21 Mayıs 2023

A Very French Connection Ch. 02


To the best of our knowledge this story it true. Karen Cassidy herself told us the story and offered her personal insights. We spoke to Celestine Lunete by telephone and confirmed the details. Karen and Celestine live together in Toulon. The authors welcome your comments. We will pass on comments, questions and messages to Karen and Celestine.

Toulon is a mid size city in the south of France on the Mediterranean coast It is west of Cannes, Nice and Monaco. It is situated on one of the best a natural anchorage in the area. The harbor water is very calm due to the protection of the Saint Mandrier peninsula. Toulon is a major naval base and home to the French Mediterranean fleet. Mount Faron is located north of the city and offers a spectacular view of the city and harbor. The road to the top is impressive, as are the cable cars.

Clyde Bennett Ltd is a research company based in London England, with branch offices throughout Europe and two cities in the United States. The Toulon office is on rue Adolphe Guiol. C.B.Ltd. in Toulon is contracted to the French government to provide research and analysis of materials and facilities used by the French navy. The offices are staffed primarily with men. Most are British specialists and support personnel. There are also two American analysts, and one French researcher, all women, working on the current projects.

In Part One of this story Karen Cassidy and Celestine ‘CeeCee’ Lunete, both employees of Clyde Bennett Ltd in Toulon France, found a mutual attraction to each other and took the first exciting steps in their new relationship.

Our first stop after breakfast that morning was the view from the top of Mount Faron. I had wanted to go, but I never had the oportunity. It is a very good thing that CeeCee’s car was a small one. The road to the top was twisty and mostly only one lane. It was well paved but in places the road was very close to the edge which was a little scary. The ride itself was an adventure, both going up and coming down. The view from the top was spectacular. The city and the harbor beyond and the blue waters of the Mediterranean made it a beautiful vista. We sat on a bench holding hands and watched as a cruise ship came into port. There were several other people in the small park at the top. Not one person reacted in any way to us holding hands. I think if CeeCee hadn’t needed both hands to drive, she would have held my hand in the car. I did see one older gentleman smile when I leaned my head back so that CeeCee could kiss me. Holding hands and kissing another woman in public. What has happened to me?

It was just past noon when we drove back towards the city. On the way we found a roadside market and purchased fresh bread, a wedge of cheese, bottled water and several apples. CeeCee drove down streets whose names I couldn’t pronounce and we eventually stopped at a small park west of the harbor. CeeCee wrapped our food in a light blanket that she had in the car and we walked down a narrow path into a small cove near the water. There were only two or three other people sitting on the course sand. CeeCee found a spot as far from the others as possible and spread out our lunch. We sat on the blanket, ate, and enjoyed the view and gentle sea breeze. I didn’t think anything of it when CeeCee stood up and stretched. But when she unbuttoned her dress and took it off I got just a little concerned. As I watched, not quite believing what I was seeing, she took off her bra and slipped out of her panties. She stretched again and then laid down on the blanket. I looked at the other people on the beach who were ignoring us, and then I looked back at CeeCee.

“What are you doing?” I asked, my voice catching in my throat.

“I am enjoying the sun.” She said, very casually as if being naked in public didn’t matter to her.

“But, but, what if someone sees you?” I asked, looking around again.

“Relax Cheri, this is France.” She said, and I saw her close her eyes.

I looked around again nervously and when nothing happened, I settled down next to CeeCee, propped up on an elbow. When I turned my attention back to CeeCee I saw her in a different light (no pun intended). In the bright sunlight I noticed what I hadn’t seen back in my apartment. Her breasts flattened a little because she was lying on her back. In that position, her nipples were pointed straight up. There was a slight bulge to her tummy, which for some reason I found incredibly sexy, and a more pronounced pussy mound. And, she wasn’t clean-shaven like I thought. Her mound was covered with very tiny, almost invisible hairs. Like fuzz on a peach. I couldn’t resist temptation. I reached out as gently as I could, and petted that mound. I heard CeeCee moan as I moved my hand. I took another quick look over my shoulder and when I looked back down, CeeCee had moved her legs apart. An invitation?

