21 Mayıs 2023

A Tale of Gassy Lesbians Ch. 02


Before Veronica had become her mistress, Amy had been an unstoppable menace of a prep and an insufferable bitch. Never once in her life had she ever been effectively disciplined, she had almost invariably gotten what she wanted. Those days were over.

Now Amy had fallen very far from that pedestal indeed. She had become a slave to Veronica’s farts, all because of a spell.

Veronica led Amy into her car, as class had ended. Amy’s new mistress had deliberately withheld her gas. Amy had long since submitted completely to Veronica.

“Mistress, when are you going to fart again?” Amy said anxiously, already starting to miss the smell.

“Once we get into the car, slave-slut.” said Veronica quietly, privately enjoying Amy’s degradation.

“Slave-Slut. It feels so wonderful to say my proper title, to acknowledge my true purpose.” signed Amy.

Amy got into Veronica’s car, and Veronica followed. Both were seated in the front of the vehicle.

“Now will you give me your sweet gas? Please Mistress-Veronica?” pleaded Amy.

Veronica grimaced very slightly, and let off a long silent fart.

“OH! That’s it! Your fart fulfills me, there is nothing greater! If only the whole world could smell like this!” Amy almost shouted in relief and satisfaction.

Amy felt so happy. The Mistress had given her purpose again. The ultimate gift of the Mistress were her hot sexy farts, Amy lived for them.

“Yes Mistress. I love inhaling your glorious scent. I am whole again.” Amy was almost crying with joy.

Veronica smiled, “You are a very good submissive indeed, Slave-Slut Amy. If you behave, I will give more of my ass gas.”

Amy’s mind was filled with lewd thoughts. Veronica’s ass: the source from which the gas emerged, and in that gas was purpose. Amy loved Veronica’s wonderful butt, it produced the source of her greatest fulfillment.

“Mistress, I wish to thank you for revealing the ultimate truth: the sole purpose of my life is to serve you and be rewarded with your perfect farts. You have shown me my destiny: my face, between your asscheeks, inhaling your gas forever. Thank you so much.”

Veronica nodded, “Your fellow cheerleaders shall know of this ultimate truth.” Veronica was having trouble not laughing out loud.

Amy was treating her like a virtual goddess, which she most certainly was not. Still, it was amusing to see the former super-bitch submit to her will so readily.

Amy smiled, “They too must serve the Mistress, for her word is law to all her Slave-Sluts. To be Slave-Slut is to be complete. Those who she deems Slave-Slut must become her submissives until she withdraws her command. I am Slave-Slut Amy, Slave-Slut first and Amy second. I am beyond honored to serve the glorious Mistress Veronica, who I shall serve until she releases me from her charge. My ultimate joy, the ultimate love I can express…is ultimate submission.”

Veronica was almost stunned by Amy’s words, they were so unlike her. “What do you what to do when we get to my house?”

Amy was happy and excited, “Slave-Slut Amy will happily aid Mistress-Veronica in whatever she needs done. What you desire is what I shall provide to the best of my ability.”

Veronica, in spite of herself, was touched. “You shall dress yourself in a manner befitting of your new identity as Slave-Slut.”

Amy was sluttily masturbating herself with one hand, deeply inhaling the gas which had flooded the car’s interior. “I hear and obey, Mistress.”

“Serves you right, Amy. After all the years you’ve been being a bitch, you deserve this.” thought Veronica quietly.

Finally they arrived at Veronica’s home. Veronica called Amy’s parents and told them that she was still talking to Amy about her poor grades, using her nice-teacher voice. They suspected nothing.

One thing Amy had actually done Anadolu Yakası Escort in her life, with her own hands rather than someone else’s, was to design and make some of her own clothes.

As it turned out, Veronica had some old clothes that she didn’t care much for (she had considered them relics from her old life), and some clothes-making equipment (another of Veronica’s old hobbies).

After asking her mistress which clothes she could use, Amy went to work. It took a few hours, but Amy was a fast worker.

Veronica was busy making dinner for the both of them, curious what Amy would come out wearing. Amy finally informed Veronica that she was done and was wearing the outfit she had designed.

Veronica was shocked by the audacity of Amy’s design. She had expected a bondage outfit, but it was still strange to see on the spoiled, preppy cheerleader wearing what she was.

Amy, in a move totally out of character, had designed her own submissive bondage gear.

It was mostly bright red, with platinum black trim. Her untanned breasts, pussy, and butt were exposed. Her Jodhpur boots were leftovers from Veronica’s old wardrobe.

Amy wore a white dog collar that used to be on one of Veronica’s dogs.. She wore black gloves; her entire outfit was very tight leather.

