20 Mayıs 2023

A Hot Summer’s Night


… She can’t help thinking to herself what it is the girl wants with her. She looks into her gaze from across the table, wondering too, what the girl might be thinking. “Are intentions clear, is it just a night of uninhibited sex? Will they say good bye tomorrow and go their separate ways?” She wonders if that is all there’ll ever be for them, after both having felt how love can bite, taking a big junk of heart away from them. Is this really all they want, surely, there’s got to be more. She decides it doesn’t matter, that one night is something she can live with again in her life, and still like herself in the morning.

She can feel the lovely girls desire, as she sits staring at her, looking into her eyes, reading her like a good novel, searching for truth, and secrets not yet revealed by chit chat over the net.

They stay for a couple more drinks and light conversation before the girl suggests they go get a room. Her heart beat quickens with the excitement, and the drinks have relaxed her too, so she’s more then eager to agree, as they make their way to the exit.

It’s a clear night outside and the sky’s lit up with a million stars. The evening’s air feels fresh as it brushes past her face, adding to the lovely sensations already stirring inside of her.

She reaches out and takes hold of the girls firm and muscular arm to stop her from walking, and asks the girl to kiss her. The girl smiles at her, more then happy to fulfill her request. She reaches out and pulls her close. The girls body feels warm, and her embrace feels safe, and she feels the tension disappear as her body surrenders to the desire she has to reveal the depth of her passion. She quits fighting the need to hide her longings, for at this point, she’s feeling fine and consequence is far removed from her thoughts. She wants tonight and the safety Üsküdar Escort she feels when the girl is close to her. She wants to give her body over to feed the girls desire, and by now it’s clear to the girl as well. She wants to taste of her fire. She wants the girl to ravish her like French silk pie, devouring her, exposing the inner delicacies of her passion. The girls desire is now apparent as hands linger over the curves of her body.

They collect their things from their vehicles and head through the lobby doors and make their way to the room.

Once inside, the girl locks the door as she begins to rummage through her bag, pulling out several candles. She sets them out, lighting them, wondering who’s going to make the first move. The girl comes up behind her, as if reading her thoughts and answers that question as she reaches around her, spooning her, and begins to kiss her neck and ear. Her body melts at the touch of her lips and she responds by turning around. Shyly she smiles and kisses the girl, licking her lips ever so lightly with the tip of her tongue, She then kisses her again, sucking on her lips, first one then the other, caressing the girls tongue with her desire, as passion starts her dance. She opens her eyes to find the girls are already opened, waiting for her gaze, as she feels them both surrendering to the night and what it holds. She’s forgotten about tomorrow, and regardless of what it brings, and only knows that this moment feels good, and right, and is enough, more then enough.

She feels the girls hands slip under her blouse, as her fingers make their way across her skin. She takes a deep breath and moans a little with the pleasure as the girl starts to unbutton her blouse, her fingers without much struggle are finding their way from the bottom, teasing her with every button Üsküdar Escort Bayan the girl undoes, pulling away long enough to let the blouse slip to the floor. She then begins to leave a trail of kisses across her skin. She feels the wetness between her thighs start to gather, and the throb of her clit seems to be beating to the same rhythm of her quickening heartbeat.

She feels hands slip between her thighs, brushing over her swollen clit, sending shivers up her spine. She can’t help moan with pleasure as she now knows there will be no turning back. She wants this night with the girl. She wants this stranger to take her, and have her way with her, and she wants to pleasure the girl until mornings light.

She feels her slacks fall around her ankles and she lifts her feet one at a time slipping out of them. Quickly and gently, the girl lays her back on the bed, kissing her, running her hands along the length of her, sliding warm fingers over her skin, sending chills through her. Her body responds, as her fingers start to feel for the softness of skin, she slides her hand under the girls top, cupping her breast, rubbing her finger tips over erect nipples. She listens to the girl breath, and watches her eyes, looking in, wanting to see what they will reveal of who she really is, and what she is truly seeking.

Them thoughts are quickly taken over as the girl stops and pulls her top off over her head. The girl undoes her jeans, and she helps pull them off, revealing more skin, soft and silken. She can’t help but to touch the girl all over, wanting more.

They slide out of the remainder of their clothes, teasingly, slowly exploring each others bodies.. kissing and licking soft skin, sucking on necks, and ears and nipples, lingering over erotic zones.

She feels the girls fingers slide Escort Üsküdar between her legs as the girl begins to massage her clit, Already hard and throbbing for attention, the girl’s lips are around one of her nipples, teasing her erection, biting gently, sucking it into her mouth, stroking it with her tongue. She moans and gasps a little as she feels the girls fingers slide into her well of love juices. She’s wet with desire and the girl pulls her fingers out to rub her clit some more. She softly whispers, begging the girl to lick her, wanting to feel her tongue licking her.

She spreads her legs wide and the girl’s lips begin to dance there way down her belly. The moans of pleasure are growing louder, revealing her need for more of this girl, this familiar stranger, and more of her touch. The girl runs her tongue over her navel, letting her tongue probe it, then circle it, drawing beautifully such passion with the wetness of her desire. The girls fingers inside her again, she begins to fuck her, in and out, slowly, gently, as her body reaches for more, hips reaching upward with every rhythmic thrust of her fingers.

She moans louder now, asking again for the sweet girls caress with her tongue, begging the girl to lick her aching clit. She feels herself getting close, and the girl slows the pace of her fingers rhythmic dance to tease her, making her wait. She begins to glide across her bikini line with her tongue, getting closer and closer to her love garden. With tongue running over her lips, in between her thighs, continuously inching closer to the center of her pleasure, the girl begins to fuck her harder now. She finds her clit with her tongue, sucking it into her mouth, the girl continues to lick her clit, as she thrusts her fingers inside faster and faster, pounding harder and harder as she screams, “oh baby, don’t stop” Her legs wrap around the girls head, she pulls herself up off the bed screaming with ecstasy, reaching for the girls tongue, wanting more and more…

She finally stops her screams and pulls the girl close, smiling at her, kissing her, and asks her lover if she is ready for round two.

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