21 Mayıs 2023

A Primitive Hope Ch. 04


Authors note: To fully appreciate this story, it is highly recommended reading “Part III” to comprehend the emotional depth of this saga. This final chapter is NOT a frivolous jaunt into “penis-envy”, but rather a heartfelt look into the soul of a lesbian woman who has been given an extraordinary gift. Power, control, strength and intensity are all traits a woman has as well. This story honors those blessed traits.

This chapter is dedicated to ALL the women in this world who have fantasized and dreamed of conceiving a child with another woman. My goal was to present this in a realistic, believable manner.


Taken from the Scripture of Eileithyia.

“You must unlearn what you have been taught… release what you believe… then and only then, can you begin to understand the destiny that is yours for the taking.”

Later, in the master bedroom…

The large wooden door creaked open as Cindi skillfully strolled into our bedchamber. She carried me in her arms, the new matriarch of our realm… conqueror of my heart. The bucolic, solid arms of my warrior, tinged in slight effort, adhered to my syrupy flesh. My right palm reached out to caress the hard, serrated slab of Cindi’s landscaped shoulder. It felt godly… the hard roundness easily molded to my palm, much like a smoothened stone… thick, firm… taut. How on earth a woman could ever become so big, so capable of carrying a woman like me for an extended period bewildered me.

With a dozen small candles illuminating the cozy bedchamber, I could finally revel in the glorious sight of Cindi’s imposing nakedness. The golden light highlighted her king-size body, just enough to cast deep delicious shadows of utter flawlessness across the knolls and valleys of every mesmerizing muscle. Gently placing me back upon the safety of our berth, Cindi crept atop my willing flesh slowly…

“No,” I whispered. “Let my eyes see you in all your glory, my love.”

Cindi conceded, stepping back in subtle wonder. I crawled up to see up close my prized Goddess’s flesh. Both of us indulged each other by showcasing our respective bodies, me showing off my buxom backside while Cindi proudly revealed her strapping chest. Reaching out like a helpless child, my fingertips feathered across Cindi’s rippling thigh. Long sweeping vales of strength outlined its enigmatic contour, evoking awe and sensuality as it twitched in barely concealed power. Widening my palm as far as it could go, I tried to wrap my palm about the thigh, realizing I needed three more hands to fully cloak the hefty monolith. This was a leg that supported my illustrious warrior… so perfectly strong… so uniquely seductive. How could any woman resist?

As my moistened palm deliberately coiled up and around the hairless, sculpted thigh, I barely whispered “Oh my God.” in breathless awe. I crawled around, bringing my free hand to touch the other side of her sweet angled thigh. I now had a sense of just how bulky this thigh actually was. So much power… so much elegance. Both of my palms slid up along the infinite crests of tense fiber, flowingly committing each inch to my memory. Arriving at Cindi’s flat, hilly stomach, I stared at the abdominal cache of muscle and texture, tracing their lovely distance, molding into another cord, combining into a blend of strength and unimaginable worth. I watched in silent wonder as her muscles flexed and crooked with her shallow breaths, wondering if any other woman had ever gazed upon this vixen in the same adoring manner as I was.

Cindi’s hand came into view, gingerly swallowing mine into its hold. God, even that was deliciously sexy. I whimpered in overwhelming awe. Cindi lifted our hands together as our fingers fanned out… palm to palm… a gasp fell from my lips, seeing Cindi’s hand outsize mine by three times. Cindi’s texture, rough and scabrous… and mine, smooth and soft. The striking contrast compelled me to sigh in veneration of my titanic lover. My euphoric stare trickled down Cindi’s arm, memorizing every thick unwieldy vein that blanketed her ironbound arm. Like Cindi’s thigh and abdomen, I wrapped both hands around Cindi’s wrist, ascending up as I cherished how her arm’s size grew as my moist palms circled her elbow. An impetuous surge of appetite came over me as my mouth lunged at first sight of her heavy bicep, sealing my lips to its immense pinnacle, suckling it as I would a nourishing meal. Cindi’s eyes sank back in her head, attempting to cope with my famished appetite. I then remembered how Cindi told me she always thought she’d never find a woman who could be smitten by her muscular flesh… God, was she so wrong.

My lazy tongue encircled as much bicep as I could savor, glazing it with a layer upon layer of my boiling saliva. But I wasn’t finished… grousing in hunger; I tongued back along Cindi’s vein striped tricep, delicately tracing each vein with gentle finesse.

“Oh God, Kristen” Gasped Cindi’s guttural voice. “You make me feel like a living goddess.”

