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A Practice Secret Ch. 02


Chelsea’s friend reviews the Practice

Doctor Love’s Practice is like no other medical centre. Women are treated as Guests where they embarked on a journey of sensual self-discover and well-being that nurtures their body, mind and soul. The building provides luxurious facilities and an intimate place for women to meet with Doctor Love. Chelsea finally convinced Jane to review the Practice and her friend’s suspicions are aroused that it’s much more than an exclusive private medical service.

Thank you, Chelsea, so much for sharing your naughty Practice secret. Love you, Jane.


My heart pounding wildly and gasping for breath, I stopped shimmying Stuart’s cock and rolled off. His rock-hard erection glistened with slick wetness and throbbed for more as I introduced him to my favourite position. I arched my back with my head buried into the bedspread and thighs parted in invitation. Stuart eagerly climbed to his knees and mounted me from behind.

I softly moaned feeling the weight and curve of his body over mine for the very first time. ‘Oh yes,’ I groaned loudly as his cock drove between my moist folds.

Stuart soon had me whimpering with every thrust. ‘Uh, uh, oh yeah, oh yeah,’ I gasped and moaned, heat pulsing through my body with the sound of flesh smacking flesh echoing around the room.

Stuart’s fingertips glided over my hips and his warm exploring hands cupped my breasts. ‘Oh yes, play with my fucking tits,’ I moaned, igniting something inside my new lover and driving the intensity of his thrusting.

Adrenaline surged through me at discovering Stuart liked dirty talk. ‘Oh, fuck. More please, please,’ I begged, gasping for breath as his fingertips searched for where pleasure and pain met.

Continuous moans and groans escaped with the relentless and torturous pleasure as Stuart rolled and squeezed my nipples. Thrusting into me with increased passion, I could feel his balls slapping my pussy and heard the wetness of his cock pounding my sensitive internal flesh.

‘Oh yeah, oh yeah,’ I loudly moaned over and over, almost incoherently as he fucked me senseless.

Stuart paused and held me tightly against his body, his cock exploding. ‘Oh, fuck Jane that feels good,’ he moaned, filling me with his cum.

A hand relinquished a breast and slipped between my legs and found my clit. I moaned loudly with the sensation of his caressing fingers, only encouraging Stuart to strum the sensitive aroused flesh. I tried to buck and squirm against the overwhelming pleasure but he held me firm.

I clutched at the bedspread with my hands as Stuart drove me to the edge. Suddenly I couldn’t draw breath, frantically gasping for air with my body trembling violently. Then the release I so desperately wanted with my breathing returning in shallow breaths as a series of orgasms ripped through my body.

We rolled onto our backs next to each other, hearts pounding and breathing heavily. ‘God, I can’t believe it’s our first time,’ I gasped.

I rolled into Stuart and felt the slick coating of lust’s sweat on my lover’s back. I just wanted to savour our first intimate moment and the contentment that comes with amazing sex. The room filled with satisfied silence as we lay in each other arms recovering. I said a silent thank you to Chelsea, Doctor Love and Maddisyn before my mind drifted to the amazing sequence of events that brought Stuart and I together.

It was a little over 6 months ago when I first visited the Practice . . .

The knot was tightening in my stomach as I made my way to the appointment. I could easily have returned home and ended the torment. My curiosity and persistent prompting by Chelsea had persuaded me to attend the Practice for a viewing. Chelsea wouldn’t be that mean to put me through such anguish. We’ve been best friends since we were at school together. She was so concerned, urging me to seek counselling and telling me how much it helped her.

It actually sounded intriguing. I’d never had to review a medical centre before. Although Chelsea was a little allusive about her treatment, the profound effect on her was obvious. She seemed more relaxed, confident and fulfilled. Things had also improved with her new love interest, although I was still to meet him. I finally made the phone call, desperately wanting what the Practice had done for Chelsea.

I don’t know if it was my anxiousness or what I imagined the place would look like but I almost walked past it. I checked the address on the crumpled slip of paper in my hand, compelled to check it again although it was already imbedded in my mind.

The Practice was in the prestigious Park Crescent area, well known for its historic homes. Many were delightfully restored and maintained, some used as professional suites and offices. The Practice was a beautiful double-storey terrace residence with a lovely small garden behind a decorative wrought iron fence. I felt some relief in discovering it wasn’t the clinic I expected.

