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A Mother’s Secret 3 – Secret No More


A Mother’s Secret 3 – Secret No MoreThis is part 3 of the story of a mother who has done a taboo porn video to support her k**s. Her are links to the other two parts. Please enjoy and show your appreciation by thumbs up.https://xhamster.com/stories/a-mother-s-secret-how-it-started-612774https://xhamster.com/stories/a-mother-s-secret-2-a-star-is-born-613640It had been a month since Jean had recorded her porn movie. In many ways she was trying to put it out of her mind. The memory still excited her. Never in her life had she ever enjoyed sex more! On the other hand some of her perverted desires would creep to the surface when she thought about what she had done. Jean was terrified by how quickly these desires would come to her. She had learned to compromise with herself by waiting until she was alone at night when she would pull out her vibrator and let her sexual fantasy run wild. She always orgasmed with the image of Justin’s face pinched in orgasmic delight as he shot his load into her mouth, pussy or ass.Paula, the porn producer had sent her the bonus money and told her that video was her best seller ever. She had also asked Jean if she would consider doing more videos since the first had proved so successful. Jean had decided that the answer was no.Jean’s thoughts were quickly ended when her cell phone range and a picture of her teen daughter Cindy appeared.”Hi honey! Did you have good day at school?” She asked.”It was alright. Can you pick up some milk? Justin finished the last of it and he ate the last of the bread too!” Cindy said.”He is such a teen boy! I swear he could eat us out of the house in a day! I will pick it up and be right home. Love you!” Jean said as she hung up.Jean walked into the local market and was kind of looking around when she began to notice that a guy was watching her. At first she was kind of flattered but after a few minutes she felt like she was being stalked. Every time she turned he was there. Jean quickly got all the things she needed and went to the check out.”That will be $27.30.” Said the cashier.Jean paid and looked around and to her relief the strange man was nowhere in sight. Jean walked out to her car and had just unlocked the door when the man appeared right in front of her. Jean let out a little gasp at the surprise.”I’m sorry I did not want to scare you. I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed that video you were in! You are a real sexy woman!” He said as he looked at her with a leer. Jean was stunned and had no idea what else to say but “thanks”. The man then walked away.Jean drove home and was lost in her thoughts about how someone had recognized her from her pornographic video! She tried to calm herself down about being recognized. After all; how many people could have seen that video?She arrived home to find Justin on his way out. He kissed his mom on the forehead and rushed off to meet his buddies. Cindy was off in her room so Jean started making a light super for just the two of them.”Mom, what’s this for?” She heard Cindy ask.Jean turned to see her teen daughter holding her butt plug that she had used to train her ass to take cock. Jean was shocked to see the sex toy in her daughter’s hand.”Cindy! How did you find that?” Jean asked as she tried keep from turning any deeper red than she already was.”It was in your dresser drawer along with this.” Cindy replied as she showed her mom the vibrator as well.”Cindy those are not for you! Put them back away right now!” Jean ordered in a stern motherly way.Cindy did as told and Jean once again found herself in the kitchen alone. She knew that there was going to have to be a talk and she was trying to pull her thoughts together. How do you explain sex toys to a teen girl? She finally resigned herself that being truthful was the only way.”Cindy! Please come back in here. We better have a talk.” Jean said and hoped that she would get through this.”Why were you looking through mommy’s drawer?” Jean asked as her stomach churned nervously while Cindy now appeared to be considering her response.”Please ortaköy escort tell me the truth. You kind of surprised me but I am over that now.” Jean said but knew that was not true.”My friend Beth told me that her mom had toys. She showed me somethings and well she said that you probably had some toys too.” Cindy said as she looked at her mom.”What else did Beth tell you about these toys?” Jean asked her young daughter.”That they make you feel good. Am I in trouble?” Cindy asked.”No honey! I guess you are getting old enough. Did Beth tell you how they make you feel good?” Jean asked.”Mom, I know about masturbating. Beth was just telling me that there were other ways than just your fingers. She showed her mom’s vibrators and a couple of other things that she called dildos. But she did not have that other one you have. It kind of looks like a dildo but it is different. How do you use it?” Cindy asked.Jean tried to absorb that her daughter was masturbating and comparing notes with her best friend Beth. Now she wanted to know what a butt plug was for. She thought about it and decided that being truthful was best.”I see. Yes my toys are used when I masturbate. So do you play with your pussy often?” Jean asked her daughter who looked at her mom and shook her head yes.”Cindy, it is natural and it feels good. I want to be a good mom to you so from now on I