11 Mayıs 2023

A Honeymoon Cuckolding – Part VI


Sean slept in fits and starts. He was so used to having Ginny beside him and he found it hard sleeping without her. He woke up twice in the night and each time he masturbated before going back to sleep. He kept thinking about them lying naked together. He could imagine their hands exploring each other’s bodies, teasing and arousing one another to fuck again. But that was all he could do; imagine them together; imagine them fucking. Ginny had promised to give him a blow by blow account though and he had that to look forward to. He was awoken just before 9.00 am next morning by the telephone ringing and he went downstairs naked to answer it, it was Ginny’s mum. “G… Ginny’s having a shower,” he lied. “I was wondering if she was going into town this morning,” she said. “I could drop by and pick her up at around eleven if she wanted.” Sean began to panic. “I… she… we have Charles over,” he responded. “He… he dropped by last night.” “I see,” she responded. “Were you planning going out somewhere then?” “I’m not sure what the plans are,” was his best response. “He’s still sleeping. I’m not sure of his plans yet.” “I see,” she replied. “Well ask Ginny to ring me when she can.” Sean was annoyed with himself. She had caught him off guard and he knew that she knew he was lying. Ginny suddenly appeared at his side wearing a very short dressing gown that couldn’t quite cover her sex. “Did I hear the telephone?” Sean explained. “I should have said something earlier,” she told him. “I’ll give her a ring after breakfast.” She noticed his nakedness and reached out for him. They kissed as he grew hard in her hand. Sean responded by slipping his hand between her thighs, feeling the heat and wetness there. “Had a good time then?” İstanbul Escort “Mmmm,” she purred. Sean slipped some fingers between her swollen pussy lips. “Careful, I’m a bit tender down there.” Sean sank to his knees and began to kiss her. He could smell her sex; he could smell Charles on her and in her and he held on to her bottom as he probed her with his tongue. Ginny began to moan softly and run her fingers through his hair. “That’s soooo good,” she moaned. Suddenly Sean saw feet at his side; dark skinned feet and legs. He looked up and saw Charles looking down at him, he was smiling and naked. Ginny felt his arm around her waist and turned and kissed him. His other hand slipped under the hem of her dressing gown causing Sean to pull back to make way for him. He sat back on his heels for a few moments watching Charles touch her; watching his fingers stroking her sex; watched his fingers slipping inside his wife’s sex. There was no complaint from her as they buried themselves deep inside her; there was no mention of her feeling tender down there as she parted her legs slightly to give him more room. Sean looked on at the spectacle of her arousal, noticing at the same time, Charles’s cock twitching. He had this sudden urge to touch it. He wanted to hold it; he wanted to stroke it; he even wanted to taste it. Ginny though beat him too it. It was her hand that touched him; her hand that stroked him and it would be her mouth that would taste him. “Let’s go back to bed,” she whispered to him. Charles pulled his hand away and looked down at Sean, kneeling before him like some lapdog. He smiled and pushed his fingers towards his mouth. Sean’s mouth opened and took his fingers deep inside. He İstanbul Escort Bayan could taste her; he could smell her and he sucked on her juices until Charles pulled them away. He watched them walk out of the kitchen with arms around each other. His cock was straining with sexual excitement. It shouldn’t have been. Ginny was his wife and another man was taking her away to bed. Charles was taking her back to the marital bed to fuck once again. Sean heard their bedroom door close and then went upstairs. He stopped outside their bedroom for a few moments and listened to them fucking. The bed creaked and the headboard banged against the wall. Ginny was in the throes of orgasm and was screaming; Charles was pounding her hard and grunting. He stayed outside for a few minutes until the loud noises died down into quiet moans. Then Sean walked quietly away to shower and dress knowing that more of Charles’s cum was deep inside Ginny’s womb. It was nearly midday by the time they had finished breakfast. Ginny went off to the lounge with her mobile to call her mum leaving Charles and Sean alone together. “So how’s thing with you, Sean?” Charles asked as he put down his coffee mug. “Okay.” “I mean with me and Ginny, you know…?” Sean shrugged his shoulders. “Fine, why?” “I… I always like to make sure that the cuck… the husband is getting enjoyment as well from me fucking his wife.” Sean couldn’t bring himself to respond to that question but Charles probed further. “Is there any way I… we could make it better for you Sean?” “I… I’m not sure.” “Please feel free to ask Sean,” he told him. “Anything at all? I’ve been round the block a few times and there’s nothing that I have seen or done Escort İstanbul yet shocks me.” Sean was silent for a few moments. “How… how does Ginny compare with other wives…?” “That I’ve fucked?” he cut in. Sean nodded. “She’s up there with the best Sean. She’s one hell of a fuck.” He was slightly stunned. “B… but aren’t most women the same in bed?” he asked with a shrug. Charles smiled and shook his head. “No, not at all. Some can be quite passive; some can be quiet as well, holding back their emotions and getting silent pleasure from being fucked, but Ginny… well… she’s full on. She really enjoys black cock; enjoys my cock in particular. Ginny doesn’t hold back in expressing her pleasure and gratitude” Sean said nothing but he wondered just what gratitude she gave him. “So Sean, is there anything more I can give you? Anything else I can do with Ginny that would give you greater pleasure?” He shook his head. “I know that you want to watch us, Ginny told me, but she’s a lot more relaxed with me when you’re not around.” “Actually… actually I quite enjoy not seeing you both.” “Some cucks like it that way,” Charles revealed. “Prefer to imagine and enjoy it that way.” “Yes,” he mused. “What do you do afterwards… after you have fucked, I mean?” “Get our breath back,” Charles replied with a smile. “Kiss, cuddle… talk.” “What do you talk about?” “Same as most couples I guess. Talk about how good it was; complement one another, talk dirty.” “Ginny tells you it was good then? Charles smiled. “Ginny tells me how much she enjoys me fucking her; tells me how big I feel inside her, that sort of thing.” Sean went silent. Charles took another mouthful of coffee and put his cup down again. “I… I’ve always wanted to do the ultimate act of cuckolding.” Sean looked at him. “What’s that?” “What do you think it is?” He shrugged his shoulders, “Taking the wife off the husband and marrying her?” Charles shook his head. “That wouldn’t actually be cuckolding then would it?” Sean thought for a moment.

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