“You are a Goddess.” I gasped before ingesting a mouthful Göztepe Escort of her rock hard muscle in my mouth.

I motioned Cindi to turn, giving my mouth full access to Cindi’s measureless steppe of picturesque, rocky muscle. I stood behind Cindi atop the bed, using both hands to graze across Cindi’s broad shoulders, stopping to clasp the sultry deltoids that flawlessly adorned her angled back.

“So big.” I gasped. “Just the way a woman should be.”

Cindi’s bald head sloped back, swimming in the tropical waters of my verbal baptism. Each of my heavy breasts rippled up and down Cindi’s taut neck, shrouding her smooth skull as my arms fell across her broad chest, sinking my fingernails deep into her solid pectorals. Clawing my way upward, I luxuriated in the boundless power my wife had.

“You’ll have statues of your flesh throughout our kingdom.” I vowed. “Throngs of women will envy you, and want to be you.”

“Oooh, Kristen.” Anxiously replied my goddess. “As long as you are in my arms in the statue.”

“Where I belong.” I replied, entrenching my tongue deep inside her ear. “Rock solid granite… just like this wondrous body… hard… solid.”

The imaginary vision of our union beguiled me as Cindi turned to smother her lips to mine. Without care or concern, Cindi flung her beefy arms around me, embracing my flesh with all of her might. It would be our first timeless kiss this night… one of hunger, of unconditional passion and need. I shuddered, feeling myself fall victim to my warrior’s insistence. Breast to breast, arm in arm, we ravaged each other in gratifying urgency.

No more words were necessary.

I felt two colossal hands instinctively reach around to cup my wide ass, smoothing out each ample globe. Assured, I encircled Cindi’s tongue, drawing in that scorching piece of meat inside my mouth. Aghast by my wife’s courage, she tightened her grip, spreading apart my cheeks. Both of us crooked our necks, frantic for a deeper kiss. Cindi was ablaze with lust, shoving as much of her tongue inside my mouth while caressing my smoothened bald skull.

With a loud pop, I broke free of Cindi’s kiss, tilting back as Cindi’s mouth instantly gnawed at my bare neck. It was then that I glanced across the bedchamber into the full-length mirror nearby. I had to see for myself the luscious contrast between our distinct bodies. I balked, taking in the vista of her brawn atop me… arms so solid and huge, smothering me like a roller to raw bread dough…

“Oh my God, Cindi.” I panted. “Look at us.”

Misty eyed with passion, Cindi glanced over at the sexy reflection in the mirror.

“We make the perfect couple.” I confessed, clawing at my beefy warrior’s shoulders.

“Impeccable.” She remarked.

“My Queen.” I gasped, kneading the broad, heavy muscle resting in the palm of my hands. “My one true Queen.”

“Oooh my God yes.” Cooed Cindi before smothering her face between the ripe fullness my motherly breasts.

Her face, submerged between my cleavage, gave rise to a new state of existence for me. The velvety texture of hardened muscle against me was all too much. Opening her mouth, Cindi desperately lapped away at a heavy breast, hungry and frantic.

“Oooooooooooooh my dear wife,” I avowed, enshrouding my arms about Cindi’s shiny head. “My hero.”

“Uhmm humm.” Moaned Cindi, suckling a mouth full of my breast flesh.

Lowering me back, we lay together in perfect unison. With my strapping warrior atop, I undulated beneath her abundant frame. Her strapping hands clutched each of my tits, encircling their spherical form as I watched my left nipple vanish into Cindi’s mouth. After all of my training and hard work had added infinite significance to our lustful tryst.

I quivered as Cindi’s tongue lathered my areola over and over. An explosion of romantic images flooded my mind, encompassing our life together as woman and wife… sharing the throne of Mother’s Kingdom as a couple… sharing the Royal berth every night with my handsome, brawny wife. My mind was aghast with sordid reverence as a series of paralyzing shudders galvanized my heart and soul– seeing the dazzling sight of Cindi’s beautifully sleek muscles moving in a smooth rhythm, following some grand design on her round solid shoulders. I then took notice of the boiling arteries shrouding her triumphant arms. Cradling her head as if a mother to her child, I encouraged my beloved titan by softly reciting our wedded names over and over again.

Moans became full-fledged cries as I glanced down to see Cindi’s mouth descend down my flailing stomach. Grasping thick handfuls of her unyielding shoulders, my back arched in splintering agony. With fists clenched in exotic rapture, I slammed them to the mattress as Cindi’s face closed in on the majestic portion of my living essence. I silently prayed that Cindi was filling her lungs with the fragrance of my vulva, caressing my inner thighs with those dreamy smooth cheeks.

