25 Ocak 2023

Airtight Aunt: Naughty Nephews



Author’s Note: This story contains a messy, graphic and intense gangbang. If that might gross you out, there may be other stories on my page that you’d rather read. To those of you who will be reading further because the idea of hot sex between one woman and a group of guys intrigues you: Please enjoy, leave a rating, drop a comment, and feel free to send me your feedback. 🙂

All sexual activity is between characters that are 18 or older. This is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to real persons, places or events is purely coincidental. The below is not intended to serve as a guide for real-life sexual encounters or relationships. Stay safe, happy and healthy! 🙂



The balloons bobbed up and down, swaying in the wind.

Turning to his brother, Brick remarked on the floating ‘one’ next to the floating ‘eight.’

“I want balloons for my next birthday.”

Andy smiled, having always enjoyed his older brother’s observations. It was no secret Brick wasn’t exactly a rocket scientist, but he noticed things other people overlooked. As his attention shifted from the balloons, he turned his eyes to the barely eighteen birthday girl.

The boys’ cousin was posing for pictures in a sheer blue crop top and matching mini-skirt. It was a saucy look that flaunted her body and seemed better suited to a rave than a family get-together.

Ruby’s father split before she was born. Though she never knew the man, his Albanian features were half of what made her beautiful. Her mom was all-American, having grown up in rural Nebraska before her family moved to Chicago. Her daughter had inherited her pretty nose and soft dark curls. Her father’s heritage saw her develop fuller lips and brows with aggressively stunning lines. She was fit, gorgeous, popular, and more than a little clever.

Brick adored his cousin.

“No,” Andy warned, gripping his big brother’s arm. “You need to stop leering at her.”


“But nothing. Wipe the drool off your face.”

“Jeez, I’m just looking,” Brick defended, crossing his arms. “It’s not like you don’t check out our aunts.”

Andy caught sight of their mother and her sisters as his brother waved his thumb at a nearby table. They were three brunette beauties — girls next door frozen in time to retain the wonderfulness of their early 30s forever.

It was like they’d stopped ageing at that precious transition between youth and maturity, capturing the best of both worlds as they settled into their lives while keeping active. Two were housewives with a penchant for the gym, but Ruby’s mom stayed fit in other ways…

Aunt Belle was a party girl. She looked like one, spoke like one, laughed like one, danced like one, and dressed like one. While Brick’s interest in their cousin may have been a genuine crush, Andy’s desire for their aunt came down to something far less pure. In his mind, she was the ultimate personification of naughtiness, deviance, sex, and passion.

“Hey, doofus!”

Swivelling his head to face the call, Andy spotted his older cousins. His first instinct was to assume they spotted him staring longingly at Belle. His cheeks turned red as he dreaded the mockery coming his way, but they seemed to have other things on their minds.

As Andy went to join the rest of the guys, they pulled him into their circle. It looked like they had something gravely serious they wanted to discuss — something life and death. Andy’s mood dimmed as he wondered what was wrong, eager to hear what had them looking so grim.

Jamie, Dylan and Luke were the middle children of the extended family — older than 18-year-old Ruby and 19-year-old Andy but younger than 26-year-old Brick. They were also the pillars of the younger generation, having started a car repair business where all the boys pitched in to make good money.

As they took charge of the barbeque at Ruby’s party, they spoke business in hushed voices. Luke was the apparent leader and often presented himself as the eldest, despite Brick technically holding that rank. All in all, they were headstrong guys who probably didn’t make the best first impressions on account of their straightforward attitudes. Still, plenty of girls thought they’d make the world’s hottest boyband if they just learned to sing and dance.

Despite them being a little rough around the edges, Andy loved his cousins. He was just getting tired of being treated like the kid of the family.

All five cousins were athletic, but none were as ripped and tall as the massive Brick. Dylan and Jamie could have been twins, sharing boyish good looks and messy brown hair, but Luke had his own style. He had lighter hair and seemed older than he was, gruff but with kind eyes.

As the three brothers pulled Andy into their huddle, they addressed him with a sense of urgency.

“We need to handle the Belle issue,” Dylan whispered, handing over to Luke.

“It’s been two weeks since we finished ankara escort working on her car, and she still hasn’t picked the damn thing up. We can’t keep it forever!”

