22 Mayıs 2023

Aidan and Katie Ch. 07


Ruthie stepped into the living room and she was blushing. I rushed over to her and hugged her. “How was it?” I asked, “Was it everything you hoped it would be?”

She nodded into my shoulder, whispering, “It was awesome!”

We sat down with them, after Ruthie got us a couple of beers. Chelsi wasn’t going to change some things about Ruthie.

I grinned, “You don’t need to get detailed, or graphic…” Jeannie interrupted, “Oh yes, please do!” I elbowed her and she laughed and Chelsi turned an even deeper shade of red. “Anyway,” I said glaring at Jeannie as she giggled, “tell us about it.”

If it were even possible, Chelsi turned even redder and bowed her head. Ruthie started explaining. “A couple of nights ago we were getting ready for bed. Chelsi looked at me and asked if we could sleep naked. Of course I grinned and agreed. She said she wanted us to shower together first.” Ruthie looked at Chelsi and I saw the ghost of a loving smile dance across her face. “Chelsi spent a long time washing me,” she blushed again, “all of me. She wouldn’t let me touch her and that hurt, but I stood and watched her wash herself. We got out and she gently dried me off and then dried herself off. She took my hand and led me into the bedroom. She put a robe on me and I asked why, if we would be sleeping naked. She said she wanted to do something and it would take a minute to do and she didn’t want me to get cold. She ran around the room, naked, so that was a plus, setting and lighting candles. Then she took me by the hand, led me to the bed, took off the robe, kissed me and had me lay down.”

She paused and took a big gulp of beer before continuing. “Chelsi lay down beside me and kissed me, she kissed me deeper and softer than she ever had before. We kissed for a long time and every time I tried to touch her, she pushed my hands away. I asked her why and she didn’t answer. Finally, after kissing me and tracing my face with her fingertips, she pushed my head to the side. I didn’t resist, but I didn’t know what she was doing. It didn’t take very long to figure out what she was doing, though. I felt her lips barely touch my ear and I could feel her warm breath on my neck and in my ear, sending chills throughout my body. I tried to turn my head back and she gently stopped me again. Her lips and tongue moved down my neck and I could feel the wet trail, cool on my neck.”

She stopped, took a deep shuddering breath and another swallow of beer. “I wasn’t sure what to make of Chelsi’s aggression, but I loved it. My body was catching fire and she was just kissing and touching my skin, she hadn’t even gotten to any of my good parts. She kept moving down until she found my boob. She didn’t hesitate and sucked my nipple into her mouth, catching it between her teeth, gently biting down. I had a small orgasm, just from that. I tried to touch her again and she slapped my hands away again. She played with my boobs for a little while, going from side to side. She moved up and kissed me, and said, ‘I love you Ruthie’ and slid all the way down my body. She stopped at my feet and started kissing her way back up my legs. Her tenderness was driving me insane. My hips were humping all on their own. I could feel myself leaking and all I could do was lie there and take it, she still wouldn’t let me touch her. She got to my fat thighs…”

Chelsi looked up sharply, “Hey! What did I tell you about running yourself down!?!”

Ruthie looked contrite, “Sorry.” The change in Ruthie was profound and very interesting.

“She got to my thighs and slowed her progress.” Ruthie said quietly. “She kissed and licked every inch of skin on the inside of both thighs and I was going crazy. I just knew I was going to explode if she ever touched my cunt…”

Chelsi looked up sharply, again but didn’t say a word.

Ruthie stopped and then restarted, “Sorry, my kitty… anyway, I didn’t want to come as soon as she touched me so I tried to control myself. I failed because as soon as her magic tongue touched me I came harder than I could ever remember coming in my life. It just went on and on. Chelsi never stopped, first her tongue was soft, and then it was hard and insistent and then it was soft again. She varied her touch and brought me off again and again. I finally had to push her away. She crawled up and snuggled in my arms and asked shyly, ‘Was that OK?’ It struck me funny that she had me in an orgasmic state for God knows how long and she asked if it was OK. I started laughing, but had to ask if it would be OK to hold her and she nodded. I hugged her to me and kissed her. Then I asked her where she had learned all of that…”

Chelsi interrupted, “I told her that during the day, when no-one was in the store, I would watch lesbian porn. I had no clue what to do, so I wanted to learn. I wanted to be good for her and I wanted to see what was good. I watched a lot of lesbian porn. I found that I liked watching Sinn Sage and Gracie Glam. They seemed to work very hard to make the sex Kartal Escort pleasurable for their partners. It was as if the camera wasn’t even there. I also liked watching Faye Reagan and Georgia Jones together. Whether it’s just for the camera or not, they seem to have a real connection and the chemistry on the screen is electric, but it can also be sweet and soft. I don’t like a lot of the older ladies because they’re awfully plastic and a little jaded. I just wanted to be good and sweet and loving for Ruthie.”

