20 Aralık 2022

A Summer of Slow Transition Ch. 03


It was late Saturday morning when Bob decided to get out in the yard and rake the new garden Pam had started. He knew she wanted to get some flowers planted as soon as she could. She had left earlier to hit the stores and see what the new spring fashions had to offer. That meant she would be gone a good part of the day.

Bob had been working on the garden for about a half hour when he heard, “It’s not as much fun watching you do gardening.” Bob looked up and saw Charlie on his boat and said, “Oh, hi Charlie. Yeah, Pam is out shopping with her mother. She left about an hour ago. Sorry to disappoint you.” They both laughed.

“An old man can still dream and look forward to things. Can’t he? I was kind of hoping Pam would get a little braver and show me more of that incredibly edible body of hers. Wishful thinking on my part.”

“She might be out a little later, depending on the time she gets back. Definitely tomorrow. I can’t predict how she’ll dress though.”

“She’s worth waiting for, in any case,” Charlie said.

“That’s quite the boat you’ve got there.”

“It works for me. She’s a 36′ Chris Craft. A convenient semi-enclosed helm with enough deck space for fishing.”

“Is that a full cabin in the front?”

“Yeah, nothing outstanding, a small galley, full head and sleeping quarters a bit wider than a double bed. All powered by a 350 horsepower Chrysler marine inboard. I don’t go on any long trips with her. I just take her out to the islands on day trips to do a little fishing. I try to get back before dark. I don’t have radar to do any safe night cruising. Just a marine radio and a marine compass installed at the helm. I’ve got all the standard stuff required by the Coast Guard for safety. She’s as safe as any boat can be.”

“Wow, that’s a big engine.”

“There’s a nice section forward above the cabin for Pam to take in the sun. She will provide a great view when the fishing is slow. That’s of course, if she decides to come along. Sure would be nice to see more of that great body of hers. Again just a wish this old man has.”

“She did end up enjoying putting on that show for you last week. You might just get your wish one day. I’m not going to push, just give her a little nudge every now and then. It’s completely up to her how far she goes with this.”

“Sounds almost like you want her to go further. You don’t mind knowing I would love to feel and nibble on those beautiful tits of hers? Or maybe even do much more?”

“As strange as this may sound to you and as embarrassing as it is for me to admit, as long as it’s you, no, I don’t mind.”

“How extreme are you talking here? I need to be clear on exactly what is acceptable and unacceptable in your mind.”

“I really don’t know. As far as Pam eventually wants and lets it go, I guess. She needs to be the one to decide, not you or me.”

“Damn, Bobby, I’ve got a hard-on just talking about this. You do realize even at 63 years old, when I look at Pam I lust for her in the most intimate way? Have you thought about this?”

“I know you’d fuck Pam in a heartbeat, if given the chance. You and every other man that lays eyes on her. That was obvious last weekend when you were looking at her half undressed. I’ve thought about it, yes, and I get turned on every time I do.”

“Are you prepared to accept that, if it gets that far? Not saying it will but I don’t want to destroy your marriage, or any friendship we develop over time. And I don’t have the desire to get shot by some irate husband.”

“I’m the only man Pam has ever had sex with. I don’t ever want her to feel like she’s been cheated or missed out on that part of life. I want her to experience things she hasn’t and probably never would. If and when she does and she enjoys it and wants to continue, I would emphatically answer, yes! I’m prepared to accept anything that makes Pam happy, even her fucking you. I’d much prefer that to some stranger that hits on her at a moment of weakness.”

“Have you discussed this at all with Pam?”

“Pam and I have not discussed this possibility. I was the one who suggested she tease you a little and see if she enjoyed it and if it excited her at all. If she did, I told her I was fine with however far she wanted to take it. She knew you were getting all horned up looking at her displaying herself and teasing in the garden. It excited her knowing that. We’ve had tremendous sex all week since then. I think she is enjoying this to the point that it could continue. This has to happen at her pace, however. I don’t ever want her to feel like she is acting like a common slut or that you think of her that way. I think she will give you indications about liberties you can take without actually saying anything to you. You’ll just need to be able to pick up on them.”