promise to tell you anything you want to know when it comes to sex.” Jean said as she smiled at her daughter who was rapidly becoming a woman.”Really?” Cindy asked with blue eyes sparkling.”Yes!” Jean answered reassuringly.”So what was that other thing besides your vibrator?” Cindy asked with a grin and while Jean grimaced but then she took a deep breath.”Honey that is a toy that goes up my butt.” Jean said and let it sink in.Cindy just looked puzzled.”Honey, you know that men use the pussy for sex but they also will use a woman’s mouth or asshole. I know it sounds strange but it can feel really good if it is done right and if the woman is prepared. That toy helps me to take a cock in my ass.” Jean said as she watched Cindy’s face change from shock to curiosity.”Does this mean that you have a boyfriend?” Cindy asked as she grinned while thinking of her mom fucking.”Not right now but I do enjoy sex and who knows maybe it will happen again.” Jean laughed as she rolled her eyes.At the moment they heard the door slam shut and Justin run up the stairs to his bedroom. Jean wondered why he was home so early. She decided she better go and see. Jean walked up to the closed bedroom door and opened it. Justin slammed shut his laptop computer as he looked up her. His face had some scratches and fresh bruises. There was no doubt he had been in a fight!”Justin! What happened? Your face! Let me get something cold on it!” Jean said as she hurried to the kitchen.”What’s wrong?” Asked Cindy.”Your brother has been in a fight!” Jean replied and hurried back to her injured son.Jean was pressing the ice pack to his face as she asked; “who have you been fighting with?””Brad….” He said and Jean was shocked to hear the name of Justin’s best friend.”What happened? You two have always been best friends!” She said as Cindy walked into the room.”He said you are a slut and that we both ought to fuck you!” Jason said with a mixture of anger and frustration.”What?” Jean and Cindy both gasped at the same time.”He said he saw you in a porn movie and you were fucking two guys our age and you were calling out my name! I called him a fucking liar and punched him in the mouth! We really went at it and then I came home!” Justin said as he looked at the ceiling.Jean and Cindy just looked at him.”Mom you are a slut!” Jason said and opened his lap top which was running the taboo video.All three of the watched as the two young men positioned Jean for the double penetration scene. Cindy moaned as she watched her mom mount the first cock and hold her ass open as the second pushed up her ass. No one moved as the video played out with eyüp escort the one guy cumming in her pussy as the second pounded her ass to her orgasm inspired groans.”Cum on mommy’s face!” Was being screamed out as the second boy shot his load all over Jean’s smiling face in the video.No one made a sound as the video went to black. Jean wanted to crawl into a hole as her son and daughter looked at her. Then as if in a dream she walked out of the room and to her bedroom where she curled up into a ball and started to cry.Several hours later she heard a soft knock on her door. She looked at the door and could not move. Then the door cracked open and Cindy’s face looked into the room.”Mom, would you like to talk?” Cindy asked softly. Jean just motioned her to come in.”I’ve destroyed my family!” Jean groaned.”Mom it is not that bad! Justin was just a little upset. I guess neither of us would have guessed that you would do anything like that!” Cindy said.”Well I did it for both of you!” Jean said with sadness.”What do you mean?” Cindy asked with even more curiosity.”We are out of money and I did it to pay your tuition!” Jean said as her tears flowed. “Now I have embarrassed you! I have destroyed our family!” Cindy hugged her mom and then left the room. A few minutes later the door opened again with both Justin and Cindy came in and set on the bed. Jean slowly sat up and both of them hugged her.”I’m sorry mom! Cindy told me why you did it. We both love you so please do not be sad.” Justin said as he kissed her on the side of the face.The next day they all stayed home. None of them answered their phones or even the door when there was a knock.”Well, we cannot stay here forever how are we going to deal with this? Your friend Brad has seen my video so am certain most of your classmates have probably as well.” Jean finally said.”There is nothing to be done. We will just have to listen to their crude jokes.” Said Justin.”Well I know what I’m going to do!” Cindy said and strangely she sounded happy about it.”What is that?” Jean and Justin asked at the same time.”I’m going to tell them that they are just jealous that they don’t have the cool mom that does porn. As for your buddy Brad he has his own little family scandal! His daddy is fucking Beth’s mom and his mom likes black men!” Cindy said with a laugh. “At least our mom is a star!””I guess that is right. Is that true about Brad’s mom and dad?” Justin asked as Cindy shook her head yes.”So you are saying you are ok with your mom doing porn?” Jean asked.”I am! From what I saw it looked like fun!” Cindy laughed.”It did look like you got off on it mom! Every time I watched it I have been amazed how sexy you are!” Justin said.”So you have watched more than once?” Jean asked as she smiled.”Yeah, and he was stroking his dick too!” Cindy teased.”You don’t know that!” Justin quipped back.”Yes I do because I watched you pumping your cock as you watched!” Cindy teased.”Maybe I better see the whole thing. Never did watch it!” Jean saidThis time they watched it on the big television. Jean was amazed at the video. She was also amazed at her own sexual performance. During the video Justin sat in her right side and Cindy her left. Toward the end she saw Cindy looking down at her brother’s lap which had a tent from a very hard cock. Then Cindy licked her lips in a very seductive way. Both of them were highly turned on. Once again she watched the two cum shots that finished the video.