21 Mayıs 2023

All I Wanna Do is Make Love to You



All mine. Female loving. No violence. Feedback good! 😀


Darkness surrounded the landscape; nothing was visible except the occasional glimpse of flaring headlights. The air was thick with fog and something denser, a touch of dust. It was hard to see through the thickness and the driver of the small, red automobile had to clutch at the wheel with both hands and stare unwaveringly straight ahead. The blonde driver cracked open the window to allow a bit of air into the stuffy compartment, rubbing her eyes gently, trying to rub the tiredness out. She was running away. If asked, she probably wouldn’t be able to articulate what from, but she was running nonetheless. Her job back home had become so stressing, so tiresome that she felt that one more day and she would explode. She decided to leave it behind before her body would make good on its threat. She wasn’t planning on staying away forever though, so she simply left her boss with a little notice that she would return once her mind had time to cleanse. Deep down she knew her boss would only get mad for an instant, but then relent as he would reluctantly realize he’d been working her far too hard and long.

She’d been in need of vacation for some time and there was nothing like taking advantage of the moment. Then there was her family. They were always all over her, constantly demanding of her, constantly dreaming for her, constantly pushing and pulling in all directions at once. She’d had enough and it was about time she got away for bit from them as well. She loved them all to death, but not her own. And finally, there was the boyfriend. As though the family wasn’t demanding enough, she had to answer to him as well. It had gotten to a point that everything became too much and the need to get away was almost overwhelming. Dreaming of escape at night, or falling into a deep abyss of despair didn’t seem like the normal things that should cross one’s unconscious mind, but then again, the unconscious was always full of surprises.

Now that she was on the road, driving forward with no destination in mind, she felt free. For the first time since kindergarten, she felt utterly and completely free. It was exhilarating and she took a deep breath of freedom’s air, immediately regretting it when dust particles filled her lungs. All the same, the sensation was marvelous and she didn’t have one ounce of regret concerning the trip.

The roads were mostly empty, only the occasional car would whoosh by her, illuminating the road for a moment than plunging her little car back into darkness. Looking at the street signs from time to time, she realized that she was gaining quite a distance from her home and a smile fought to break lose on her youthful face. She was literally giddy as she gazed in the rearview mirror, shaking her head at the silly smile plastered on her lips. Deciding she had had enough thoughts for the night, she decided to switch the radio on. Flipping through the channels she finally paused on one of her favorite songs, “All I Wanna Do is Make Love to You” by Heart. Tapping the steering wheel to the beat of the music, she began humming along with the singer’s sultry voice.

Relaxing further into her seat, she loosened her death grip on the wheel and enjoyed the ride. She had gotten to such a state of relaxation that she barely had time to notice the dark figure standing on the side of the road. The figure was walking along the sidelines, zigzagging from time to time into traffic. The driver barely had time to slam on the breaks. Her car stopped mere inches away from the silent figure, now facing her. Without thinking, she threw the door open and stepped out, screaming at the indistinct stranger, “What is wrong with you?! I could have run you over! What the hell are you doing walking here in the middle of the night anyhow?” She was scared, her heart beating so fast that it was deeply lodged in her throat. She couldn’t help but lash out though she figured the stranger might be even more frightened than her. Then another thought came to mind, what if he’s drunk? What if he’s a serial killer? Are you crazy? Get the heck out of here! Her inner voice admonished in alarm. When she was about to get back into her car and drive off, happy that the stranger seemed fine, her car door was grabbed by an unrelenting hand. She couldn’t help but gasp aloud. Raising her eyes to the now slightly visible face, she breathed silently both in surprise and in slight relief. The face of one of the most beautiful women she’d ever seen revealed itself to her shocked eyes. She stood in front of the dark stranger mutely as the woman smiled at her, her blue eyes flashing. Even in the intense darkness, those blue eyes were still clearly visible.

“I’m sorry if I scared you, but I didn’t hear you coming.”

The driver gulped thickly, “It’s okay, I’m sorry I almost ran you over and then screamed at you, I was a bit agitated.”

The woman smirked, but not unkindly, “That’s okay, I don’t mind. Say, how about a little compensation, perhaps that would make you feel better?”

