15 Mayıs 2023

A Student’s Life – Part 1 – The After Lecture Surprise


The teacher’s voice drones on, and on, and on. Sitting at the back the lecture theatre, I long for this God awful lecture to be over. The normal lecturer is off ill and his replacement clearly doesn’t know much on the subject. Staring mindlessly out of the window, when all of a sudden the sensation of the buzz of my phone on silent in my pocket brings me back to reality. Taking my phone from my pocket, holding it under the desk I open the WhatsApp message you just sent me. “Hey you. Just wondered how much longer you’re gonna be?” Taking a glance at the clock above the teacher’s head I read the time, 14:47. Promptly sending a reply. “I got another 13 mins before this lecture ends. Then I gotta get back to my Halls. So about 25-30 mins?” As soon as I hit send, I get a reply. “OK baby. I’m waiting” “Waiting for what?” I reply, but get nothing back. The next thirteen minutes drag on, if anything, going slower than what the previous hour and fourty-seven minutes did. All the while wondering what you meant by ‘I’m waiting’. Then the sudden realisation of people packing their bags and leaving, signalled to me that the lecture was now, thankfully, over. Automatically reaching Acıbadem Escort for my bag and hastily packing my belongings into it. I’m out of the door in seconds, wanting to put as much distance between me and the theatre as possible in the shortest space of time. Taking my phone from my pocket, I open Whatsapp, and see that my last message is showing up a read. I send the following message. “Just finished my lecture, on my way back now. Still confused what you’re waiting for” Within seconds, you send a reply. “Good. You’ll find out shortly what I’m waiting for” My mind still filled with the countless possibilities of what you mean, I make my way back to my Halls of Residence as if in a trance. Not thinking, just winging my way home purely on muscle memory, not taking any notice of my surroundings. Then, within what seemed like seconds, I arrive at the front door to my halls. Taking my keys, I open the door and turn right into a stairwell. I start to climb the stairs, to my flat on the top of the three floor building. Upon reaching my door, once more taking my keys, I allow myself entry into the flat. Walking past the communal kitchen, Acıbadem Escort Bayan and a number of my flatmates’ bedrooms. I reach my door. I usually keep my door locked when I’m in lectures, but I find that it had been unlocked. I open the door, and the sight before me has me transfixed. You’re lounging on my bed in a sheer black negligee with a baby pink floral pattern across the bust and the skirt, which just about covers everything it needs to. The material clinging to the curvature of your voluptuous body. Cupping your perked 32C breasts perfectly. Your long wavy brunette hair cascades over your shoulder. Staring at you bewildered, unable to move, I remain in the doorway. “That’s the effect I was looking for,” you purr with a grin, while getting off the bed and start to walk over towards me. Still nonplussed, I’m unable to talk. Taking me in an embrace, you shut the door behind me. Your petite 5ft 2 body pressed up against my 5-foot, 11-inch frame. You pull me into a deep kiss and I’m more than happy to oblige. Allowing your tongue into my mouth, feeling you explore my mouth with it, massaging my tongue with yours. Escort Acıbadem Unfastening my belt and jeans at the same time. Then you pull away, playfully biting my lip as you do so. “I’ve wanted to do this all day,” you playfully whisper in my ear, allowing my jeans to fall to the floor. Raising my T-shirt over my head, and taking it off. You start to slowly kiss your way down my chest and abdomen, towards my rapidly stiffening cock. By the time you reach my cock, it’s straining at the fabric of my underwear. Slowly you start to rub along the length of me through the fabric, kissing it here and there. Then taking the waistband of my boxers, you slowly slide them down, allowing all seven and a half inches of me to spring free. Your eyes widen with joy as you behold this monster in front of you. Reaching out you gently begin to stroke along the shaft, retracting the foreskin back as you do. You look up at me with those big beautiful brown eyes, as you place a gentle kiss of the very tip of my cock. Then you take my helmet in to your mouth, wrapping your lips around the head, all while maintaining eye contact, you start to work your magic. Intently sucking my helmet, flicking your tongue across the slit causes me to let out a soft moan of pleasure. Taking my cock with your right hand, you then start to jerk my cock into your longing warm wet mouth, causing yet more moans of pleasure. Still jerking my cock, you refrain from sucking my tip to look up at me adoringly. “Mmmmm.

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