26 Mart 2022

A Weekend Party…2


A Weekend Party…2Leon said to me as I reached up to wipe his penis ‘…no, don’t use your hand, lick my dick like a lollipop. Don’t waste a drop of my baby fluid…’ Gingerly I took hold of his throbbing penile shaft and closed my eyes as I licked the tip of his penis.’…Damn…’ Leon exclaimed ‘…the bitch really do suck dick…’I pulled back and looked up at Leon, he looked down at me and said ‘…yeah just like that, I want you to look at me just like that as you suck my dick. I don’t want to feel none of your teeth either, suck me good and I want tell nobody what a good little dick sucker you are…’ It was then I noticed that I was slowly stroking his massive member.I fixed my glaze on to his and leaned into his crotch, I slowly opened my lips and extended my tongue. Using my tongue I slowly circled his penile head, licking the tip of his penis as he exuded an abundant amount of thick white fluid.Leon’ penis throbbed and twitched as I slowly enveloped his huge penile glans, moaning softly, Leon begin to undulate his hips as he caressed my head. I had hold of his throbbing shaft, my hand could not close completely.Leon looked at me and encouraged ‘…that’s it keep look up at me while you suck that dick. You like sucking that dick, don’t you, yeah I know you do, shit suck it baby, suck it good…’ Leon was exuding so much pre-cum and my on oral spittle mixed with it caused a stream to hang from my türbanlı bilecik escort lips and his penis.Ralph was behind us pinching my buttocks and every now and then, slipping a finger or two into my jockeys and up my bung hole. Ralph told Leon ‘…get out those pants and sit down on the floor so David can get at you better…’ Leon pushed me away from his crotch and his massive tool and removed his shoes and pants.I wiped my lips and chin as Ralph told me what to do next ‘…David get those draws off, next time you need to wear some pink panties or something girlie…’ I stood and removed my underwear as Leon reminded me ‘…come back here and finish this job, you ain’t no where near thru…’I got back down on all fours and placed my face above Leon’ throbbing, twitching rigid man hood. As I stretched my lips to engulf his penile head once again, Ralph slid his enormous tool down my butt crack. I jumped and raised my head only to have Leon grab my head and say ‘…you worry about this dick, Ralph will worry about your ass hole…’ Ralph’ penile glans tip found my inviting bung hole and he begin to swirl his penis around my anal opening.Ralph centered his tool and begin to press steadily forward, at first I tried to clinch tight and denied him entrance. Ralph spit twice, the first glob of spit hit me in the small of my back, the second glob landed squarely türbanlı bilecik escort bayan at the place his penis and my anus met.Ralph pulled back just enough to allow his spittle to slip between his appendage and my anal orifice. With a strong push Ralph entered my neither region and I could feel my anal sphincter muscle ring open and snap tightly close around the neck of his penis.My cry of pain and anguish was muffled by Leon’ just as massive tool in my mouth, I tried to twist away. Leon had a tight grip on my head and Ralph imprisoned my hips in his powerful grip. I was trapped between the two of them, Ralph hunched powerfully into my anal canal as Leon lifted and pulled my head up and down on his huge penis.Gagging and whimpering I was used brutally till Ralph told Leon ‘… come on now lets switch, you let me get my dick sucked…’ The two of them released me and traded places, Ralph was naked now just as I was. Leon quickly removed the rest of his close as I noticed that it was getting dark out side.Before I could get my lips around Ralph’ penis Leon pressed his wicked tool deep into my bung causing me to rise up and Ralph grabbing me by the ear saying ‘..get on this dick he ain’t that damn big…’ I barely opened my mouth and Ralph pulled my head down till his penis was pressing against my throat.My eyes bulged as I tried to gasp a türbanlı escort bilecik gulp of air, Leon was ramming into me so hard that all Ralph had to do was to hold my head tight. My nose was pressed into his musty smelling pubic hair as he twisted my head around on his enormous sex shaft.After a few minutes Ralph told Leon ‘…I’ve got a ideal, lets see which of us can make this bitch moan the loudest…’ Leon said yeah great ideal, come on lets get the pussy up in the air…’ Now I was on the floor naked with my well lubed gaped bung hole exposed to Ralph and Leon’ weird desires. I started to protest at the same time one of them, slid their massive pice of man meat into my aching bung hole.Four quick strokes and he pulled out, quick as possible the other entered and did the same thing. This went on till well pass the time the street lights came on, their mixture of cum dripped from my buttocks and thighs to the floor.The two of them came time after time in my butt without breaking their pace till they got tired and decided that they had to go. My butt felt as if it was on fire, so tender and raw that I could barely manage to stand and have my buns touch.As I bent over to find my clothes their cum mixture oozed from my bung hole down my thighs, I looked out the window as they went laughing and joking down the street. My anguish turned to fear as I saw them stop and talk to three homeless guys sitting on a fence drinking fro a shared bottle.Ralph and Leon walked on as the three homeless winos got up and headed towards the empty building I was in. Panic stricken I tried to gather my clothes and run only to meet the winos on the steps as they said ‘…don’t go know. Those young boys were just the warm up, you gonna have some real men now to show you how to fuck…’

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