1 Ağustos 2021

After School


After Schoolit was about 3 months into the school year, It was one of those days when everything went bad, so I decided to blow off a little steam, called down to the phys. ed. dept and they told me there was a drop in badminton games so I thought that would be fun, I had been teaching for about 10 years now, It was a great job but like every job, has its good and bad days, some of the studets were great others a challenge but I did like the new students every year, helped break up the momotiny of the jobso I grabbed my gear and went into the women teachers change room, pulled on my shorts, sports bra and top, as I was leaving I saw myself in the full length mirror and thought you know, I dont look to bad, I try to stay in shape, I do have a nice ass if i do say so myself, slim waist and 34 d breasts which hadnt started to show there age or battle with gravity to muchso I went into the gym there were several games going on, mostly seniors and the male techer, I joined a game ,we played for about an hour and a half, great workout, definatly felt the stares of some of the male students. once I slipped and fell and one of the students helped me up,as he did he cupped my boob, Im sure it was accidental, but all the same made me blushafter the game I went to shower, got undressed, I didnt realize how much of a work out it was until I stopped, I had no strenght but managed to get in the shower, it felt great to lather up and get clean again, i grabbed the shampoo and started to wash my hair, its quite long so I need a lot of soap, then I felt a coolness as if the shower door had been opened, then I felt a hand On my back, ” who is that” I screamed, my eyes were full of shampoo,”its me jeff ,please dont yell miss smith”,” what are you doing?” I asked “get out”it was the student who helped me up.” please miss smith I had to, you are so sexy, I had to come see you””well you cant, you have to leave” all the time im trying to rinse the soap out of my hair and eyesthen he wrapped his arms around me from behind and started feeling my tits, shit what could I do no one would here me yellhe held me tight and I could feel him press himself against my ass, omg he was naked, I could feel his hard cock between us”Jeff you have to go I wont say anything just go”then he slid a hand down between my legs ,started rubbing my pussy, “jeff please dont!” it had been 10 months since I was last touched by a man, “jeff no”it was making me too weak to resist,he bent his knees and his cock slid down my ass and went between my thighs, Oh no I thought, I closed my legs tight but he was already between my thighs rubbing back and forth, the soap making it very slippery,then I had the soap washed off my face , and opened my eyes , I turned around quickly to face him, I grabbed his shoulders and pushed him back, in doing so I was totally exposed, he looked down at my body, taking it all in,” jeff you have to leave before this gets out of hand I promise I wont say a word to anyone!”” can I just look at you” he askedwhat did I have to lose,” Ok jeff you can look for a few seconds longer but then you have to go”, he grabbed my hands and put them to my side, and he kayseri escort stared all the time with his cock pointing strait at meall of a sudden I was completely embarassed, I knew I was blushingthen he reached up with both hands and grabbed my tits, started massaging them, he was fascinated by them, he was just staring the whole time at them”no Jeff that wasnt the deal” I didnt have the strength to fight him, i wasnt really thinking when I said “Ok jeff do what you want then,” I thought he just wanted my tits , but a look of shock came over him, like a starving a****l thrown a piece of mat, in a flash he moved towards me, lifted one leg and drove himself up into me, started fucking me hard and fast,presing me against the wall,after a few minutes he started moaning and filled me up, pulled out and ran out of the shower, by the time I got myself composed he was gonedid I consent to that?, did I just tell one of my students he could fuck me?, I went home and couldnt sleep all, night, what if he tells someone, ill lose my job, go to jail, I tossed and turned all night.the next day In class i wasnt with it, to many things going through my mindit seemed like all the boys were looking at me , knowing what happened, I wish i had dressed differently, black skirt, white dress shirt with a pullover sleeveless sweater, it was tight fitting ,I knew my nipples were showing just from thinking so much about the night beforeI finally made it through the day, decided to stay and mark a few papers, then there was a knock at my door, it was jeff”can I talk to you miss smith”” um well Ok Jeff , yes I think we need to talk come in”, he closed the door behind him as he walked over to me, I stood to meet him”Im so sorry miss smith, I dont know why I did that, ive never done anyhting like that, your just so beautiful, Im so sorry, please dont go to the police, Ill kill myself if you do, Im so sorry!!” and he started to cry ,was almost getting histerical”Jeff its Ok, we all make mistakes, you just have to promise you will never do that to anyone again or ever talk about it”, with that I reached out to give him a hug to console him, he was crying I was feeling bad for him, “jeff its Ok , we can forget about it”, I gave him another hug and this time he hugged me back and we held each other until his crying stopped, then I felt his right hand move from my back around and then he cupped my boob, giving it a little squeezewas he taking my hug the wrong way?, I knew it had lasted to long he started to knead my boob, feeling my nipple through the materiali didnt know what to say or do, he was so fragile right now, the last thing I want is to hear about his suicideI decided to just let him,i just kept hugging him, with no resistance he took that as a green light, I wasnt going to tell him yes or no, just see where he takes it, i just held himhe rached down and pulled my top out from the top of my skirt slid his hand back under my top and started feeling me over my brathen he reached behind and used both hands to unhook it then started feeling my bare tit and nipple, he tried to pull away but I held him tight,hoping konya escort what he was doing would be enough, he went to pull my top off over my head, ” no Jeff what if someone comes, ok just