25 Nisan 2023

All Hallows Eve – Trollskogen Spell


Thank you for reading my Hallowe’en Story Submission. It was a fun and interesting little yarn that seemed to grow from the idea of a short quick story to something more. Completely concerned with incestuous sex, magic, occult, mild torment, and a few twists and turns along the way, probably deserves more chapters and pages. I hope that you enjoy it, and appreciate reading and all of your comments.


Trollskogen is an enchanted mystical forest in Sweden, translated as “troll’s forest.” One wonders what blend of magic might occur should an ancient occultist and sexual magician bring his book of spells to Massachusetts, the home of mystical mysterious witchcraft.

-All characters in this story fantasy are over the age of eighteen-


Chapter 1 — Apollyon Gift Shoppe

Two of the figurines framed behind the nearly opaque leaded glass storefront appeared to be suitably frightening, to Savannah.

Maybe an occult curio shop will have something scary that Grandpa can add to his collection of Halloween decorations this year.

Apollyon Gift Shoppe looked like a weathered old knick-knack store that could have been found in a Hogwarts scene or at best some dark Blackpool alley, not North Adams Massachusetts.

Savannah would have been left behind completing college entrance exams if she wasn’t so bright, so was betting her grandfather would be both shocked to see her this time of year and excited that she’s bringing a gift. Especially for Halloween.

“Jesus!” Savannah jumped and sidestepped a jet-black inch and a half cockroach dashing from under the Barnwood entrance door. She trembled for a moment. “You’ll have to be bigger than that to scare a New Yorker!” Her Manhattan accent yelled at the skittling beetle. “That’s it go hide around the corner or I’ll stomp you!”

Hurriedly she yanked on the poorly fastened handle of the shop entrance Quaint! I guess they don’t have door repair people in this part of Massachusetts.

Savannah had a habit of vocalizing her inside voice too much at the best of times. Any nervousness meant her inside voice was directly hotwired to her outside voice. A clattering noise behind seemed to mean the door closed without falling off its saggy hinges. “Hell-ohhhhhhh!” She extended her vowels to the right side of the store where there appeared to be someone.

A lanky six-foot-something grey man stood from behind the cluttered glass counter. “Welcome, miss.” A hypnotic deep baritone voice emanated from his pale wrinkly lips.

“I love your décor.” Savannah darted her eyes trying to find something distinct among the clutter. “It’s like Art deco meets Junkyard Wars.” Funny it’s oddly sensual in here though… albeit a little musty.

Her sarcasm was unabsorbed by the shopkeeper. “Is there something I can help you find miss?” His tone remained deep and unattenuated.

A few rather horrifying figurines came into focus. “See- yes- well- My Grandfather,’ Savannah stretched her words as if he was hard of hearing, then rattled on patronizingly, “Well he decorates like the Griswolds. You know Griswolds? National Lampoon, Christmas? Only for Halloween, and I was looking for something, to decorate. For him. You know?”

“Decorations, yes miss. Please follow me.” The tall grey man weaved through the narrow store aisles without disturbing a trinket. “Your grandfather’s name Miss?”

“Has anyone ever told you that you look like Lurch from the Adams Family?” Savannah rambled inconsiderately. “I mean not in a bad way, just resemblance! No offense, I mean he was famous, back in the day!”

“No miss.” He raised his caterpillar-thick grey eyebrows.

“Oh yes, his name. Kardec. His last name, I mean.” Savannah gave him an inquisitive stare. I have a really strange feeling about this guy. Is he an old pervert or what?

“Yes, Mister Kardec,” the man beckoned to a corner shelf, “Your grandfather is named after a Swedish spiritualist.”

“That’s right, not many people know that- Swedish” Savannah pushed one hip to the side, “and the boys at college think I look like Helena Mattsson, and she’s Swedish.”

“You are a pretty girl, miss,” He pulled a trophy-sized statue from the shelf. “Perhaps this one.”

Savannah’s eyes open wide, “Oh it’s- and it has um- and um-“

“It’s our lord miss.” He extended his hand to hers, letting Savannah touch the statue.

“It’s the devil, isn’t it. With horns and um- horny, I mean there’s a big dick on it.” The wickedly gleeful red satanic creature sported an upcurved phallus twice its body length. Touching it was oddly relaxing to her. “It’s cute, I mean I might buy it for myself, but I don’t know if my grandpa would put it with his other trick-or-treat decorations.”

“Perhaps inside Miss.”

“What is this one?” Savannah picked up another statue, of a man and woman sitting on a tree-trunk-sized cock.

