26 Mart 2022

Adventures of the Taproot. Chapter 3


Adventures of the Taproot. Chapter 3Adventures of the Taproot. Chapter 3, Mrs. MasonThanks to my many amorous adventures during that summer after I graduated from high school, I was going through lots of condoms. Though my main girlfriend Leslie and her mother were both on the pill, I was also plowing my insatiable b**st into some other girls who counted on me to provide the birth control. But finding condoms in my size is one of the downsides of being in the 1% category of male genitalia. However, by mistake I later learned, the d**g store not far from my house stocked some XXL condoms, so I invested in a few boxes right away. And much to my surprise, the attractive woman who rang me up at the counter winked at me when she handed me the bag. My life was definitely getting interesting. But since it was summer and lots of my young lady friends wanted to get their fill of my big cock before we all headed off to our respective colleges, my condom supply went quickly. So after getting off work one afternoon from my boring summer job, I went back to the d**g store to reload. I was pleased to see the same woman was there at the counter as before. She had a name badge on her white d**ggist’s smock that read, “Ann Mason”. And this time when she handed me the bag with the condoms, she made it a point to catch my hand briefly as she did. “If these are for you, you’ve got a really lucky girlfriend”, she whispered as she leaned towards forward. Her husband, whom I had met before, was the pharmacist but he was out of earshot in the back filling prescriptions. “They are for me,” I whispered back with a sheepish smile. “I close up tonight at seven, if you want to stop by for a soda and some conversation. You know, to keep me company. My husband has his bowling league tonight, so he’ll be gone and I’ll be lonely.” I told her I’d try to make it, and we exchanged smiles as I slowly backed away, almost knocking over a display rack as I did. “This is definitely getting interesting!”, I thought to myself as I walked out of the store. So after dinner with my family, I walked back over to the d**g store as planned. The front door was already locked and the lights inside were mostly out, but Mrs. Mason came quickly when I tapped on the glass and she looked around outside to see if the coast was clear before she anxiously pulled me inside. She was a tall and attractive woman, probably five years or so younger than my mom, I figured. She wore librarian-like glasses and had her dark hair pulled back in a türbanlı gümüşhane escort prim bun. But she had a nice smile, a pretty face, and here’s what helped lure me back there that night: she had a full bosom that strained at the buttons of her print dress. I thought I had detected a nice rack under her work smock, so I was pleased to have that suspicion confirmed. We made a bit of small talk and then she took my hand and led me to a small break room in the back of the store. When we entered the room, she wasted no time getting into action as she not-so-gently pushed my back against a wall and kissed me long and hard on the lips. As we kissed, she rubbed her hand over my crotch where my mighty oak was already straining against the front of my pants.“Oh yes, those Trojans really were for you, weren’t they”, she said as she massaged my growing prick. “They were definitely for you!” It wasn’t long before I had the front of her dress unbuttoned and was massaging her ample tits through her conservative white bra. She had also expertly undone my belt and zipper and had my pants and shorts down far enough to get her hands on my now-throbbing 10 inch monster.She then dropped down to her knees and wrapped both hands around my shaft while kissing and sucking on the head of my dick. Her glasses had slid down to the end of her nose as she looked up at me with half-closed eyes, and reached back to let down her hair as her lips hungrily devouring my cock. “We don’t have very long, and I really need you to fuck me with that extra large dick of yours, okay sweetie?” she whispered in between her loving ministrations to my pulsing rod. So with my pants at my ankles and her big tits flopped out of her bra, I grabbed her by the ass and lifted her onto a small table. I pulled aside her dress and pulled down her sheer white panties so she could spread her legs wide apart, exposing an untrimmed dark bush surrounding a big pouty pussy. I then spread apart her vaginal lips with the large bulbous head of my cock and inched a portion of my meat into her juicy love canal. As I did, she gasped and cupped her left breast and pinched a big brown nipple with one hand while guiding my cock into her bushy twat with the other. “Oh yes, that’s exactly what I was hoping for”, she whispered as I gradually inserted more of my pump organ and began fucking her with long slow thrusts. “Go easy with me at first, baby, I’ve never had a cock this big. Go easy for türbanlı gümüşhane escort bayan a bit, and then fuck the shit out of me!” So I gladly did just as she asked. With each slow thrust of my hips, I gave her just a bit