25 Nisan 2023

A Place To Call Home Ch. 01

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This series is to be read following “A Thanksgiving Surprise” and “A December to Remember” If you haven’t read either of those two stories, you won’t know the history of these characters and probably won’t enjoy the story as much. I know it has been a long time since “A December to Remember Ch. 03”. I apologize for the delay as I was dealing with some pretty serious life issues and I am finally in a good place to continue writing again. The last chapter in a December to Remember felt like it had a rushed ending to me and I’m not really interested in continuing that part of the series at this point. Even though I didn’t get to share the ideas I had with Sofia and Isabella in Cozumel… someday hopefully I’ll be able to go back to that part of the series and finish it off with another chapter or two. I am more interested in progressing the story of the lives of these characters and not so much as to what happens on the rest of their trip to Cozumel. What I have for you instead is “A Place to Call Home” which is a one or two chapter additional series taking place a few years after” A December to Remember” when Matty has been working for about 1.5 years after graduation. After this chapter, I plan to do one more chapter of a similar size to finish this series completely. I may add some small chapters to the Cozumel storyline and then release the entire anthology as one story but I haven’t decided that yet. Hope you enjoy! Comments are always appreciated!



All things considered, life was grand. I graduated about a year and a half ago with my double major in Engineering and Business. I had now been working at an international Engineering Firm that had a regional HQ in our area. I started in an entry level engineering position right out of school but after 6 months, and some company restructuring, I was offered the job of Senior Project Manager. It was a well-paying job for someone with only 6 months of experience and offered substantial opportunities to grow within the company. I was surprised, but jumped at the opportunity that presented itself. The three ladies of the house were not surprised at all and told me I’d be running that place within the year. My drop dead gorgeous blonde sister Cassie and our equally beautiful brunette girlfriend Rachel were all living in a waterfront century home in The Muskokas.

This home was once the crown jewel of the area but has not had the benefit of proper care over the years allowing us to purchase the expansive property for a reasonable price (with some assistance of course from my mother Sara). My mother was also living with us, enjoying early early retirement life and had her own wing of the house that she too called home. It was our home. The four of us had created an unbreakable bond built on respect, passion, and love. I think our trip to Cozumel is what cemented our relationship. While the four of us are always up for keeping things exciting and maybe adding in a partner or…three, we are a family unit of four that essentially functions as one. We cannot and will not falter. Cassie and Rachel are two years into their private practice with an ever-expanding client base. They were both thriving in the medical field and had picked up on the business side of things pretty quickly albeit with a little help from me. Life had settled down and we were like a newly redesigned well-oiled machine. After living through the nightmare of the death of my father, and then finding out about his infidelity, the four of us were finally in a permanent positive place. This home was where we would spend the rest of our lives together. We were putting down roots, starting over, building a family again. I couldn’t help but think these next years would be the best years of my life.

*** A PLACE TO CALL HOME — CH. 01***

CRACK! THUMP! I was woken from my sleep by two loud sounds that I couldn’t quite put my mind on in my half-asleep state. I flipped open the shutters on my window next to my bed and was blinded by the summer sunshine pouring in.

“Gah…” I grunted as I quickly rolled away from the light and off the side of the bed. I threw on my house coat and then I heard a third loud sound that caused me to stop dead in my tracks. It was a woman screaming. I quickly rushed downstairs to find the source of the noise. I hit the main floor foyer before I heard what sounded like pouring liquid coming from the basement accompanied by sounds of despair. I ran downstairs to a sight that I would have never thought I would see. My sister Cassie was standing with her back to me, in cut-off jeans and a white tank top. Her hands were on her cheeks framing her face with a wrench in one hand and a rag in the other. Her hair was up in a ponytail…she had been working and was breathing heavily. She was looking back and forth between a 4″ diameter 4 foot septic pipe that had dropped to the floor and the mounting flange that it had been attached to moments Nişantaşı Escort before.

“Morning Cass…doing some plumbing are we?” I asked as I brought over an old pail to catch the sludge coming out of the broken end of the pipe. Cassie jumped at the sound of my voice and quickly turned to look at me. I could see there was a look of confusion in her eyes as to what just happened with the sewage pipe.

