24 Mayıs 2023

A Weekend Away With Christina – The Finale


When Stephanie returned with our food and the check, I handed her cash and told her, “Keep the change. You’re a great waitress!”As we stood, Christina smoothed out her dress before saying, “We’re in the red extra-cab Silverado parked out front. Please hurry!”We made our way outside. Once Christina hopped into the truck, she pulled off her dress. When I got into the driver’s seat, she lowered my pants and started to ride me. We kissed hungrily as my hands wandered her magnificent body. After a bit of roaming, I focused my hands on her rock-hard nipples.While we were busy pleasing each other, Stephanie opened the passenger door and jumped in next to Christina. After a minute of voyeurism, she let her hands caress Christina’s back and buttocks. The additional stimulation sent Christina over the moon as she flooded my crotch with her juices.Our mouths never separated as she continued pumping me through her orgasm. But, when Stephanie slipped a finger into her pucker, Christina clamped hard on my cock and came again. That’s when our mouths parted, and Stephanie moved in for a kiss. The girls kissed tentatively and gently while Christina sat on my cock and squeezed.I leaned back to give them some room but kept up my manipulation of Christina’s nipples. Christina moved one hand behind Stephanie’s neck to pull her in tighter for their kisses. Meanwhile, her other hand popped the button on the top of her slacks and pushed down the zipper. From what I could see, Stephanie was hairless and pantiless down there.  With access to her exposed box, Christina slipped her free hand inside and pushed in two fingers. Stephanie immediately wrapped her free hand around Christina’s head as they mashed their lips together. Both of them were moaning loudly as Christina started to ride me once more. With about every possible erotic zone being stimulated, Christina was in an unending climax.I didn’t think the wet spot that was spreading across my cloth seat would ever dry. As that thought was passing through my mind, Stephanie started to shake from her oncoming peak. I was Ankara escort only seconds behind and spasmed violently into Christina’s vagina. I think that my climax gave her one last big one before she finally collapsed against my chest.We all were breathing hard but relaxed as Stephanie and I took turns kissing Christina. When I was finally settled, I started the truck and drove toward the hotel. Like before, Christina didn’t leave my lap or get clothed until we were pulling into the parking space. Stepanie helped Christina with her dress as I got myself together. I grabbed the food, and we each took an arm and led Christina to the room.We snuggled up close during the elevator ride and then walked the hallway with Christina removing her dress again. Once inside, I put the food away as Christina led Stephanie into the bedroom. When I walked in, Christina had Stephanie lying on her back while she removed her shoes and socks. As I undressed, Christina pulled off Stephanie’s pants as Stephanie was removing her own shirt and bra.With us all naked, Christina moved between Stephanie’s legs and licked tenderly at her outer lips. I watched as she progressed and gave her time to enjoy her first taste of another’s pussy. As she adjusted to fellating female genitalia, her hunger for it grew. It wasn’t long before Christina was tongue-fucking Stephanie while wiggling her ass at me.I took the hint and stuffed stuck my face between her slick cheeks and began to lap away. I started with long slow licks that began on her clit and ended at her pucker. Each time I crossed her rosebud, Christina shivered a little extra. After she brought Stephanie to a screaming, flailing climax, I concentrated on her backdoor.As my tongue began to pierce Christina’s willing ass, I saw her move to do the same to Stephanie. Stephanie’s legs were already spread wide, but as Christina moved her tongue south, she pushed them back onto her chest. Both ladies started to moan as their anal canals were orally stimulated.Christina mimicked my treatment of her Ankara escort bayan on Stephanie. When I would pull out of her pucker to tickle her clit, she did the same to Stephanie. As I pushed a single digit into Christina’s ass, she followed suit. The real test would be when I sank my cock fully into Christina’s open vagina.  Switching out a finger for a thumb, I then pressed my pole into her slick box until it was balls deep. Christina howled for a few moments and then pushed two fingers into Stephanie’s puss to the hilt. Stephanie moaned loudly as they sank in and pulled Christina’s face down to her clit. To keep things even, I began to tickle Christina’s clit with my free fingers.Both of them were moaning and swearing as the stimulation escalated. I watched as Stephanie climaxed all over Christina’s face. With Stephanie having had hers, I began pumping both my cock and thumb in and out of Christina. Her orgasm enveloped her rapidly and entirely as her legs slowly gave way.In the aftermath, I withdrew from Christina to let her catch her breath. As both of them slowly came around, Stephanie sat up and inquired, “Switch?”Christina asked, “Do you want what I just had?””Yes, if it’s okay with both of you.”Christina looked back at me and questioned, “What do you think?””I won’t penetrate her if you don’t want me to. I can just use my fingers. I know that penile insertion is a whole different level. What do you want, baby?”Christina looked at me for a moment before responding, “I don’t really have the right to deny you this because I have already had my fun with strangers. But, I would really rather that you didn’t empty your seed into someone else. I’d like to keep that part of our sex life just between us because I’d really like to have kids someday.””No problem, baby. I feel the same way. I’d rather not have kids out there with someone else.””Now that we’ve got that worked out, do you mind if I eat your girl while you aggressively finger my holes?” Stephanie questioned.We both looked at her for a minute Escort Ankara before we laughed. While we were still chuckling, I grabbed Stephanie’s hand and pulled her up to a kneeling position. I kissed Christina hungrily before pushing her down onto her back. Looking over to Stephanie, I said, “Get your face in there and enjoy that yummy snatch.”Stephanie dove in and lapped at Christina while I positioned her for the fingering of her life. But first, a little tasting of my own. I gave Stephanie the front to back treatment as well, from clit to rosebud. Her reaction was similar, except that she seemed to enjoy the clitoral titillation far more. With that in mind, I flipped onto my back and slid underneath her. Once in position, I pulled her down to my waiting tongue.I flicked and licked, and as she began to shake, I sucked hard on her little nub until she exploded onto my face. I held her ass tightly as she bucked wildly. As she began to settle down, I lapped at her flowing nectar and claimed my reward.With Stephanie’s full weight lying on my head, I moved my hands under her hips and gently lifted. Once I was out from under her, I flipped over and tasted her pucker. She seemed to enjoy that too as her mouth went back to pleasing Christina. As my tongue slowly penetrated her back door, Stephanie moaned heartily into Christina’s splayed puss.Stephanie must have been concentrating hard on Christina because the sensual reverberations were reaching a fevered pitch. I continued my tonguing of her opening rosebud but didn’t push any further. I wanted both of the ladies to enjoy Christina’s oncoming climax.And climax she did. Christina not only had her hands clutching Stephanie’s head, but wrapped her legs around it as well. As she flopped around wildly, Christina never released Stephanie for a second. I’m sure that Stephanie would likely have whiplash from that experience, but probably wouldn’t mind.As Christina calmed, I slipped two fingers into Stephanie’s box. I let my tongue plunge profoundly into her rectum as she opened up for me. Stephanie seemed to be enjoying her ride, so I added a third finger to her spreading vagina. That seemed to be her limit for the moment as I pounded away. With her rosebud well lubricated and open, I pushed two fingers in there as well.I was alternating the penetrations as Stephanie barked, “Both at the same time!”

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