“It’s early Peruvian sexual art miss.” He directed a little Beşiktaş Escort further down the aisle, “Perhaps something from here, would be suitable for the time of celebration.”

Savannahs eyes locked on an utterly graphic large sexual statue of a multi-horned demon-like creature penetrating a large breasted girl with a weaving snake-like cock. “What is THIS?” God that’s kind of hot! I wonder if grandpa would get turned on?

“The giving of pleasure, miss.” The monotone voice of the grey man started to have some inflection. “It is said our lord’s seed gives the ultimate in pleasure when she gives of herself.”

“It looks like she’s cumming, my god, that’s really sexy, isn’t it?” Savannah unconsciously stroked the onyx forms of the carving. It’s warm.

“I hope Pashal is not boring you, Savannah.” A milky smooth female voice moved towards them from the back of the store. “I’m Charlotte.” Her pale thin arm extended in handshake towards Savannah.

“How do you know my name?” Her gothic slender body reminded her of a school librarian once a long time ago.

“You used to visit your grandfather quite often when you were just a little girl.” Charlotte’s smile was alluring. Weaving her fingers within the shoulder-length dark hair the locks swirled into a short spiral “You were always such an energetic little thing!” A sexy girl.

“Miss Roos?”

“Yes, that’s right, you remember now.”

“You must be the age of the first initiation by now.” Charlotte touched her index finger to her earring. Then questioned, “Nineteen?” Beautiful, fertile, and ready for the right of passage, the all Hallows-eve rite of passage.

First initiation? What was that? And those earrings, they look like- “How did you remember?” Miss Roos seemed to permeate a kind of sensuality to Savannah.

“Oh, we remember everything about you Savannah.” Charlotte opened her arms welcoming the long-absent child into her bosom. Savannah’s nipples pressed through the thin braless black fabric like darts. As foretold, she would become one with his teachings. Nestling her own succulence breast to breast against her, fingertips found the roundness of her lovely young ass. “You noticed my earrings; they are his symbols of a woman’s climax and fertility. Do you like them?”

“Oh yes, they are- wow suddenly I feel so warm.” What is happening to me. Do I want to make love to this woman? “And you look as pretty as I remember so many years ago when you were the librarian. It’s like you haven’t really aged, a bit.” I can feel myself getting wet. How is this possible? Goodness, she looks young enough to be like my older sister. Savannah nuzzled into her neck as if she would kiss her next.

“Why don’t we go downstairs, you could probably use a nice relaxing massage after your long trip.” Charlotte kissed Savannah on the head, then held her hand. I’m going to teach you all about his love. “After all you’re going to need a lot of energy to help your grandfather get ready for Halloween!”

Savannah seemed distracted by the rush of feelings especially the unexpected sexual ones, “Yeah I did fly into Albany and- um- wow you are pretty Miss Roos.” This all seems too… I should stop- just stop- just say no. Why can’t I stop myself? When I touched that statue, it- “I guess I am a little tired, sure, why not.”

“Wonderful, Savannah. Just follow me downstairs,” Charlotte led her to the side then back of the store.

“Goodby Miss.” The grey storekeeper commented as they walked away. You will begin the initiation to him.

“Pashal can be so drab, but he’s so good with the dark arts, especially sexual magic.” Savannah was nearly hers. Nearly theirs. “It’s a little narrow and dark, just hold my hand down the stairs.”

“Wow, these are really long narrow stairs going down, what is this place a dungeon?” Savannah mustered up a bit of sarcasm, but willed to follow. Like she had no choice. It does look like it’s leading to a dungeon or something. Get me out of here! “It’s really dark!” Do I want to know this place? To be- to be what? Fucked?

“Don’t worry, just stand here. I’ll light some candles.” Charlotte released Savannah to stand alone in the center of his room.

I should run, run away. No, I’m meant to be here, I think. Savannah fidgeted in the dark as in a circle around her candles on wrought iron stands as tall as her, were lit one by one.

“For my master.” Charlotte ignited the large wrought iron demonic symbolled candles sequentially, chanting at each. “…and the initiation on All Hallows Eve”

“What is that, on the ground, a circle it looks like-” A pentagram, that symbol! She wanted to run. Savannahs body would not move.

Uncorking a handful of glass apothecary bottles, Charlotte mixed dry ingredients with a mortar and pestle, with Savannah helplessly watching. “I have something for you Savannah.”

“What is it?” Her nearby vision became Beylikdüzü Escort blurry when Charlotte removed her glasses.

“It’s a little of Pashel’s sexual magic, my sweet girl.” Taking a deep breath, and holding the pestle in front of Savannah’s face, Charlotte blew the spell into a sparkling dust cloud before the teen girl.