The outfit itself was covered with a mixture of various types of sexually obscene messages, all of them proclamations of love for her mistress.

Her upper body was covered (except for her breasts), but her belly and midriff were exposed. Her extremely short shorts barely counted as shorts at all, as they neither covered up her ass or pussy.

Her arms were uncovered in their entirety (except for her hands). Her tanned face was covered, for the most part, with white makeup.

Her eyes had black makeup around and on them, with light blue highlights subtly applied; her lipstick was cherry-black in color; and her cheeks had pink blushes on them.

“I covered nothing of importance up, Mistress.” said Amy. Then Amy saw what Veronica had been doing.

“Mistress, I apologize for asking this but….you did make this food because you felt like it? Not because of something I didn’t do?” Amy said anxiously, worried she had done something wrong.

Veronica smiled. “Your concern is touching, but there is no need to worry. You haven’t done anything wrong. I just felt like cooking, I enjoy it. As speaking of food, dinner is ready.”

Amy was still looking uneasy.

Veronica suddenly realized what Amy needed. “Your Mistress appreciates your efforts on her behalf…so receive this reward from her, Slave-Slut Amy.”

Amy signed and bowed before Veronica’s ass. Veronica unleashed all of the gas she had been holding back, directly into Amy’s face…the aroma going straight to her clit. Amy moaned in suddenly ecstasy as Veronica’s perfume filled her lungs.

“Take your time, Slave-Slut. Have your fill.” said Veronica, lust starting to appear in her voice.

For several minutes, Amy feed off of Veronica’s farts….wantonly inhaling the hot air like the slut she was for it without any shame. She was in her place, in the midst of Veronica’s dense cloud of lesbian butt gas.

Amy felt like she had gone to heaven, she didn’t want this moment to end…but eventually it had to. Amy signed softly in disappointment when the gas finally dissipated.

“Mistress Veronica, I should have told you this before. It isn’t right for a Slave-Slut to keep secrets from her Mistress, especially one as wonderful as you.” said Amy, her voice remorseful.

“Do not despair so quickly, Slave-Slut Amy. Just tell me, I will hear you out.” said Veronica. Slowly but surely Veronica had been getting into the whole Mistress thing.

“Well, what was happened was….” Amy began.

So Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan Amy proceeded to tell what had happened. She had gone for quite some time without any exposure to Veronica’s farts, so eventually she grabbed a blanket and wrapped herself tightly in it. Amy then had proceeded to flood the tight space around her with her own butt gas, desperately trying to alleviate her need.

Veronica smiled naughtily, “Nasty slut. Can’t get satisfaction from the source, so you wrap yourself in a blanket and get it from your own farts like the flatulence addict you are.”

Amy spoke up quickly in apology, “My farts weren’t have as satisfying as yours, Mistress Veronica! Yours are without parallel, no other woman’s gas can compare to the gas of my Mistress.”

Veronica laughed, “Perfectly understandable, Slave-Slut. But still, I think it is time to claim you…tonight.”

Amy looked sad, “I regret, Mistress Veronica, that I have no virginity to give you. I have given it away to individuals who didn’t deserve it anyway. I should have given myself to you, Mistress.”

Veronica counseled her, “There’s no shame in making mistakes. After dinner, I shall take you. We’ll think of it as your first time. Forget those who you gave you virginity to before.”

Amy had tears in her eyes, she was so happy, “Oh Mistress! My body is yours till you deem it otherwise! Use me as you see fit.”

Veronica nodded, “Let’s eat, my submissive darling.”

So Veronica and Amy had an interesting dinner, it was very strange. Amy was so different from her normal haughty, better-than-thou self. She was much more polite, respectful, and courteous.

Not to mention considerably less profane. Amy was not nearly as arrogant, rude, or hateful as she had been before. She actually listened to what Veronica was saying, and Veronica now could listen back.

The conversations they had at the dinner table were far more productive then the endless arguments they had when they were merely teacher and student. Veronica rewarded Amy throughout the whole event with a steady stream of chain-farts.

Finally, Amy asked Veronica: “Is your Slave-Slut going to be taken tonight, Mistress Veronica?”

Veronica looked at her lewdly, “Yes. Tonight, you are mine. And you have given me an idea.”

Amy signed wistfully, “I’m so horny Mistress. I need to be fucked so badly…because I’m a dirty Slave-Slut who needs your discipline, and your gas.”

Veronica had been having trouble controlling her own lust throughout the day, now she took off the gloves. Amy was suddenly swept off her feet, and carried by Veronica to the bedroom.

Veronica put Amy on top of the sheets, and then got into bed with her.

“I figure we should skip the preliminaries and go to the main event. I’ll take the initiative from here on in.” said Veronica.