“Uh….yeah I guess,” Cassie laughed as she came over to give me a quick peck on the lips.

“Not going too well… But I’m doing better than our girl over there,” Cassie finished as she nodded in the other direction. I looked over and was caught off guard at the sight of Rachel dry heaving over the top of another bucket.

“The…the smell is awful,” croaked Rachel as she looked up at us.

“Hey babe,” she finished and flashed somewhat of a smile at me. Sure it smelled a little bad down there but nowhere near as bad as Rachel was making it out to be. It was just your typical run of the mill usual septic smell. Luckily it didn’t appear that either girl had actually gotten any on them.

“Trying to replace the pipe by yourselves were you?” I inquired knowing full well that the girls were trying to help out with their share of the house repairs. I had a passion for home renovation / remodeling that I must have somehow picked up from my Aunt Joan who was an interior designer and contractor. The leaking septic pipe was a fairly new issue that was a reasonably quick fix once the parts arrived. It was definitely easier for two individuals to hold the weight of the pipe while it is unbolted and swapped out with the new one. I guess the parts had arrived and the girls thought they would tackle it themselves.

“While I appreciate you ladies helping out, why don’t you let me take it from here?” I threw off my house coat and was only in my sleep pants without a shirt on. I began to lift the new pipe into position and used one of the hangers to hold it in place while I bolted the new pipe onto the run.

“Mmm…gladly,” they answered in unison as Rachel had pulled herself together and was now standing with her arms around Cassie’s waist watching me work.

“You sure you can handle that long thing by yourself big boy?” Rachel asked as her and Cassie began to slowly walk toward me.

“Uh yeah…it’s not that long of a pipe.” I answered matter-of-factly. “I almost got it.”

“I THINK she was talking about this,” Cassie purred as her hand slowly circled the tip of my cock from outside of my boxers. I was semi-hard with morning wood but went to rock hard when my beautiful sister began to play with me. I jumped and luckily the pipe was in place so it didn’t fall.

“Oh I see,” I chuckled as Rachel came over and placed her hand on top of Cassie’s. Together, their hands moved as one all over my boxers sliding in and out of the waist band teasing me.

“I think we’re going to go get washed up in case we got some on us,” Rachel stated. “I think there may be something you could work on in the shower,” She finished as her and Cassie both giggled. The two beauties were looking into my eyes and even in that moment, surrounded by sewage smell and all disheveled, they were absolutely gorgeous.

“Let me finish up here and I’ll be up in a few minutes,” I said.

“Don’t wait too long dear brother. You’ll miss out on all the fun,” Cassie warned with a wink as her and Rachel headed up the basement stairs holding hands and laughing. I stood in awe at the two of them walking away and again thought to myself how I am the luckiest guy in the world. I finished up the repair on the pipe, cleaned up some of the sewage from the floor and jogged up the stairs to meet Cassie and Rachel in their bathroom before the fun was over.

I hit the top of the basement stairs in a full jog and didn’t see that someone was coming around the corner from the foyer. I ran RIGHT into Etta and send both of us spinning. Luckily I was able to catch her and she landed on top of me while I hit the floor pretty hard.

“I’m so sorry Mr. Matthew!” Etta shrieked as she clambered up back onto her feet. Etta was my parent’s former housekeeper. She now spent half of her time at our house in that same role and the other half of the time she was employed by Cassie and Rachel at their practice doing some administrative and managerial duties. Etta’s daughter Maria was Clinical Manager at the practice and the two of them would often be over at our place together.

“No problem, Etta,” I stated as I stood up and kissed her on the cheek. “You can fall on me any day.” I winked and gave her a slap on the ass. Etta pulled me in for a passionate kiss and started running the inside of her thigh on the outside of my leg.

“Anything…else I can assist with baby?” Etta asked as her fingers were now swirling around my abs. Thinking of Rachel and Cassie upstairs together…and Pendik Escort then thinking about fucking Etta, I had to go with my gut.

“Rain check, beautiful,” I stated and returned the passionate kiss she just gave me. “You can count on it,” I finished as I continued my jog upstairs.

