21 Mayıs 2023

A Wonderful Journey Ch. 04

Darla Crane

A few days later Judith rang to invite me over to her place again, with Donna and another woman I hadn’t met before, Anna. Mary wouldn’t be there as her hubby was home for the weekend, but I guessed what we’d be getting up to and that wasn’t really Mary’s thing. It had, however, become a huge turn-on for me, and that night at Judith’s she had watched me give Carol the same treatment with my tongue as I had her.

I thought about it a lot afterwards and I kept coming back to the same conclusion – I had enjoyed it; enjoyed watching, touching, tasting another woman’s pee. I got very hot and wet looking at pictures and videos of it on-line and I even posed in front of the mirrored tiles above my bath, watching myself go. It was all very new and exciting and I embraced my feelings towards it fully, just as I had with everything happening to me – and anyway, doing something so dirty and taboo made it all the more arousing.

So it was with much excitement and an itchy pussy that I drove to Judith’s house, looking forward to seeing her and Donna again and excited at meeting Anna and making another sexy friend. I’d never dreamed of having a sex life so amazing, meeting so many lovely people and doing such wickedly dirty things with them, and right now I was just enjoying myself as much as I could, seeing where the ride took me.

“Jenny, hi, so good to see you!” Judith gushed as she let me in, hugging me and giving me a very hot and prolonged kiss, “come on in!”

Leaving my overnight bag in the hall we went through to the lounge, hugging and kissing Donna and being introduced to Anna. She was a gorgeous woman of about my age, with thick and lustrous blonde hair, a very full and curvaceous body and a warm and friendly smile.

“Pleased to meet you Jenny,” she greeted me as we hugged, “Always nice to welcome a new member to the fold.”

“Everyone has been so lovely and welcoming,” I told her, “and I’ve been enjoying every naughty moment!”

“Well, I think we can be assured of plenty of those tonight!” Donna laughed as Judith handed me a large glass of wine, “you can see we’ve made preparations.”

I looked to where she gestured and I noticed the whole of the floor between the sofas had been covered up by layers of old sheets and blankets – clearly put there to soak things up. I felt my tummy flutter and my pussy quiver at the implications of that, aroused at what was clearly going to happen in here.

“Well, now that we’re all here I think we should all undress,” Judith announced, “I always prefer being naked in company as nice as yours.”

“I drink to that!” cheered Donna, and so we all quickly stripped off completely naked, with much groping and stroking of each other’s bodies as we did so. I felt completely at ease being naked with my new friends, liking how they looked at me like I looked at them, with desire; four middle-aged saggy and soft women getting together for their mutual pleasure.

We sat down on the blankets and I was soon kissing and groping Anna as Judith and Donna kissed and touched up each other. Anna had large sagging breasts that I couldn’t resist stroking and squeezing while she reached down and played with my moistening pussy. Her tongue was exploring my mouth and I was getting very wet and horny, my hand soon dropping down, across her neat little landing strip and onto her hot and slippery sex.

We stayed like that for several minutes, snogging each other’s face off as we wriggled and writhed on our fingers, making each other very, very wet. Beside us Donna had laid back and was holding her legs wide apart as Judith went down on her and Anna murmured to me that she wanted me like that so she could eat my juicy cunt.

I quickly lay down right next to Donna, pulling m y legs right back and apart as Anna got into place, a hungry look on her face that made me shiver with excitement. With our legs locked together Donna pulled my face to hers and we kissed as our friends licked and sucked our creamy cunnies. Judith and Anna had taken hold of our legs which meant that our hands were free to touch each other, playing with each other’s breasts and caressing soft bare skin.

I was so horny that it wasn’t long before I was gasping and groaning with delight, my climax rippling through me and my convulsing pussy creaming into Anna’s eager mouth, her tongue lapping it all up.

“You got anything else for me Jenny?” Anna asked me, looking up at me from my oozing quim, “I’m still thirsty.”

“Yes, I think so,” I told her as she pulled my pussy lips wide open.

My bladder had already been quiet full when I arrived, and having just cum made me want to pee even more, so I just relaxed and let myself go, a strong stream of urine bursting forth right into Anna’s face. Relief mixed with pleasure as I saw the delight on her face, my stream now pouring straight into her open mouth and bubbling back out again.

“Wow, go for it babe!” Donna said beside me, watching me pee, “that looks so hot!”