Andy agreed, nodding. “What can we do about it, though? She’s promised to come to collect it, but she keeps postponing. Do you think it’s because she can’t pay?”

“Nah, Aunt Belle is loaded,” Luke assumed. “Ruby’s dad sends them craploads of money from Albania. She’s just lazy.”

“I can drop it off—”

“No, no, no,” Jamie interjected. “We’ve given her a massive discount already. This is a matter of principle.”

“Well,” Andy sighed, “let’s not be too stubborn.”

In the back of his mind, he believed he was the natural person to take charge of the business. He may have been right, but Luke had the force of personality to dominate decision-making.

“I agree with you, Andy,” he said, “but don’t you think we should stand our ground?”

The cousins were still somewhat new to running a business and wanted to do things right.

Once you start doing too many favours for friends and family, you risk developing a money-bleeding habit. To top it all off, the shop was busier than ever, and the boys didn’t have time to spare on things that should have been taking care of themselves.

“If we get too tight on space, I’ll try to make some time to take it to her,” Dylan offered, being more prone to yielding to pretty women. “But we think you can twist her arm, Andy.”


“You’re her favourite nephew,” Luke asserted, grabbing his cousin’s shoulder. “Go ask her about the car while she’s with our moms. They’ll help you twist her arm.”

Despite resenting the manipulative undertone behind Luke’s words, Andy liked the sound of being his hot aunt’s favourite. But he didn’t like the sound of confronting her.

As the youngest among the guys, Andy was still learning his craft and couldn’t contribute much to the shop besides his smarts and charm. Now, his business partners asked him to use those traits to wrangle an uncooperative customer.

Straightening his back, Andy accepted his task with a masterful determination that surprised even himself.


Belle’s petite black purse swung from her arm as her stilettos carried her forward. Her sleeveless mini-dress was a short, sweet little number that looked like a skinned disco ball. Her demeanour was that of an insatiable and unstoppable party girl, and she marched proudly, unfazed by the fact she’d been awake almost 20 hours.

The streets surrounding her nephews’ workshop were as empty as you’d expect on a Sunday morning. Regardless, Belle was confident the boys would be busily going about their work. They were strivers and grinders — hardworking young men who wanted to turn one little business into a thriving empire.

They’d always dreamed of being wealthy and successful, and they knew working with their hands would get them a lot further than anything else. Belle liked their ambition and their drive.

Belle admired men who knew what they wanted and took it, and she loved her nephews as though they were her own sons, taking pride in their success. Of course, it didn’t hurt that they were handsome.

That morning, as Belle stepped through the frosted glass doors of the garage, brothers Dylan and Jamie were under the hood of a red Pontiac. The former wore a tank top that showed off his biceps, while the latter went without a shirt. Their bodies were sweaty and hard, and their aunt shot them a smile where the angle of her lips seemed to betray a thought she’d rather have kept to herself.

The two’s elder brother, Luke, was hunched over a workbench with his cousin, Brick. He was trying to explain something technical, fighting hard to keep Brick’s attention as everyone turned their eyes to Belle.

Her nephews couldn’t believe she’d kept her word and showed up to collect her car. The slightly battered Mini Cooper was parked next to the red Pontiac, polished and ready for her to drive off. They poured their hearts and souls into the little thing, ensuring their aunt got the best service possible.

The last of Belle’s nephews was sweet ol’ Andy. He was the one who most obviously wanted to tune her engine and take her for a spin. It was a desire that was hard to overlook, and she quite liked having him wrapped around her little finger. Though, she’d never admit it (not even to herself).

Andy was busy working in the back office. Belle closed the door behind her as she walked, screwing the spike of her heel into the floor as she waited for him to notice her. He was behind the desk, facing the door, but oblivious to the world around him.

Clearing her throat, she announced herself gayly. “Hello, darling!”

“Aunt Belle? You… You’re here.”

Tilting her head and grabbing her hips, Belle gave her nephew a disapproving look. As his eyes moved to avert hers, she tucked her chin to chase them. When his pupils swivelled up, she caught them again. Walking up to the desk, she looked çankaya escort down at her seated nephew and felt the heat of his eyes as they scanned her bare legs, arms, neck…

Andy was cute, she thought. Cute enough to get himself into plenty of trouble.