Ever since my father had died, Etta and my mother Sara had become very close. Etta had been our housekeeper for as long as I can remember. While she was always involved at some level when we were kids, she lived a very private life up until a few years ago. She was all business and she wanted it that way. I remember hearing stories of how Etta wasn’t always a “live-in” housekeeper as she was and is now. After we became adults, Etta played more of a role in living in our house and not just working there. She became part of the family. All of this made sense to Cassie, Rachel and I when we took a trip to Cozumel and all 3 of us became infatuated with our gorgeous Hispanic flight attendant Maria. Maria spent a LOT of time with us on our trip and we eventually came to realize that she was in fact the daughter of Etta! While nobody believed it at first, between the stories and similarities told by my mother and Maria, we all came to the agreement that it was in fact true and immediately Maria was welcomed in as part of the family.

Hiring Maria as Clinical Manager at the practice allowed Cassie and Rachel to spend even more time with her. Even though Cassie and Rachel were both busy in appointments, surgeries, and whatever else, I have the feeling that the three of them spent a LOT of time “socializing” at work. After our wild trip to Cozumel I spent multiple nights thinking of the three of them intertwined in a medical office somewhere having fun…without me.

I reached the top of the stairs and continued to jog down the hallway hoping I didn’t miss out on the steamy fun that was waiting for me. When I flipped on the light to the girls’ room, I could still hear the shower running. YES I thought to myself. I started to walk slowly towards the ensuite bathroom at which point I began to hear soft moaning and heavy breathing coming from within. I slowly ever so slightly opened the bathroom door and was able to see one of the greatest sights I had ever seen.

In the corner of the shower my beautiful blue eyed blonde sister Cassie was leaning against the shower wall. Her right leg was raised up and her knee was resting…on Rachel’s left shoulder. Cassie’s right index and ring fingers were sliding in and out of her mouth as her left hand was wrapped around a handful of Rachel’s full brunette locks and was guiding her mouth into her pussy. Rachel was sliding three fingers on her right hand softly and sensually into Cassie’s dripping wet pussy while her left hand massaged and grabbed Cassie’s tits.

As much as I wanted to get in on the action, I didn’t want to disturb this passionate and sensual moment these two gorgeous women were sharing.

“Oh God Rachel…fuck baby! Eat my pussy just like that!” Cassie panted and moaned as she used her toned leg to pull Rachel into her even closer. Rachel continued to move her tongue and lips in a rhythmic motion while her fingers were working in perfect synchronization with her mouth. Cassie’s grip on Rachel’s hair seemed to tighten and pull her in closer. Naturally, Rachel went along with this and increased her pressure and speed. Cassie’s moaning grew louder and she started to swivel her hips to match the rhythm of her girl.

“I…I…I’m gonna cum!” Cassie groaned as her whole body visually trembled and shook as she dug both hands into Rachel’s hair and held her mouth tight against her.

When the orgasm had finally ended, Rachel stood up and planted a sloppy wet kiss onto Cassie’s pretty mouth.

“Mmmmm you taste good babe,” Rachel then moaned into Cassie’s ear.

Cassie led Rachel to the other side of the walk-in shower which was equipped with a 8 foot marble bench big enough to lay on. She spun Rachel around and made her place her hands on the bench so her ass was sticking out into the air. There was a separate shower head on this side of the shower with independent controls. Cassie turned up the heat to the point where I could swear I saw steam beginning to form from the water.

“MMMmmmm YES!” Rachel whispered loudly as the hot water cascaded down her back. Cassie leaned over and whispered something into Rachel’s ear. I couldn’t make out what she said but Rachel looked surprised and excited. She very slowly nodded her head in agreement as I could see her eyes were wide, and eager for what was to happen next. Cassie took her finger and slowly ran it from the back of Rachel’s neck, between her shoulder blades and down her back. When Cassie’s hands got to Rachel’s perfect ass, Cassie gave both cheeks a grab before smacking one VERY hard that caused me to jump a little. I had never seen anything like this between Rus Escort these two women but could tell that this was obviously something they have done before.

Cassie knelt behind Rachel and began to run her tongue across Rachel’s cheeks. While gripping both cheeks firmly, Cassie took her tongue and began to swirl it around Rachel’s tight asshole. Rachel’s body jolted and then immediately relaxed as she was realizing the pleasure she was experiencing. Cassie took her mouth away for a moment and licked her finger.