They didn’t want to talk about the rest of it and that was OK with me, Jeannie…not so much. “Oh come on!” She pled.

“Jeannie!” I said sharply, “Let ’em alone. If they don’t want to talk about any more, we can respect that, can’t we?”

Jeannie sighed, “I guess.”

We went out and sat down for dinner. Chelsi said grace again and this time it wasn’t as much of a surprise. It turned out that Chelsi is a very good cook and she made a pot roast with all the trimmings. It was as good as Mom’s and I told Chelsi as much. She blushed, but also beamed with pride. She made a peach cobbler with ice cream for dessert. I only finished about half of the cobbler before I had to quit. “Chelsi, this is awesome, but I am stuffed, I can’t do any more.” Ruthie started to reach for my cobbler but a sharp look from Chelsi caused her to freeze and withdraw her hand. This relationship was getting to be more and more of a revelation.

We all pitched in and cleaned up the kitchen before going out and sitting down. We talked for a while and then Ruthie put in a movie. Chelsi snuggled up to Ruthie and Ruthie looked relaxed and happy. Chelsi was obviously very good for her. Jeannie snuggled up to me and I felt as relaxed and happy as Ruthie looked. After the movie was over, we all really didn’t want to move and I think that Jeannie had fallen asleep, because she looked as though she had just woken up.

“Come on Jeannie,” I said softly, “let’s go home.”

She just mumbled, “OK.”

I hugged and kissed Chelsi and Ruthie and thanked them. I had to guide Jeannie to the car; she was almost asleep on her feet. She snored lightly all the way home. I got her into the townhouse, undressed her and into bed. I didn’t understand it, she was out of it and I didn’t think she had that much to drink. I asked her about it on Sunday and she said that sometimes if she had more than two glasses of wine, she reacted funny.


The following Wednesday, a couple of parents wanted to meet after school about their student’s grades. I texted Jeannie and told her I’d be late and she should figure something out for dinner. She answered and said she’d be ready. The parents talked and talked about the necessity of their child to get a good grade and they were willing to do anything to help him. I told them about ten different ways that he could help himself, but they didn’t seem interested. I couldn’t be sure, but it seemed they wanted to pay for a grade, but wouldn’t say it. I stayed as far away from that as I could and finally gave them a list of the things he needed to do to pull up his grade. They weren’t happy, but they finally left. I called Jeannie and she said she’d be ready when I got home. It was only after I had hung up that I realized that she said she’d be ready, not dinner. I hoped that didn’t mean that we were going out, I was way too tired.

I opened the front door and was shocked to see Jeannie sitting with one leg up on the couch and one on the floor in knee-high leather pirate’s boots with three inch heels and nothing else. I slammed the door and said “Jeannie are you out of your mind? There were people in the parking lot! They could have seen you!”

She didn’t say a word; she just sat there with one arm draped over her upraised leg, trailing her fingers over her glistening womanhood. It was then I noticed that the room was nearly dark, lit only by flickering candles. I stood there transfixed, watching her gently stroke her folds. I was frozen in my tracks, coat still on and buttoned, holding my purse and briefcase watching her gentle movements. After a few moments…or hours, the fingers on her other hand started teasing one of her amazing nipples. It had grown to it’s full length and breadth, causing me to open my mouth, and touching my lower lip with my tongue, unconsciously mimicking the licking motion I used when making love to the smooth, firm flesh of her nipple. I started to perspire, but that wasn’t the only moisture my body was producing. I slowly became conscious of the sticky pool forming in my panties. My breathing had become heavy, loud enough for Jeannie to hear, and that’s when she finally spoke.

