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A Story About The Old Days Ch. 01


Many thanks to tangentjoker, who edited this story.

All characters are 18 or older.


I’m an old man now. I’m still healthy and my memory is fine. I want to tell this story before I die. Actually, I think I’m writing it mostly for myself. Everyone involved has passed away. My wife died two years ago. I have a son and a daughter, both happily married and doing well. I also have several grandchildren that I seldom see because of distance. As soon as I see the story published, I’ll wipe it off my computer. If any of my children or grandchildren ever read it, I doubt that they will ever connect it to me.

My name is James. I am usually called Jim. I was 18 years old, the year this story starts and about to graduate from high school. I am six feet tall. Back then, I weighed about 180. I wasn’t much of an athlete, but I was pretty well built. I guess part of the reason was that it was just the way I was but I had also worked pretty hard since I was fourteen years old. I had usually worked at an after school job that kept me in shape.

I did well in school, especially math and science courses. I was planning to attend a college not far away for an engineering degree. That way I could get home more often than if I was further away. I had a few friends in school, but I would never be elected “most popular”. I was, and still am, a bit of a loner.

We lived on the outskirts of a small Midwestern city. Our neighborhood was upscale, well-to-do, but not wealthy. Many of our neighbors were professional people.

Three sisters lived in a house two doors down from us. The youngest was about my mother’s age. The oldest was about ten years more. They were friendly with my mother. She often visited with them, or they visited her.

The youngest sister was Elaine. She was a busty woman. She was slightly overweight, but not what I would call fat. Not too bad a looking body, despite a few bulges, but Elaine had a face that would stop an eight day clock. (That’s an expression we used in those days.) Her hair was brown and curly. She had never married. She was a secretary at a bank.

Emily was the middle sister. She was quite slim, not as busty as her sister Elaine. She had a pleasant face with nice auburn hair cut shoulder length. She sometimes wore it in a ponytail, but more likely pinned up. She was a good looking woman. She had married, but her husband was killed in the Korean War. They had not had any children. She had a widow’s pension from the government because of her husband’s death. She also ran a small dress shop.

Velma was the oldest sister, she was a tall, thin woman about 5′ 10″. One might almost say she was gaunt. Her bosom was small but on her it looked ok. She wore glasses. She had dark brown hair. She may have dyed it. She was a cheerful, friendly, woman. She had married, but had been divorced for quite a few years. She had no children. She ran the local library system.

The three sisters had been left an inheritance that gave them enough income to be comfortable. With their other incomes, they rated as “well-to-do”.

My mother’s name was Naomi. She was an attractive woman. She was very intelligent, with a college degree. She had a pleasant face. Her brown hair was usually done in a permanent. Mom was 5′ 5″. She had a nice figure; except she had very small breasts.

My father was a lawyer. He made a pretty good living for his family, which consisted of my mother and myself. He had a serious car accident several years before, but seemed to have recovered ok.

Let me tell you a little more about that time. The pill wouldn’t be developed for several more years. Television was young. One never heard any foul language on the air. Air conditioning in homes was rare. Eisenhower was president. A lot of young men went in the army through the draft. Some enlisted because they were going to have to go anyway.

Most married women stayed at home, at least until the children were able to take care of themselves. It was not considered disgraceful for a married woman to work, but many didn’t. Most women wore dresses, but slacks were acceptable.

Sexual mores were a lot stricter then. Birth control was chancy. There weren’t too many options. All of them, except abstinence, had a degree of risk. Of course, there were always condoms, but even they had risk. Many men didn’t like them, refusing to use them. There was also the “rhythm method”. Supposedly, women didn’t engage in intercourse during their fertile periods. There was a foam that could be used. A woman squirted it into her vagina before sex. I don’t know much about it, but I don’t think it was any better than the other ways that were used in those days. Another method required the man to pull out before cumming, but that was probably the riskiest of all.

Since there was no reliable birth control, a lot of girls were reluctant to engage in sex. Many remained virgins until marriage, or at least until they were engaged. If a girl did get pregnant, she often married the father. These marriages were bursa escort often failures, but a surprising number worked. (Divorce was far less common in those days.) Alternately, the girl sometimes went away; supposedly to visit relatives. When baby came, it was given up for adoption. When she came back, it was never mentioned.

