23 Ocak 2023

Adventure to a New Camp

Big Tits

During the summer we like to go camping and we have found some great nudist campsites to visit. It was towards the end of the summer and we decided to check out a new camp to see how we liked this new venue. We had a few days off so we reserved a tent site at this remote camp in the mountains. We packed up our gear and a few of our toys. It was a beautiful day as we headed off to explore a new camp. It was a several-hour drive and being a nice warm day we dressed very comfortably.

You had been particularly bad during the week making it hard for me to concentrate on my work. So it was decided that you would have to be punished. The first part gave me control over what you would wear for the weekend trip. You were not allowed to wear any bra or panties and the outfit that you had to wear for the drive was almost see thru and easy for me to play to slide my hand inside while I was driving. Being in a devious mind, I had you insert the remote control vibrator I bought for you, and of course, I had the remote.

Heading down the highway, I decided to start the vibrator on low teasing you with the gentle vibrations. You jumped but then settled back in your seat enjoying the vibrations. As we continued down the road and increased the vibrations drawing another little squeal and another adjustment in your seat. I couldn’t help but smile at the way you were squirming in your seat. I could tell you were getting very aroused and so I turned up the vibrations and watched your reaction. You started to moan and look at me pleading for relief but I was having none of it.

I could tell you were close but not quite able to orgasm so I let it go keeping you excited without allowing you to have your orgasm. Looking down at your beautiful legs, I noticed there was a wet spot on your shorts right in the middle of your legs. Now I knew you were enjoying the vibrations and probably trying to find a way to gain some satisfaction from the vibrations.

Finally, we got off the main road and headed down a dirt road into the trees. We went on for a mile or two and came to an opening in the trees. We saw the sign announcing that it was the camp and that could expect to see people with no clothes from this point forward. Just ahead was a booth where we registered, paid, and were given a map of the camp area. I had reserved one of the more secluded tent sites in the back of the camp. We would be secluded but not far from the clubhouse and other amenities.

We found our spot and parked. I turned the vibrator up to its highest setting and got out of our SUV. I called you and said let’s get every set up so we can go explore. I knew that the vibrator was driving you over the edge and you were about to cum, so being the gentleman I am, I turned it off. You moan loudly and ask me to turn it back but I didn’t and said; “you will have to wait until we get camp set up.”

Reluctantly you get out and help me unload and set up camp. Our site was definitely secluded, just the way we wanted it to be. It was Friday afternoon and I only saw a couple of other sites being used. Shrugging my shoulders I entered the tent to find you naked laying on your back waiting for me. You looked at me seductively with that come fuck me look and I was all too willing to oblige. After watching you squirm and moan on the ride I was pretty worked up to. Not as much as you but I was ready to catch up.

As I moved closer taking off my top, you reached up undoing my shorts and pulling them down to my ankles. The ride really got you worked up. You reached up and grabbed my member and pulled me to you. In an instant, you had me in your mouth licking and sucking on me. I was enjoying the reward when you pulled my cock out of your mouth and pointed it towards your pussy. I knelt down and slid in you feeling just how wet you were. I slid all the way in and grunted as I felt your muscles gripping me like never before.

You were ready for me to pound you with my shaft. I slid out and you pulled me back in with your legs holding me there while you ground your pelvis against me. I felt your orgasm and the spasms you were having causing your muscles to grip and release me inside your love canal.

Oh my, it was almost too much for me to take but I wanted more. Once you calmed down a bit I rolled you over and lifted you up on your knees so I could enter you from behind. We both loved this position because I could last longer and you could orgasm more. I slid in and start the slow pumping in and out of you making sure to angle my strokes so it hit your G-spot with every stroke. After just a short time you tensed up and I felt you orgasm and squirt juices. I loved feeling your orgasm and was ready to start again. I didn’t wait for you to relax, I just started sliding in and out again, it was maybe 3 or four times and there it was another orgasm and I kept going watching you bursa escort orgasm again and then again. It was early and I wanted to make sure we would be ready for more later after we explored so I started pumping hard in and out until I felt my body tense and I let loose with an enormous push and shot my load into you.

We were both sucking air and you collapsed on the ground with me right behind you. It took us a while to get our composure and clean up a little before we headed out of the tent to explore. We didn’t bother to dress, we were at a nudist camp and wanted to enjoy the heat from the sun. Wondering around we found the bathrooms and the showers and took that as a sign to take care of getting cleaned up a bit.

We continued our exploration of the camp and found it odd that we weren’t seeing others. Maybe it was early and most people were locals. So we didn’t think too much of it. We found that pool and decided to jump in to cool off a little. Enjoying the pool we finally saw another couple walk up and jump in the pool with us.

They said hello and introduced themselves as Bob and Harriet we introduced ourselves to them as well. We struck up a conversation asking questions about the camp and things about the local area. We learned that most people don’t show up until Saturday morning and that they were the only other couple here. They told us this weekend was a special adults-only weekend and that we may see things that would only happen when children weren’t here. That somehow sounded interesting and probably pretty provocative.

