13 Ocak 2023

African Desire


Whilst making love, my husband would often say something like, “Julie, baby, you are so hot. I wish I could see you take care of a young stud and see the look on his face as he tasted your sweet nectar.” This little expression would make me, as well as my husband, rise to a higher state of arousal.He never really pushed the issue, so I was never sure if it was just a way of getting us hornier or if he had a fantasy of really seeing his wife being taken by an eager young stud. He knew that it drove me wild, and when he was about ready to shoot his load he would start talking about having me give a young guy some hot pussy. Of course, it worked as we both climaxed and fell into a state of exhaustion, snuggling up and drifting off into a sound sleep.At this particular time in my life, I was thirty-eight years old, and thinking of the possibility of actually experiencing a young man – and I had one in mind. He recently started to work at the same place I was working. He was an African immigrant from Uganda who had come to England for a better education and had been in the country for just a few years. He needed money to start his college education and had accepted a position in the stock room. We seemed to hit it off from the start. He was a nice-looking African boy, just turned sixteen, with very dark skin.I could see that he admired my slender figure, as his eyes would rove up and down my body all the time. I really liked to be admired by any man, but to be admired by a young black guy was a unique compliment that made my pulse race every time I saw him. I felt that I knew what he was thinking and I surely was having some very erotic thoughts about him. My fantasy was developing into a plan to make it all come true.Hummm, ankara travesti I wonder if Doug would like his fantasy to become a reality. After all, he was always bringing the subject up. I would have to test him, I thoughtI found myself dressing for Dembe, (the young African at work) and wanting him to notice me and give me that I-like-what-I-see look, and imagining how he was being affected by this white wife. I was wondering if it was true that many black boys want to get into a white wife’s panties. I know that I have secretly wanted to feel a black lad covering my body and pumping his black seed into my husband’s private garden. I knew that I wanted Dembe to be mine and was hoping that Dembe wanted me to be his white honey. I knew what I wanted and now had to convince my husband to live out his (and my) fantasy.During our lovemaking one night, Doug again expressed a desire to see a young stud doing his hot wife. I whispered to Doug, “Honey, I think that would be so hot. Would you like for me to do it for you? Do you want to watch me give a young stud the time of his life?””Well, sweetie, I would love it if you want to do it,” Doug blurted out. “The thought makes me so horny. Would you do it for me? Would you enjoy it?””Actually, it sounds like a lot of fun. I think I would like it. But only if you want me to do it,” I replied.”Oh, baby, you are so hot. I want you to do it and let me watch,” Doug said. “I will see if I can find someone who is interested in a hot wife. I will start looking.””You may not need to do that, as I have someone in mind that I think would like to have me. If that’s okay with you. We have a new employee at work, a young man that has been looking at me with longing travesti ankara eyes, and I think I can work on him and see if he wants this wife to take good care of him,” I said. I was wondering what Doug would think being that Dembe is black. I continued, “Of course I would want you to meet him and see if he meets with your approval.”It was all set, and I started putting my plan into action by first working on Dembe. The employees’ rest room was in the stock room, so I found that I needed to go to the bathroom more often than usual – an excuse to pass by Dembe and have a little chat.I headed to the stock room to implement the next stage of my plan – approaching Dembe and telling him that he reminded me of my black friend in school. I got my best coy smile and said, “He liked to kiss me, and I really loved it.”I stood there smiling and waiting for it to sink in, when I saw beads of sweat break out on his forehead as he moved toward me and I offered my lips to him. He nervously put his lips to mine and we kissed for a few seconds. I said, “Yes, Dembe, that brings back memories. Hope we can do that again sometime.””I liked it also, Miss Julie,” Dembe said, as he smiled and I went back to work, knowing that I had stirred some erotic thoughts in Dembe’s head. From then on, each time Dembe was alone in the stock room and I went there, we kissed and kissed some more.It was not long until Dembe was pushing his manhood against my womanhood and placing his hands on my butt and pulling me to him as I slowly moved my mound against his hard rod. I would go to the rest room and my panties would be wet with clear, slick, passion juice, caused by this horny black boy making me have erotic thoughts.It was time ankara travestiler for my husband to meet Dembe, so he came by one day at noon, and I called Dembe from the stock room and introduced him to Doug. I could see that Doug was surprised. Doug said to Dembe, “My wife has spoken highly of you. She is not easily impressed.”Dembe responded, “Miss Julie has helped me a lot on my new job. She is really nice to me.””That is nice, Dembe. I’m sure she enjoys helping you out here and will continue to help you. And I’m glad you two get along so well. She seems to really enjoy her job much more since you started to work here.”I felt that Doug was surprised at Dembe being black and so young, but I could also tell that his words had double meaning by the way he said them.That evening, I asked Doug if Dembe met his approval. He responded that he was surprised that a black lad turned me on, but he was impressed with Dembe and thought he would do just fine. A few days later, I told Doug how I had progressed with Dembe and that I was ready to make the final move, and thought I would ask him to visit me on Saturday night and that I would tell him my husband was on a hunting trip for the weekend.Doug had already planned how he would watch. First through the living-room window, then move to the next bedroom where he had a chair and had cut a hole in the wall and covered it with a one-way mirror. He had a stool he could sit on and watch. I would leave a dim light on in the bedroom so he could see. Of course, I wanted to see my young black lover as I played with his beautiful black pole and jewels before I emptied his sperm-filled balls.***Friday came and I went to the stock room to see Dembe. We met and kissed passionately, as was our routine by now. I got a shy look on my face and said, “Dembe, would you like to come to my house Saturday night? My husband will be gone all weekend on a hunting trip so, in case you didn’t know, I want you very much. Do you have the same feelings about me?”

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