A deep silent breath kurtköy yeni escort filled my lungs as I opened the steel gate and took the few steps to the front door. There was a brass sign with ‘Doctor Love’s Practice’ and the address confirming I had the right place. With a little less apprehension, I pushed the bell mounted on the large stained-glass door and soon heard the distinctive sound of high-heels approaching.

‘Welcome Jane, I’m Maddisyn and the Practice Manager. It’s so nice for you to join us. I’ll be showing you around,’ she greeted me in a quiet and reassuring voice.

I breathed a sigh of relief at her warm welcome and soft smile, feeling the tension subsiding. Maddisyn was a tall and attractive brunette woman with a slim but healthy-looking figure and in her mid-20’s. Stylishly dressed, she wore a white jacket with a lovely open-neck blue blouse and a short black dress. It was a classy introduction to the Practice, further dispelling any thoughts I had about a clinic. Chelsea was right, she is a lovely young woman.

I was invited into a large entry hall. The high ornate ceilings with decorative cornices and ceiling rosette with a chandelier gave a feeling of grandeur. I felt a little underdressed, overwhelmed by the opulence of the building and began to wonder what Chelsea had got me into. Maddisyn really looked at home in such an exclusive setting. She reminded me of Chelsea when she was her age, elegant and fashionable.

‘Ooh, what a lovely building!’ I exclaimed as the Practice continued to surprise me, gazing at all the wonderful period features.

‘The previous owner did a wonderful job restoring the building,’ replied Maddisyn. ‘I think it provides a lovely atmosphere for the Guests and helps them enjoy their visits. We hope you will enjoy the Practice as well.’

Wow! I thought, eagerly looking forward to exploring the building. I love the old-world style of a period home. The architecture and ornate plasterwork were so beautiful and the dark polished Baltic Pine floorboards and subtle lighting gave a warm and welcoming feel. The wooden staircase and balustrades leading from the hall was impressive and a long passageway extended to the back of the building. Meeting Maddisyn and marvelling at the inside of the building were a pleasant distraction.

‘The passageway leads to Doctor Love’s consulting suite and he lives on the second floor,’ she continued. ‘You’ll have full access to all areas on the ground floor but we appreciate Guests not visiting upstairs.’

The solid polished floorboards made a classy sound as Maddisyn walked in her black high-heels. She had a warm and friendly manner. Not aloof or condescending, as could have been the case in such opulent surroundings. She showed genuine interest in me, explaining the facilities and answering questions as we moved through the Practice. When she spoke, her voice was soft and gentle. My concerns and nervousness we quickly evaporating and replaced with relief and excitement while enjoying Maddisyn’s company.

‘Please come through to the Sitting Room,’ Maddisyn leading me through a stunningly decorative arched entrance to a wonderfully appointed room.

I gasped with amazement. ‘It’s beautiful,’ turning around on the spot to take in the amazing room.

The room just took my breath away with the shear opulence of the period furniture and furnishings. A sigh of astonishment restored my breath. A white marble fireplace was a feature of the room where Guests could sit and enjoy some refreshments. Fine prints and paintings adorned the decoratively papered walls. Period tables and floor lamps gave the room character and a stylish pendant hung from a magnificent ceiling rosette. Two lovely couches were positioned either side of the fireplace. A bay window had a spectacular view of the park opposite with its large trees and sweeping lawns.

It was picture perfect. I could see why Chelsea was impressed. ‘This is lovely and so elegant,’ I commented gazing around the wonderful room.

‘I’m fortunate to share the room with Guests as my office,’ she replied, glancing towards an antique wooden desk, which certainly didn’t look out-of-place.

‘This is where Guests relax, reflect and prepare for their consultation,’ she explained softly in an almost spiritual tone and adding, ‘Doctor Love will see Guests when they are ready because they’re the person who matters most.’

I felt a little touched. What a beautiful thing to say. It was something like an exclusive club for women and I felt I was being treated like a member. I could see why it was expensive and why Chelsea loved the Practice. She enjoys a lavish lifestyle and the luxurious facilities, gracious service and pampered would have been too tempting to resist. She’s more elegant and adventurous than me but I was becoming a little excited about the prospect of becoming a Guest as well.

‘Through here is your lounge,’ indicated Maddisyn leading the way. ‘I’ve worked at beauty and day spars kurtköy sınırsız escort and I’m a massage therapist. I often help Guests with their makeup and hair.’