“I left work early today,” she said softly, while continuing to gently stroke herself. “I had started thinking about you and our love and I became very, very wet. I could smell myself and realized that if I could smell myself, then everyone else could smell me, too.” She looked down Kartal Escort Bayan at herself and smiled, “I knew I had to come home and clean myself up. So I did. After I was done, I decided that I was going shopping. I didn’t go with anything in mind, I was just trying to keep myself busy, and so I just wandered around. I found myself in front of a shoe store and these boots were in the window. I pictured myself sitting here just like this, waiting for you and I started dripping again. I went into the store and asked to try on a pair.” She giggled and stroked herself deeper for a moment before resuming her gentle stroking. “A young man of about eighteen helped me and I had a wicked thought as he was looking for my size. When he came back, I asked him to remove my shoes and he did. As he was looking back at the boots to pick them up, I spread my legs.” She smiled her shy sexy smile at me, eyes twinkling in the candlelight and then the smile turned impish. “He turned around, but he was looking at my feet. As he was tugging on the boot, his hands worked up my leg until his eyes found the hem of my skirt. His eyes bulged as he recognized that I was not wearing panties.”

I gasped, “Jeannie!” and she giggled.

“It was bad, I know, but it was so much fun!” She laughed. “I made him put on the other boot and I glanced down at his crotch and he was hard! I stood and walked around and he just followed me with his eyes, not moving. I stood in front of the mirror and pulled up my skirt, it must have looked as though I was going to expose myself and his eyes bulged even more. I dropped it, spun around and sat back down. I asked him to pull them off and after he got the right one off and turned to get the left, I put my bare foot on his crotch and rubbed a little. He fell backwards and the front of his pants got all wet. I had made him come. He got up and ran into the back. I had to get the other boot off by myself. The whole thing made me even hornier for you than I had been. I had the tiniest little orgasm while I was pulling those boots off, just thinking of telling you this story. Ohhhh…” Her eyes fluttered closed and she shivered a little. Another sly grin flashed across her face, “That’s the third tiny one I’ve had today and I haven’t even touched my clit. I wanted to wait to have the big one with you. Are you ready? I need you Angel; I need your tongue on me and in me. I need my lover to love me. Pleeeeze Angel.”

My purse and briefcase hit the floor, I don’t even recall letting go. My hands scrabbled at the buttons and the coat was on the floor, I pulled my shirt over my head, unsnapped my bra and slung it across the room. By the time I reached her, I was down to my panties. She looked at them and started laughing, much as Aidan had last year.

I growled, “They’re comfortable, bitch!”

That made her laugh even harder. I peeled them off, the crotch sticking to me briefly before letting go. I tossed them at her and she deflected them onto the floor. I knelt before her, my growing desire causing me to tremble. I noticed that as much as I was trembling, Jeannie, despite her forward behavior, was trembling more than I. I leaned in and kissed her on the lips, drawing a little moan from her. My hand joined hers at her wetness and I pushed her fingers along with mine into her depths. She gasped as my thumb found her clit and flicked. I felt her tiny body tense in anticipation and then I pulled her hand and mine away.

“Bitch!” She hissed; I just smiled against her mouth.

“No, Babydoll, “I answered quietly, “payback’s a bitch.”

“You’re still mad about that night when Ruthie and Chelsi came over!” She pouted.

“Moi?” I asked dramatically. “Surely not!” I slithered down her body and took one of her amazing nipples in my mouth. Mouth full, I mumbled, “If I were mad, would I be doing this?” I curled my tongue around the velvety little column and then bit down softly. She moaned and then screeched as I drove my fingers back in. “Or this?” Pistoning my fingers a few strokes, I could feel her body tense again so I withdrew.

“Jesus, Katie!” Jeannie howled. “Stop doing that!”

“OK.” I grinned to myself as I let loose of her entirely, sitting back on my heels.

“Oh shit!” She breathed desperately, “I didn’t mean stop! I-I-I meant stop teasing me. I am so fucking close! Pleeeezzzeee!”

I took pity on her a slipped down to her weeping, needy pussy. I watched, fascinated, as the muscles pulsed with need as her body tried to cross the boundary without assistance. I leaned in and kissed above her little slot and her hips jerked, trying to find my lips. I dodged for a moment and then leaned in again, kissing the throbbing button. I felt it quiver between my lips even before I gave a gentle little suck. The light suction was enough to push her over the edge. Jeannie melted into a twitching mass of nerve endings as the orgasm blasted through her. She certainly wasn’t kidding when she said she Escort Kartal was close and needed it. I was coated with a load of her nectar as I continued to lick and suck and drink in her essence, my baby came and came. I felt every ridge, every valley, and every sweet part of her pussy with my tongue. Her body twitched and shook and trembled and all she was able to do was hold my head as I prolonged her sweet agony. Finally, her hands fell to her sides and I heard her weakly whisper, “Please Angel, no more, please…”

I kissed her gently one last time and rocked back on my heels one last time. I giggled, “So, what about dinner?”