the swetaer but the shirt stays on”he seemed ok with that both his hands went under my top and started feeling me up, he wanted to see so i told him he could lift it above my boobs, I put both my hands behind my head as I know it makes my boobs stand up lol, he was fascinated. “miss smitth can you take off your bra but leave the top on?”, “ok jeff just wait”, so i wiggled and moved until I could get off my bra without removing my top, he started feeling me up again through the sheer white cotton tophe just seemed content playing with my tits, he loved them , and to be honest I feel they are my best featurebut the time was getting on and I had things to do, he seemd happy now so maybe Ill put an end to this, then there was a knock at the door,” shit ,jeff get in the closet”, with out thinking I tucked in my top and went to the door, it was the janitor wanting to clean the room, “hi miss smith, do you mind if I do the floors?”, and then I noticed he was staring at my tits, oh no he could see my tits clearly through the top, my dark brown errect nipples , the outline of my breasts in the top pulled to tightly into my skirt id really like to come in now if you dont mindwell give me 10 minutes Ok, Im trying to concenterate on some papers right now, his eyes constantly darting from my dark nipples to my own eyes, “ok miss smitth ill come back later”i closed the door, ok now I was really blushing, walking back across the the room I said “OK Jeff we have to finish”, he came out of the closet with his cock out of his zipper ,hard as a rock, “ok miss smith”with that he grabbed me turned me around and bent me over my desk, I thought he was going to leave, not this, “thank you miss smith for letting me do this again and I promise i wont tell anyone”, and he lifted my skirt,pulled down my panties , then nothing,” jeff what are you doing?”, “just looking, it looks great”, I must have turned 10 shades of red then I felt his hand on me, touching me, exploring me, playing with my pussy it did feel great, “jeff please hurry we dont have much time””what?” he said”jeff please ,fuck me now, i want you in me fuck me one last time jeff”,he didnt need to be told twice, he stood and slid his cock deep inside me from behind, grabbed my hips and started fucking hard ,i reached down and rubbed my clit, i heard him start to maon and as he did it sent me over the edge and we both came together, “jeff you have to go now”, he was satisfied got dressed and left , I was still pulling myslf together ,had my panties up and sskirt down no time to put on my bra or sweater and there was a knock again, I heard a key and the door opened,”Im here to clean up I hope I gave you enough time”,” yes Jimmy thanks”,i stayed sitting at my desk and he walked over to me, leaned over my desk and looked me in the eye, “I know what you were doing”, “what do you mean?”,” I know”,” I wasnt doing anything!”, with that he reached in his pocket pulled out his cell izmir escort phone and showed me a pic of jeff behind me shit I thought,” please jimmy dont tell anyone””I wont”, he knelt along side of me, spun my chair so it was facing him, “I wont tell as long as you play along”he grabbed my arms and set them so they were hanging down, he reached up and started to undo the buttons on my top,” ive been wanting to see these tits close up for a long time, I dont get a great view from the vent in the ladies shower”,” what!” I was speechlesshe opend my top slowly and looked, just looked holding the top wide open, “fuck miss smith those are as close to perfect as ive ever seen”, ,i just looked away I was so embarassed, “you know miss smith sounds a bit to formal now doesnt it, i think from now on Im going to call you slut”, “alright jimmy”, then he reached and grabbed my tits, squeezing them being rough, feeling them hard , rubbing his thumbs across my nipples, “you like that dont you slut, fuck are those nice”then he stood up, undid his coveralls reached in and pulled out hids cock, “ok slut time for dinner”, what choice did i have I opened my mouth and let him put his cock in,” suck the head hard slut”. I did what he wanted, tasting the precum in my mouth, “good slut” then he pulled his ciock out grabbed it and lifted it, “suck my balls slut, and lick them”, i looked up at him” please jimmy dont do this”, “slut ive been watching you for a long time, your amazing body, beautiful big eyes, sensual lips, ive been waiting for this opportunity for a long time, if you think your begging is going to make me stop now your fucking crazy, now lick my ballls”, i started to lick, now let me say jimmy isnt an attractive man, 60-80 pounds overweght, hairy, bad teeth, adult acne, so I was really being pushed but I had no choicei licked and sucked his ball while he continued to insult me, grabbing my tits , running his dirty hands through my hair,” ok slut time to suck”his cock slipped back in my mouth, i started stroking with one hand and sucking, “no hands slut”, i dropped my hand, he grabbed my hair and started fucking my mouth,” thats it i knew you were a cock sucker”, i was, I loved it and due to many years of sucking my thumb when I was younger I had no gag reflex, he started pushing deeper, fucking my mouth and throat, holding my hair in his hands , then with one push his cock was all the way down my throat, my lips mashed against his pubic hair, pulled it out,” wow slut that feels amazing”, then started fucking my throat again, and again he pushed it deep but this time he started grunting and came deep down into my throat, pulled out his cock and with a smirk said “thank you”, “yea ok jimmy now delete the pics”, he pulled out his phone and I heard a snap, “i needed a closeup of those tits too”,he reached down and grabbed a tit, I tried to move away from , him, he grabbed my hair and tilted my head back, with his other hand he grabbed and boob and squeezed very hard, “Dont you ever move away from me slut”, he told me “sit on your hands” and I did what he asked, took out his camera and took several more pictures of me topless, he then spread my legs and pushed my skirt up do he could see my panties, took a few more pics, looked at me and said “your mine arent you slut”,,” yes Jimmy,” then he slapped one of my tits hard “ill be back for more tomorrow”, he turned and left, do you want to hear about the rest of my school year

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