This was crazy. I couldn’t do this. Not here. Not in public. So why did I see my hand start to massage that intoxicating mound? I moved my finger lightly down Acıbadem Escort her pussy slit, rubbing the tender inner lips. CeeCee moaned again and I watched as her pussy lips puffed up and turned pink. It was incredible to see. Knowing I caused that reaction both excited and scared me. I looked around again.

“Please.” CeeCee said in an almost pleading voice.

“But someone might see.” I said, not believing what I was about to do.

“Please.” CeeCee repeated.

I was not going to do this. It was insane. But when CeeCee opened her eyes and looked at me. She asked me again, this time with just her eyes. I moved down between her legs. I couldn’t say no to those pale blue eyes. CeeCee lifted her knees and moved her legs further apart. When I pushed my face into her pussy, I think she moaned again but I couldn’t be sure. She pressed her thighs around my head, holding it in place. The only thing I could do was lick. Somehow I managed to get my hands under her ass, which raised it a little off the blanket. I licked from her clit to her ass. Between her natural wetness and my licking, she was soaked. I sucked in everything I could and when I felt her squeeze my head harder, I concentrated on her clit. I got it between my lips and pressed down trying to get as much of it as possible into my mouth. I massaged it with my tongue and pulled it with my teeth without actually biting down. When CeeCee stiffened I held the base of her clitty with my teeth and I flicked the tip with my tongue. My efforts were rewarded with another mouthful of musky, slightly salty fluid. More than I could swallow this time. It splashed on my nose and cheeks and dripped down my chin when I lifted my head.

When I sat back and lifted my hand to wipe my face, CeeCee stopped me. She sat up in front of me and cleaned my face with her tongue. Somehow that tongue would up in my mouth. I forgot about the other people on the beach. I forget about everything except the woman sitting in front of me. When we finally sat back, I had my hands under CeeCee’s breasts, holding them up. I don’t ever remember touching them. CeeCee put her hands under mine and together we squeezed her heavy breasts.

While CeeCee was getting dressed, she told me that next time I should get undressed too. Right, that day will never come. What we just did was crazy. Exciting, but still crazy. Making love in public with both of us naked, I don’t think so.

It was getting on towards evening when CeeCee stopped the car in front of my apartment.

“Cheri, I will see you at work in the morning. Remember our secret.” CeeCee said.

“I could make dinner.” I offered, hopping she would come up stairs.

“Thank you, but I need another shower and fresh clothes. And I need to visit with my grandmere (grandmother). She is getting old and she likes to talk.” Celestine said.

“Of course.” I’m afraid I am being selfish, occupying all your time.” I said.

“I will ask grandmere. Perhaps you could meet her. I could make dinner for the three of us.” She said.

“I would like that.” I said.

“Bonsoir Cheri.” Until tomorrow.” CeeCee said as she leaned closer in the car.

She didn’t have to lean too far in the small car. We kissed each other lightly on the lips, and I got out of the car. Upstairs, I flopped down on the sofa by the window. The apartment was warm so I opened the window. The breeze felt cool. I pulled off my blouse and ran my hands across my stomach. And then up to my beasts, The front closure bra I had on was soon lying on the floor. I fondled my breasts and toyed with my nipples. I hadn’t done that in quite a while. But Celestine was changing my life. I thought about her, stretched out on the course sand by the beach. I thought about her beautiful breasts, naked in the sunshine, as I played with my own breasts. I remember thinking that I was developing some serious feelings for CeeCee. I hoped I wasn’t being a fool.

When I stood up, I slipped off my shorts and panties. Totally out of character, I stepped in front of the window and let the cool evening breeze caress my body. If anyone looked up to see me, at that moment, I didn’t care. I picked up my clothes, tossed them in the hamper and took a hot shower. Clean again, I slipped on a robe and made myself dinner. When I finally crawled into bed, I thought about the view from Mount Faron, the secluded beach cove and Celestine. I fell asleep with her scent lingering on my pillow.

Isabella Morel took over the responsibility of raising Celestine when both of her parents died suddenly. Celestine was just 10 years old when she went to live with her grandmere. Now 71 years old, Isabella was still the family matriarch. Still worrying about and taking care of Celestine. She was sitting in her favorite chair on the balcony, when Celestine arrived back home.

“Avez-vous Eu une belle journee?” Isabella asked, her grand daughter.

“Yes grandmere, I did. I had a wonderful day.” CeeCee said, kneeling in front of Isabella Acıbadem Escort Bayan and taking her hand.