“How is that you dirty bitch?” Cassie demanded in an aggressive tone as she smacked Rachel’s ass again.

“Oh God…so fucking good Cass!” Rachel quickly responded while looking over her shoulder.

Cassie then took her finger and began to circle it around Rachel’s asshole. Teasing her. Making her beg for it.

“Fucking stick it in my ass!” Rachel bellowed as Cassie did as instructed and began to rapidly push her finger in and out. Her other hand began to vigorously rub Rachel’s clit. I was now rock hard watching this and was desperate to get in on this action. I wanted to see where this led so managed to just slowly stroke my cock as I watched them.

“OH GOD IM CLOSE!” Rachel screamed as Cassie was now alternating between fingering and eating Rachel’s ass while still rubbing her clit.

“Cum for me babe. Cum HARD,” Cassie whispered in her ear. The aggressive tone was dissipating and Cassie’s voice returned to one of love/passion/desire. Cassie continued to rub her clit hard while Rachel’s body shook in orgasm. Cassie had to support her girl’s body as waves of pleasure ripped through Rachel’s limber body.

After Rachel had come down from her high, the two women held each other close and continued to kiss passionately for several minutes.

I sat on the edge of the bed for a minute trying to take in what I saw. Apparently the girls liked it rough…rougher than we have done in the past. After a few minutes alone with my thoughts, I got dressed and headed downstairs to grab some quick breakfast. By this point the morning sun had burned the fog off the lake and it was a beautiful summer day. I decided to head out to the dock to make some last minute adjustments on The Cricket. The Cricket was a bright green flat bottomed fishing boat that I had bought upon graduation. I spent the last year fixing it up with a buddy and now she was almost ready to be christened with a nice bottle of champagne. There were some fine tunings left to make on the motor before we were good to go. As I rolled up my sleeves to get to work I heard someone wolf whistle from behind me. I turned around to see my mother Sara fanning herself with a magazine while watching from the elevated section of our deck.

“Hey there sailor. Take me for a ride?” My mother asked in a seductively smooth voice. She put down her magazine and stood up. Sara was wearing a white bikini with a wrap around her waist. I could see that she had applied some sun tanning oil as I couldn’t look away from her tanned, wet cleavage poking out through the bikini top. While walking towards me she pulled the hair elastic from her ponytail and let her gorgeous blond hair flow naturally. She ran her left hand through her hair creating a sexy messy look, while she gently bit down on the tip of her right index finger. The resemblance of my mother to my sister Cassie was remarkable. This incredible sexy knockout was my mother and also one of my passionate lovers. As she stepped off from the deck onto the dock, and walked towards me swaying her hips, she looked like she wanted to be my fuck toy.

“Sure thing gorgeous!” I replied quickly as I swept her up into my arms with minimal effort. We shared a lover’s kiss of passion and desire as she wrapped her hands around my head and swirled her tongue around the inside of my mouth. She broke the kiss and jumped down.

“So when do you think you’ll have it running sweetie?” She asked genuinely interested.

“Hopefully in a few minutes. Grab the girls and come on down with a bottle of champagne to christen it!” I replied joyfully. I made the adjustment to the motor that I thought and hoped were needed to have it fire up and run smooth. All-in-all it was a nice looking vessel, and with the recent body and paint work done she looked brand new.

Cassie and Rachel came flying down the steps with my mother close behind them carrying a bottle of Cristal. When they approached the boat I cleared my throat and began to make a speech.

“Thank you…Thank you all for coming.” I said. “As you know this boat wasn’t much to look at when I first bought it but now I feel she is seaworthy and ready for the water. With this bottle of Cristal I dub thee, Cricket The Second!” I shouted as I took the bottle of champagne and broke it over the bow of the boat. The lovely ladies cheered and then my mother Sara hopped in first. Rachel and Cassie tried to follow behind.

“Nope!” Ordered Sara. “This sailor has promised me a private ride as a first trip. You two will have to wait I’m afraid, ” I could see the disappointment in their faces but also the mischievous grin that started to form when they realized the emphasis that my mother Sara had put on the words private ride.

“Fair is fair I guess,” Said Rachel as she playfully pouted.

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