15 Mayıs 2023

A Kiss Worth Dying


A wonderful feeling had woke her in the middle of the night. Sally Findley was positive that she was either having some type of erotic dream, or that someone or something had been touching her gently between her thighs. The bright morning sun, now shined through her bedroom window, and then like someone who realizes they’ve left the stove on, while there out, she realized that she had closed her blinds last night, as she did every night before bed. “ How did they open?” She asked herself quietly in her head. Getting up she went to the window, her bare feet touching the cool hard wood floor. At the window she found nothing out of the ordinary, the lock was still in place. In fact she discovered that she may want to clean her window soon, since there was a layer of dust on the frame, and the window’s too, looked like they could use a little Windex. Maybe they just opened on their own, perhaps the springs were getting old? Sally didn’t know, but was happy to know that no one had broke into her apartment, just to give her sweet dreams. Just to be on the safe side, Sally examined every entrance into her small apartment. Again there was no reason to believe that someone or something had come into her apartment last night. Moving around her apartment in her White T-Shirt and panties was a typical Saturday morning for Sally. Neither was waking up at eleven in the morning. She didn’t usually get home until after three am, and last night was no exception. Last night she had made almost three thousand dollars at the club. A new record for her. Since she normally made around a thousand. However last night was different, there seemed to be a lot of energy in the club, and not just the usual perverts who sat drinking whooping out as she took off her clothes. Sally couldn’t place a finger on it, it just seemed to be a great night. Even Ümraniye Escort though she made most of her money dancing for one customer in particular. A woman, which wasn’t un-usual either, Sally found herself thinking of the woman, who was un-like any other customer she had given a private dance to before. First thing, she wasn’t old. She seemed slightly older than her or maybe even the same age. Second, she seemed to watch every movement Sally made. Didn’t just sit looking at her snatch or her breasts. She made Sally feel beautiful, and when she spoke it made her feel as though she were being hypnotised, by the woman’s voice. She had felt full of energy around this woman, who never gave a name. She just found it odd, how she even felt attracted to this woman, who had watched her dance for the better part of three hours. Before the woman left she placed a bundle of bills into Sally’s small hand, said “ Thank you, I’ve enjoyed you immensely.” Then disappeared, with the rest of the patron’s who were all leaving as the club closed. Sally hoped the woman would return, not for the woman’s money, but for the attention the woman gave her, which seemed to be a life-times worth. When she arrived at the club, it was fairly quiet. It normally is on a Sunday. Sally walked into the back where the other girls were standing around smoking cigarettes, and talking. Some were half dressed. Lana Chalmers her friend and fellow dancer waved and said “ Well hello, Miss Big Bucks.” Sally blushed slightly. Lana who was standing with her arms crossed over her large bare breasts now reached out and gave her a hug, and a slight kiss on the cheek. This was something Sally had gotten used to long ago, other women giving her hugs with no shirts on. How much she had changed over the last two years since working here. “ Well what Ümraniye Escort Bayan the hell did you do? Make love to the woman or what, she kept you all night long!” Lana said letting go of Sally. Sally still slightly blushing smiled and replied “ No, I just danced the whole time, every time a song ended she’d say one more song please. By the end of the night she gave me almost twenty five hundred dollars.” “ What do you think she’d give you if you slept with her?” Lana asked teasingly. Slightly giving Sally a shove. “ I don’t know?” Sally replied with a soft giggle. “ Any way I got to get ready.” Sally said moving to her locker. “ If you see that woman again, you let me know, I want some of that money!” Lana replied smirking as she turned to go back to the mirror and make up station. Sally hadn’t done very much other than her usual set of songs and one private dance for an elderly fellow, who seemed to be on his way out. Occasionally she kept an eye out for the woman with dark brown hair and pale white skin. Who Sally had decided was probably the most beautiful woman she had ever met. She had yet to see her. Then at eleven o’clock as she was getting off the stage and heading to the back room, she felt a tap on her bare shoulder. She turned to see the woman. Immediately she smiled. “ Hi, How are you?” Sally asked. The woman smiled in return. “ I am good, and hoping to use your services again?” The woman replied, her face never leaving Sally’s face. Sally could feel her cheeks growing red, and was thankful for the darkness in the club. “ Sure.” Sally replied. This time Sally took them to the more quiet and what would be considered the VIP area for private dances. The bouncer Todd smiled and continued looking back at the rest of the club. That smile from Todd meant he understood. He’d get Escort Ümraniye a great tip, if he were to warn of any police coming into the club. After all the “ NO TOUCHING” rule was the governments rule, not that of the club. The club was willing to turn a blind eye, as long as you were willing to understand that if your caught, you’d have to give up your licence and they could do nothing for you. The private room was quiet. There was a black chair, that Sally said to the Woman to have a seat in. The woman excepted and sat. Sally grabbed a small stool, and sat in front of the woman. Her black Lingerie she wore soon to be off. Already she could see the woman’s eyes exploring her body. It again gave her the feeling that she were beautiful. She was not offended, she enjoyed this woman eyeing her. “ What is your name?” Sally asked looking into the woman’s dark eyes. A smile graced the woman’s lips. “ My name is Elisabeth, but please call me Beth!” The woman replied. The current song ended. Sally stood moving the stool back a little bit, so she could begin dancing on the next song. “ I’m happy someone likes my dancing!” Sally said giving the woman, whose name was Beth, a smile. “ I love how you dance.” Beth replied as the song began. An up beat song by Kevin Lyttle “ Turn Me On”. She began by moving her body in rhythm to the song. Her hands running the length of her long slender thighs. Up her body, over her breasts clasped behind a lacy black bra. Beth’s eyes followed every single movement like a cat watching a mouse. Slowly she removed her bra, letting it fall to the floor, where she kicked it aside. In a teasing gesture she covered her breasts and nipples with her hands. Then she removed one hand revealing her nipple for Beth. Than she removed the other, letting both her breasts stare Beth in the face. Again rubbing her hands up and down her body, across her breasts. Sally slowly slid her black lacy panties down her thighs. Turning around so Beth could see her behind. Turning she saw Beth smile, letting her know she was pleased by Sally’s dance. Moving the stool closer Sally bent over it, revealing her vagina and anus to Beth.

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