She was Ataşehir Escort right, it did look hot as my pee continued to bubble out of Anna’s mouth. As my flow eased off she moved her mouth closer to my open cunt and let it splash all over me, which felt wonderfully dirty. Up until now Anna had been letting my piss flow out of her mouth, but now that it was a few little spurts she happily swallowed it, which turned me on immensely. When it was naught but a dribble she licked my wetness with broad strokes of her flattened tongue, making me shudder with delight.

“Mmm, that was nice,” Anna moaned after she had slid up my body and kissed me, letting me taste my own pee, “I want you to taste me now.”

“I want to taste you,” I told her shyly, nervous but excited at the prospect of getting pissed on.

“Mmm, you will,” Anna smiled, “my bladder is full!”

Anna slid further up my body, straightening up until she was straddling me head with her knees, her neatly trimmed juicy pussy mere inches from my face. She reached down and pulled those plump slick lips wide open and I admired the beauty of her sex and the smell of her arousal. I opened my mouth wide in eager anticipation, and Anna didn’t disappoint – with a heartfelt sigh she released her hold on her bladder and a mighty stream of pale gold burst forth and splashed against my upper lip.

I closed my eyes and moved a little so that that hot strong jet of piss was shooting into my mouth, and I thrilled as it quickly filled up, spilling out to run over my face and chin and down my neck. I felt so wonderfully dirty as Anna soaked me with her pee, filling my mouth again and again and splashing it all over my face, and I even drank a little of her hot and bitter fluid.

As Anna’s flow eased off I reached up and wiped my eyes clear before opening them, expelling the mouthful I had as I watched her force the last few spurts out and into my mouth. I felt wickedly used and soiled as I swallowed Anna’s pee while I gazed at her beautiful dripping pussy, all red and glistening as she held it open, her clit standing proud. I craned my head up and lapped at her wet grotto, swallowing the dribbles still coming out of Anna’s piss hole and feeling very dirty indeed.

“You seem to be enjoying yourself,” Anna groaned as I licked her wet flesh, “you liked being peed on then?”

“I love it!” I giggled in reply as I accepted the very last drop of pee from her, “I feel so dirty!”

“I know – isn’t it great?” she groaned as I licked her clean, “it’s so horny to give and receive!”

Anna swung herself off me and helped me to sit up, passing a towel so I could dry myself down somewhat. It gave me a chance to see what the other two were up to, and from the looks of it Donna had given Judith a thorough soaking, and Judith was now licking Donna clean. They were soon finished and after Donna got up we all kissed, cuddled and fondled each other.

“Judith, you haven’t peed yet have you?” I asked my host as she towelled her wet hair off.

“No Jenny, not yet,” she replied, smiling expectantly at me as I gently stroked her wet breasts.

“Well, I’d like to try it again,” I said shyly, “if you want to…?”

“My darling, I would love to,” Judith purred happily, pulling me close and kissing me hard, “I’m full to bursting and it’s all for you!”

She got me to lie on my back on the wet bedding before standing over me, spreading her legs wide as she reached down and opened herself right up. Anna was knelt beside her and was caressing Judith’s legs as Donna knelt on the other side and rubbed my pussy as I looked up at Judith’s beautiful open cunny.

“Oh yeah,” Judith sighed happily as she let go, a thick stream of amber pee squirting from her pee hole and splashing down over my face and into my open mouth. I kept my eyes open this time as I wanted to enjoy the view and Judith’s pee stung a little when I got a splash in my eye, but I didn’t mind – it was worth it to be able to watch her pissing down on me.

Judith’s urine was more fragrant than Anna’s and tasted different too, and I found out later that it because of some medication she was on that it smelt a bit herbal. Once more I let it fill my mouth and overflow, spitting it out down my chin and neck when she moved her aim to soak my tits. Anna and Donna were enjoying the show too and Donna’s fingers were sawing at my slit and across my throbbing clitty, making me wriggle with delight.

“You like that don’t you?” Judith asked me as she shifted her hips and directed her stream back up to my mouth, “you’re becoming a little piss whore aren’t you?”

I couldn’t answer her as she was busy filling my mouth up again with her pee, but the look on my face affirmed her statement – I was loving it, loving having her use me like this, being so base and disgusting. Donna had three fingers busy in my wet cunt and Anna was playing with my wet tits as Judith squirted the last of her waters over me, smiling sweetly Ataşehir Escort Bayan down at me and sighing with contentment.

