8 Ağustos 2022

A Relatively Nice Road Trip


“Carrie, I really hope that this time you have packed everything you’ll need because, once we leave, I’m not coming back home for anything” Robbie said firmly, turning to his step sister as she climbed into the passenger seat of the small SUV. “You always forget something and every time we go somewhere, I end up turning around within ten minutes of having left, to come back to get what it is that you forgot to pack.”

“Oh, quit complaining, Rob. This time I have everythi… Oh my God! My phone! I left my phone on my bed. Wait a sec.” Robbie’s eyes rolled as she jumped out of the car and ran back to the house. Unlocking the door, she disappeared and then reappeared a minute later saying “Okay. That’s it. I’m ready.” Robbie shook his head but had a half smile on his face. His step sister would forget her ass if it wasn’t attached, he mused. For a nineteen year old adult, she could surely sometimes seem like she was nine years old. But, he thought, looking at her as she fastened her seat belt, her body surely belied that impression. Tanned, lithe and curvaceous, Carrie had entered her feminine adulthood with a vengeance

In the last five years she had blossomed from an often argumentative stepsister into a quite agreeable friend. They had always been fairly close considering there was no blood kinship but Robbie was finding that, since both having had a year of college behind them, they seemed to share even more in common. What, in youth, had seemed like the incessant bickering of early childhood had transformed itself into a more mature and comfortable feeling of ease between them.

Robbie’s father, George, and Carrie’s mother, Eve, had left three days earlier for the annual family reunion in Red Lodge, Montana but, this year, Robbie and Carrie had to take care of the obligations that their summer jobs imposed and they remained behind for a few days. This was the first time that the two of them would be traveling together alone.

Robbie, in what he felt had been a giant stroke of luck, had landed a summer job the last two years with a local surveying firm on the Eastside of Seattle. For the most part it was grunt work which consisted mainly of slashing brush and carrying tripods and transits but it did pay quite well and allowed him to spend the summer time outdoors in the sun. He much preferred this type of work to that of being held captive in some greasy, fast food kitchen tending the fry machine or chasing carts as a courtesy clerk in a grocery store parking lot.

Carrie, on the other hand, had been hired on in June as a salesperson at Madelaine’s, a high end dress shop in Bellevue. Her close sorority sister’s mother owned Madelaine’s and had been immediately taken with Carrie when her daughter brought her home as a guest for Thanksgiving weekend. She was impressed with Carrie’s clothing sense, friendliness and approachability and felt that she would be a good fit with her clients. Her knowledge of what was in and what was out, what was flattering and not so flattering quickly made her a valuable asset in the store for the summer.

Carrie was petite and the body that Robbie was eyeing at the moment kept most of the boys in her classes equally distracted. She wore a size three but her 36C bra managed to showcase her firm breasts nicely. She enjoyed wearing tops that were either pretty much form-fitting or were cut low enough to expose the lovely, creamy tops of her breasts with just enough cleavage showing to entice the viewer to want more. She didn’t think of herself as a tease but, rather, merely a young woman who enjoyed her body and was proud of her femininity.

Despite having grown up together since she was four and he five years old, Robbie had picked up none of Carrie’s sense of fashion. A clean pair of jeans and a tee shirt was his idea of being well dressed. But under those jeans and that tee shirt lay the very nicely developed body of a healthy, twenty year old male. Because he worked outside so much on this summer job, his taut arms and chest muscles were tightly defined under the nicely tanned skin.

Glancing over at Carrie, Robbie said “Okay, we’re off. It’s nine o-clock now so, if traffic is decent, we should be in Missoula around seven or so this evening, considering the time change. By the way, I like that top.” Adding in an ala John Wayne voice ” Kind of sexy, isn’t it, little lady?”

“Well, I know it’s going to be hot and I want to be comfortable.” She had a slight smile on her lips as she snuggled back into the seat. Receiving a compliment from Robbie was not a totally common occurrence and it made her feel good to hear her step brother voice his approval.

“Good thing Tab isn’t going with us. Seeing you in that outfit, he’d be all over you.” Robbie said. “I would be too distracted if he was pawing you in the back seat while I’m trying to drive.” Tab was Carrie’s boyfriend of just under a year. Tab was one of Robbie’s best friends at the university and Robbie had introduced him to Carrie the fall quarter. Carrie and Tab had been almost inseparable bayan tuzla escort since. However, he had flown to Cape Cod with his parents for a six week long vacation and Carrie was feeling pretty lonely with her special companion being unavailable.