“Nous sommes vous avec cette femme?” She asked.

“Yes grandmere, I was with Karen.” Celestine said. ” I invited her to dinner and to meet you this weekend, so speak English. Do not embarrass me. You speak English almost as well as I do and Karen speaks very little French.”

“As you wish. Do you care for this Karen?” Isabella asked, smiling down at her grand daughter.

“Yes I do. I care for her very much. She has brightened my life.” Celestine said.

“Then I will like her also, I am sure.” Isabella said. “Have you, ah, been together?” Isabella asked.

“Such a thing to ask.” Celestine said, putting her hand in front of her mouth, pretending to be offended.

“So you have been together.” Isabella smiled, and she too put her hand in front of her mouth.

“You are terrible.” Celestine said laughing. “Come inside and I will make dinner.”

The two women, arms around each other, walked back into the house.

The next week was fairly normal at work. I finished a final report on the project I was working on and started two new ones. The office manager, Diane, and I went down to the naval base to pick up some samples, which was new for me. Diane told me there was a small research lab east of the base where materials could be immersed in seawater of various dilutions and promised to take me there one day. Back in the office, Celestine and I were careful to keep everything business-like. We had tea in the afternoon, which was becoming a pleasant routine. Only one or two of the men even bothered to look up when we sat down in the lunchroom.

Thursday morning when I walked up to my office, I saw a note taped to the door. I got a cup of coffee and sat down at my desk. The note was an anonymous warning to be careful of Celestine. It said that she had been seen near the naval base with several sailors. I read it twice. The second time I looked over the top of the page to see if anyone was watching. I saw two men staring in my direction. I got up and walked over to the shredder. I shredded a blank sheet and put the note in my pocket. I trusted Celestine and I knew the note was a lie. The only other person I trusted was back in the States. Later in the day I went down to the lab to run a few tests. While down there, I took a picture of the note and emailed it along with a brief outline of what has been happening to Celestine to Philip Clark, the director back in Atlanta.

Saturday afternoon, CeeCee picked me up in her little car and we drove through town. To the west of the city, just off Route A50, we turned onto a small road. After several minutes we came to an old stone villa. CeeCee sat in the care, watching the road behind us for several minutes.

“Is this where you live?” I asked.

“Yes. Grandmere and I. I try to be careful so that those at work do not know.” She said.

As we walked up the path, I could see someone waiting on the low balcony. The villa was old but well kept.

“You must be Karen.” Isabella Morel said as she extended her hands.

“And you must be Celestine’s grandmother. I am very pleased to meet you.” I said.

“Come inside, it is getting cool.” Isabella said as she gestured towards the heavy double doors.

The evening was wonderful. I found out that Celestine is a very good cook. I learned about the tragic accident that Celestine’s mother and father were involved in and how Isabella moved from nearby Sanary sur Mer to care for the ten year old Celestine. The villa was part of Celestine’s father’s estate. Keeping her in familiar surrounding and her school seemed the best way to deal with the unfortunate circumstances. As she grew, Isabella insisted that she learn English, and when old enough, to attend classes at University of Nice Sophia Antipolis. She did not finish her studies when Isabella became ill. Celestine returned to Toulon to be near her. Isabella improved and Celestine was hired at Clyde Bennett.

About eight o’clock that evening, Isabella asked Celestine to make tea. When she left, Isabella moved next to me and spoke softly.

“Do you like it here in France?” Isabella said.

“Yes I do, except for a few of the men at work, everyone has been very nice.” I said.

“And do you like your job.” Isabella continued.

“Oh yes. It is what I went to school for. It is like solving mysteries.” I said.

“Do you love ma petite fille, my grand daughter?” Isabella asked as she reached out to take my hands in hers.

” I, I think I do.” I said, caught a little off guard by the question.

Isabella smiled and looked up, over my shoulder. Celestine was standing in the doorway with a tea tray in her hands.

“Is that true? That you say you love me?” Celestine said, her voice wavering.

“Yes. I didn’t realize that until just now, but yes, I think I do love you.” I said as I stood up.

“Oh Cheri.” Celestine said Escort Acıbadem as she walked back to the small settee where I was standing.