I have to hold my breath, hold my breath, hold- oh- hold, oh- Craving air and inhaling sharply the sticky sickly-sweet scent of the concoction met her nostrils. Coughing loudly her body tried to expel the herbs from deep in her lungs.

“I think we can undress you now, love.”

Savannah stood obediently. Yes, it was all so clear to her, the sexual need must be fulfilled, in any way her master desired. This was why she returned. It seemed to be so completely natural having Charlotte remove all of her clothing. She desired it.

Kissing the back of her neck, Charlotte inhaled the effervescent remnants of Savannah’s Clohe perfume intermixing with the sexual magic. Arching her back, Savannah was making it easy to peel the long zipper down over the cleft of her ass-crack. “You’re more beautiful than I’ve imagined. Our master will love you.” The crimson dress fell to the floor like it was being pulled by a magnet.

Whispering what sounded like a Latin incantation in her left ear, Miss Roos unclasped her bra and let that fall to the floor. Won’t she touch me? I want her to. Please touch me. “Please…” Savannah never needed sexual touch as she needed it now. This is wrong! Little by little, her resistance was being silenced by the sexual magic.

“Step, dear.” Charlotte pushed the laced thong panties to Savannah’s ankles. The thirst and need were palpable. I’ll have you, the master will have you. Her young initiate was void of clothing in her master’s presence.

“Lay here,” Charlotte pointed to the center of the pentagram. “Face down!”

Savannah’s breasts and bare skin met the canvas-like surface of the dungeon floor. Apprehension was vanishing replaced by hunger. Stop. No. Yes! Yes! I want this, I need this, take me, master, take me! Long minutes seemed to drift by before she heard a noise behind her.

Hands astride her shoulders, Charlotte’s breath was on the back of her neck. “Savannah, the master has always wanted you. I’ve dreamed about you. You were born to love him!” I’m going to make love to you to my sweet. “Rosemary oil, it’s even more magical.”

Miss Roos sprinkled droplets of warm oil all over the back of her skin. Each drop triggered an even lustier want within her. “Oh my, your skin is so soft!” Savannah muttered into the canvas floor as Charlotte’s delicate breasts and skin met the whole of her body. They were connected. From foot to head, Miss Roos’s body undulated against hers. She was driving her hard pubis and clit into the crack of her ass. It felt like she was going to fuck her ass with it. Savannah pushed her pucker up to meet Charlotte. Fuck me, please just like that!

Warm shapely breasts oozed over her shoulder blades. Her wrinkled hole met the hard nub as the former librarian fucked Savannah like a man.

Charlotte ground her distended clitoris into the teenager’s spayed asshole. “All Hallows Eve you will be one with the master. One with him. I’m going to cum on you, my sweet girl!” Forcefully she gyrated opening her crack wider. Her clitoris rubbed against the nineteen-year-old’s inviting sphincter needily.

“I conjure you by the scepter of him, that you ascend this virgin to sacrifice for you master.” Charlotte invoked. “To be one with all sins of man before the coming Hallows Eve!” Her eyes saw the brilliant light flame enhanced from the candles surrounding this pentagram at the same time her cunt oozed milky cream over Savannah’s ass crack.

“Oh master, I- fuck- I fuck her for you!” she rammed the hardness of her pubis into the teen full force, while unseemly amounts of her female essence coated Savannah’s ass crack. Blood red fingernails marked the girl’s flesh as her body convulsed in climax.

It felt as if a man was cumming on her. Thick wetness trickled over her ass and pussy as the woman fucked powerfully into her ass crack. Savannah folded her knees nearly enough to allow the woman’s clitoris to enter her ass. It’s so fucking good. “Cum on me she whined. Miss Roos, cum on me, cum in my asshole.” Trembling flesh against her back signaled the riveting climax while Charlotte held her hard nub against her starfish. Deviously she opened then attempted to grasp the woman’s clitoris by clenching her butt hole.

“Oh my god, you fucked me!” I’ve never been fucked by a woman before. I’ve never been fucked by a man that good. She turned her head around to look at Miss Roos who was staring glassy-eyed into the flames around them.

“You must now be anointed for my master” Charlotte’s gazed trance-like into the flames.


“On your back Beyoğlu Escort young lady!” That voice reminded her of that stern librarian so many years ago.

But that librarian just fucked the hell out of me? Or hell into me? Savannah turned her back to the canvas floor and unfolded her legs willingly. “Are- are you going to fuck me again?” The question did not hide her enthusiasm.

“Just as we celebrate the fall harvest this Hallow’s Eve, by candying apples our master will celebrate the harvesting of our sins!” Charlotte’s voice echoed. “And candying your flesh!”