The driver paled considerably and the entire idea of her trip, which seemed so wise and wonderful a minute ago, seemed terrifyingly stupid then. Several scenarios and possibilities ran through her mind as her mouth refused to form the words to answer. The stranger noticed the driver’s pallid features and hitching of breath and quickly reassured, “I’m kidding, I’m not gonna ask for something weird or crazy. I’m sorry for worrying you. Anadolu Yakası Escort I just want a ride, if you wouldn’t mind.”

The driver gulped again and licked her lips, “A ride?” she repeated pitifully.

Again, that smile appeared on the stranger’s lips, “Yeah, just a ride. I’m not a serial killer, you know. My car broke down a few miles from here and that’s why I started walking, in the hopes that I’d reach some town soon, or a ride would happen to pass by.”

“Umm, well, you see, I have to be somewhere real early and I have to get going. I don’t think it would be good for you, it’s pretty far away.” She was pretty sure she knew why she had lied, but she still felt uncomfortable with the fib. She wasn’t used to lying and though the stranger seemed nice enough, you could never be sure.

“Well, I would love a ride to anywhere you wish to drop me. I’m in no hurry.” The woman tried again, but when she saw the uncomfortable look on the little driver’s face, she reluctantly relented. “Look, it’s okay, I’ll just walk to the next town, like I planned to do. Don’t worry about it, you go on. Thanks for stopping to check on me though.” She winked at the astonished driver, released her grip on her door and started walking away.

The driver was speechless as she got back into her car, shifted into gear and drove off. A few miles into the road, she pulled to a harsh stop and backed toward the walking stranger. Stopping right next to her, she pulled down the passenger side window, “Okay, I’ll give you a ride to the next town, hop in.”

The stranger smiled broadly, threw her bag into the backseat and jumped inside the car.

Both women were silent during the first minutes of the drive, and then it was the stranger who started the conversation, “Thanks. It would have been a real pain to walk to the next town. I saw a sign earlier that said 50 miles. That kind of depressed me, but what choice did I have, right?”

The driver simply nodded.

“I’m Ricky, and you are?” She introduced, extending her hand in greeting.

“Lynn. Nice to meet you.” They shook hands quickly.

“The pleasure is all mine, trust me.” Said Ricky, chuckling.

Lynn gazed over at her passenger and perused her fleetingly in the dim light of the car. She had long black hair, a beautifully chiseled face of classic features, amazing blue eyes of which she’d already took notice, and she was wearing all black. Their height difference was another thing that had made her weary of the guest at first. It still unnerved her to realize that Ricky was much taller and obviously stronger than her. That wasn’t an immense feat however, since she had a small, compact frame, which most people topped in height. They were pretty much opposites, with her short blonde hair and brown eyes, and even the colors they wore pointed at a difference.

Pulling her eyes back to the road, she concentrated on trying to generate conversation. She wanted to make sure she hadn’t made the biggest mistake of her life by picking up this stranger, this hitchhiker. She wanted to get her to talk about herself, to make her tangible to her. She wanted to stop worrying.

“So, you said your car broke down some miles ago?” Lynn asked tactfully.

The dark stranger brushed her hand over her face in obvious weariness, “Yeah, I was planning to go on vacation and decided to leave a little earlier, and this is what I get. Though, I’m not sorry I’ve met you.” She said charmingly.

Lynn couldn’t help it, she blushed. Hoping that her blush wasn’t visible, she cleared her throat and said, “Thanks. So, where were you heading?”

Ricky smiled silently then said, “Alpine Valley, Michigan.”

“So that’s what’s in that bag of yours.” Lynn said offhandedly, but inside she was glad to silence her burning concern with the knowledge that the bulk belonged to a pair of skies.

Ricky chuckled, “Yeah. What’d you think I had in there, a body?” At Lynn’s wide-eyed look of apprehension, Ricky quickly assured, “Don’t worry, I’m really a normal person. Well, as normal as you can get nowadays.” She tried to lighten the mood.

“So what about you? Where are you headed?”

“Around that same area.” Answered Lynn, in a noncommittal tone.

Ricky just nodded her head.