“Mom you are so fucking hot! I can’t believe how sexy it is watching my mom get fucked. You took it in the ass and pussy!” Justin said he looked at her with amazement.“Well we could tell how excited you got! Look at the boner he has sticking up!” Cindy laughed while pointing at her brother’s discomfort.“It is impressive. How about letting Cindy see a real cock? She has been looking at toys but I bet she would like to see a real cock.” Jean teased them both.“Well, I’m not ashamed of my tool!” Justin said as he pulled out his massive cock that maslak escort was nearly ten inches long and nice and thick.Jean now found herself licking her lips as she saw a drop of clear pre-cum ooze from the tip. Cindy looked closer at her first cock. “Can I touch it?” Cindy asked but before Justin answered Jean took Cindy’s hand and placed it on the cock.Justin groaned as Cindy slowly stroked the cock while his mom leaned over and kissed his ear and sucked on his earlobe. Jean’s hand went up behind Cindy’s head and pulled her mouth down into Justin’s lap. There was a sigh from Cindy and then a happy groan from Justin as he felt the first set of lips incase his cock. Cindy slipped to her knees and suddenly began to pump on the cock. Jean watched and was amazed at how well Cindy could suck cock. Justin’s arm went around his mom and soon his hand was rubbing her large tits.“Oh Fuck! You have to stop! I will shoot if you….ahhhhh!” groaned Justin as Jean smiled at what was happening. Cindy’s head stopped pumping as her mouth must have been getting filled with cum.“Let her have it! She has never tasted a load of cum but I bet she likes it.” Jean said as Cindy slowly worked to finish her first ever blow job.Cindy sat back and looked up at the other two and smiled. Jean could still see seamen on her lips.“So did you both enjoy that? If you did I would like to propose that we take this further. Justin, The reason I called out your name when I was making the video was because I wanted you to be fucking me. You are so sexy and I believe your sister agrees. Cindy, I know your little pussy is on fire and I want you to know just how good sex really is. If you all agree I would love to have my pussy licked right now.” Jean said as she tore away her clothes.“Alright mom. I’ll do my best.” Justin said but he saw his mom shake her head know.“I want Cindy to show me what she has been doing with Beth.” Jean said as Cindy smiled.“How did you know?” Cindy said as she giggled.“You two were looking for toys to use on each other. I know horny little sluts when I see them.” Jean laughed as she opened her legs.Cindy dropped her face down to her mom’s pussy and began to lick and suck her pussy. Justin watched and slowly stroked his cock. Jean felt Cindy’s fingers spread her pussy open and then felt her tongue slowly lick her opening. Jean stroked her own nipples as she looked down at Cindy’s blue eyes looking up at her. Then she groaned even louder as Justin’s mouth sucked her nipple between his lips. Her hand found his now stiff cock and pumped it as her body felt only sexual pleasure.“Oh baby! Eat mommy’s pussy! Get it good and wet because I am going to fuck your brother’s big cock!” Jean moaned as her daughter brought her to a wonderful orgasm.Her body was still jerking with pleasure when she felt Justin’s stiff cock push all the way into the balls. Cindy was now straddling her face and she looked up into her excited pussy that was dripping wet. Cindy grabbed Jean’s ankles and held her open as Justin pumped his cock with fast and furious strokes. Jean knew he would not last long but she did not care. She wanted him to cum in her pussy!“Fuck her Justin! She is creaming all over your big dick!” Cindy said as she began to ground her pussy into Jean’s face. Jean licked Cindy’s sloppy pussy and then sucked on her clit as she felt her son pumping her pussy as only a young guy could do. Then she watched as Cindy began to furiously rub her own clit and she knew the girl needed to orgasm. She then saw her tiny tight asshole and in a flash her tongue began to probe the tight opening. Cindy had never felt anything like it before. Her pussy actually began to squirt as her orgasm was more intense than any she had ever had before. Justin was watching as his sister groaned as her pussy sprayed girl juice in his face and on his mom’s tits. Then he groaned as his balls emptied into Jean’s pussy as it seemed to squeeze his cock.All three of them collapsed into a pool of twitching post orgasm flesh. Jean could feel Justin’s sperm dripping from her satisfied pussy as Cindy whimpered as she cuddled to her. Justin was still between her legs as he tried to catch his breath following his long hard fucking he had given her. Jean could not remember a happier time in her life but then she thought about what would come next and smiled.To be continued….

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