That suited us just fine. We asked if there were any special areas in the camp we should investigate and they gave us the lay of the land. We headed off to check the areas they told us about saying thanks and we hope to see them later. They suggested we stop by to have dinner with them and thanked them for the invite.

We did the tour and found a couple of places that we wanted to check out more later. Heading back to our tent, we could smell something good cooking and decided that we would make a little something to share and go have dinner with our new friends.

We got cleaned up and headed over to enjoy dinner with Bob “I won a night of Bob being tied down nude and at my mercy. You see, I love to tease him and listen to him beg for me to let him cum, but I just keep on teasing with no intention of him having too much fun. I make sure he takes care of my needs while I torment him. It is all in good fun.”

We both smiled and you blurted out; “That’s exactly what I do to my man when he is under my control. I like to tie him down and then just take my time teasing him while he serves me with his tongue. The closer he gets to orgasm the harder it is for him to focus on my needs. So, I tell him if he doesn’t make me cum multiple times, I will just leave him tied up. That gets his tongue working me good and I usually cum 3 or 4 times before I change position and ride his cock for more fun.”

Everyone laughed as we realized we had similar kinks. I thought to myself this is going to be an interesting night and weekend.

Well, dinner was ready so we sat down and enjoyed a great meal. We talked about all kinds of things. We found out they lived about an hour from us and came here this time every year because it was an adults-only weekend and no kids were here. Harriet implied that things were more open and that we will have a lot of fun if we didn’t mind seeing people screwing all over the camp. There was swapping going on too but it wasn’t a requirement.

Harriet said, we don’t partake, but you are welcome to join in. I grinned and that got a swift punch to my arm. I looked at you and said; sweetheart you are the only one I want to enjoy but it will be fun to not feel like we have to find a private place to have sex.

It was getting late and I could tell that Harriet was ready to collect on her winnings. We excused ourselves thanking them for dinner and the conversation.

When we got back to our tent you smacked me again and gave me that look. What???? That was all I could say. You looked at me and said, Assume the position in your most authoritative voice. I stripped my clothes off and got down on my hands and knees. I heard you slap your hand on the paddle a couple of times and then you smacked with the paddle. I didn’t expect it and let out a yelp. That’s when the second landed and it was harder than the first which made me let out another yelp only this time it was much louder. I was sure they would have heard me. Again you smacked my ass with your paddle and again. I was making a lot of noise now because you were really letting me have it. I wasn’t sure what I had done to deserve it but I sure wasn’t going to ask.

Finally, you stopped smacking my ass with the paddle and told me to roll over on my back. I was on the mattress bursa escort bayan so there was at least a little cushion under me. I didn’t know it but you brought additional stakes for the tent but had anchored them inside the tent on the 4 corners of our mattress. I felt you put cuffs on my ankles and before I could stop you my wrists were in cuffs too. You had this all planned out and I didn’t even notice.

You gave me a passionate kiss and then whispered, now you are in for it. You turned around so you could position your pussy right over my mouth. You lowered yourself down and said to me, make me cum and you better do a good job of it too.

I had never seen you like this before and it scared me a bit but aroused me more and I started nibbling on your clit and probing your pussy with my tongue. You know how much I love your taste and I was enjoying eating you for all I was worth. I felt you take hold of my cock and start to rub it ever so lightly. Then you dropped down and worked it over with your mouth. Just enough to get it good and wet. That’s when you started to tease me with just the tip of one finger running around the head and down the vein side of my cock. I was already hard so everything you did made me twitch and you just giggled and kept playing with me.

I was licked and nibbling for all I was worth. I wanted to make you cum so I could taste your juices and make you happy. It didn’t take too long before I felt you tense up and then you let out a scream and orgasmed violently squirting some of your love juice into my mouth. You had definitely gotten aroused from all the dinner talk and I knew that this was going to be a night to remember.

I kept probing your pussy while you regained your composure and then started teasing my cock again. This time you decided to use your tongue and lips on me knowing that it would make it very difficult to concentrate on your needs. Every time I got close you stopped and would say aren’t you forgetting something? You said; “Lick me and make me cum or I won’t tease you anymore.”

I dove back in and worked on making you cum for me again as you teased me to the point where I could only think about shooting my load. Then you stopped again waiting for me to realize I wasn’t doing my part to make you cum. I went back to work and again you tormented me until I wanted to cum but this time I somehow focused on your needs and made you cum again. You were even louder this time and just shoved your pussy into my face riding it while you kept spasming from your orgasm. You were very worked up and I was extremely close to losing my load too but you were not going to let that happen.

Rather than having me continue to service your needs with my tongue, you slid up so you could slide onto me in a reverse cowgirl fashion. You said; ” I know you have been wanting to try this way so I thought tonight would be a good time to see how we like it. The heat from your pussy was amazing.

You started to rock back and forth as if you were riding a horse. I could tell I was hitting your G-Spot but somehow this wasn’t hitting my spot at all. You kept riding me like this and your pace picked up as you got closer and closer to another orgasm. Before long I felt you tense up and off you went with another scream from your orgasm. You didn’t stop riding me, you even went faster. You were in what had to have been a continuous orgasm. I could feel your muscles squeezing me over and over but I wasn’t going to get my release this way. You must have 5 or 6 more orgasms before you finally collapsed from the ride you had at my expense.

