15 Aralık 2022

A Perfect Piece of Timing Ch. 03


My mom left for her job around 2:30 on Saturday. I had 30 minutes until Mr. Kane would pick me up and I paced around the house nervously. When I woke that morning, my body was sore. My pussy was painful to touch. I didn’t think I would be useful at all to him. As soon as he would try anything, I knew that I would just wince in pain. I couldn’t cancel with him because I never got his number and was terrified to tell him to his face how I felt. I got dressed, put my hair in twin braids, and waited for his arrival.

I heard him beep with his horn a little after three. I grabbed my things and headed out the door. When I opened the door to his truck, Mr. Kane was on his cell. He looked at me and put his finger to his lips, urging me to be quiet. I was guessing on the other end was his wife. When he finished the call, he put his phone in his pocket and looked me up and down.

“How are you feeling today, Kitten?”

I shifted uncomfortably in my seat, not knowing what to say. When I looked into his eyes, I could tell that he already knew.

“Feeling a little sore?” I nodded and he chuckled. “You’re not exactly my first virgin, you know.” He handed me a bottle of water and a pill. “Take this. In about a half an hour, you’ll feel much better.”

I grabbed the water and the pill. The pill didn’t look like an ordinary pain killer. It was blue and the logo looked like a Toyota symbol. When I put it in my mouth it tasted a lot more bitter than most as well. I swallowed it down and took a big gulp of the water to wash it down.

“Finish the bottle, Kitten” he said. “You’re going to need every drop.” I began drinking the rest and heard him unzip his pants. When the bottle was empty, I looked over to him and his cock was out.

“How much have you eaten so far?”

“Not much” I replied. “A bowl of cereal and an orange for breakfast.”

“Good” he said smiling. “The less in your stomach the better.” He began stoking his cock with one hand and placed the other behind my neck. “Is your throat sore?” I shook my head. He smirked, then pulled my head down. “Let’s put it to use then.”

I bent down into his lap and slowly sucked on the head, with my hand stoking his shaft slowly. He backed out of the driveway and we made our descent. This angle was a little more difficult for me, but I didn’t want to disappoint him. I bobbed up and down as we made our way down the windy hill. His house wasn’t too far from mine, but the drive this time felt much longer. I figured he was just driving around to let me finish before we got out of the car so I tried to speed things up. I bobbed faster and faster until I felt his hands pull my braids back.

“Take your time, Kitten” he said between grunts. “We have a long way to go.”

What did he mean by that, I wondered? Where is he taking me?

I continued giving him road head and he kept driving on. When I felt his cock start to swell, he held my head and started guiding my movements. He kept pushing farther and farther down.

“Get ready to swallow, Kitten” he moaned and pushed my head as far down as it could go. Burst after burst of hot cum shot down my throat with force. I sucked and swallowed, not letting a single drop escape my lips. He hissed and panted though his orgasm and I slowly brought my head up to new surroundings.

We were definitely out of our small town. The shopping center to the left had stores I could recognize. I saw a Walmart, a Lowes and other big name companies not seen in Ozian Creek. We made a right into a small street encompassed by large, expensive homes. He pulled into a driveway of one of them and I fidgeted my hands and feet. I figured we would have gone to his place and because of that, I dressed accordingly. I was wearing a pink tank top with spaghetti straps and a short black and a white plaid skirt that barely covered my ass. Just like the night before; no panties and no bra. I looked at him nervously and he laughed.

“I thought we were going back to your house” I said between nervous breaths. “Do I look okay?” He smiled and nodded.

“You look beautiful, Kitten” he replied smiling. “I want you to meet a few friends of mine. You did so well last night so I want to see how far you can go today.” He got out of his truck and walked around, opening the car door for me. He looked into my eyes and held out for my hand. “Do you trust me?” I nodded and took his hand. We walked up to the door and he opened it without knocking.

I followed him through the door and took my sandals off in the entrance where all the owners shoes were kept. My heart was beating through my chest and my feet were leaving their marks on the marble floor beneath. He led me into the living room and when my eyes hit the couch, I stumbled backwards, not believing what I saw.

On the couch, a middle aged man, I’m guessing in his late forties, was leaning back, holding the hair of a naked, young Asian woman who was kneeling between his legs, sucking his cock with great enthusiasm. The air in my lungs was knocked out and I tried bursa escort to back away. Mr. Kane was behind me and he held my arms close to my body, making my escape from this situation impossible. The man looked up to us with a shit eating grin.