At that moment, Veronica planted her pussy right on top of Amy’s face. Amy didn’t need any more encouragement, and slowly pleasured her mistress’s cunt. For what seemed like an eternity Amy kept up her efforts to please Veronica, figuring that it was best to take it slow. Finally Amy succeeded in bringing Veronica to explosive orgasm, covering Amy’s face with her juices.

For a while, Veronica lay down on the bed. Amy anxiously waited for her mistress to recover her strength, which she did in a handful of minutes.

“It’s been a while since I came that hard.” said Veronica, getting off the bed and retrieving a strap-on from under the mattress.

Then suddenly it hit her, “Wait a second. When you said you lost your virginity did you mean you had been fucked all three ways? Or did you leave one out?”

Realization came over Amy’s face, “Actually Mistress, I’ve only been fucked two ways. I never got around to getting fucked Escort Anadolu Yakası in my ass.”

Veronica smiled as she put on the strap-on dildo. “Then I think I can take your final virginity, Slave-Slut.”

Amy’s eyes widened with sudden lust, “Yeeeeesssss…..”

Veronica teased her submissive, “Does my naughty slave-slut’s ass need to be fucked? Are you a horny anal lesbian who wants it up her butt? Huh? If you want it, you have to beg for it.”

Amy cried out, “Oh Mistress, I need it so badly! Fuck your slave-slut; fuck me in my slut’s butt! Please Mistress!”

Veronica said one word, “Done.”

Before Amy knew it, Veronica’s tongue was bathing her anus in wet saliva. Although Veronica couldn’t see it, Amy’s eyes rolled back in her head and her mouth hung open.

“Oh Veronica, you drive a woman crazy. Don’t stop. Don’t ever stop. Please.” Amy begged in a lusty moan.

Eventually Amy’s asshole was lubricated enough in Veronica’s judgment.

Suddenly she felt the plastic cock begin to plunge into her butt. A single thrust sent it into Amy’s virgin hole, and she cried out in surprise. Then Veronica started to violently fuck Amy’s asshole back and forth like a jackhammer.

Amy’s stomach almost immediately began acting up on her, the food from dinner still in her. The powerful thrusts were shaking up her bowels, causing gas to start forming rapidly.

In spite of this, Amy started wantonly thrusting her ass back against Veronica’s pseudo-cock. Her rectal muscles tightened around the plastic intruder, as if trying to keep it inside her body.

Amy was really starting to enjoy this, and she began to beg her Mistress to keep fucking her in her ass. Both women’s breasts were being flung back and forth from the intense fucking motions. For several minutes Veronica fucked Amy to the point of near senselessness, temporarily reducing her to a mindless, screaming, lust-crazed automation.

Amy had completely forgotten about the huge build-up of gas inside her, stirred about like a tornado by Veronica’s dildo. Finally Amy came explosively in a series of orgasms, shrieking in shameless ecstasy not caring about the lewdness of her wanton declarations.

Veronica pulled the dildo out of her lover, and at that moment all of the gas that had accumulated at Amy’s backdoor was released.

One loud, potent, dense, long fart after another after another blasted out of her butt like there was no tomorrow. The room’s atmosphere was now almost completely flooded with Amy’s hot air.

Amy collapsed after her very long series of chain-farting sessions had ended.

Veronica laughed, “I guess that’s your ass’s way of saying thank you. Are you completely beyond shame, my darling slut? Even your body has submitted to me. Ah, this room smells heavenly.”

Amy smiled, “After taking so much from your body, I am happy to give something back to my Mistress.”

Veronica nodded, “We’ve done enough. Let’s go to bed.”

So they both lay there on the bed, resting. For a long time they stayed awake. Finally Amy said something.

“You know Mistress Veronica I was thinking.” said Amy softly.

“Yes?” asked Veronica.

“I was thinking about the past, the person I was. I don’t like what I see. I don’t…want my old self to come back. She was such a superficial bitch….I…was such a bitch. I was that person. You saved me, Mistress Veronica, from myself. Your lowly Slave-Slut thanks you for that.” said Amy.

Veronica nodded, surprised by Amy’s confession: “If that is what you truly feel, then stick with it. I, for one, think it is too late at night to be discussing these things. I’m exhausted.”

Amy smiled, and adjusted the covers until they were both under them. Amy fell asleep first, and Veronica let loose a series of farts that became trapped under the blanket. Amy visibly responded to the smell of Veronica’s gas, and signed in pleasure. Before Veronica fell asleep, she thought about what Amy had said about herself before she had fallen asleep. She wondered just how much of that was the effect of her gas on Amy doing the talking…and how much of that speech was really coming from the real Amy?”

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