Celestine put the tea tray down and when she looked up, there were tears in her eyes. She looked at Isabella who was sitting quietly and then at me. Then there were several minutes of cheek kissing and hugging. Isabella just sat there, watching us and smiling.

The next hour or so the three of us chatted about everything. About nine o’clock, Isabella excused herself and went into her room. Celestine waited for a moment, then took my hand and led me to her room. CeeCee’s bedroom was almost as large as my entire apartment. Large sliding doors opened onto a small balcony, where we sat on an oversized wicker lounger. The cushions were soft, the breeze was warm and CeeCee’s lips were very inviting.

“Your grandmother might hear.” I started to protest.

“She knows.” CeeCee said in my ear, between kisses.

I surrendered. I let CeeCee carefully undress me. As I stretched out on the lounger, she took her closes off and climbed gently on top of me. I think I mentioned this before, but the weight of CeeCee’s body on top of mine was very pleasant, and very erotic. She covered my mouth with hers and started to move her hips against mine. The sensation was fantastic. I slipped my hands down to CeeCee’s ass and tried to pull her as close as I could. We must have lain there kissing for at least half an hour. When the wind changed and became cooler, CeeCee got up and led me back into her bedroom. CeeCee gave me one more kiss and pointed to her bed. As I crawled onto the soft mattress, I saw CeeCee at a small corner table. There was little light in the room, just a glow from a small lamp.

CeeCee joined me on the bed, and side by side, we kissed again. CeeCee’s hands caressed my breasts and pinched my nipples. When she shifted lower on the bed and started kissing my tummy, I put my head back against the pillows and closed my eyes, enjoying what she was doing. When I felt her urge my legs apart, I spread them as far as I could, knowing what was coming. Her kisses went lower and lower. She teased me my pulling at my bush with her teeth. And then her tongue found my slit and my clitty. I know I started to moan as she nibbled on my clit. I was ready this time when she bit down. My whole body tensed as a bolt of pure pleasure shot through me. It was at that exact moment that CeeCee started pushing something into my pussy. I started to say something, but it felt so damn good. I felt my pussy filling up. I hadn’t felt anything like that for a long time. The last time my old boyfriend made love to me. And just as I was enjoying that feeling, CeeCee started pulling it out. And I realized what she had. She pushed the dildo in again quickly, causing me to gasp in surprise. I think I lifted my legs in the air. I don’t remember anything other than being fucked for the first time by the woman that I loved. I do remember blurting out that I was going to cum, and CeeCee pulled the dildo out and covered my puss with her mouth. She licked and sucked as wave after wave of my orgasm flowed through my body. The pleasure center in my brain went to overload. I know I must have clenched my jaws shut because they were sore for a while. Eventually I lay quietly. There were tears on my cheeks and a smile on my face. I reached down and pulled CeeCee back on top of me again. I loved having her on top of me. We kissed, gently and lovingly. And after a few minutes we snuggled under the large silky blankets. I vaguely remember CeeCee rubbing my tummy as I fell asleep.

I stayed at the house that CeeCee and her grandmother shared for the rest of the weekend. I got to know Isabella better and learned that she was the reason that CeeCee was such a good cook. CeeCee showed me the rest of their house, which probably should be called a villa. It is a good thing that CeeCee’s parents had it paid off before they passed. Even with both of our salaries, we couldn’t have afforded it. Sunday night the sky was clear and the moon was just a silvery sliver. You could almost reach up and touch the stars they were so bright. Later we lay in bed, held hands and talked. I fell asleep with my head resting on one of Celestine’s breasts like a pillow.

Monday morning, CeeCee drove me back to my apartment for a shower and clean clothes before I went in to work. When I got off the elevator, the office was in chaos. Diana Martin, the other American researcher and unofficial ‘house mother’, pulled me into her office. We stood in the doorway staying out of the way.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“The assistant manager and two of his special project analysts have been recalled to London for some big project.” Diana explained. “We found out this morning. They’re packing up.”

“It must be something big.” I said.

“I guess so, I overheard the manager say they had a flight at ten this morning. They must need them pretty badly.” Dianna offered.

I was just making a cup of coffee in the lunchroom when Celestine came in. She made a tea and we went back to Diana’s office to watch. By eight thirty it was quiet in the office again. I went back to my office and started some paperwork on my latest project. I was concentrating on the computer screen and I didn’t hear the manager come in.

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