20 Mayıs 2023

A Night at the Library


It’s been a recent fixation, this desire to be with another woman. I’m 24, slightly older than your average college student. I made the decision to go back after I found how tough it was to get a job without that piece of paper.

So now, here I am, going for my bachelor’s in psychology.

And I’m surrounded by beautiful, intelligent, *sexy* women.

I’m not a gold star. I’ve dated a few men, lost my virginity when I was 19 to a guy I met at work. It was pleasant. I can’t say I’ve got a burning desire to repeat the experience.

But…women. Lately, since I’ve been here, it’s all I think about. And I’ve been wanting to feel it for myself. To open another women’s flesh. Part her legs with my knees and thrust inside her. Turn the tables. It wasn’t penis envy, so much. I didn’t really need that inconvenient member, springing up at odd times, disturbing my sleep, tagging along for the ride. But I wanted to fuck a woman. Slowly, achingly, teasingly. Rub against her clit, make slow circles with my cock, trail my way up and down her warmth, drive her crazy. Even, perhaps, be sucked off by her, have her tongue rub up and down the length of me, until I came in her mouth.

Distracting thoughts. Especially when I’m sitting in the library computer lab, late at night, working on a paper. Looking at the gorgeous woman at the computer next to me. I saw her in here often at this hour, and we’d exchanged hellos a few times. Blonde curly hair to her shoulders, green eyes hidden behind wire rim frames. Small breasts, a voluptuous ass and curvy hips. Not much makeup, just a little lip gloss, but deliciously feminine. A teasing smile that flashed now and then when she read something on screen that pleased or amused her.

Enough of that. I sighed and Bostancı Escort went back to my paper.

“Excuse me.” Her voice was soft, tinged with just a little bit of Mississippi accent.

“Hmmm?” I looked up, and she was hovering over my shoulder inquisitively. I felt her breasts press lightly into my back, and I jolted slightly as I felt their unconfined sway, and surprisingly, the points of her nipples. She was aroused. Or cold. Her breath tickled my neck.

“I was wondering–I’ve seen you pull journal articles from the library’s website. I’m having a little trouble finding this citation. Think you could help me?”

I turned slightly, and she was leaning over my desk, her lips inches from mine. “Sure.” I murmured. My mouth felt dry, my palms sweaty and hot. “What’s the journal?”

As I began to search the database, she watched over my shoulder, making suggestions as we looked. She reached over me to get a pen and paper, and again I felt the weight of her breasts. If I hadn’t thought better of it, i would have guessed it was deliberate.

Deliberate or not, it was making my crazy. I looked furtively around the mostly empty lab. No one was watching. What if I just…

“Hey.” She put a hand on my arm.

I turned and stared at her. “Kiss me.” I thought. “Tell me you want to get out of here and find someplace to go.”

“Thanks for the help. Want to go get a beer?” She smiled. I nodded, foundering. Anywhere. Anywhere where these fluourescent lights would stop flickering and we could sit and talk, and I could feel her leg bumping mine under the table and I could fantasize about what would happen when we left the smoky, crowded bar.

But as soon as we gathered our things and got outside, Bostancı Escort Bayan something broke. Like a woman possessed, she pushed me into the shadowed alcove around the corner of the building. My back scraped the brick as her lips found mine in a fierce kiss. I exploded inside. It was even better than I’d imagined.

I looked down, and she was wrestling with my jeans, unbuttoning them. “What are you doing?” I whispered, incredulous.

“I’ve wanted you since the first time I saw you. I have to taste you.” She yanked my jeans gently but forcibly over my ass and hips, sliding my underwear down in one smooth motion. My protest was lost as she spread my lips with her fingers, finding my center with her tongue. “Oh my God…” I moaned, completely forgetting I was standing in the shadow of the university library, half naked, with a beautiful woman’s mouth on my clit. As she teased and sucked, I felt the beginnings of my orgasm. I tangled my fingers in her hair, aching with the pleasure she was giving me.

“Come here” I ground out, pulling her up to my mouth, tasting myself on her lips. “Your turn,” I grinned, sliding my fingers under the waistband of her jeans, gasping at the slickness on my fingers. I took my finger and rubbed it against her lips, and she sucked it deeply into her mouth. I held her against me, kissing her intently, caressing her ass. “I want you too.” I whispered in her ear. “I want to make you come like you made me just now.”

In response, she turned her back to me, sliding her jeans down her hips and kicking them away from her. Naked from the waist down, no panties.

I couldn’t resist any longer. I stepped closer to her, tugging her sweater over her head. Now she was completely nude. Escort Bostancı I knew we were just steps from the doors of the library, but I was too far gone to care. I had to take her, here and now.

I pressed her body against the side of the building, smiling as I heard her gasp. I knew the rasp of cold concrete against her nipples would sting and pleasure her. I slid my hand between her under her ass, reaching for her clit. “Spread your legs,” I whispered. She opened them, trembling slightly.

I encircled her with my other arm, pulling her closer to me, shielding her back and ass from the chilly night air. Then I started to stroke her, slowly, teasing her with my fingers.

I needed to feel her around me. I slid one finger inside her. She was so tight, so wet. “More?” She nodded, barely able to speak. I put two fingers there. She closed around me, pulling at me, drowning me with her juice. I was delirious.

We fucked like this for a few minutes, and I could feel her excitement building. “Get on your knees”, I groaned, and she complied. I knelt behind her. I wish I had a strap-on with me, but this would have to do. I held my hand where my cock would be. She was open to me, and I slid three fingers into her cunt, letting my thumb tease her clit. I teased her hard nipples with my other hand, then braced against her hip so I could take her deeper. But she was setting the rhythm…rocking back against me, taking me into her hard and fast.

And then she was coming. I felt her shuddering, the contractions of her around my hand, and she cried out, spurting all down me. She was so beautiful, I could hardly breathe.

I held her close to me and felt her heartbeat slow. We sank to the ground and laid together in a tangle of arms and legs, kissing softly, feeling each other’s skin, holding each other.

“Wow” she whispered. “That was amazing.”

I nuzzled her neck. “You were,” I said.

She grinned, brushing my hair out of my eyes. “Still want that beer?”

“Yep.” I laughed. “But how about you tell me your name first?”

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