16 Mayıs 2023

A Night of Firsts pt 1


‘Oh my God, this was the night,’ I thought to myself. ‘I’m finally going to go out dressed.’I work for a small company and get to travel a bit, but I’ve really only dressed in hotels when I could drive as flying with all my things makes me really nervous. The idea of me and a travel bag being examined and having a stranger discover my femme things just didn’t do it for me.However, this time was different. As I only was going three hours away and staying in a larger city, I had access to a company car. Therefore, I would be taking my goodies to be able to dress. I also had scouted out a club very close to the hotel I was staying. I was going to dress as Pam and go to a club that night featuring a CD themed night with dancing, karaoke and would be welcoming for me to show up fully en femme.About me- 29, swm, 5’9”, about 150 ish, long brownish auburn hair which I kept in a pony tail as I usually wore a hat over it anyway. I kept my body shaved smooth all over and was proud of my slim figure, and without sounding too cocky I think my flat tummy, long legs and bottom looked good. My ass was just curvy and firm enough to look good in what I wore without being a flat ‘no ass’ or flabby monstrosity. As I had been dressing since about twenty-one I had perfected a nice look that I considered more than passable. I had taken some pics Escort ankara of myself dressed and didn’t mind the look, but living in a smaller town I had yet to ever go out dressed or meet anyone who might appreciate that. So I dressed alone.I had arrived at the hotel mid-afternoon with plenty of time to prepare, but not driving like a maniac to get there. Once checked in, I stashed all my femme clothing and found a hairdresser nearby. I planned to lop off a few inches of hair in order to have a really femme ‘do’ for hitting the club, then return to the same place the next day to cut the rest of in order to show up the following Monday at work with a normal haircut so I could say “surprise!” to all the coworkers who had never seen me with short hair.The hairdresser was a brunette, maybe fifty I guessed, and a taller woman with a nice bosom and fuller womanly hips. She was attractive in that way you might secretly find a girlfriend’s mother or an office manager to be attractive yet a bit imposing at the same time. I decided to leave one side longer hiding my face hanging over my eye and the other shorter almost like a page haircut. When my slightly curly longer hair was trimmed to look this way, the curls tightened up slightly which I found to be very sexy when she spun me around to take Balgat escort a look when she was finished.”That looks really good on you- mysterious. Almost like a man vixen” she said into my ear while blowing the remaining hair a bit with a dryer to make it poof out a bit for having more body.”Huh? Oh, thanks, it’ll be a lot cooler for the rest of the summer,” I replied, inwardly thinking ‘if only she knew’. I gave her a generous tip and on the way out she told me “Come back any time!”Baseball hat on my head to cover it up, it simply looked like I was just growing my hair out. Returning to my hotel room, I laid out everything I would wear that night. I had a few hours until the club would open for the event, so I ate some sandwiches out of a cooler I brought, watched some TV, diddled on my laptop for work related stuff and tried to calm the butterflies in my stomach.6 o’clock, 7, 8, 9 o’clock. Then the preparations began. This is usually the part where gurls like me go through an entire list of how they prepare for an outing, down to the brand of skin care and makeup they use. To save strain on the eyes, I’ll summarize- a shower, shaving myself extra smooth all over, checking myself in the mirror, pouring myself a drink in just a towel, savoring the delicious anticipation of Pam’s first Batıkent escort bayan night out.As I had actually thought ahead about this whole trip, I had purchased a tiny clutch-like purse to throw some items into. I giggled thinking how many pockets in men’s pants there are, and if I had to carry everything I carried as a man, wallet, keys, change, phone, a tiny leatherman like tool, etc I’d be sunk as Pam.Oh, I almost forgot- my outfit!A tight, short and clingy lycra blend black dress, spaghetti straps, cut-away to show plenty of shoulders and upper chest but not too low cut. It came down maybe only a few inches below my bottom and oh my God it felt so good hugging me. It looked like a cross between a clingy foundation garment and a little black dress for how closely the lycra/spandex blend clung to me. To top it off, the dress had a 2-inch slit up the left side.32C breast forms glued on, and a wireless sheer black bra kept them in place perfectly! A wide black velvet choker around my neck, black lycra blend gloves minus the glove part that extended over my elbows, a chain belt around my hips, some really expensive but soooooo glossy and sheer to waist jet black pantyhose (I tucked for hating panties with pantyhose for leaving a panty line, even thongs), 4 inch open toed black heels, a tiny gold chain worn around my left ankle over my pantyhose, a snake looking arm bracelet over my upper arm, a few bracelets from the thrift store bargain bin, small hoop clip on earrings-now for the makeup!I had earlier painted both my finger and toenails a deep dark burgundy (almost like a dark plum shade) to match my lips.

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