She and Tab had found that skyping was the next best substitute for being together during his absence and they had also texted a lot. She consoled herself that it was only five more weeks until he returned. She sorely missed the sex she enjoyed with Tab, the kissing, holding, petting, and she especially missed that hard cock of his, she thought, as she closed her eyes and pictured that beautiful hard, pink shaft in her hand with her lips wrapped around….Oh God, she had to stop thinking about it! She shifted in her seat slightly and tugged down on her rather brief white shorts

“What’s wrong? Seat belt uncomfortable?” Robbie’s voice stirred her from her short reverie.

“Oh, n..no, I was just getting more comfortable.” Carrie replied as she looked out the window.

As the tires of the SUV clicked over the expansion joints along Interstate 90 heading east, the traffic of the city slowly thinned behind them and the beautiful greenery of the rising Cascade mountains became clearer before them. “There’s still some snow on the lower elevations.” Robbie offered. “I figured there wouldn’t be much left at all this time of year. It looks a little different from our ski trips up with Tab this last winter, doesn’t it?”

“That was fun, wasn’t it.” Carrie replied looking over at Robbie, “Hopefully, we’ll be able to get a lot of skiing in again this year if our classes allow us the time.”

His tanned hands rested lightly on the steering wheel as he glanced over at her and laughed. “As long as we don’t get stuck in another traffic jam like we did last year. Four hours sitting in an idling car in the snow isn’t my idea of fun.” As he looked over at his stepsister, he noticed how the sun streaming in through the side window played on her smooth upper breast and the soft swelling of her teenage tits beneath the thin, cropped, cotton tee. He could see her firm stomach below the tee and he noticed the slight outlines of her nipples on the fabric. She was evidently wearing a very thin bra, he thought. He turned his head forward and realized he had probably traveled 400-500 feet without looking at the road and, yet, had somehow managed to stay in his lane. ‘I better pay attention to the road’, he said to himself ‘before I kill both of us’.

“You missing Tab a lot?” Robbie asked nonchalantly.

“God, I really do.” said Carrie. “I skype with him but it isn’t the same as being with him.”

“You mean you can’t feel each other up.” laughed Robbie.

“Rob! That’s not funny. Besides, we have our ways….” Her voice trailed off dreamily as she looked over at Robbie with a hint of a smile.

“Wait. Don’t tell me you two are sex skyping?! God, if mom and dad knew you were in your room playing with him on the computer they would have a shit fit. What do you guys do? I mean, how does that work?”

“You know. We just kind of…play together.”

“What do you mean, ‘play together’?”

“Okay, make me say it. You’re embarrassing me, you know! We masturbate together. Damn it, Robbie, it’s turning me on just thinking about it.” Carrie said dreamily as she scrunched her thighs together tightly. As she glanced over at Robbie, she noticed a slight bulge in his shorts.

“Oh, c’mon. Don’t leave me hanging like that! What, you just sit and talk dirty to each other or what? I can’t believe you are just going to sit in front of the computer and do what, open your blouse a couple of buttons?” Robbie asked, hoping against hope that his question would spur Carrie into giving more explicit detail.

“Okay. Promise to keep your eyes on the road?” she asked. “I’ll tell you what we do.” Carrie said teasingly. “First I take off my bra if I’m wearing one” she said as she sat up in the seat and reached behind her back and under her tee to unhook her bra. Slipping the flimsy see through piece out from under her shirt she threw it over her shoulder into the back seat. “And then to tease Tab, maybe I’ll rub my nipples through my shirt. Like this.” she said as she gently pinched her nipples through the flimsy cotton. The attention she was giving her nipples made them push hard against the fabric, creating little tents. “He really likes it when he can see my nipples like that.”

Robbie looked over intently. “Rob, keep your eyes on the road! You can’t look. I am just telling you what we do. Then, maybe I’ll unzip my shorts so I can get my hand inside. Like this.” Robbie could hear the zipper as it slowly moved down its tracks. “Usually by this time, Tab is rubbing himself through his briefs. He likes to keep his shorts on as long as possible to tease me but I can see how far the fabric is extended because of how hard he is and that really turns me on.” Looking over at Robbie, she said with a soft laugh “Kind of like pendik escort the way you are right now, naughty boy.”