“Oh hey, Rick” he said. “Didn’t hear you come in. Doll will finish in about a few more minutes. Why don’t you get yourself a drink?”

“Will do” he replied. He turned around and I tried to follow him. He stopped me. “Stay here” he ordered. “I want you to watch her. She’s much better at sucking cock than you are.” With that, he turned around and left, leaving me alone with a stranger and his happy little cock sucker.

I shifted uncomfortably, moving my weight from one foot to another while the strange man looked me up and down. What did he mean by that, I wondered? Am I really that bad? The woman also never acknowledged our presence. Did she really not notice or is she so well trained, that no matter what circumstance, she will do what she’s told?

Her head kept moving up and down, moaning all the while. It was almost hypnotic and butterflies crept up my stomach which made me feel a little dizzy. Mr. Kane returned with a bottle of beer for himself and a bottle of water for me. He stood behind me and lightly grazed my shoulders. His touch felt electric and my head felt light. My heart was racing. Something was happening to my body that I couldn’t understand.

My eyes were fixed on the Asian girl. I wasn’t uncomfortable anymore over what I was seeing. In fact, I was turned on. I felt my pussy get wet and my breathing felt dark and heavy. I couldn’t look away even if I wanted to. Every slight touch from Mr. Kane made me moan with delight. I shivered with excitement and my body ached for more.

The man on the couch held the girl’s head down and made a loud grunting noise. She gulped down and swallowed her present from him, then sat happily at his knees, while he patted her head. He then, turned his focus onto me.

“What’s her name, Rick?” he asked.

“This is Kitten” Mr. Kane replied. “She’s my new student.”

“She has great tits” he said with a smile. “Are they real?”

“Yes indeed.” Mr. Kane took the straps of my tank top and slowly pulled it down to my waist, freeing my tits from their prison and revealing me to the man. He gazed at me and licked his lips.

“Can’t wait to play with them,” he said.

“This is Mr. Green,” Mr. Kane whispered in my ear. “And she is Doll.” He motioned over to her to approach and she stood up.

“Hello Mr. Kane” she said with a thick accent. She walked over and I gazed at her body. She looked about 21. Her straight black hair almost reached her waist. Her boobs were very big for her body. Obviously implants. She stood about 5 foot nothing. Slim everywhere except for her boobs and ass, that I also assumed, was enhanced. Her face looked altered as well. She looked like she has gotten lip, cheek and chin injections. She was beautiful, but unnatural. When she got to us, she bowed.

“Very nice to see you, Mr. Kane” she said with a very soft voice. She looked over at me and smiled. “Very beautiful girlfriend.”

“Thank you, Doll” he said. “You like what you see then.”

“Oh yes Mr. Kane!” Her eyes were smiling which made me a little nervous.

“This is Kitten” he said. “She’s here to learn things from you.” I felt a little scared when he said that but something in my body was betraying my thoughts. I wanted to run, but couldn’t move. Mr. Kane slowly started massaging my tits and I leaned my head back into him. “What do you think about her tits, Doll” he asked.

“So big, Mr. Kane” she said. “May I touch them?” He nodded.

Why would she ask him for permission and not me, I wondered? Her head lowered down and I felt her tongue on my nipple. She was gentle, barely grazing my body and I began to savor her breath on my skin. Mr. Kane unzipped my skirt and pushed my clothes down until they rested at my feet. Doll sucked gently against me rotating from one nipple to the next. I felt frozen in place and my heart was beating out of my chest. My vision became blurry. What did Mr. Kane give me earlier, I thought? What kind of pain killer could have this kind of effect?

She lowered to her knees and Mr. Kane lifted one of my legs into the air, holding my knee up. She wasted no time. She raised her head and softly licked the lips of my pussy. Barely grazing it with her tongue and I instinctively pushed myself into her. My thoughts froze. Her tongue danced beautifully around me and if it wasn’t for Mr. Kane holding me up, I would have collapsed. I moaned while she expertly played with my body. I was losing control fast and was wanting more. She moved back, ignoring my wishes, then moved forward, licking so softly and I grunted with delight and angst.