“I feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven. Lot’s to digest here. If you’re absolutely positive about this and she ends up being receptive, I promise you I will take it slow and always bursa escort treat her like the lady she is. I’ll not do or say anything she has not indicated she wants. She will feel that everything that happens, she wants to happen. Damn, I can’t believe this. There are so many young virile men out there. Why an old man like me? Not that I’m complaining.”

“I like you and feel comfortable with you. I know you would never hurt Pam. You’re conveniently right here and it would appear to Pam that this is just something that happened. It’s more acceptable than us going out looking for someone. You’re not someone that could be a threat to our marriage. Pam obviously likes you and feels comfortable with you.”

“When do we start?” Charlie snickered.

“That’s completely up to Pam, if it starts at all,” answered Bob, not indicating to him how much Pam had been turned on by knowing Charlie lusted after her.

“Oh man, I sure hope she wants to continue. I need to get some work done on this boat though.”

“I noticed you’ve been working on the boat every night this week. I’ve never seen you doing that on weekdays.”

“To be honest, I thought the only pleasure I might get was on weekends with Pam in the yard. I figured if I wanted to get this boat in the water this summer I had better work on it during the week. I was not going to get much done on weekends.” Charlie laughed. “You know what I mean?”

“Yeah, that makes sense to me,” Bob said as he went back to the garden.

While Bob was raking and turning over the soil he was thinking, “Pam may continue to tease Charlie, and maybe allow him to get a little feel a few times. I doubt she would ever take it any further. This could be a lot of fun for all of us though.”

It was around three o’clock when Pam got home. She had stopped at the garden center and purchased 15 various small flowers in individual pots. When she entered the house, she noticed two empty cans of beer on the kitchen counter. She thought that was odd seeing that Bob was not a drinker. They never had alcohol in the house. “He must’ve done some work in the yard and got them from Charlie,” she thought to herself. She noticed Charlie on his boat as she passed by the kitchen window. Bob was napping on the couch. Pam smiled as she passed him, “Just two beers puts him to sleep,” she mused.

Pam decided to wear her green polka dot short suit to work in the garden. After changing, she looked in the mirror and unzipped the front about midway, exposing a good portion of her breasts. Her mind was racing a mile a minute. She was torn between the right and wrong she had been taught and what her body and mind were telling her she really wanted to do.

She thought for a moment longer, then brought the zipper down to her waist, took her arms out of the outfit and removed her bra. She thought to herself, “It’s time to find out if I really like turning Charlie on or if this sexual arousal was only because it was a new experience for me.” She admired her bare breasts and thought they were a perfect size for her frame, very firm and nicely shaped too. “Not too big, and not too small,” she thought to herself with an approving, somewhat naughty, smile. As she put the top back on and zipped it up, she noticed how her nipples were clearly visible through the thin material. She immediately had second thoughts about this, then reasoned, “I have Bob’s approval. Bob said that Charlie wouldn’t do anything I didn’t want him to. And I need to find out if this is always going to be a turn on to me and if I want to continue doing this. After two beers, Bob is asleep until dinner and will never know I did this.” She adjusted her breasts for the most seductive effect, positioning the zipper a little lower than her nipples to give Charlie a good look at her nearly totally exposed bare breasts. Pam asked herself, “Have I always secretly wanted to be a freer spirit and never allowed myself to think about it?” She turned and quietly walked towards the back door and went into the yard with a multitude of mixed emotions: excitement, arousal, nervousness and trepidation.

As she was bringing the small pots of flowers to the garden she looked to make sure Charlie saw her. When he looked at her she purposely arched her back to make her tits and nipples more visible.

While Pam placed her pots near the garden, Charlie examined every inch of her body. Her outfit was so tight it conformed to every curve of her body, outlining her ass like she was wearing nothing. The thin material hugged each ass cheek individually and continued between them, tucking itself into the crevice. Charlie said, “I was beginning to think I wasn’t going to see you out here today. I’m glad I was wrong.”

“I just got home a short while ago and saw that Bob had prepared the garden for me. What time did he go in the house?” she asked.

“Less than an hour ago. Didn’t you talk to him?”

“He’s asleep on the couch. The beers you gave him put him to sleep. Alcohol bursa escort bayan always does that to him. Closer to comatose, rather than asleep, I should say. He’ll be asleep until I wake him for dinner now.” She thought to herself, “Why did I say that? Did I want Charlie to know Bob would not unexpectedly come out?”