She opened her eyes and looked at me, and then rolled them, “You’ve got to be kiddin’ me! You’re just like your brother, ‘Wham, Bam Thank You Ma’am, where’s the food?'”

I raised an eyebrow, “So, where’s the food?”

She made an exasperated noise and started to get up before I pushed her back down. I bent forward and kissed her, my fingers trailed down to her pussy. She flinched as I pressed into her. I pulled away, looking into her eyes, “I don’t think I’m quite done with you, yet.”

I stood up, grabbed her hands and pulled her to her feet. I was barefoot and she was still in her boots, she was now nearly as tall as me and I kind of liked it. I led her around to the back of the couch and gently pushed her to bend over it. I nudged her feet apart, spreading her legs. I stood back, looking at her cute little butt, her skin flushed from either excitement or embarrassment. I knelt between her parted feet, looking at her flushed, swollen pussy. For a moment, I just breathed on her moist flesh, causing her skin to ripple with goosebumps. As I watched, her body reacted to her excitement by forming lubrication that appeared in tiny droplets on the delicate edges of her lips. It excited me that I could do this to her by the act of merely watching. She started trembling as I sat there on my knees.

I heard a faint, plaintive plea, “Katie…Katie, please touch me.”

Using my forefinger, I drew the beaded moisture from Jeannie’s sensitive, fine lips and she shuddered. “Oh, oh Katie…” I licked my finger, shivering myself at her unique flavor. I slipped my finger deeply into her love channel, finding the moisture had pooled inside of her. My middle finger joined my forefinger in Jeannie’s slippery depths. Slowly I withdrew my fingers and Jeannie moaned. As I moved out I also moved up and found her sensitive little wrinkle and smeared a slippery glob of Jeannie’s essence on the outside before I slipped my finger inside. Her little bottom clutched at my finger as I pressed deeply inside. I withdrew and replaced my finger with my tongue and Jeannie shrieked in surprise.

I slipped my thumb into her pussy and wrapped my fingers around her clit. I rocked my hand back and forth fucking her with my thumb and squeezing her clit. My tongue teased her little hole as I allowed the saliva to run from my mouth coating her ass. Her bottom was squeezing my tongue as though it didn’t want to let go. I increased the speed of my hand and she started to wail, “Oh, God Katie, here it comes again, Katiekatiekatie I’m cominnnnggggg…” My hand and arm were soaked as her orgasm overwhelmed her. Slowly, I withdrew my hand and kissed her bottom.

I helped her stand on shaky legs and wrapped my arm around her waist. We slowly ascended the stairs and I lay her down in bed. I think she was asleep before I went into the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and laughed, my face still covered with the sticky residue of Jeannie’s love. I took a quick shower and then headed down to the kitchen. I smiled; Jeannie hadn’t ignored my request for dinner. There was a pizza box from The Elle, an ‘Elle’s Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza’ with sausage, onions and green peppers. I sat down with a glass of diet Coke and a piece of pizza before going up and getting into bed with Jeannie. I pulled her close to me and she smiled in her sleep, snuggling in close to me.


The next morning when my alarm went off, Jeannie hadn’t moved and still didn’t when I got up. I went in the bathroom and did my morning routine. When I came out, dressed, Jeannie hadn’t moved a muscle. I kissed her on the forehead and she smiled in her sleep again. I went to school and had a good, albeit uneventful day.

I had been home about fifteen minutes when the doorbell rang. I answered the door and there was the complex manager, a very nice young man of twenty two. He was a college student, putting himself through school, rent free and learning life lessons. I thought it was a clever way to help pay for his education. Anyway, Bobby was standing there studying his toes as though his life depended upon it.

“Hey Bobby,” I said brightly, “what’s up?”

“I, um, I, could I come in?” He stammered.

“Sure Bobby, come on in.” I said, “Do you want a diet Coke, a beer or something?”

He closed the door, stood right next to it and his face was fire engine red. “Um, ahhhh, n-n-no. K-K-Katie.”

“Bobby, what’s wrong?” I said smiling.

“K-K-Katie you know you’re my favorite tenant, don’t you?” He said looking at the floor. “You never complain, your rent’s always on time…hell it’s always early, plus you never cause trouble.”

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