“Of course, you’re here,” he adjusted, summoning some confidence from deep within himself and pretending he never doubted her promise for even a moment. He couldn’t believe his talk with her at Ruby’s birthday actually did the trick, and he was quietly proud.

“How’s my favourite nephew today?” Belle asked. “Come and give your aunt a little kiss!”

Reaching out to grab his arm, Belle pulled Andy’s skinny-fit teenage body over the desk and kissed him on the cheek. His nostrils flared as he detected the lingering smell of girly cocktails on her breath and his skin set itself alight where her soft lips touched him.

Andy couldn’t believe it. “You came straight from a night out?”

“Yip!” his aunt smiled. “I took Ruby clubbing for the first time. The legal drinking age might be 21, but I decided to bend the rules for her birthday.”

“Of course you did,” Andy muttered. “So, you’re here to pick up your car? Let me quickly find the keys and print your invoice. It’ll only take a moment.”

“Invoice?” Belle questioned, pouting her lips and looking all too surprised.

She didn’t think it would be free, Andy thought. Of course she did… It’s Aunt Belle, after all.

“We’ve discounted our labour costs,” he consoled, hoping it would be enough to settle her. Once he printed out the paperwork, he presented her with the bill.

“Three thousand?!” she gasped. “What did you do? I might as well buy a new car!”

Straightening his back, Andy tried to set aside any feeling he might have had for his aunt and treated her like any other difficult customer.

“We kept you informed about everything we were doing. I even have call logs confirming when we called, what we said, and the prices we quoted.”

“Yes, well— I— I thought—”

“You thought we’d cover the costs for you? All of it? Do you realise we had to buy replacement parts?!”

Andy’s last question was said with a trace of anger.

Putting one foot in front of the other and bending her knees slightly, Belle put her elbows on the desk and looked into her nephew’s eyes. Biting down on her lip, she hoped a little charm and a glimpse of cleavage might get her a bigger discount. But Andy knew the game she was playing, and he didn’t want to be that guy.

He was done being a pushover. The resolve that animated his body impressed his aunt. His command over the situation and over her was attractive — even more attractive than his usual boyish charm.

“There’s nothing we can do, I’m afraid,” he said firmly. “The amount on that statement is final, and you’ll have to pay before you can leave with your car.”

“What if I don’t have the money?”

Andy couldn’t believe it. He always thought Belle was loaded, though he never knew where the money came from. In fact, he was convinced she had the money! As he thought about it, he became convinced the real issue wasn’t the price tag but the fact she was used to getting what she wanted (especially from men). She’d expected a free ride and couldn’t comprehend the alternative. But, as people often say, there’s no such thing as a free ride…

Staring at his aunt’s pretty eyes as she stood there in her disco ball mini dress with the fresh taste of fruity cocktails on her lips and stilettos on her feet, Andy realised something… He’d seen this video before.

The mechanic and the babe who can’t pay her bill… The testosterone-fuelled workshop contrasted with her slutty clubbing outfit… The look on her face as she stared at him, pleading…

Andy had a dream and a sudden lack of inhibition. Words came out of his mouth before passing through his brain. “I could cover your bill,” he said, letting the words pass his lips before he had a chance to think them through.

“You? You’d do that for me?”

Belle’s young nephew had never looked so confident and masculine. She saw the traces of something naughty in how his smile was arranged.

“What have I done to earn it?” she asked, parting her lips slightly as his intense gaze made her feel soft and tender.

Andy grinned. “Nothing… Yet.”

The final puzzle piece fell into place, and Belle realised what he was playing at. She imagined he’d spent many a night jacking off to scenarios like the one he imagined, watching dirty movies where the ‘actress’ gets bent over the hood of a sports car. Those kinds of films had limited scripts, but she recognised the prologue, the inciting incident, and the moment that led to the rising action…

“No,” she declared unflinchingly. “I appreciate the offer… I’m intrigued by the offer… I’m your aunt…”

“Yeah— Sure,” Andy accepted, firming himself for one more moment of bravery. “But you also want your car, and I bet it wouldn’t be the kızılay escort first time you paid for something using your body.”

Belle’s eyes went wide, and she felt anger boil inside her. She wasn’t some slut who went around prostituting herself! Yet, the rage she felt didn’t manifest.

He had no right, but he also wasn’t being serious.