‘Ooh . . . this is lovely,’ I softly breathed, as I surveyed the room with obvious delight.

The Guest Lounge with spa like facilities was off the Sitting Room. The elegant facilities provided all that a woman could wish for prior or following a consultation. Guests could indulge in a spar with a private garden view or have a luxurious massage. Then pamper themselves with the range of perfumes and cosmetics, displayed on a white dressing table with a large mirror. Or simply have a warm relaxing shower. The sumptuous cotton towels felt so soft and luxurious as I ran my hand against them.

It was like a lovely fairy tale as we wandered through the Practice, so serene and picturesque were all the facilities. ‘I could get use to this,’ I sighed, a little dreamily.

There was a tranquil ambiance with attention to detail and kind service, from the soothing music to the fresh flowers in every room. I was most impressed. Maddisyn did a wonderful job of showing me around and I had warmed to her already. She seemed so caring and I liked her personal touch. I sensed that she played a big part in Guests enjoying the services the Practice provided.

‘A friend of mine, Chelsea, recommended the Practice to me. Do you know her?’ I inquired with the aim of finding out what the Practice offered.

‘We know all the Guests very well. We provide individual care and attention and we respect their privacy,’ was the reassuring, yet elusively polite reply.

I liked the thought of personal and private attention when dealing with sensitive issues and was beginning to feel comfortable with what the Practice had to offer. Maddisyn had gained my confidence and my thoughts and curiosity turned to Chelsea’s doctor.

Chelsea hadn’t mentioned much about Doctor Love personally, or the Practice. ‘Is Love his real name?’ I clumsily asked.

Maddisyn smiled and paused before answering. ‘Yes, I often get asked that. Doctor Love was in general practice. He also has a PhD and is a qualified sex counsellor and therapist.’

My curiosity was now replaced with increased interest and enthusiasm. Doctor Love sounded well qualified and obviously created a wonderful place for women, so thoughtful of their needs. How lovely must Doctor Love be if he created such an enchanting place? I imagined him as an interesting person to meet.

‘Would you like some morning tea and we can discuss what the Practice can offer?’ Maddisyn suggested, sensing my eagerness and returning to the matter at hand.

We returned to the Sitting Room and I sat on the couch near the marble fireplace. The warmth radiating from the fire felt lovely on my legs and added to the cosy feeling of the room. The comfortable couch made me feel at home, or maybe what I wished it was like. It was as if I was the lady of the house being waited on. I almost forgot I was at a doctor’s practice.

‘Would you like tea or coffee?’ Maddisyn offered.

‘Coffee please,’ I grinned, anticipating a lovely barrister style drink.

There was a kitchenette behind Maddisyn’s desk. It was an obvious renovation but the design blended nicely with the style of the building. My focus turned to the fire with its flames licking the logs in the grate and I contemplated what the Practice had to offer. My love life certainly could do with improvement. I didn’t need Chelsea to remind me of that. I craved the intimate relationship that I hadn’t had for a long time. I wasn’t interested in mindless casual sex and wanted a man who would remember my name the next morning.

But who would be interested in me? I wasn’t a young girl like Maddisyn anymore or even as good looking as Chelsea, despite being about the same age. Sadly, I finally realised how I’d let myself go and put on a bit of weight. I’ve realised for a while now that I needed to talk with someone about the void in my life and get some direction for the future. Chelsea thought that counselling with Doctor Love would help.

Maddisyn returned with our drinks and a lovely triple-teared plate of cakes and slices and joined me on the other couch. The aroma of the freshly roasted coffee beans was lovely, exciting my senses.

‘Don’t they look tempting?’ I exclaimed, but they weren’t the only thing about the Practice that I found enticing.

‘Why do women come to the Practice and what sort of services do you provided?’ I asked adding, ‘I appreciate that you can’t discuss their specific issues,’ which I thought made my approach less invasive.

Maddisyn looked comfortable with the question and I enjoyed my coffee as I listened. ‘Some women need assistance with relationships or intimate health matters. Doctor Love also provides professional advice and guidance on restoring the bond between the physical body, emotions, the heart and desire to allow a complete and sensual experience.’