“Bring her over to the coffee table,” Mr. Green said. “I want to watch every moment of this.” Doll stopped her movements, walked over to the table and sat on her knees. Mr. Kane picked me up and carried me to the coffee bursa escort bayan table in the middle of the room and gently laid me on it. The Doll scooted between my legs and started licking me slowly again.

My head felt empty but every nerve in my body was alive. I was completely out of control. Both men sat on the couch and watched their entertainment. This was not her first day at the rodeo. She teased me with her tongue. Her long nails scratching my inner thighs. She sucked gently on my clit and I wanted more. I wanted to get ravaged. I wanted her to bite me. My body was twitching at every move she made. I started squeezing my tits and my eyes were rolling to the back of my head.

“Please, harder” I moaned, unable to keep any kind of composure. Doll did not disappoint. She sucked on my clit hard and her nails were scratching my pussy so roughly, I was sure that she would leave marks. I squeezed my eyes shut, my body; in heaven. It started to spasm and I knew that I would cum fast and rough. My body felt like it was rising off the table and wave after wave of bliss coursed its way through every part of me. She rode out my orgasm, sucking hungrily until my body settled down.

Mr. Green knelt down and sucked greedily on my tits while his doll slowed down her movements. I opened my eyes and saw Mr. Kane, sitting there with a smile on his face, while his friends worked my body over.

“Enjoy that, Kitten” he said with a smirk on his face. I had no words. My body was on fire. It was definitely no longer sore. It was hungry. I looked around the room, but couldn’t focus on anything. My mind felt like it was in a silent movie with its twitches of reality. I couldn’t think of anything but I could feel everything. Mr. Green’s grabbed me roughly, squeezing my tits hard as he sucked on them, but nothing hurt and I couldn’t understand why.

Mr. Green shifted my body so my head no longer rested on the table, and shoved his cock down my throat deep. He held it there for a moment, then thrusted himself quick and fast inside me. My throat was open and eager. Every time his cock hit my throat, I moaned in pleasure and Mr. Green responded by fucking it with everything he had. He kept one hand on the back of my head while the other squeezed my tits and pinched my nipples wildly

Doll stood up and lifted her hips high into the air, her hands gripping the table. Mr. Kane was behind her and he pushed himself in. I heard her scream in ecstasy while Mr. Kane thrusted deep and hard inside her. Mr. Green lifted me up, then placed me down, facing the opposite from her on the other side, standing up as well, and he shoved his cock inside me.

“God, she is tight” Mr. Green moaned as he slammed himself over and over into me.

“Well, she was a virgin yesterday,” Mr. Kane chuckled while owning the doll’s backside. “Enjoy that while it lasts.”

“Will do” he chuckled as he fucked me deeper and deeper. In my head, I knew what was happening was wrong. I knew that I would feel dirty later for the things that were happening, but I couldn’t stop my body from loving it. His cock was slamming into me hard, but my body not only liked it; it wanted more. I kept moaning over and over while his body owned mine. He thrusted harder and harder like a jack hammer, then pushed far in and shot his cum deep within my womb. I lost it again. His orgasm brought along my orgasm, and if it wasn’t for his hands holding up my hips, I would have face planted the table. My knees buckled while wave after wave crushed me into submission.

When he withdrew his now softening cock from inside me, he sat back on the couch. I was still riding high. My body was still in the state of ready and I looked up and envied the sight in front of me.

Mr. Kane was fucking Doll with everything he had. Her face was wild with pleasure. Her screams were loud and quick. From her sounds, I could almost feel what he was doing to her, like he was inside me as well. I watched every nuance of her face as it contorted with his movements. Her body squirmed in, what it looked like, an earth shattering orgasm, as he pumped his seed deep inside her pussy. He pulled back and once again, sat on the couch.

“Doll” Mr. Kane said, after taking a sip from his beer. “Lay back on the table.” Doll complied and laid there in the same position I was in earlier. “Kitten, it’s time you returned the favor. I want you to suck all my cum out of her pussy.”

That command would have normally, grossed the shit out of me. Instead, I happily complied, I walked over to her, with her legs spread eagerly, and knelt beneath her. I licked the cum, leaking down to her asshole, up to her slobbering cunt, with passion and wild intent. She responded with her body viciously, her body needing me as much as mine needed her earlier. She twisted and turned, but this time, I was in control.