We all took a little break after that, Judith taking away the top few layers of the bedding and returning with more wine to fill our glasses, and a handful of sex toys. We all sat around on the floor, drinking our wine and chatting about all things sexual, the whole atmosphere very friendly and relaxed, with a pleasant undercurrent of horniness. Donna was sat the closest to me and she reached down, picking up a dildo from the pile and showing it to me.

“Would you like to feel this in your bottom?” she asked me as I ran my fingers over the rounded bumps that covered the length of the soft plastic toy and the smoothly tapered end.

“I’ve never seen one like that before,” I said, “yes, I think I would Donna.”

“Great!” she exclaimed, giving me a lusty wet kiss, “let’s have you on your back then.”

With a little shuffling about I was soon on my back, holding my legs right back and apart as Judith passed Donna a tube of lubricating gel, applying a big dollop to her fingers, Donna made me shiver when she started to work it into my ass, working one finger and then two into me, making me moan and wriggle with pleasure as she opened me up. There was very little pain as Donna was taking her time, letting me get used to her fingers stretching my ring as they twisted and turned inside me.

“That is such a hot sight!” Anna moaned as she watched Donna at work, her hand busy between her legs, “that dildo is going to look so good in your arse Jenny!”

Judith leant down and pushed her tongue in my mouth as she reached down and rubbed my clit, adding to the divine feeling of Donna’s fingers moving inside my arse. I groaned into her mouth as Donna added a third finger, stretching my anus even wider and stinging a little bit, but her gentle insistent movements soon had me writhing and moaning with pleasure.

“She’s ready,” I heard Donna say, and Judith eased herself away from my mouth, kneeling beside me so she could watch, just as Anna had done so too. They each took hold of one of my legs and kept them back and apart as I looked down to see Donna smile at me as she slowly pulled her slippery fingers out of my bottom, leaving me feel very empty. She held the knobbly sex toy up and gave it a liberal coating of lube, making it glisten and make me groan with lust.

“OK babe, here it comes,” she smiled at me, and I rubbed my clit she slowly worked the smooth tapered head into my slippery anus, drawing a low moan from me as it opened me up. Then I felt the first of those rounded bumps rubbing against my ring and I let out a louder moan, loving the sensations they created as Donna eased the toy in and out of me, gradually going deeper into my rectum.

“Oh my god!” I heard myself cry out as I felt those knobbles rubbing up inside my back passage, like nothing I’d ever felt up there before, “that’s so good!” Donna was slowly fucking me with it, twisting and turning it so those divine blobs rubbed against me, and my groin was on fire.

“Jenny, you’ve no idea how hot that looks!” Judith told me as she watched Donna push that dildo in and out of my arse, “I just knew you’d like that one – it’s one of my favourites!”

I was horny and aroused beyond belief and my pussy was almost bubbling over as Donna fucked my backside with that amazing dildo, having the other two women watching such an intimate act and getting off on it. I could feel my orgasm building up inside me, a tight knot of pressure in my guts as every nerve ending in my bottom burned in the most delicious manner.

“She’s going to cum,” Donna said as she worked my ring, “just from fucking her arse!”

She was right, my pussy was completely unattended and I knew I was going to climax just from the dildo in my backside, something that had never happened to me before. By this point I was bucking about and pushing back against Donna in my eagerness to feel all of that hard bumpy sex toy in my arse, panting and gasping as the other two held on to me, encouraging me and telling me how horny it was to watch.

“Oh God, oh God!” I heard myself cry out as my body started to contract and convulse, moving against the hands holding me in place. My pussy was dribbling and my clit was throbbing as if there was a direct link between it and my bum hole, and even my nipples were two hard peaks of pleasure.

“Wow, what a cum!” I heard Anna groan as I bucked and heaved about, gasping and wailing with delight as Donna kept on pushing the dildo in and out of my backside until I was quite spent and floating of f on a fluffy cloud somewhere.

As my body started to relax and Donna eased the sex toy out of my arse I surprised both myself and the other women by losing control of my bladder. As I let out a heartfelt sigh of contentment I felt myself go, not a strong squirt or anything, just a gentle trickle that flowed down Escort Ataşehir my weeping sex and across, and into, my gaping ass.

“Sweet Mary!” Judith cried out, “That’s fucking horny!”