That kurtköy sarısın escort ticked my box, increasing my interest. Maddisyn continued and provided another tick. ‘Some women aren’t in a relationship and for them the Practice is a place to relax, enjoy the facilities and explore opportunities with our assistance to obtain sensual happiness and fulfilment. The philosophy of the Practice is the nurturing of the body, mind and soul through a journey of sensual self-discover and well-being.’

I felt a thrill of emotion at hearing Maddisyn’s words, so finely tuned were they to my own desire. She was so sincere and there wasn’t a hint of them being rehearsed. It wasn’t a sales pitch. I was convinced the Practice delivered something special for women in need.

I could see how Chelsea benefited but knew little about her treatment and Doctor Love. I felt there was more to the Practice than the elegant facilities, ambiance and friendly attention. The facilities were exquisite and Maddisyn delightful but it was Doctor Love women came to see.

‘What’s Doctor Love like?’ I inquired, eager to tick that one remaining box.

‘I like working with him, she started to reply. ‘He is so caring and professional. We’re both committed to assisting the women who are our Guests and share the passion for the Practice’s philosophy.’

‘How do the Guests find him?’ I quizzed, honing in on what I really wanted to know.

Maddisyn continued. ‘They all think he’s lovely and a real gentleman. Doctor Love is a great listener. He appreciates that each woman has their own particular needs. Some matters are intimate and sensitive, as you would appreciate, but his caring nature makes them feel comfortable with him.’

The coffee and cake weren’t the only things that were satisfying my appetite. The more I thought about the Practice and Doctor Love, the more excited I became.

Maddisyn did more than make me welcome, she inspired me. Here was an intelligent and confident woman who obviously loved her work. She had a gentle and spiritual nature that was at one with the tranquil ambience of the Practice. It had taken some courage to attend the viewing and my concerns and anxiety were now a distant memory.

Sitting on the couch drinking my coffee, I felt relaxed and savoured the ambience of the Sitting Room while enjoying her company. I took the opportunity to cast an eye over her youthful figure. Maddisyn was pretty with nicely shaped full and rounded bust and a slim and athletic looking body of someone who liked to work out. Her short dress, which had risen high up her thigh, and high-heels emphasised her slender long-toned legs. I’d notice earlier how heels adding to the swing of her hips as we walked.

The responsibility of her position suddenly occurred to me, increasing my admiration for her at such a young age. ‘What’s your role here?’ I inquired wanting to know a little more about her.

‘I studied business management at University and manage the Practice. I also enjoy providing beauty and day spar treatment and looking after the Guests,’ Maddisyn explained.

At which she was well accomplished from my brief experience. ‘Have you been at the Practice long?’ I probed a little more.

‘I started when Doctor Love first established the Practice,’ she continued to explain. ‘We meet while studying massage and developed the business together. Would you like to join us as a Guest?’ Maddisyn inquired, using the opportunity to direct the focus away from her and back to me.

I’d decided I would even before finishing my coffee. ‘Yes, I’d love to,’ my smile tinted with excitement.

Were Doctor Love and Maddisyn lovers, partners or just work colleagues? I knew I wasn’t going to find out, but maybe one day. Maybe Chelsea knew more about them. It just added to the intrigue of the Practice.

‘That’s great! Maddisyn said, with genuine emotion. ‘The first thing we need to do is obtain some personal details and complete a personality survey. Are you happy with an iPad or would you like a form?’

‘iPad’s fine,’ I replied proudly, having recently bought one for myself.

Chelsea would be pleased about me registering, I thought as Maddisyn went to her desk. I loved the Practice but something didn’t feel quite right. I started to wonder why Chelsea hadn’t told me how amazing the Practice was. Unusual really, given how excitable she can get.

Chelsea said she was very happy with the counselling and found Doctor Love very nice and helpful. She would have been impressed with the facilities, but I couldn’t imagine her being so reserved with her comments. That just wasn’t Chelsea’s style. I’ve known her far too long not to realise there must be something more to it. The Practice was just so wonderful not to have heard about it. Chelsea’s not that good at keeping a secret.

Maddisyn interrupted my thoughts, returning with the iPad. ‘Some of the questions are multi-choice and you need to enter the information for others. I’ll be at my desk if you need assistance.’

I set about the task which commenced with the expected and routine information. Then there were questions about my sexuality, although of a personal nature, I was okay with. I was committed anyway and if Chelsea did it, so could I. Some brought a smile to face like describing my reaction to my first romantic kiss.

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