until later this evening to finish watching this. You should go make dinner and relax for a little while first.”

Terra watches as Marte slides off the bed, walks toward the video camera and shuts it off. The screen goes black. “Grrr” Terra growls as she presses stop on the video remote control and walks to the bath room. She relieves herself and feels her hips press forward in response to the pleasure she feels as the toilet paper grazes her swollen clit as she wipes herself. She throws the toilet bursa escort bayan paper into the water then reaches down and places her index finger against her swollen clit. The pressure forces her hips to press upward against her finger. She lets out a soft moan of her own and leans back against the toilet bowl.

She can feel warmth run through her body as her fingertip starts moving slowly back and forth over her hood. Closing her eyes, Terra enjoys the sensations she is giving herself. She feels the tips of her toes pressing backwards as they grind into the floor. Not wanting to get too excited, Terra pulls her finger away and stands up. She pulls her panties and pants up to her waist then flushes the toilet.

Trying to obey Marte’s wishes, Terra goes into the kitchen and makes herself a salad then sits at the table and eats it. When she is done eating her salad, she grabs the laundry basket out of the bedroom. She can smell the scent of Marte in the room. The smell is fresh and strong, making Terra even more excited. She quickly places a load of laundry in the washer then returns to the couch. Unable to restrain any longer, Terra presses play on the video remote control.

The picture returns and Marte takes a few steps back, looking into the video camera. “I bet you didn’t wait until it is dark out” Marte says as she begins to laugh. Marte knows Terra all too well. Terra watches as Marte returns to the bed, lying down on her back once more. Terra’s eyes are drawn to Marte’s bare chest. Though Marte’s breasts are no more than a handful, Terra is jealous of the way they are firm and never sag. Terra’s breasts are starting to feel the effects of gravity and beginning to sag with age.

Terra watches as Marte’s right hand slides down her body and dips inside her panties. Terra feels another twinge between her legs as she sees the outlines of Marte’s fingers moving up and down beneath the white panties. “Take them off damnit!” Terra shouts at the TV.

Marte is resting in her hotel room and decides to call home on her cell phone. She hears the phone ring a couple of times and wonders what Terra is up to, pretty much having a good idea.

Terra hears her cell phone ring and looks at the screen. “Shit!” she exclaims, trying to decide whether to answer it or let it go to voicemail. She is pissed that Marte is interrupting her, but decides to answer the call. She quickly pauses the video and presses the answer button on her phone.

“Hello!” she says in a sweet, innocent voice.

“Hey there. Whatcha doing?” Marte asks.

Terra replies, “Oh nothing much. Just doing some laundry.”

“Really?” Marte says in a doubtful tone. “Hmm. That is nice. I am sorry I missed your calls. I guess I didn’t hear them over the music on the radio.”

Terra laughs. “Liar. You sent me directly to voicemail on purpose.”

Grinning, Marte says, “Well, I just wanted to call and say hi before I get back on the road and finish my drive. So how far into the video have you gotten?”

“Well, you just put your hands in your panties. Oops, I mean, you just shut the video camera off.”

Both girls start laughing hard. Terra can’t believe she just told on herself. Marte knew Terra wouldn’t be able to resist watching the video until nighttime. Marte’s cheeks begin to hurt from laughing so much.

“Well Terra, you enjoy your gift. I am going to get some rest so that I can check into the trade show early in the morning. I love you very much. Oh, and I just may enjoy my own gift before bed. goodbye.”

“What?” Terra asks, then realizing there is dead silence. She cannot believe Marte just hung up on her. She growls at her lover while sitting her phone on the end table. Did Marte just really tell her that she was going go play?

Terra regains her focus and presses play on the video camera, sliding her own hand underneath her panties and starting to slowly play with herself while she watches Marte play with herself on the TV. Pulling the blanket up over her legs once more, Terra spreads her legs and sits back on the couch. Her finger sliding up and down the middle of her swollen labia, glazing her inner lips with her juices.

On the TV, Marte slides a finger inside her walls and lets out a long, soft moan. Terra watches as Marte’s hips move off their bed and begin moving up and down. Terra’s hips instinctively mimmick the movements of her lover’s hips as she watches the video. She wishes more than ever that Marte were hear with her. If it were so, Terra knows she would be practically devouring her lover.

Terra watches Marte use her free hand to pull her panties down over her hips, slide one foot out of the panties then kick them off the other foot. Marte spreads her legs wide, giving the camera a great view of her swollen, pulled back lips. Terra watches intently, admiring Marte’s puffy, full and engorged labia.