Sex was rarely, think never, discussed in mixed company. Boys or men talked among themselves; that is where most of us learned what it was all about. I suppose girls talked among themselves too, but I never overheard any such conversations.

There is probably a lot more I could say, but it may not pertain to my story.

It all began when I caught my mother masturbating. Her door was ajar. I guess she thought I wasn’t at home. She was lying on her bed, her dress bunched around her waist. Her panties were lying on the floor next to the bed. She was thrusting a wooden dildo into her pussy. Her other hand was rubbing at the top of her snatch. Her head was thrown back and her eyes were closed.

As I stared at her, I could feel my cock hardening in my pants. I was just about to head for my bedroom to jerk off when she started to orgasm. Her hips raised off the bed. She thrust faster with the dildo, moaning softly. Her body was quivering as she came. When the orgasm was complete, she relaxed back on the bed. She lay there with her hand on the dildo holding it in her pussy.

She opened her eyes, then looked right at me. “Oh, Jim,” she exclaimed.

I stammered, “Mom, I want to do that for you.”

Mom pulled her dress down, telling me to wait for her in the kitchen.

“I’ll be there in just a minute,” she said.

I sat at the kitchen table, concealing my hard cock by pulling my chair up close. Mom arrived not far behind me.

“I’m sorry you saw that, Jim,” she told me, sitting down across from me. “I think that I owe you an explanation.”

I stammered something about how she didn’t have to explain, but Mom continued anyway.

“I need sex every so often, but your father can no longer take care of it for me. He never recovered the ability after his accident.” She paused, “I love your father, I don’t want to hurt him. That’s why I will not let another man take care of my needs.” She hesitated, started to speak again, but stopped.

“Mom,” I said, still stammering. “I’ve never had sex, I want to do that to you.” Besides stammering, I was repeating myself. “I think you are beautiful.”

Mom was silent for a moment, then said, “Jim, there are a couple of things you have to realize. First, you cannot tell your father what you saw. He would understand, but he’d be hurt because he can’t do it for me. Second, you are my son. We cannot have sex together.”

We sat there at the table for a few minutes. It seemed like an hour.

Mom sighed, then said, “I am going to visit Elaine. I’ll be back later.”

As soon as she was out the door, I was heading for my room with my boner to jerk off. Mom returned in about an hour. She started preparing dinner as if nothing had happened. Dad got home about five. Mom seemed relaxed at dinner, chatting with my father. I didn’t say much. I went to bed early. I jerked off again. I had visions of my mother lying on the bed with her legs splayed, a look of lust on her face. I couldn’t get that picture out of my mind.

The next day, I had school. In the morning, when I was getting ready to go, Mom seemed at ease as if nothing had happened the day before. I got home about four o’clock.

Mom said. “Jim, Velma needs to move some furniture. Please go over there to help her.”

I agreed quickly. I would have been a stammering wreck if I had to stay alone with Mom.

Velma met me at the door wearing a housedress. She invited me in, showed me a couch and chair she wanted to rearrange. She bent over to pick up some throw rugs with her back to me. Her dress rode up her legs, giving me a view of a little bit of her thighs. Her legs were slightly parted. I thought they were pretty nice. I thought her ass looked nice too, for such a skinny woman. After the day before, though, any ass would have looked great to me.

We got the rearrangement done. Velma was satisfied the first time.

She waved a hand at the couch, telling me, “Sit down while I get us some cold drinks.”

She went to the kitchen, returning with a pitcher of lemonade and a couple of glasses full of ice.

Sitting next to me on the couch, she said, “I really appreciate the help, Jim. It’s nice to have a strong man around.” We sipped our drinks. Velma continued. “I understand that you are planning to study engineering.” She commented, “I think that is fascinating. Engineers are such interesting people.”

I replied, “Yes, that is what I hope to do.”

Velma continued, “You’re a very handsome young man. Do you have any girlfriends, Jim?”

“No,” I said. “No one special.”

Velma continued, “Can you keep secrets, Jim? That’s very important to girls. They don’t want people talking about them.”

I bursa escort bayan was stammering again, but I agreed that yes, I could see why it would be important.

Then Velma surprised me. She grasped my bicep saying, “You are very muscular. I think that looks nice in a man.” She rubbed her hand on my arm a couple of times. Then she put moved to my thigh and rubbed it a couple of times saying, “You have strong legs, too.”

