1 Ağustos 2021

A Very Fun Shopping Trip


A Very Fun Shopping TripThe jewellers ShopWell for some back ground, im a 27 year old Straight man, with Fiance and baby on the way. But i am always horn and need to get my rocks off.I have been thinking of trying public masturbation or flashing for a while now, always fancied the thrill and would love for someone to watch me jack off outside and i almost talked my self into it last week but ultimately i chickened out. Worried that i would be seen by wrong people living in such a small town so i searched for alternatives.What i came up with was to use my partners love egg up my arse concealed and walk about the shops in my town playing with my self without anyone knowing. I have had a few things up there before when playing about and always enjoyed it and though of public esenler escort was even more exciting.So i put on some ¾ length shorts and cut the corner out of the pocket just big enough to fit egg through without remote slipping out. I drove into town and parked behind the shops in car and it was now time to insert, i put a condom over the egg and a little lube on my fingers and round my ring then carefully pushed egg inside, was already horny as fuck and my dick was semi.I decided to go to the jewellers firs as his wife is unbelievably attractive, early 40s, blonde an an ass to die for, i set speed low and went in, sensations were going around my body already, every movement made it more heightened and when i seen bahçeşehir escort her there in short dress, bare legs i was on my brink. But i decided to fight it and slipped speed up a notch, by this point my cock was throbbing, still not totally hard but could feel my ass tensing and tightening up.As Sandra was showing me an item off the shelves she dropped her pen, being the gentle man i am i squatted down to pick it up, THATS WHEN IT HAPPENED…I inadvertently turned the speed up to its highest an as i was squatting down i must have moved egg inside me right onto my G-spot, oh my got, i could just feel the monumental orgasm as my ass hole and my dick and balls simultaneously started tensing and throbbing, i let başakşehir escort out a whimper, trying not to be obvious what was going on, as if she had any idea anyways . i started to straighten out and stand up and i could just feel my dick spewing out streams and streams of hot cum into my shorts and all over my legs, all the while she was looking at me and carrying on talking, im just over here absolute spent, i turned speed off now.With my dick very obvious and the huge amounts of cum in my shorts i made my excuse and left quicky. Back at the car i lowered my shorts to remove egg and i have never seen so much cum in my life, coated my dick, balls and going down my crack.Still so turned on by this i stared stroking my fat dick, which was now solid, just using m own cum as lube and pumping my cock, i could see and old couple coming my way but didn’t care as was to in the zone, another huge orgasm, not as much cum or any at all. Luckily older couple weren’t interested in me and walked past.I pulled up my sodden shorts and drove off, a very fun shopping trip indeed, what to do next. Thanks for reading xxx

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