“Ooooh my Cindi.” I shivered as traces of an impending Göztepe Escort Bayan orgasm beckoned me.

I couldn’t decide what was more exciting at this unimaginable moment, the fact that a colossal muscle bound woman was about to savor my steamy pussy, or the fact that she had just made herself my eternal spouse. Both realities seemed to spawn countless ambrosial thoughts of lifelong joy and expectancy. I had finally won Cindi all for myself… and I would do it all over again if it meant having this. And as I felt her broiling mouth seal itself around the outer folds of my pussy, I screamed in agony, twisting my body about as I hoped my essence was permeating my heroine’s mouth. It was wonderful to finally know I had married my lifelong love… I was married again, yet this time to a woman… a woman who I wanted to impregnate me at all costs.

“Gawwww… my sweet wife.” I cried out, crippled by her tongue thrashing throughout my pussy.

My misty eyes caught Cindi opening hers, barely above my trimmed pubic mound. Just that sight alone drove me mad in breathless suspense. Rolling her tongue from top to bottom, I could tell Cindi was consumed in the marvel of what she was doing to me. Resting her left hand upon my shivering abdomen, Cindi plunged deeper into my cunt as the cheeks of her mouth caved and expanded, stabbing me with that fervid tongue to my very core. My eyes bulged, staring blindly up in terrorizing ecstasy as my sweaty body was paralyzed. Two violent gasps for air followed before I collapsed upon Cindi’s massive forearm. Now my convulsing body lay on her one beefy arm… God, just that concept by itself was so fucking amazing that a woman could hold me up so easily. A woman, who was once meek and timid, now hardened by years of strict muscular development… exhaustive workouts and an endless struggle to utter perfection. Yes, Cindi had become the enduring figure of unequivocal perfection and beauty. I would have never guessed that this time two years ago, as I muddled through my woeful past life, that I would have ever found a muscular woman so irresistible, so damn tantalizing and alluring. It was the complete opposite of what most women would expect of a homosexual tryst.

I simply loved the way Cindi looked, so raw and primal. I loved the way her thickly carved arms bowed out from that hulking V shaped chest, tapering down to that tiny waist… how her chiseled abdomen looked like vivid wings of an angel sheathed delicately about her back. How the contour of her leathery groin cascaded downward to her monolithic, dense thighs that bore no semblance of a past womanly shape, yet now boiled with heavy stamina.

I saw my wife Cindi as a refined, proper woman of the highest favor. I could now see why so many women could stare adamantly for hours on end, taking in the amazing sights of these awe-inspiring, Herculean women. It was as if nature had decreed these vixens as Goddesses of a brand new age, a marvelous step in the evolutionary cycle of the female species.

The next morning, Cindi lie flat on her stomach with her hard, angled arms resting beside her head as I lied beside her on my side. I had awoken an hour before to the beautiful, carved backside of my wife’s body. I sat stone-faced as I admired the beige lustrous glow of her taut skin, the countless rivers and valleys of muscle and brawn that surfaced the amazing body of my woman. With speechless reverence, the fingertips of my right hand lovingly traced her angular spine… this was the backbone that held my heroine up. All of Cindi’s immense muscles and beauty centralized in this marvelous segment of my lover’s body. How could I have ever been so lucky as to land a woman like this, let alone bed and marry her?

Leaning across her wide back, my lips pressed themselves to a delicious outcropping of a beige deltoid muscle. Suckling as a babe would from its mother’s bosom; Cindi began to stir with a long moan of rousing fondness.

“Uhhhmmm,” she gasped. “I love waking up to this.”

“Its hard not to.” I replied before slothfully digging my teeth into the savory muscle.

Cindi rolled to her side, easily swallowing me with those thick arms of hers. I loved how completely dwarfed I felt when she took me in these arms, making me forget about every other care in the world. Nothing else mattered when my head rested against my titan’s chest.

“Today we leave for Eileithyia.” She whispered.

“Yes,” I replied, snuggling closer to her stiff chest.

“You know what waits for us there, don’t you?” Cindi continued.

Drawing my face back to look into her glowing blue eyes, I knew exactly why we were to journey to the tropical paradise.

“I do.” I breathlessly gasped, feeling Cindi’s embrace tighten. “You’re going to make me the mother of your children.”

Cindi barely nodded in agreement, lathering her hands across my hips and ass before clutching them with urgency. I melted in her powerful grasp.