“Thank you,” I managed to say.

Velma took my hand and put it on her thigh.

“My legs are nowhere near as muscular,” she said, “but I guess women don’t get muscles like men.” She left my hand on her thigh as she rubbed mine some more. Then she said, “I’ll be right back, Jim. I want to get into something more comfortable.” Her voice seemed different. Maybe it was a little huskier.

She left the room. I stayed where I was. Velma had gotten me aroused. My dick was responding. I arranged my pants the best I could so it wouldn’t show. Velma returned wearing a long robe.

Sitting back down next to me she said, “That’s better, tell me more about yourself Jim. Have you ever had a steady girlfriend?”

When I said no, she asked, “Have you ever kissed a girl?”

I managed to say, “Yes, a couple of times.”

Velma responded. “Would you like to kiss me?”

I leaned over and kissed her on the mouth. She put her arm around my neck to draw me closer. Her tongue forced its way between my lips and into my mouth. I responded the same way. Although much was new to me, I was willing to learn. I didn’t wait for Velma, but put my hand on her breast. She covered it with her hand and broke off the kiss.

“That was nice,” she said.

She put my hand inside her robe. She wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Pinch my nipples,” she said.

Her voice was definitely husky now. Her hand went back to my thigh. She slid it up to my hardening cock.

After only a minute or two, she stood and took my hand to lead me to her bedroom. There were dark shades on the window, pulled down. On the dresser, there was a small lamp that cast a dim, soft, glow. There was just enough light to see.

She stood facing me next to the bed. She unbuckled my belt, opened my pants, and pushed them down over my hips and hard cock. I kicked my shoes off. I got out of my pants without tripping. I was wearing a pullover shirt, which went next. Velma took hold of my hard on. She stroked it a few times. She shrugged her robe off, standing naked. Her pussy was hairy. Her nipples were hard and erect. Her tits were probably only about the size of large apples. Even at her age, they stood up perkily. The areolas were large and dark.

We sat on the side of the bed as I played with her nipples. She rubbed my cock. We lay back and moved to the center of the bed. She guided my hand to her pussy. I felt wetness as she held her hand over mine.

She rolled over on her side, telling me, “Jim, I know it is your first time, so if it’s ok with you, I’ll try to guide you.”

I agreed.

“First you need to make me ready,” she said. She pushed my finger through her lips into her cunt and led it to her clit. “Rub me there.” She said. I felt a small bump. As I rubbed it, I felt it grow a little and harden. Then she led my hand down to her opening. She whispered, “Push your finger in there.” Shortly thereafter she added, “Further. Now move it in and out.” She moaned a little then said, “Put another finger in there.”

I could feel her pussy getting wetter. She was moaning. Her hips were thrusting into my hand. One of her hands was over mine that was playing with her pussy. The other was tight around my neck hugging me to her. She came, then quickly came again. Her body shuddered. Her hips raised off the bed.

“That was quick,” she murmured as if to herself. “I really needed it.” She hugged me tight, raining kisses on my face. She rolled over on her back and spread her legs. “Get on top,” she told me, in her husky voice.

I got on top between her legs. She guided my manhood into her wet, hairy, pussy. The tight warmth of her was an overwhelming thrill. I was no longer a virgin!

Her hands were on the cheeks of my ass as she pulled me into her. She raised her hips and clasped me with her legs. Some things came naturally. I started thrusting into her. Her pussy was warm and snug. As I pumped my hard throbbing cock into her, she tightened it on me.

I didn’t last long that first time. I came explosively, shooting my load of come into her eager cunt. I collapsed on top of her. She wrapped her arms around me.

She murmured, “That was so nice. You did it so well. You are so big.” Everything she said may have been true or none of it. It didn’t matter. I felt on top of the world.

After I softened and I rolled off her, we lay side by side for a while. We kissed a little. Velma reached down to fondle my cock. I started getting hard again.

Velma said, “I have to make a phone call.”

She got up and put on her robe. She went to another room. escort bursa When she came back she said, “I called your mother. I told her we weren’t quite done and that I would feed you dinner.” She sat down on the bed next to me, fondling my cock again.