It took a while for you to recover, once you did you slid off of me and got up leaving me tied up and wanting you to finish me. You left me in the tent and wandered off. I didn’t know what to think but about 10 minutes later you came back with a wet cloth and a grin on your face. Telling me you had to go pee and grabbing something to clean me up. As you were going to the clubhouse to pee you noticed that Harriet had staked Bob right out in the open and was having the time of her life making Bob eat her out while she stroked his cock. The moon was out so she got a good show.

You took your time cleaning me up and then you started to tease me again. You laughed and told me that you still had plans for me. You were upset because it seemed to you that I was getting excited about the idea of swapping. You told me that wasn’t going to happen and you were going to make sure you were properly punished for even thinking about it.

You pulled out a bottle of oil and put a few drops on the head of my cock and started working my head and slit with one finger slowly circling around it. It was maddening how good it felt but you knew when to stop and start so that I wouldn’t cum until you were ready to let me. I knew it was going to be a long escort bursa long night. You were showing no signs of fatigue and you had a huge grin on your face as you made me squirm. Every now and then you would run your finger down the inside of my enraged cock making it twitch and twitch. Then back to the head and teasing again.

After was seemed like hours you put more oil on your hands and started to stroke me from top to bottom, but only one at a time and as the hand got to the bottom you would remove it as the other was on the way. This went on for an eternity or at least that was how it felt. Then you started to stroke me from the base all the way up and off. One after another causing me to roll my eyes in the back of my head. It felt so good but I was not going to cum this way either. Oh, you are a devious woman and you know how much I love it. Over and over you kept stroking like this whimpering from the teasing that was driving me crazy. I didn’t know how you had been teasing me or how much longer you were going to tease me. That’s a big part of why I love what you do to me. I am under your control and you never let me know what will happen.

When you got tired of stoking me that way you stopped and started to just run the palm of your hand over the head teasing me again without any chance of me having the orgasm I so desperately needed. I didn’t think I could take anymore when I saw someone peek inside our tent. There was barely any light so it might have been a shadow but I swore I saw someone. You just kept up your teasing and tormenting my poor over-sensitive cock smiling at me and giggling at my predicament.

Finally, after god only knows how long, you started to slowly stroke my cock up and down, You asked me if I want to cum and I nodded and weakly said yes. You stopped and said what will do for me if I let you cum. I looked at her and said what do you want me to do? You say to me, what are you supposed to call me when I am in control? You let go of my cock and I blurt out; please make me cum mistress, I’ll do anything you want just I need to cum.

You start to stroke me again and ask, what will you do for me if I let you cum? Mistress I will be your slave for the entire weekend wearing my color and lease. You can make me do anything mistress and I will obey. You start to stroke me a little faster and say you are not allowed to cum until I tell you to and if you cum before that I will tie you up outside and paddle you in front of everyone who is here this weekend. Harriet told me that have stocks to secure bad boys and girls and I will put you in one and let the entire camp see you and do with you as they please.

I reply; “No mistress I won’t cum unless you tell me I can. I promise.”

You speed up your strokes and I am fighting to not cum. You know the way to make me explode and I am not able to resist when you do this.

You say to me; “I can feel you wanting to cum but I haven’t given you permission yet.” You are now stroking me to the point of no return and I beg; “Please mistress; let me cum I can’t take it any longer.”

That’s when you stroke me with both hands laughing as I shoot a huge load panting and breathing heavily I know that you didn’t tell me I could cum and I will be punished for this.

You laugh at me and I hear another person trying to hold back a laugh too. I knew there was someone here but couldn’t see them. That’s when Harriet peaks around you and says to me, you and Bob will be a sight for the other campers. I think they will enjoy having fun at your expense.

I gulp knowing that this is a weekend adventure I had not expected or planned for.


Taken from behind

It was going to be another lonely night. Waiting for your watch, you were standing outside enjoying a breeze and looking that the moon as you daydreamed about being with your Young Bull. There was still a half hour before you had to report and you were deep in thought when all of sudden someone covered your mouth with their hand and started to massage your breasts with the other. Despite having someone grabbing you like this you were a bit turned on by what you had been daydreaming about. You tried to struggle but you were being pressed against the wall and being fondled. Then you heard his voice whispering in your ear, I want you right now. Instantly you recognized the voice and relaxed knowing it was your young bull that had you in his grip.

I released you from my grip and started to unbuckle your belt and pull your pants down to the ground. You could feel thereat from my erect penis against your butt. Slowly I lifted you up and slipped you onto my cock. Holding you I started to stab you slowly with my pole as your hot pussy slid down on me engulfing my cock with your pussy. You were already dripping wet from your thoughts of doing just this when you got home from the war. But here you were in camp with your young bull fucking you from behind. As we got into a rhythm you slid up and down my cock faster and faster, grunting with animalistic energy that told me you were about to explode with an earth-shattering orgasm.

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