12 Mayıs 2023

A Matter of Discipline – Part I


Roy looked across at Lisa standing with his back to him as she made coffee. She was barefooted and wore a simple loose fitting red top and a flowered skirt. It was the skirt that caught his eye; not just his eye but his whole being. It was short and flared. Her legs were quite long and bare so the shortage of material made her even more appealing. He shouldn’t have had such thoughts; she was old enough to be his daughter in fact he had a daughter of the same age, eighteen, and Lisa was her friend. They were both at university together and for the last few weeks Tricia had brought Lisa home with her to stay on alternate weekends. Roy didn’t mind, he enjoyed the company. He lived on his own now since his wife divorced him just before Tricia had gone off to university. He had been surprised that Tricia had chosen to keep in touch with him. Tricia had been his little princess until she had reached the age of puberty and boys came along. Then he became relegated to the grumpy Dad who wanted her home earlier than she wanted to be; the grumpy Dad that sent boys running from the doorstep when they called round for her; the grumpy Dad that made her change her clothing if he thought it was too revealing. Things were quite strained between them by the time she moved into student accommodation but six months on their relationship seemed much better. His thoughts were suddenly interrupted by Lisa standing in front of him with a mug of coffee. “It is two sugars isn’t it Roy?” Roy thanked her and took the cup from her hand. His thoughts were quickly elsewhere again as he looked up and saw that her nipples were protruding through her top, and then his eyes fell to her skirt. It was so inviting. He clung onto his mug with both hands to ensure that he didn’t reach out and lift the hem of her skirt. It would have been so easy; so little effort would have been needed to lift that hem just a few inches higher and reveal what lay underneath it. She had worn a similar length skirt the night before and when she had got up from her chair it had ridden up revealing a red thong. Roy masturbated twice in bed afterwards as he relived the scene and added scenarios of his own. “Is everything alright Roy? She asked him. He was wondering if she had panties on because she was definitely not wearing a bra. “It isn’t actually Lisa.” He started to say. “You don’t like me being here do you?” “No…..no…..Lisa far from it.” He replied. “I love having you around………………it’s just that……well that skirt of yours is so short.” She smiled. “I’m sorry.” She told him as she looked down at it. “You do look lovely in it.” He told her. Very…..er…..well, you know. But it is very distracting.” Yeşilköy escort He explained. “No one has ever complained before.” She told him. “Well apart from my Dad!” She smiled. Roy smiled. “I bet he does. I would too if I saw Tricia wearing a skirt as short as that.” “She does.” Lisa told him. “She’s like me wearing something like this most of the time away from home.” Roy did not want to go down that road. Yes, he had no doubt that she would be keeping up with the fashion of the day. He wondered for a moment what her father thought of seeing Tricia in something as short as that and then left that thought alone. “I will go and change into jeans.” She told him as she stood up. “Look I’m sorry Lisa; I shouldn’t be telling you how to dress.” Roy told her. “It’s okay I do understand.” She told him. “You’re a divorced man and you have this eighteen year old walking around your house half naked. I guess it must be uncomfortable.” Roy was stunned by her openness. “Well it is hard……..sorry I meant to say difficult…….sorry I didn’t mean….” Roy replied all flummoxed. Lisa smiled and reached and patted his knee. “It’s okay relax.” She told him. “At least you are honest. I’ve had some men your age just try and grope me thinking I am dressing like that just to have sex with them.” Roy noticed that her hand was still on his knee. “Not a nice thing I am sure but you can understand why. Men are……well…… men are men!” Lisa said nothing for a moment. “Maybe I deserve a spanking.” She said breaking the awkward silence. Roy could feel his erection straining against his tight fitting jeans. His mouth felt dry and he was starting to tremble. “How did she know that this was one of his peccadilloes? Had Tricia’s mother said something to Tricia about her reasons for divorcing him? Had Tricia told Lisa?” “It’s……it’s……not for me to say.” Was all Roy could say. Her hand felt hot on his knee and she was looking right into his eyes now. “But I do deserve it though don’t I?” She said quietly. “I have abused your hospitality and good nature by……by……getting you in such a state of arousal.” Her eyes were now fixed on his groin. It had been almost a year now since her had last spanked someone. Her name was Joyce and she had been a neighbour. It was a long story but he discovered her liking for being spanked. Her husband used to indulge her but he would always hold back; she needed someone more forceful. These kind of relationships were nearly always more difficult between spouses; someone independent could deliver the punishment without being subjective. Joyce liked the belt. Joyce liked his thick brown leather belt delivered Yeşilyurt escort bayan without mercy on her large rounded bottom. She would try and get round to his home at least twice a week