As I lay there feeling very limp and content, my pee still dribbling out of me, Donna moved in with her mouth, sucking up my fluid and licking me all over, including inside my open anus, which made me moan softly, happily. Ordinarily I’d be concerned that I had peed myself but I was too happy to care, and anyway, I figured I was in the right company for doing something like that.

I was quiet spent and happy to just lie there a while, gathering my wits. Then the others helped me to sit up and took it in turns to kiss me, telling me how much they’d enjoyed watching me cum. Wine glasses were retrieved and emptied and filled again as we chatted and laughed like life-long friends, sitting there on damp sheets with the smell of sex and pee in the air.

“Ladies, I’ve had a rather delicious idea,” Judith stated as she picked up a double ended dildo from her collection, “Anna, Donna, how’d you like to share this toy in your arses?”

Unsurprisingly they were both up for that so Judith took charge and got them to lie back facing each other, their legs crossing each other’s as they got their groins close together. Judith got me to get on top of Anna, in a 69, as she did the same on Donna, and as Anna pulled my snatch down onto her mouth Judith squirted a big blob of lube onto my fingers.

I smeared it onto Anna’s dark little bum hole and slowly eased a finger inside her as Judith did the same with Donna, and that was really horny to watch. Soon both of us had two slippery and glistening fingers pumping and twisting inside our respective arses, the women under us writhing and moaning into our juicy pussies. Judith and I smiled at each other and traded lusty kisses, turned on immensely by what we were doing.

“I think they’re ready, don’t you Jenny?” Judith asked me after a few minutes.

“Yeah, she sure feels ready,” I chuckled as I moved my fingers deep inside Anna’s backside, “she’s loose enough.”

So Judith pulled out of Donna’s bottom and I admired the sight of it, all reddened and glistening, as she greased up both ends of the thick, long purple rubber double dong. I held Anna’s buttocks wide apart, showing off her hungry-looking anus, and Judith pressed one end of her toy against it, slowly pushing it against the little orifice.

I nearly moaned as loudly as Anna as I watched her body relent and grant access to the thick slippery dong, her anus stretching wide open as the toy speared inside her. It was so horny, so dirty and exciting to watch inch after inch of that fake cock sink into Anna’s backside, and my bottom twitched in empathy, remembering what that knobbly dildo had felt like in me a short while ago.

“Now, Donna’s turn,” Judith smiled at me a she let go of the double dong, a good six inches of it buried in Anna’s bum. She took hold of Donna’s buttocks and pulled them apart, presenting that beautiful anus to me.

I took hold of the other end of the dildo and bent it down, making Anna moan as the end inside her moved about, and I lined up the other end with Donna’s slick anus. I slowly pushed it inward, shivering with lust as I watched, and felt, her body resist for a second before letting the dildo in. Her moans were quite muffled as Judith was pressing down on her face, smiling at me as we watched the dong disappear into her back passage.

“How good does that look Jenny?” Judith asked me huskily as we looked at the few inches of purple rubber between those two stretched bum holes, both women wriggling and groaning under us.

“I’m so wet I think I’ll drown Anna!” I chuckled as I felt her eating my juicy gash, “I’ve never seen anything so wonderfully dirty as that.”

“Watch this then,” she said, taking a firm hold of the middle of the double ender and pumping it back and forth, fucking both slippery arse holes together.

“Fuck!” I blurted out as I watched the dong sliding back and forth, in and out of two hot and horny arse holes. Both women were moving about, trying to get more of the double dong inside their greedy bottoms, and I realised that their juicy cunts were going unattended. So as Judith worked on their asses I set to work on their slits, thrusting two fingers up Anna’s quivering fuck hole first.

To Anna’s credit she was still managing to do a pretty good job of eating my cunt as she humped back on that dildo. Her pussy awash with her juices as I finger-fucked it, pulling out to rub her hard clitty. Then I transferred my attention to Donna, doing the same to her wet cunt as she bucked and heaved about under Judith, who moved her face closer to me so we could trade tongues, our lips mashing together lustfully.

“Let’s make them cum,” Judith groaned, “see their arseholes tighten and their cunts quiver!”

We locked together like rugby players in a scrum, and with my free hand I helped support Judith so that she could carry on pumping the long dildo back and forth, her other hand frantically rubbing Donna’s swollen clit, while I rubbed Anna’s. Anna was holding on to my hips as she wriggled and gyrated about underneath me, barely able to lick my slit as she gasped and panted with pleasure.

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