12 Mayıs 2023

A Weekend with my Mother in Law


My mother-in law “Gloria” is 62-years old, stands 5’10 and weighs around 130 pounds, with flowing raven hair and never ending beautiful legs. She has 4 beautiful daughters, none as tall as she but all dark-haired lovely girls with beautiful bodies. She has a way of walking that turns the head of not only men but women as well. She wears a special Italian perfume that always weakens me as she walks by. Gloria and my father-in law John live in London England where he is an international law attorney for a major corporation in the states. They visit us in Orlando every few months or so when he is on a trip back to the U.S.I have never strayed in my marriage which is now going on 5 years, …. until now. Although I have certainly been captivated by Gloria’s beauty and have fantasized about being with her in rare moments, I have never let on that I thought of her in any other way except as my mother-in law. My father-in law can be quite a jerk at times and yell at her for insignificant things which I have found to be embarrassing, yet she has always taken his crap. She could leave him and have just about any man she desires but she still stays with him.There have been moments in the last several years when she and I would be alone together such as washing dishes in the kitchen after a family dinner and we would joke around and maybe kid each Beylikdüzü escort other some but never about sex or fooling around. I would tell her she should have been a movie star or Rockette on Broadway which prompted her to throw her head back and laugh and then tell me I was over my limit on wine for the night.But life turned last Friday night. Gloria was coming in to town to stay with my wife and I for a few days while my father-in law was on a business trip to New York. He was to be tied up every night on business dinners and meetings and she did not want to be left alone. My wife Dina is a business law attorney and often has to fly to San Francisco for a primary client. She was to be back on Friday when my mother-in law was flying in from New York. I was to pick both up at the Orlando Airport within one hour of each other but my wife called and said they needed her to stay until Monday night. I was disappointed and I knew Gloria would be upset she was not going to see my wife but we always enjoyed each others company and I felt we would still have a good time just hanging out and talking about politics, family, her friends in England and our daily lives she was missing. I gave Gloria a big hug when she came off the plane through the gate and she kissed me as always right on the lips. No Beyoğlu escort bayan lingering or open mouth kiss, just a quick smack. I told her my wife was not coming home until Monday night but she handled it well and really did not seem that upset. “I am sure we will make the best of it,” she said.On the way home, I noticed she was wearing a shorter black skirt than usual, black stockings with black pumps and shear beige blouse. She wore a cream-colored bra under her blouse but it was quite thin and I could make out the tips of her nipples enough so that on the 30 minute drive home, I possessed quite a hard on which I hoped she would not notice. “I am starving. I have not eaten since late this morning. Do you think we can stop and get something to eat?” she asked. “I know a great little place I’m sure you will like. A nice romantic place, ” I said. What made me say that to her I am not sure but her reaction pleased me. “Oh really?” she replied. I stopped at Vinny’s’ Little Italian pizzeria and as we walked in you could feel the long glances aimed at Gloria. Her posture was perfect as she walked elegantly in front of me, head back, to our table. I felt like her chauffeur or aide not her son-in law. We enjoyed two glasses each of Chianti and each had a bowl of shrimp linguine. “This is a romantic Escort Bomonti spot. Do you bring Dina here a lot?” she asked. “We come here on special occasions,” I said. “It certainly is a mood setter. I bet you two really enjoy each other when you get back home from here,” Gloria said with a slight twinkle in her eye. Was I reading her right? She was beginning to loosen up quite a bit from the wine. She asked for another bottle of Chianti which we killed over the next hour before going to the house. After I carried her bags to her room, she said she was going to freshen up a bit and asked if I could fix her a vodka martini which I promptly did after changing into a pair of light blue silk pajama bottoms and white t-shirt. I made myself one as well and took both to the den where she joined me. She still wore exactly what she had on from her trip. She sat on the other end of the red sofa from me and took a sip of her drink. “This is so good. I am really beginning to feel relaxed. Would you mind terribly rubbing my feet? Walking through the airports have made them a little sore,” she said. “No problem,” I replied. “Let me slip off of your shoes. One thing I am really good at is foot massages. Your daughter requires at least several a week.”As I rubbed her beautiful size 8 soles, I began to feel another erection and the martini was not hurting it. I could tell she was enjoying it as she took a long sip from her glass and gave me a seductive look I had never seen before from her. I moved my hands around each foot and worked her toes ever so gently and then to her heels and ankles. I was not sure what to expect but did not care at that moment.

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