Looking down at his lap sheepishly Robbie replied “Well, shit, what do you expect?! Your nipples are poking out against your tee, you’ve got your hand in your shorts. You may be my stepsister but, fuck, I can’t help if it is turning me on!” Rob exclaimed.

“Really? Let me see if you’re really turned on. Take your cock out and show me. Come on. I already know you’re hard.” Carrie grinned. She hadn’t seen her stepbrother’s penis since she was probably five and walked in on him in the tub while he was bathing. Robbie’s face was red, partially from embarrassment and partially from arousal. “Carrie, I’m driving, remember?” he said. “I can’t unbutton my shorts.”

“Maybe I can help…” said Carrie, reaching over to undo the top button on his shorts. Her hand pressed against his hardness as she slowly pulled the zipper down. Rob raised himself on his seat a bit to ease the pressure against the zipper. His erection fought against the fabric of his boxer shorts until Carrie reached in and, with her fingers, gently eased it out of the fly. She gave an almost inaudible gasp as she saw it in the sunlight coming through the car window. “Oh shit, Robbie, it’s gorgeous! I had no idea you had such a beautiful cock. My god. My own stepbrother!” she laughed. Robbie continued to drive, his rock hard, pink shaft now standing like a sentinel between him and the steering wheel as it protruded from his black shorts.

Carrie sat back in her seat and, as she did so, she hooked her thumbs into the sides of her shorts and slipped them down her thighs a bit so her fingers could reach past the light blond hair of her now partially exposed pubic area. Her hand slowly started moving up and down and Robbie knew she was rubbing her clit. She continued in her sexy nineteen year old voice “Then I may start rubbing my clitty like this. I love the feeling as I run my finger around and around my clit.” She shuddered a bit. “Oh fuck! God, this feels soooo good.” Her breathing was becoming slightly labored. “And then as I’m doing that Tab may stand up in front of his cam and take his hard cock out to show me.” She looked over to see Robbie’s right hand surreptitiously stroking up and down the length of his erect shaft. “He’ll stroke it kind of like you’re doing and then I’ll see some precum ooze out on the head and I’ll know he is so turned on. He’ll kind of smear it over that luscious cockhead of his.” With her right hand still teasing her sex, she reached over with her left arm and dabbed the clear precum on Robbie’s cockhead with her finger and slowly spread it around the velvet smoothness of the head. “And then I might lift my shirt up…” she teased as she lifted her tee above her breasts, exposing her beautifully rounded mounds to the morning sun.

Robbie was sweating now, his eyes darting from his stepsister’s exposed breasts and swollen nipples to her hand massaging the sweet spot between her legs. He brought his eyes back to the road. “Damn it, Carrie. I’m pulling off the road. I can’t sit here trying to drive with you doing that without stacking the car up.” Carrie grinned at him.

As luck would have it, just as Robbie spoke a sign came into view on the right side of the freeway for USFS Service Road 73. Quickly stepping on the brakes while signaling a right turn, Robbie swung off the highway onto the small road partially hidden by towering fir trees. Slowly driving down the road for about a hundred feet, he caught sight of a small, unpaved lane in the trees to the right. Quickly pulling into the secluded spot he switched off the ignition and turned to watch Carrie. Her eyes were watching him and his swollen shaft as he moved his seat back. She had slid her shorts down and over her knees to the floor. Spreading her legs, she fully exposed her glistening lips and aroused clitoris to his view. Her firm, tanned thighs made a welcoming vee as her hand moved between them. Her mouth partially open and her eyes fixed on Robbie, she darted her tongue out to wet her lips. Soon her hand was moving in unison with Robbie’s hand as they watched each other. She took the index and middle finger of her right hand and, parting her swollen lips, pulled her clitoral hood back to reveal her pink rosebud clit. It stood out prominently, eager for the touch of her finger on it.

Meanwhile, Robbie’s fingers were tightly clasped around his hard penis, moving up and down. His smooth, mushroom cockhead was shiny with the copious precum of a male totally aroused. His eyes were transfixed by what he saw on the seat next to him. “Shit, Carrie, you are so fucking hot! I know we’re kind of related but, motherfuck, I want to touch you! I mean, are we being horrible people?” Although, at this point in his arousal there was no way that he was eager to pursue any route of reasonableness or caution. Releasing his cock from his right hand, he reached over and put his hand on Carrie’s smooth thigh. He moved it tentatively tuzla kendi evi olan escort toward her inside thigh and the waiting, swollen labia. Carrie took his hand and brought it down onto her sex. He could feel her wetness under his fingers as she pressed his hand hard onto her. Moving his hand up toward her now undulating belly, his middle finger slipped between the engorged lips of her teenage pussy. Taking the copious wetness from her slit on his fingertip, he moved his finger up and over her swollen nub. Slowly he rubbed his stepsister’s clit, around and around and then over and over, her hips pushing up against his hand eagerly. The sound of the squeaking leather of her seat mixed with their now ragged breathing. Carrie moved her left hand over to grasp Robbie’s cock and started stroking him tightly as he fingered her.