She leaned down. She kissed the tip of my hardening cock, then slid her lips over it. Her lips slid down my shaft. They tightened on my hardness. Her head bobbed as she sucked my throbbing dick.

She didn’t do it too long.

She lifted up her head, then said, “I want you inside me. I want to fuck.”

She got on top of me this time, guiding my cock into her warm, willing, pussy. She leaned down so that I could suck her tits and so my cock would rub her clit. She pumped my hard shaft into her snug pussy, straddling my hips. She kissed me hard with a wet open mouth. When she came, she sat up straight on my shaft. She took it all. She gasped. Her mouth was slack from lust. Her whole body quivered as she rode me in a frenzy. She came again almost immediately. She was gasping and moaning. I could feel the juices running from her cunt onto my bare flesh.

She relaxed a little, lying back on my chest as before. She rolled us over, then, so I was on top. I fucked her hard. I pumped my throbbing dick into her hard and deep. Her long legs went over my back. Her hips lifted so that I could fuck her deeper. I felt myself ready to cum. She must have felt it too because she clasped me harder with her legs. She threw her arms around me.

As I shot my load of cum deep into her cunt, she came too. She was thrusting her hips into me and moaning wildly.

I was spent. I lay on top of her with her arms and legs holding me tight to her.

She whispered, “Oh Jim. So good. So wonderful.”

She held me there until my cock softened; until I couldn’t stay inside her.

We lay facing each other, kissing a little until Velma said, “We need to get up. My sisters may come home. I need to feed you dinner. I told your mother I would.”

Velma got up then. She put on her robe and went to the kitchen. I got up, too, and got dressed. I followed soon after. She was heating stew for us. I walked up behind her, put my arms around her and hugged her.

“Can we do it again?” I asked.

“We sure can,” she said. “I’d keep you all night, tonight, if I could. You can come back tomorrow, if you want to.”

“I will,” I replied.

We sat down to a meal of very good stew. I looked at Velma. She was prettier than I had ever seen her. I think radiant is the word I want. Then it was time to go. Velma gave me a long kiss at the door.

She told me as I turned to leave, “Jim, you can’t talk about today. It must remain our secret.”

I agreed. I walked home with my head in the clouds.

It was about nine o’clock when I got home. Mom was in the kitchen when I came in.

She smiled slightly, asking, “Did you get everything done that Velma needed?”

“Not quite,” I answered. “I may have to help her again tomorrow.”

Chapter 2

I slept well. When I went down for breakfast the next morning I was, as usual, already showered and dressed. Mom was there at the counter. Dad was at the table reading the paper. Mom smiled at me, saying good morning, as she set a bowl of cereal on the table for me. I was able to tell her good morning back without stammering. I think I was getting over it. Mom talked about several things.

Then she said, with a slight smile, “Velma called me to tell me how much you helped her yesterday.” She smiled more broadly, “It’s nice to help neighbors.”

Dad looked at me and said, “I hope you didn’t take any money from her.”

I assured him I hadn’t. He went back to the paper.

I finished breakfast, got my schoolbooks, and headed out the door. School didn’t go too badly. My mind wandered a lot. I kept thinking about the night before. I was anticipating the evening coming up. Even so, I was able to learn a little.

When I got home, Mom was in the living room watching the news on TV. I dropped my books off. I told her I was going to the sisters’ house to finish helping Velma.

“That’s good, dear,” my mom replied with a bright smile.

I hurried out the door. I walked fast down the street to the sisters’ house. Visions were running through my head of Velma greeting me with open arms and leading me to the bedroom. I knocked and waited. I didn’t try to hide the growing bulge in my pants. The door opened. Emily stuck her head around the edge. Her body was hidden.

“Why Jim,” she said, “what a pleasant surprise. Come on in.”

Now I was belatedly trying to hide the bulge in my pants.

I was stammering again when I said, “I came to help Velma do some things.”

“I know what has to be done,” Emily said. “Come on in, so we can get started.”

I entered hesitantly. Emily closed the door, showing herself to me. She was wearing a long, sheer, nightgown. Her hair was down, falling softly to her shoulders. She looked hot. I could see the dark delta of her pubic hair and the circles of her areolas showing through the filmy fabric.

“Velma is watching the store for me,” she purred. She stepped close to me and put her arms around my neck, raising her face for a kiss.

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