The next hour was spent in silence as Ricky gazed out of the window and Lynn tried to keep a steady hold of the steering wheel, fighting the sudden bout of sleepiness threatening to take over. She shook her head lightly to clear the cobwebs and flipped the radio back on in the hopes that it would wake her up. A soft drizzle had started earlier and the road slowly became slicker, making Lynn pay an even closer attention to what lay ahead. She hoped it wouldn’t snow and that the drizzle would remain just that, but as things would have it, nature wasn’t known to be a good listener. Soon, a light rain began falling, making it harder still to see. Lynn turned her wipers on but to no avail, since the rain only started pouring down harder. Ricky glanced at the cute little driver and asked, “Would you like me to take over driving? You look tired.”

Lynn took a glimpse at her passenger and shook her head, “No thanks, I’m okay. We should probably find a place to stop for the night though, this rain is getting worse and it doesn’t seem to be letting up.”

Ricky chewed her lip in thought, “Yeah, you’re probably right. We’re a few miles from a town, we should look for a motel or something Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan there. Turn right on the next exit.”

Lynn simply nodded and concentrated on the road even harder than before, all sleepiness seemingly gone. She wasn’t thrilled with the idea of having to stop on the way and especially of having a guest to board with. It wasn’t the first time she rethought her earlier decision and hoped she wouldn’t end up regretting her kind gesture. When the exit came into view, she signaled and slowly took the turn. The side road was smaller and even less populated than the main highway as they drove down toward the lights on the horizon. The lights quickly materialized into exactly what they had been looking for, a motel. Parking the car in one of the front spots, she pulled the break and turned to gaze at Ricky. That same song from earlier seemed to haunt Lynn as it began playing again on the radio. Frowning, she flipped the dial and shut it off.

“We better go in and get a room.” Lynn said.

Ricky nodded and with no further word she opened her door and stepped out. The rain was really pelting the ground when Lynn got out and locked her car. Hurrying toward the entrance, she tried to use her jacket as some sort of shield against the rain. When they entered the motel, they were both soaked through. The man at the counter turned the volume on his TV set down and looked at the women. “How can I help you?”

Lynn blinked a few rain drops from her pale eyelashes and put her hands on the counter, leaving wet trails behind. “We need two rooms for the night.”

“Sorry, only got one room for the night.” The man with the bushy eyebrows and moustache answered.

Gulping, Lynn tried again, this time with a little incentive in her hand, “Are you sure you can’t spare two rooms?” She handed him a ten dollar bill, which to her surprise he didn’t take.

“No ma’am.” He turned the volume back up on the TV and averted his gaze.

Sighing deeply, Lynn decided to take the one room. She tried to hand the man her money and was surprised when her hand was grabbed by a much larger one, with long fingers. “Allow me.” Ricky took advantage of Lynn’s momentary shock and paid for their room. She grabbed the key from the man who was already ignoring them and walked out in search of their room.

The room wasn’t too bad considering the outside appearance of the dingy motel. It had a king sized bed situated straight in the middle with nightstands on each of its sides, a TV set, a small round table with chairs and a fairly clean bathroom. The colors probably needed changing since the horrible red could make a person go blind, but otherwise, they had no real complaints. It was more than reasonable and most importantly, it was warm and dry.

Lynn walked to the bed and flopped down ungracefully. She ran her hand over the cover and was happy to discover that it was quite clean. “You shouldn’t have paid for the room, I was about to…”

“I know, I just wanted to do something to thank you for the ride and all. I hope you’re not mad.” Ricky said bashfully.

“I’m not mad, I just…well, anyhow, thanks.”

Ricky smiled. “You’re welcome.”

“Well, I’m going to take a shower and go to bed. Would you like to go in first, or should I?” The earlier bout of fatigue was catching up with Lynn and she couldn’t wait to get under the covers and sleep. She was even past the moment of embarrassment when she realized she would be sleeping in the same bed with the tall stranger. She just wanted to rest.

Ricky scratched her neck in resignation, “Hey look, I know this isn’t exactly how you wanted it to be. I know you didn’t plan on having to stop for the night and I’m sure you didn’t plan on having me around, and now we have to share a room. I’m really sorry for all this and I could find some other place to sleep if it’d make you feel better.”