“Ooooh,” I shuddered, bewitched by her powerful spell. “Make me pregnant, Cindi.” Escort Göztepe

Cindi lunged for my lips, abruptly sealing them to hers before rolling atop me in commanding passion. I was lost in the sweeping passion of this moment of eternal realization.

Later that day…

We said our good-byes to mother and our dearest friends as we made our way back to the outside world. For me, this was the first time I had re-entered this world since my subjugation, and I was aghast by what I saw. I couldn’t believe I was a product of this world at one time. How I could have ever survived in this selfish civilization was beyond me. Thankfully, Cindi was at my side for the entire limo ride to the Las Vegas airport, dressed in a gloriously rich white suit, tailored precisely to fit her mountainous physique. Mother had suggested I wear a milky, off white mini skirt with a plush angora sweater due to the brisk cool day in the desert. Both of us had our heads shaven fresh for the trip and proudly wore our bald heads in public, fearing no scorn or mockery from anyone. We made a gloriously attractive couple.

Stepping into the busy airport, I saw the date… I couldn’t help but gasp in shock, as it was an entirely different year than I expected. I had come to tell time by the seasons and by the sun’s position in the sky, not by some manmade calendar. All of this was so odd to me considering I had been completely reborn as a new woman. All I wanted to do was to run back to our camp with Cindi and live in our barbaric hut, yet I had to remind myself the purpose of our journey. Mother had sent along a valet to speak for us, and to make sure we got on the plane safely. Mother insisted we not interact with anyone, only the natives that awaited our arrival on Eileithyia.

The three of us flew First Class to San Jose, Costa Rica, and I must say it was a fantastic flight. Seeing the white clouds and majestic blue skies made me appreciate my marriage even more. Cindi and I were the dotting new couple, never letting go of each other for the entire flight. I felt so loved… so pure… and fertile. I wanted this as much as she did… we both wanted this.

Once we landed in San Jose, our valet (fluent in Spanish) arranged for our jaunt to the ocean, where our boat waited. As we made out way to the beach, civilization slowly ebbed away as we trekked deep into the jungles before arriving at the deserted beach. The remarkable vista was more than I could have possibly imagined. Pure white sands graced the seashore and the deepest of blue water decorated the breathtaking horizon out in front of us. There wasn’t a soul around for miles as all that we saw was a small, wooden rowboat in the distance. Knelt beside the crude dinghy was a dark skinned female with long black hair.

“Your escort awaits.” Whispered our valet.

I clutched Cindi’s ample hand, taking a deep breath of exciting fear.

“Your clothes,” continued our valet. “You will not need them.”

Cindi took off her jacket and pants as I too stripped myself. It felt wonderful to be fully nude again, just as we were back home. Handing off our garments to the valet, we bid goodbye as we set out to our dark skinned guide. I never felt more scared in my life… how would we return, and when? There was no plans or rendezvous mentioned as Cindi and I sauntered out to the gentle lapping waves of the ocean. Stopping in front of our lovely guide, she humbly bowed before us as she motioned us to step in. Doing so, she remained to push us out into the open sea as she jumped in, quickly grasping the crude wooden oars that clung to the boat’s side by rugged, torn ropes.

Our guide was a proportionally ample woman with an exquisite buxom figure. She wore the most splendid arrangement of coral and seashell necklaces I had ever seen. A simple, frayed loincloth draped carelessly across her waist as the ocean mist sprayed about on her golden skin, giving her brown flesh a deliciously moist glow. Her deep brown eyes had a gentle radiance as she smiled at us with naivete as she happily rowed. For the first few hours of our long, blistering hot journey, her kind disposition never once faded even as the tropical sun bore down on our skin. Cindi and I followed Mother’s instructions, never once speaking to our desirable guide as night fell. Without a clue as to how far we had left, Cindi and I burrowed down into the well of the small boat as our guide continued graciously rowing into the night. I fell asleep to the gentle currents of the ocean beneath me, and to the amazingly starry night sky above… in the arms of my beefy wife. I was truly content.

The Next Morning…

Cindi lovingly woke me as we had come ashore. Coming to my senses, I beheld a tropical wonder my eyes could hardly believe they were seeing. Lush palm trees, gently draping over the heavenly sands of the beach. It was like something out of a fantasy novel, a place so perfect to describe in mere words. As I stepped out from the dinghy, my feet met the cooling seashore. Expecting a scalding sensation, I looked down to see the perfect sands shine with a bluish sheen. With Cindi at my side, we strode along the beachfront, taking in the celestial atmosphere. Selfishly though, both Cindi and I kept catching ourselves watching the tempting swagger of our bronzed guide as she strutted those sweet wide hips in front of us.

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