Using a different technique than her, I became aggressive. I sucked against her pussy with the greatest of ambition. I wanted all the cum I believed she had stolen from me and I would escort bursa swallow every drop of it. I sucked hard on her clit and made her thrash over and over again. I could feel how much the men, especially Mr. Kane, were loving my actions and that only fueled my fire to continue. She kept moaning over and over. The sounds alone were making me horny as hell and I began to rub myself to relieve the pressure. I was in another world as I hoped she was too. I pushed two of my fingers inside her cunt and she responded wildly. My fingernails were short, so I used that to my advantage. I plunged my fingers deep inside of her as I sucked hungrily. Her body loved my actions. She wanted more, her body needed more. I rewarded her response with another finger.

When I heard the doorbell ring, I paused and looked up. Mr. Kane nodded for me to go on. I heard two short rings again, but neither man got up to answer the door. I forgot about the distraction until I heard a strange voice behind me. My fingers and tongue continued to ravish her, but my mind paused and waited for more information. I began to smell the unmistakable aroma of pizza and I heard a very manly chuckle.

“Oh boy, when you said I was in for a treat, I didn’t know it would be this good.”

A finger tickled my most sensitive of parts by the random stranger and I loved every moment of it. I leaned back into it as it pressed harder, rubbing my clit. Every movement of his gave me more motivation to own and plunder the pussy in my face. I sucked harder in order to keep up with those fingers penetrating me. She was squirming in ecstasy. She was about to cum and I loved the feeling I got from giving it to her. Her hips were bucking wild while two strange fingers explored me like Columbus. Without warning, my face got sprayed.

She squirted all over me, to the delight of everyone else. I was about to cum myself, but after I got blasted, I lost momentum. I read earlier that while men call women squirting a heat of passion, but what scientists call it, urinating uncontrollably. I just got pissed on and all I wanted to do after that was shower.

She jerked over and over again, with much applause from the men around us. Somehow, she was the “winner” of this round.

“This is why I’m marrying her,” Mr. Green applauded. “Who wouldn’t want a squirter?”

The fingers inside me pulled away and I sat on my knees. My head was still spinning and her body was shaking. I looked around my head to look at the new arrival to the room. He looked to be in his late twenties. Dark hair and dark eyes. He had a masculine body but sported a baby face.

“So, I hope that’s not all” the new arrival said with a laugh. “I was promised something extra this time” he added. “I’ve seen her squirt before.”

“Getting a little greedy, aren’t you,” Mr. Green said with a chuckle. “Well, don’t worry.” He pointed over at me. “This one over here is in desperate need for a blow job lesson. Since we can’t decide which one of us will do the honors, we decided that you will, with of course you know, an exchange of the bill.” He looked over at his Doll, still recovering. “Doll face” he said, “Show the kitten, by example, the best way to suck a man’s cock.” She rolled over, off the table, and crawled over to the strange man, who at that time, had his cock out and was gently stroking it.

I followed behind her, wiggling my ass and taking my sweet time, giving the men behind me a good show. I was blinded with lust, eagerly anticipating my lesson like a good teacher’s pet. We both rested on our knees, looking up at this new visitor’s eyes, waiting for permission. He guided Doll’s face slowly to him, and she parted her mouth and took him in.

She slowly bobbed her head up and down and his head fell back and hissed quietly. She kept a slow, steady pace, then she raised her head up and I moved forward. I licked and sucked the head of his cock, teasing him and testing his movements. He moaned and his fingers started tickling the back of my ear. I lunged slowly in, my tongue licking around the shaft as my lips pressed hungrily against him. He grabbed my braids to speed up my movements. After a moment of him lightly fucking my face, he released me, and Doll went back in action.

She sucked his cock faster this time, with her eyes on his, and he grunted his pleasure to her. Her hands were cradling his balls while one of his hands held her hair off her face and neck. He grabbed me by my braids and put my head into position. He abruptly pushed her head away, then pulled my head hard into him. Doll’s hands continued to massage his balls and his groans became louder.

“Suck my balls” he groaned deeply and Doll’s head lowered beneath mine. She gobbled down and he held my head tight against him, savoring the two mouths swallowing him. He released us both, pushed us away and caught his breath.

As soon as our heads were free, Doll pulled me close to her and softly kissed my lips. My mouth opened and her tongue danced with my own. Both men behind us groaned with approval. Our hands started exploring each other’s bodies. I tickled her sides, squeezed her tits and she did the same. Once the man got his composure back, he gently pulled us apart and we licked his shaft together.

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