for her punishment. One afternoon however Kay, his now ex-wife, came home unexpectedly early from work. Joyce was strapped to their coffee table getting the full force of his punishment when she walked in on them. Marriage over! “If you wanted to bend me over this table, lift my skirt and take off my thong and give me a good leathering as a punishment I could hardly object, could I?” Lisa said softly. Roy sat there stunned. Suddenly her hand moved up his leg. “Shall I remove your belt for you Roy?” Roy just sat there almost paralysed as she began to unbuckle his belt. He knew that he should stop her, she was just a kid, but he knew that the sexual things that they got up to when he was her age were pretty tame in comparison to things now. These youngsters had the internet; free access to everything under the sun. An eighteen year old girl then would run from such a thing, nowadays they run to it! As she gripped his buckle with one hand and began to draw it from his trousers her other hand rested on his bulge. There was no doubt in his mind that she knew exactly what she was doing. As Roy stood up she folded the belt in two and then handed it to him with both hands. He may have been a novice in comparison to others but he knew that submissive look when he saw it. He still remembered that far away look in Joyce’s eyes when she presented herself to him for her punishment. Lisa had the same look in her eyes. “Yes young lady. You do need to be disciplined” He said sternly as he took the belt from her hands. “I think you do deserve a good taste of my belt and you are going to get it.” He told her as he brushed her aside to move the two coffee mugs from the table. “Stand in the corner and face the wall!” He told her. “Hands on your head as well.” He watched her walk across the room and then left her to get some other equipment that he had locked away. He knew that one day it would come in handy, in fact he had already been chatting to a married woman over the internet for the last two months who was very interested in visiting him. Whether they were eighteen or thirty eight it didn’t matter to Roy, he would never turn down the opportunity. With Tricia away on a shopping trip with her mother he knew that they wouldn’t be disturbed for a couple of hours at least. Time enough for him to indulge in his passion and satisfy his lust. Lisa turned around briefly as he came back into the kitchen with his hands holding items of restraint as well as punishment. “Strip.” He Escort Zeytinburnu commanded as he laid some the items on the table before approaching her. With her back to him she took off her top and unbuttoned her skirt. As it slithered down her legs she pushed a purple thong down over her hips. Stooping down, she picked them up and then handed the three items of clothing to him, averting his eyes in the process. Roy held them momentarily taking in the significance of the situation. He looked at her nakedness as she faced the wall. His natural instinct was to just toss her clothes on the floor, drag her across to the table, bend her over it and take her from behind. It would be simple, easy and very satisfying but what about the foreplay? Girls like her enjoyed the foreplay, he knew that. No, not the tender, gentle kisses and caresses; not the slow touching and stroking or the licks and tongue penetrations. Some girls liked a different kind of foreplay; a rougher more painful kind of foreplay. Some liked it rough. Joyce had liked it rough. By the time it came to thrusting his huge cock inside her tight pussy her thighs were already wet from the juices of numerous climaxes; climaxes brought on from the painful treatment received from his leather belt. Roy had figured that Lisa was such a girl. Roy put the clothes down on a chair and then moved up close behind her to fix a collar restraint to her. It was a simple thick leather collar that buckled around the neck. Attached to the collar was a single strip of thick leather. The strip had two further strips of leather attached to it about three quarters of its length down. These thicker strips of leather had buckles in them. The buckles would be fastened around a person’s wrists. The whole point of the device was that a person would be restrained by the wrists and any struggling would create pressure on the throat. It was very effective in making the wearer helpless. Lisa said nothing as he fixed it around her neck and then attached her wrists behind her back to it. “Have you done this before?” He asked her as he checked her restraints. “Not with a man.” She replied softly. He felt her shiver. He was quite sure it was not because she felt cold. “Do you have a boyfriend?” He asked her. She shook her head. “Why do you ask?” “I need to know if anyone else will be seeing your bottom in the next day or two.” He told her. “Why?” She asked. “Because I will be leaving marks on it.” He replied as he put his hands on her shoulders. Lisa trembled as he spun her around to face him. He looked down at her body as he swept her long brown hair off her shoulders. Her breasts were small but nipples erect; her tummy was flat and waist thin. Her prominent mound was shaved. He wanted her. He led her across to the table and moved the objects he had placed on it aside to make space for her but before he laid her across it he picked up his belt, a riding crop and a paddle.

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