26 Mart 2022

A good teacher 7

Big Tits

A good teacher 7The next morning after Mum had been double fucked by us (see Ch. 6); she told me how much she enjoyed having her cunt filled with two cocks and is looking forward to do it again. Then she asked me how it felt for me.”Did you like the feel on your cock when Jamie and Dean slipped their hard cocks into me whilst yours was in my arse?””I sure did. I felt every move they made. It was so sexy seeing and feeling you being fucked like that. Next time I want Dean and me to fuck you like that and have Jamie’s cock in your arse. I want to feel what it’s like both of us in that hot pussy of yours.””Ohh yes baby, of course I’ll let you fuck me like that. You know I let you fuck me anytime and any way you want. Just talking about it is turning me on.”She came over to where I was sitting and ran her fingers through my hair and stroked my face. I put my hand under her short skirt near where her arse cheeks started, to draw her closer to me. I couldn’t feel any panties, so I moved further up thinking maybe türbanlı bingöl escort she was wearing a g-string, but found nothing. I moved one hand to her fanny and felt the smoothness of it being freshly shaved. I ran my hand over it a few times. It felt so nice. I lifted her skirt up and her smooth, glistening outer lips were at eye level to me. I kept on stroking them. My cock was tenting my board shorts. “Mum you are naughty your not wearing any panties, you know it turns me on. I’m going to take your skirt and top off and you can walk around naked. I want to have a good perve on you and play with my cock.””Now who is being a naughty boy mmmmmm? You want me to do all the housework in the nude with you watching me whilst I have to bend over, kneel down or stretch to do things? See my boobs quiver as I’m walking?””Yes Mum, I just feel like watching you move around, but you’re not allowed to touch yourself. I want you all turned on and frustrated.””You little türbanlı bingöl escort bayan devil, you’re going to tease poor Mum. I’ll will get sooo wet; you’ll see it running down my legs. I’m already getting turned on and wet now.”I took her clothes off. I wanted to feel her wetness, but no I won’t give her the satisfaction of bringing herself off on my fingers. Fuck she looked good. Her nipples were big and hard and the sight of her smooth cunt and cute arse was very erotic to me. She went to get a dusting cloth and began to wipe things over. Her boobs were swaying from side to side and so did her arse. I had taken my shorts off and was gently rubbing my stiff shaft not wanting to shoot my load just yet.”Yea Mum, you’re doing a great job.”She looked over towards me and saw me playing with my cock.”I see that you are enjoying it whilst poor Mum has to slave away whilst being perved at and getting her all turned on and not allowed to touch my sooo türbanlı escort bingöl wet cunt.”She was bent forward with her arse facing up whilst wiping the coffee table. Fuck it looked inviting for me to get behind her and slip my shaft into her. Either hole would be nice, but no, I mustn’t. Looking at her fanny, I saw a small trace of her juices appearing and it began to increase making its way down her leg. “Mum, your juices are leaking out.””I know, but I’m not allowed to touch them.””Come over to me.”She stood in front of me in all her wet glory. I placed two fingers on the inside of her leg and ran them up against the flow of her wetness, scooping some of it up and then placed them against her mouth. “Here, I’ll let you taste your own juices.”She opened her mouth and licked my fingers. I repeated the same a few more times and she eagerly licked them each time.”Ahhh yes, I like tasting my womanly juices, please scoop some from the inside of my wet cunt. I wonder if every woman tastes like this. I’ve often thought about it. Do you think that’s kinky wanting to taste another woman?””No Mum, you saw Jamie playing with my cock and I liked it. I’d like to see you having it off with another woman. That would be such a turn on. Lower yourself onto my shaft and ride it whilst you tell me what you would do to another woman.””Well I would…””Ohhh Mum, I’m cumming…”

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