22 Mayıs 2023

Adventures with Emma Ch. 01


I was so nervous. I was almost to the restaurant where Emma and I were supposed to meet for the first time. I squirmed in my seat, sharply reminded that Andrew had ordered me to wear my butt plug for the meeting. I grumbled to myself, I knew I would be squirming and blushing so bad. Andrew also ordered that I tell her if she asked why I was behaving so oddly. I blushed at the thought. This was going to be so awkward!

I had been talking to Emma through text and instant message for about a month. Andrew had known her since they were teens. They had actually dated briefly, but were still friends. I initially messaged Emma to get her address for the wedding invitations, and we just hit it off. I loved talking to her, she was silly and and fun, and absolutely adorable. She had beautiful long hair – I hoped that she wore it in braids today. I had developed a whole slew of fantasies based around her braids. Emma was incredibly submissive, and I found that it was drawing out my own dominant side. I had always thought that I was strictly a submissive myself, although it seemed I was a switch – by gender at least. One of the things about her I enjoyed the most was how easily she came. I had made her come several times though text or phone conversations – without her even touching herself.

Mmm… Just thinking about her was getting me worked up, and. Could tell I was already rather wet. I just hoped I hadn’t left a wet spot on the back of my dress. Having parked the car, I took a quick check at my hair and makeup, grabbed my coat, and headed in. I quickly spotted Emma in the bar in one of those circular booths. She *had* worn her hair in braids, and she was wearing a lacy Maltepe Escort cami that enhanced her already amazing breasts. She caught my eye and shyly started to wave me over, blushing. When I came near, she stood up to give me a hug and I was pleasantly surprised at the snug jeans she was wearing. They accented her hips and ass fantastically. As I gave her a hug, I brazenly brushed my lips against her neck and I felt her shudder. I couldn’t keep the smug little grin off my face as we sat down. Her resulting blush just made my grin even bigger.

By this point we had been talking up this meeting for the last few weeks and a lot of sexual tension had built up around it. Knowing how easy it was to make her come, I wondered what I would be able to do to her in public. Would I be able to make her come without even touching her? I certainly hoped so. I also wondered if she had worn her vibrator like she said she might. God, I’d had so many thoughts of that little vibrator being nestled between her lips, just barely visible, that I was now having a hard time concentrating on the conversation.

As a result, it took several moments to realize that the server had come for our drink orders. After placing my order, I turn my attention back to Emma. As we talk, I start running my fingers lightly up and down her leg. Creeping up, but never quite touching, until I finally run my fingers across before returning my hand back closer to her knee. The first time I touch her there, Emma whimpers and bites her lip, and trails off.

“Something the matter, miss Emma?” I ask her, with a smirk.


“You seem a bit flustered. Maltepe Escort Bayan Is there anything I can do?”

“No. I’m okay”

“Okay, if you’re sure,” I say with a smile. Her reaction has made me bolder, and I start to work my hand back up her thigh, but our food arrives. She is temporarily safe while we eat, but I can see that I’ve had an effect on her. I smile to myself.

After we finish eating, we continue to talk, my hand still working up and down her leg. I finally work my hand up so that I can brush the crotch of her jeans, and when I get to just the right spot, I press harder. I am instantly wet when she moans in response. I lean over and whisper in her ear, “I wonder if you are at least as wet as I am.”

She squirms and turns bright red, but shyly nods that she is. “Hmm… I might have to see for myself.” Emma shudders at my words and I smile. As we’ve paid our checks we get up to leave. Suddenly Emma grabs my hand and pulls me into the bathroom with her. Once inside, she locks the door and turns back to me, looking at me shyly and slowly turning bright red.

I immediately take it as the invitation it clearly is, and move forward to kiss her. I had been fantasizing about kissing her for weeks now -wondering how soft her lips were, what she would taste like. Happily, all my fantasies paled in comparison. I pressed Emma back against a wall while wrapping her braids around my fist, gaining control of her head. Our kissing starts to become rougher – biting and sucking. I start to nip my way along her jaw, then down to her neck. Just where her neck and shoulder meet, I bite hard and suck. Leaving marks Escort Maltepe all along her neck and shoulder, I return to kissing her mouth. Emma is panting now, and moaning, and grinding against the leg I have between her thighs.

I skim my free hand up her side, sliding my fingers over her nipple. On the way back down, I pinch her nipple hard. She gasps and shudders. I slide my hand back down and work it into her waistband. Emma whimpers against my mouth as she feels my fingers graze over her. I know she’s told me that she doesn’t wear underwear, yet I am still surprised to find that to be the case. She is soaking wet. I smile and whisper in her ear, “Oh my, miss Emma. It seems that you are very wet.”

She moans as I kiss her again as my fingers press hard on her clit before sliding into her. I start working my fingers in and out of her, settling into a steady pace as my thumb rubs circles over her clit. I return to biting and marking her neck until her moans become loud enough that people will hear outside. Instead, I wrap my hand around her throat, squeezing, as I whisper in her ear, “Come for me, miss Emma. I want to feel you squeezing my fingers.” I pick up the pace and put more pressure on both her clit and her throat. She starts to tense and I know she is about to come. Her whole body is shaking as she finally comes, moaning loudly despite my hand on her throat. I quickly relax my hand and pull her in for a kiss.

“That was amazing, miss Emma. But now I really need to come. Let’s go back to my place and you can use your mouth on me. If you please me well, I may even reward you.” I slide my hand out of her jeans and can’t resist the temptation to taste my fingers. It is no surprise that she tastes amazing. After straightening up our clothes, we head out. I notice a few stares, and I realize that we weren’t as quite as I hoped. Emma notices too and blushes scarlet. I grab her hand and we walk out the door. I am looking forward to getting her into my bed.

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