Charlie had also noticed her tits were almost hanging out and that she wasn’t wearing a bra. He could clearly see her nipples through the material. Charlie thought to himself, “Damn, this is almost like looking at her completely naked.” Pam also noticed that he saw all that she intended him to see. She was becoming very aroused, causing her nipples to become even more visible.

Neither said any more, as they each went back to their respective work. Pam, took her time, strategically placing each individual pot with its singular plant precisely where she thought she might want to plant it, while occasionally glancing Charlie’s way. Charlie, just puttered around his boat now, forgetting what he was working on before Pam came out looking like she had dressed this way with a purpose. He too glanced in her direction, much more than she did his.

After what seemed like a half hour of rubber necking, their eyes met. Charlie smiled and gestured with an arm towards her and the garden and said, “Looking good.” Pam stood up, wiped the perspiration from her forehead, smiled back and said, “Thanks, you think so?” Charlie nodded and just said, “Oh yeah, very much so.” Pam knew he wasn’t just referring to the garden. This sent a series of pins and needles sensations throughout her entire body and caused her to feel flushed. She then said, “You’ve been working on that boat almost every day now for over a week. You must have a lot of work to do on it.”

“Mostly cosmetic stuff left. Just about all of the important work is done now. Would you like to take a little break and come aboard to get a better look at her?”

Pam thought for a minute to herself, “Here we go, girl.” Then she said, “Yeah, okay. If it’s not going to distract you from your work.”

Charlie laughed and said, “I can’t think of a better disruption than a lovely girl such as yourself. Come on aboard mate! Just use the gate behind those trees over there.” Pam laughed and said, “Be right there.” Being lost in her own thoughts and in an aroused state, she didn’t think of adjusting her zipper.

Charlie was on the boat as Pam stated climbing the ladder, giving Charlie a clear and unobstructed view of her gorgeous tits. Her climbing motions caused them to sway and bounce. Charlie thought, “I would love to suck those lovely tits of yours, little girl.” As Pam climbed over the stern of the boat and jumped onto the deck, Charlie thought how little of her tits were covered and how they could easily fall out of the opened zipper. They jiggled and the wet material, from her perspiration, immediately wrapped itself around the still covered portions of her breasts, giving Charlie a great look at her breasts, covered and uncovered, showing their perfect shape.

Pam noticed that Charlie had not taken his eyes off her tits, causing another jolt of electricity to surge through her body. She tried to compose herself, and said, “Wow, this is huge boat,” as she looked around.

“There’s a lot more room when all this junk is gone. She’s real seaworthy. I would go anywhere on her and feel safe.”

Pam walked around a little, giving Charlie a close up look at her firm, round ass in all its glory, revealing a thin panty line from the middle of her thigh to the cheek line where her ass met each leg. The panties did not prevent her tight fitting shorts from conforming to each individual cheek to the point of giving him a wonderful view of the crack of her ass under the shorts. Pam walked over to the opening, starboard of the helm, leading to the lower cabin, turned to face him, and asked, “What’s down here?”

Charlie admired pam’s perfectly shaped calves and firm thighs that caused the bottom of her shorts to fit snugly around them. His eyes then locked onto the “V” at her crotch that her tight outfit created by forming around her labia and inner thighs. The bottom of her shorts were no more than two inches below that inviting “V”. Her pussy appeared to be on the puffy side and showed no slit. Charlie wondered if her pussy was puffy because it had just been recently fucked, or if the puffiness was caused by a thick pubic hair area. Charlie thought she was absolutely perfect. He then answered, “The galley, the head and sleeping quarters.” Pam questioned, “Galley? Head?” Charlie responded, “Kitchen and bathroom. Check it out.”

She climbed down the three steep and narrow steps and Charlie followed. Charlie said, “Kind of tight quarters down here, but it serves the purpose.