This video is such a tease. It makes Terra want her lover even more now then she wanted before bursa sınırsız escort watching the video and she wanted her lover bad at that point. Terra slides two fingers deep inside her vagina and starts fingering herself slowly. As if Marte were there with her, Marte starts doing the same thing. Terra moves her fingers at the same slow pace as Marte’s fingers, imagining that they are both playing together in the same room.

The erotic movements of Marte’s body as it responds to the pleasure flowing through her body is driving Terra crazy. She intently watches the way Marte’s body rolls up and down lake waves of the ocean. She turns up the volume and listens to her lover’s heavy breathing and soft moans while paying attention to the rise and fall of Marte’s chest on the video.

Terra can feel her wetness grow as her fingers dip in and out of her wanting vagina. She is very horny and lusting to have her lover in her arms, though they are at least one hundred miles apart. Marte’s high pitched moans coming through the speakers are driving her virtually mad. Marte’s moans have always driven her mad. Marte’s thin body has always turned her on. Terra thinks back to the very first time she saw Marte working in a local shop. She remembers the fuzzy feelings she felt between her legs that instant and how warm her body became within a few seconds.

A squeal coming from the TV pulls Terra’s thoughts back to the present moment. She looks at the video and sees that Marte has moved her two fingers up to her clitoris, which had caused her to squeal in pleasure. Terra moves her two fingers up her body and slides her clit between her two fingers. Her slick fingers pinch against her clitoral hood, sending strong waves of pleasure through her nervous system. Terra releases a long moan and feels her hips begin to buck into the air. She fights to keep her eyes open and concentrate on the video.

Not one to be able to last long, Marte has her eyes closed, her hips thrusting hard into the air and her fingers moving frantically back and forth on the video. She is gasping for air, releasing loud high pitched moans. One moan follows just after the other. Watching her lover pleasure herself and listening to her moans is pushing Terra close to her own orgasm.

Terra begins to press hard against the tip of her hood, grinding her hips against her fingers. Her fingers are moving faster with each passing moment, trying to mimmick the pace of Marte’s fingers which seem to be moving in one big blur.

It has been a few years since Terra has last seen Marte play with herself. Part of thae reason is because Terra’s high sex drive never gives Marte a long enough break for Marte to feel the need to masturbate. In addition, Marte does not have as high of a sex drive as her counter part.

Marte is horny and can feel wetness between her legs already. Despite trying to push the images out of her head all day, she has been imagining Terra watching the video and masturbating. Marte blushes again as she thinks about the video Terra is watching. She cannot believe that she actually video taped herself masturbating for her lover. She wonders how many times Terra will watch the video this weekend while she is gone.

Needing to fulfill her desire, she grabs the glass dildo that she received as a gift and removes it from its package. She admires the round shape and smooth texture. She runs water in the bathroom sink until it is hot then plugs it and watches the sink fill up. She places the dildo in the sink, wanting to sanitize it and warm it at the same time.

She quickly undresses and hops onto the hotel bed. She pinches her nipples until they are good and hard then slides the her fingers up and down her aching vagina. After a few minutes of teasing herself, she retrieves the dildo from the hotel sink and returns to bed. The dildo easily slides inside her inner walls thanks to the self lubrication already present. The warmth of the glass feels good inside her and makes her moan. After spreading her legs wide, she begins pushing the dildo deep inside her.

It has been so long since she has had a man inside her and this is the closest she will get to having the real thing. She loves Terra with all her heart, but she does miss the feeling of a penis inside her. At times, she wishes she never had relations with a man so she wouldn’t know what she is missing.

Her thoughts return to Terra. She visualizes Terra watching the video and playing with herself. As she visualizes Terra’s naked body and what Terra’s hands would be doing at this moment, Marte feels herself becoming more excited. The dildo pressed deep inside her, moving faster and faster. Marte can hear her moans beginning to flow easily from her lungs as her body gyrates on the bed. She wishes she had more self control over her body’s ability to hold off an orgasm. Though it is rare for a woman to reach an orgasm quickly and it may seem to be a blessing, she would like to be able to last longer at times. An orgasm quickly washes over her body, hitting her with a strong force as the dildo fills her insides.

Terra presses play and watches the video of Terra resume playing. On the TV, Marte is getting close to having an orgasm. Terra buries her fingers inside her sweet spot, rubbing her “G” spot with two fingers while frigging her clitoris with her other hand.

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