more of my monster cock. Inch by throbbing inch I gradually introduced her to my full manhood until at last my balls were slapping against her ass cheeks. She now had both of her hands cupped around her fleshy tits and was working her fingers around her big flat nipples and large brown areolas. With my arms wrapped tightly around her legs as they straddled my torso, it made me even hotter to look down on her tits massage scene, so as best as I could, I leaned forward and let her shove her tits into my face so I could suckle on their ample goodness. Her hips were now grinding forward as she bucked her cunt up to meet each of my fuck thrusts, and this plowed me into her so deeply that my cock was hitting what seemed to be the very back of her vagina. “Fuck me just like that, baby! Oh, just like that! You’re sooo deep in me! Sooo deep! Aaaah!”, she gasped out in a muffled scream. And then, while pounding her like the constantly horny 18 year old stud that I was, I began using some of the woman-pleasing techniques I had acquired under the tutelage of Leslie’s mom. I started hitting Mrs. Mason’s clit with my cock head on each thrust as I shoved myself up her swollen cunt. “Ooh, you’re a b**st! You’re a fucking b**st!”, she moaned to me as she finally writhed in orgasm, her juices making her twat a veritable pond of lust. And with a few final thrusts I, too, came and shot my massive load into her now overflowing pussy. She looked down at her cum filled bush and wiped her finger across it like it was an almost empty bowl of cookie batter. Then, while looking deep into my eyes over her fogged-up glasses, she wiped my cum across her lips and tongue and smiled as she said, “Mmmm…delicious”. We were now both still panting and taking deep breaths and trying to regain our senses. I stayed inside her for a few minutes as we drove our tongues into each others mouths in deep probing kisses, the taste of my cum still on her lips.“My husband will be surprised when he finds out how wet I am tonight”, she said with a devious smile. “And he’ll be especially happy at how excited I am to let him fuck me.” Over the next month, Mrs. Mason and I met for several more of our Tuesday night Balling League sessions (as türbanlı escort gümüşhane she called them). At first our rendezvous continued to be pretty rushed, but we still managed to try out several suitable spots in the store: on the counter, in the leatherette pharmacy waiting chair, and once, when she was feeling especially randy, I took her from behind as she pressed her face and breasts against the front plate glass window–and that was a memorable encounter worth mentioning. Her panties were already off when I arrived on the night when we fucked up against the front store window. She slipped me in the back door of the darkened store, and after a couple of deep welcoming kisses, she had unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked her bra to release her fleshy wonders. I was soon finger fucking her pussy and kissing her tits as she gently pulled on my cock and backed us into the store. We kept backing up and it wasn’t long before we were up against the front window of the store and pinned against the magazine rack. I turned her around and lifted up her dress and drove my ever-ready cock into her waiting pussy and soon was slapping my engorged balls against her tight ass. While I pounded her from behind, she worked her fingers over her twat and was soon slapping her tits against the top of some magazines as I pumped her. She came soon thereafter, and I wasn’t far behind. But before I came, I pulled out my cock, and with some careful aim, shot my load onto the front window beside the magazine rack. We both slumped down on the floor and giggle as we watched my cum drip like melted ice cream down the glass. Though Mrs. Mason cleaned off my sperm graffiti from the window before she left that night, I could still see some of it caked on the ledge for the next several weeks. And I smiled each time I did. Mrs. Mason was a fine sexy lady who knew how to please. And after our initial month of quick fucks at the store, we hooked up periodically in various settings throughout that summer for more prolonged trysts. She was a voracious and adventurous lover and arranged periodic meetings for us: at a secluded tent in a state park, and another time in a vacant rental apartment she and her husband owned. And once we spent a full weekend together sequestered at her house while her husband was at a conference and my parents thought I was off camping with friends. We spent most of that weekend in bed and went at it like rabbits for a full two days. After the first day her pussy was so swollen and sore from my cock that she had to go over to the d**g store to get some lubricating cream. But although he couldn’t satisfy her big cock lust, Ann Mason really did love her husband. So in fairness, she wasn’t jealous of my other girlfriends but instead kindly kept me supplied with free condoms for the other ladies that were also getting the benefits of my largesse. To be continued…

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