As Pam tried to slide by Charlie to look in the head, her ass rubbed against Charlie’s crotch. There wasn’t much room to move. Charlie already had his back against the bulkhead. Pam had to slide escort bursa by him very slowly. She was moving slower than necessary and felt his still soft cock against the right cheek of her ass. She moved a little more and his cock rested in the crevice of her ass. She stopped and felt Charlie’s cock begin to swell and get hard. Charlie’s cock felt close to the same length as Bob’s, but much thicker and fatter. She felt her legs go a little limp and heard Charlie give out a breathy “Ah” sound. His cock throbbed and got completely erect and hard.

She didn’t know what to do and wasn’t sure if she wanted to do anything but remain in that position. She felt Charlie put his hands on either side of her hips. She swallowed hard, closed her eyes and leaned her head against his chest. His hands moved slowly up her sides towards her breasts. She let out a gush of air as his hands engulfed both tits. He started softly massaging each one. Pam was breathing very heavy now and was lost in the erotic feelings she was experiencing. She could feel the wetness and the heat growing between her legs. Charlie then unzipped the rest of her top and began teasing both her nipples with his fingers, pinching each one softly and tenderly. Pam was experiencing feelings she had never felt before and had no description for them. She gave out a long sultry moan.

She heard Charlie whisper in her ear, “Oh, Pam. It’s been so long. This is the first time I’ve touched a woman sexually since I lost my wife.” He then opened her top freeing her tits and completely exposing them. She could feel him pressing his now completely rigid cock deeper into the crevice of her ass. She loved how it felt, but slowly turned to face him. She then felt his cock against her stomach while he stared hungrily at her reddened tits and swollen nipples. He began sliding down towards them by just slightly bending his knees. His thick hard cock slid down her stomach and rested against her hungry, wet pussy. Charlie began small slow gyrations with his hips causing his cock to stimulate Pam’s clitoris. His tongue began licking one nipple before moving to the other. Pam once again closed her eyes. Her breathing was rapid and heavy now. When she felt Charlie’s lips encompass one of her nipples and he began to nibble and suck it, she loudly and excitedly said, “Ohhh, Yeeesss.”

She felt, what she thought was the beginning an orgasm rapidly approaching and before it took total control of her, she stopped. She looked at Charlie and said, “This isn’t right. We need to stop.” Charlie looked at her with a reddened face and disappointed look, but understood and said, “You’re right Pam. I’m so sorry.” Pam countered, “This was all my fault. I’m the one who should be apologizing.”

Pam knew, down deep inside that this was just the beginning and not the end. She wasn’t sure she wanted it to end. She then gathered her composure, zipped up her top, looked at Charlie and said, “Bob mustn’t know this happened.” Charlie somberly looked at Pam, nodded his head in the affirmative and said nothing.

Pam left the boat and entered her yard feeling guilty and ashamed with feelings of exhilaration and excitement battling within her. She was totally confused, unable to understand what had just taken place and why it did. She was apprehensive about this new dynamic and the euphoric feeling she just experienced. She wondered if she would want more, subconsciously knowing the answer.

Pam needed time to digest all that had happened. Time to think about things and consider the speed in which things had progressed. She had not anticipated it going this far, this soon or even at all. She was prepared to show Charlie her naked boobs and even possibly allow him to touch them. To nearly have intercourse with him was not something she had planned on happening and had not prepared herself to deal with. After a torturous week of turmoil she decided to avoid Charlie as much as possible for a while. She did, after all, tell Charlie that they must stop this and that it wasn’t right, and he agreed. She thought there should be no problem, Charlie understood.

A few weeks had gone by without any direct, alone contact with Charlie, he had continued working on his boat diligently. Pam still worked out in the yard, but dressed in her old normal yard attire, and only with Bob out there with her. They remained cordial and spoke often amongst the three of them, as neighbors do. It was very different for her and Charlie, though. Charlie tried to act as though everything was normal, as best he could, but when Pam and Charlie’s eyes met, there was electricity. The looks would appear benign to anyone else, but there was always something there. It was a look that two best friends share when they know what each other is thinking or when they think they’ve gotten away with something without being discovered. Pam enjoyed titillating Charlie and the feelings it produced in her own body. Bob wanted this, Charlie wanted this, and she realized that she did too, now. What could possibly go wrong? Her sex with Bob had never been more intense or frequent. She did not want any of this to stop. She just needed to slow the pace down a little bit and remain in better control, she thought.

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