“What- what’s in that cauldron?” Eyes opening in fear Savannah watched Charlotte ladle a sticky thick red and black hot molasses.

“This will make you pure. Your young womanhood pure for his master.” Smirking Charlotte poured the lava-like concoction over Savanna’s pubic hair. “Just think of all those candied apples you had as a little girl in Halloween’s past.” This time we are going to candy your teenage cunt!

Clutching her fingers into fists, Savannah prepared for a scorching burn. It was very hot but oddly sensuous as the thick hot candy coating matted in her pubic hair. Thank god. It’s not burning, it feels kind of, oh shit! “Shitttt!”

Charlotte captured the edge of the taffy-like coating and pulled, ripping Savannah’s pubic hair away with the hardening sugar syrup. “Soon your womb is going to be pure, Savannah!” Pure for his master.”

“Oh god, shit!” Savanna bucked, but Charlotte pinned her knees wide apart with her body weight ladling another gob of thick candy coating on her rapidly defoliated pubic hair.

“Becoming, smooth, purified!” Charlotte peeled another pancake-sized glob of candy from her victim’s now virtually hairless pubis.

Thankfully as her pubic hair was yanked away the torment became less. When Charlotte ladled the next hot candy, it trickled over her clitoris and labia. Oh shit, it’s hot… but it feels, damn good.

She pushed her pussy into the flowing hot liquid enjoying the warm stickiness of it. Oh, fuck that feels nice! It reminded her of all those times with the pulsating shower nozzle on her clit and pussy.

Inching the strands of hot candy from Savannah’s vulva, Charlotte teased the last whisps of pubic hair from her moistening labia.

“Oh, fuck that’s good.” The contrast between the hot liquid and hair removal was making her pussy insanely wet. “Mmm.” That’s so nice! Savannah stuck her tongue out sluttily willing her vagina to open like a target. Put some candy in here!

“Oh, you are a horny little nineteen-year-old aren’t you, my girl!” Charlotte half-filled a ladle then poured it in a strand no thicker than a straw, into her vaginal opening. Oh shit her cunt is pulsing she’s going to cum! She curled the strand of hot candy over her lips, then clitoris, finally emptying it over her quivering asshole.

“Uh- uh- uh- omigod, OMIGOD!” Her toes knotted as the rapid wave of her climax moved from her extremities to her groin. It was locked at a precipice waiting to be unleashed. But unleashed by what? Oh, fuck this is intense. Oh, fuck!

Charlotte fucked her own wet cunt on the knob of Savannah’s knee and hooked the flap of the sticky candy from the edge of her tight little asshole. “Mmm- mm- mmmmm-.” Her master would not approve of her losing control like this. Thinking of her own climax, instead of preparing the initiate, making her pure for him. I’m going to cum. She would not release her until she climaxed herself. I’m sorry my master, but. “Ohhh fuck yessssss!”

At the same time that Savannah felt the thick cream from Charlotte on her knee, that woman ripped the sticky candy from her asshole and cunt releasing her to have the most gut-wrenching orgasm. “Yes- Yes- YESSS!” She screamed breathlessly while the glue-like substance peeled away from her spasming cunt.

Oh fuck that was good. It was great! Savannah gasped to catch her breath. “Oh, that was so nice!” Where’s Charlotte, where is she going?


The trance-like state had returned to her tormentor’s eyes. It sounded like Charlotte was speaking backward. Standing off to the edge of the pentagram, her pasty white skin stayed icy-white even by the flickering amber candlelight. Whether it was the pleasure or the anticipation of more, Charlotte grew even more beautiful and somehow younger looking than just minutes before.

“Stay on your back, Savannah.” Charlotte uncoiled a long large object from a red velvet sleeve.

Clearly, it was a snake-shaped phallus. Don’t let her fuck me with that! Carved spiraling scaled snakes wove like yarn with a red-eyed cobra’s head adorning the crest of the blackened bronze shaft. The ruby eyes were iridized as if the object came alive in the amber candlelight. Yes, ravish my cunt! Fuck it inside me! I’m spreading my legs wide! Put it in! Fuck it in! Wetness coating her labia cooled. Subconsciously they opened like a blossoming flower inviting the demonic thing inside. I want it!

“I’m going to fuck your teenage flower, Savannah!”

NO! “Oh yes!” Splaying her knees rudely she awaited the carnal thing. It’s going in fuck it’s wonderful, she’s fucking me, like oh a demon’s cock! “God it’s so hot inside me!” Savannah wrenched her neck to the side. The thing was wickedly pleasurable.

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