The two were playing a game. It was worlds away from the kind of games they used to play — when Belle was the cool aunt, not the sexy aunt. Still, she felt an uncontrollable urge to play along.

Belle liked games, she liked Andy, and she wondered if the heat she felt from within was something other than anger and offence.

“You watch too much porn,” she smirked. “It’s a shame, really. I thought you spent your nights imagining little rendezvous with me. After all, I’ve seen the way you look at me. — the way you undress me with your eyes…

“I’m intrigued, but I should be insulted. Maybe that means I’m the slut you think I am. Or, perhaps I just like you too much to slap you in the face and never speak to you again. All that said… You make an interesting offer… But I can’t expect you to pay three grand for the work on my car.

“Redo the invoice to exclude your discount on the labour cost. I want to pay the full amount.”

Andy looked grim. His plan had failed, but it hadn’t failed quite as spectacularly as it could have. He’d crossed some major boundaries and said some pretty intense things. Had he been wise, he’d have taken the opportunity to retreat. But Andy was young and far from wise. Even worse, he was a man and a man on a mission at that. Sex was the only thing on his mind as he’d never been closer to fulfilling his dream of fucking his gorgeous party-girl aunt.

“You don’t want to take my money,” he accepted, “but what if we agreed to waive the bill entirely. All of his: Me, my brother and my cousins.”

Belle raised a skeptical eyebrow. “I told you, I’ll pay—”

“Why waste your money if you can get something for free? Well, not for nothing, but not for three grand either.”

“What do you mean, ‘not for nothing?'”

“You know what I mean…”

“All five of you?”

Andy nodded.

Belle bit down on her lip so hard she almost pierced the skin. She couldn’t believe her sweet nephew was being so naughty. Her sisters had never shared her dirty mind. Now, she found a kindred spirit in one of their sons — the youngest and dearest — 19-year-old Andy.

No matter how hard she tried to deny her thoughts, Belle couldn’t deny how her heart felt. She clasped her hands together, hoping to hide her eagerness at the prospect of being manhandled by five strong, working men. She tried to hold her breath; she did her best to hide the glow behind her eyes.

Andy saw every signal she sent. He’d never felt more alive to the look on a woman’s face. He sensed he could read her mind and experienced a sensation that could only be described as something about life slotting into place. The aunt he’d fantasised about for ages was looking at him like she wanted him. Her eyes scanned his body, settling on his crotch as she spotted the tent in his jeans.

The adrenaline got the better of her. “I’ll give you each a blowjob,” she offered.

“That’d hardly cover a tenth of your bill.”

“You underestimate how good I am at sucking cock,” Belle grinned. “What about a blowjob and five minutes of second base?”

Andy shook his head. “The bill is three grand. Hell, you even said we should ditch the discount and charge the full amount.”

“Okay,” his aunt accepted, “you can each have a blowjob, some heavy petting, and a finger in the bum. Your asses, not mine.”

Rounding the desk and grabbing his aunt’s arm, Andy pulled her towards him. He acted with so much force and determination she couldn’t help but swoon. The way Andy handled her made her eyes flutter and her throat dry. At that moment, he could have done whatever he’d wanted to her — opened her purse, swiped her card to cover the three grand bill, and fucked her regardless. She’d give him anything because she knew she’d love what he could give in return.

Young, strong, newly confident… He was making his aunt feel things she’d never felt before. She’d had her wild times, but those were games and what he offered was real. Andy looked at her and saw the character she played whenever she got dressed up and danced until sunrise. To him, that was the real Belle, and he wanted her to fulfil all his preconceptions. To his aunt, it felt like permission….

Her horny body wanted to submit, and her raging mind agreed; even as it struggled to form thoughts… Even as the intensity of her nephew’s grip drove her wild…

I was delirious, Your Honor, she’d tell the judge. I couldn’t be stopped! It was a moment of MADNESS!

She couldn’t hold back any longer. Lowering her chin and edging forward, Belle met Andy for a kiss that should have never happened but couldn’t be stopped. Their soft lips felt incredible together, enjoying the taboo feeling of a forbidden touch. He was the first to press forward with his tongue, invading her willing mouth as she moaned into his. She happily became the woman he wanted her to be, kissing back with a sexual energy that could outclass a fusion reactor.

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