“Oh god, Robbie. I want to fuck you. Please fuck me.” Looking into his eyes, she begged in a voice tinged with desperation. Pressing the seat back release lever, she pushed on the back of the seat until she was in a nearly prone position. Her body, almost nude save for the tee shirt scrunched up above her bare breasts, invited Robbie to taste of her sweetness. Climbing over the console he moved on top of her, his hard, deep pink cock standing out, pushing insistently at her inner thigh. The urgency of their need would not allow any delay. Carrie directed the engorged head between her lips and into the tight inner warmth of her cunt. “You can cum in me, baby. I want you to cum in me. I’m safe.” Carrie whispered breathlessly as Robbie pumped in and out of her feverishly. Her stepbrother looked down at her, her breasts heaving with passion, his wet cock moving in and out of her, her swollen lips tugging at it with every withdrawal. She was running her hands over and over her breasts, her nipples springing up from her beautiful mounds every time her hand moved over them.

Soon Robbie was crying out as his orgasm wracked his body, his hips pounding into his stepsister as stream after stream of his milky cum erupted from him. Carrie was moaning loudly with pleasure until she too came, her right hand, now a blur, feverishly rubbing her clit above the cock still embedded in her tight tunnel.

Robbie fairly collapsed onto her, trying to brace himself a bit with his arms pressing into the seat back on each side of Carrie’s still heaving chest. She wrapped her arms around her stepbrother’s sweaty back and pulled him tightly against her. “Ooooo, god, Robbie, that was so fucking good. You don’t know how many nights I have gone to bed wondering what you would feel like in me. I would lie in bed in my room next to yours and fantasize about you fucking me. I would feel so dirty but I would get so excited as I masturbated that I couldn’t help but cum so hard that I would have to bite my lip so you wouldn’t hear me.”

Lifting himself up slightly, Robbie looked at his stepsister. “I had no idea you ever thought about that. I always thought that I was this horrible, perverted person because I had the same kind of thoughts about you. I used to dream about what it would be like to finger you or suck your nipples. I never imagined that we would ever fuck each other. I just knew that you never had thoughts like that and I was sure that if you ever found out that I had thoughts like that that you would never talk to me again. That scared me into never saying anything that might even hint at how I felt.”

Carrie looked into his eyes. “I could never ‘not talk to you again’, Rob, you know that.” She said softly. “There has always been something special between us despite our arguing and fighting and all. One can’t spend most of one’s life living with another and not become intimately connected.”

Robbie chuckled and looked up and down Carrie’s nude body beneath him, his semi erect cock still embedded in her. “I think we can be fairly safe in saying that we’re definitely intimately connected.”

He withdrew from Carrie, cupping his penis to catch the mixture of his and Carrie’s cum dripping from it. He moved back over into the driver’s seat, wiping his penis with his handkerchief as he situated himself in the seat.

Carrie started to pull her tee down with one hand and was reaching for her shorts with the other as she said “We better get going, Rob, or we won’t make Missoula until late.”

Taking her hand from her tee, he said “No, don’t. Let’s just drive like this. No one can see below the window line and no one will ever know that you don’t have your clothes on.”

“You have to leave your cock out, then, so I can touch it now and then.” Carrie countered. “But what if we get stopped by a cop?”

“I’m sure there is no law that says you have to have your clothes on to drive a car. What would a cop do? Give us a ticket for public nudity when we’re not even in public? Besides, what if we were nudists and this just how we like to drive?” He said, flashing her a grin.

Carrie brought her seat back up and fastened her seat belt around her nude body. Slouching low in the seat, her exciting body rested on the seat next to Robbie. As he backed out of the secluded spot, she reached over to give his softened penis a gentle stroke between her fingers. “Is little boy going to have a nice trip to Montana?” she playfully cooed to him as his cock gave a sudden jump.

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