For the first time Lynn felt a kind of humane warmth in connection with the tall beauty. She no longer felt so alienated from her and felt they could even become friends, given time. Feeling sorry for acting like a jerk and making Ricky feel even more uncomfortable than she probably already was, she decided to apologize herself. “No, I’m the one who’s sorry. I agreed to give you a ride, I stopped out of my own free will and I’ve been acting weird towards you since I picked you up. Not only did you pay for this room and it should be me offering to find some place else to sleep in, you’ve been nothing but kind and civil to me. So, what I’m trying to say is, if you don’t think I’m too terrible a person, I would like to share this room with you.” Exhaling a breath, she brushed her fingers through her blonde tresses.

Ricky frowned in concentration and scratched her cheek, “I don’t know…”

She said it so seriously that a wide-eyed Lynn was preparing to get up from the bed and leave the room.

Ricky quickly grabbed her wrist to stop her, “I was kidding. Of course I would be honored to share this room with you.” She smiled crookedly, tilting her head to the side and batting her eyelashes playfully.

Lynn felt the first genuine smile in the past month or so cross her lips as she gazed at the most endearing picture. Ricky was not only stunningly beautiful but as Lynn was quickly finding out, a most charming and sweet person. “Okay then. Who gets the bathroom first?”

“Well me of course.” Before Lynn could respond, she flashed a childlike smile Escort Anadolu Yakası and rushed into the bathroom, slamming the door shut.

Lynn shook her head and chuckled. She liked this new side of her companion and wondered what other surprises lay in store for her.

After Ricky finished her business in the bathroom, she took her turn and washed up. Wrapping a bathrobe around her naked frame, Lynn closed the bathroom door and walked to their bed. Ricky had already gotten in and seemed to be in the midst of a deep sleep. Going to the other side of the bed, Lynn pulled the covers down and slipped underneath, reveling in the sensation of the cool sheets rubbing against the naked skin of her legs. She turned on her side and let sleep take her over into its soothing embrace.

It was around 1am when Ricky began to stir. Blinking her eyes open she waited for a bit to let her eyes adjust to the darkness. She felt something soft and warm pressed against the front of her body and for a moment felt completely disoriented. She looked down and saw a rumpled mass of blonde hair pressed against the pillow and under the crook of her shoulder. An unbelievable rush of emotion attacked her and she couldn’t help herself as she raised her hand to lightly caress the sleeping features of the blonde. Lynn murmured something in her sleep but didn’t wake up.

Ricky continued caressing her cheek softly and gently, simply memorizing the plains. She realized they barely knew each other and that no more than a couple of hours ago Lynn was positive she was a serial killer and didn’t trust her as far as she could throw her, but she discarded those thoughts, deciding to ignore them and trust her instincts. And her instincts were telling her, more like screaming at her, to touch this beautiful angel lying next to her. Without giving it much thought, she leaned down and kissed the clothed shoulder lightly. Moving slowly from her shoulder to her neck, she trailed soft kisses up to her ear, giving the pink lobe a soft lick with the tip of her tongue. This made Lynn jump a little and wake her up. Turning to lie on her back, she looked in confusion at the looming halo of black hair. She blinked her eyes a few times, trying to clear the sleep from them and gazed into the almost ethereal blue of Ricky’s eyes. “What’s wrong?” She asked sleepily. She didn’t know what had woken her up and was worried that something had happened.

Ricky simply smiled and said, “Nothing, you’re just so beautiful that each time I look at you I’m afraid my heart will beat right out of my chest.”

Blinking a few times rapidly, Lynn shook her head. She was positive she hadn’t heard right or that it was just a dream from which she would wake up any second. “What are you talking about, Ricky?”

Instead of answering, Ricky leaned over and placed the softest of kisses on Lynn’s shocked lips. She didn’t probe any further, simply let her lips rest languidly against Lynn’s. It took Lynn a few seconds to gain her wits and she pushed against Ricky’s shoulders. “What are you doing? I’m not…”

The protest died on her lips when she saw a lone tear sparkle in the darkness, traveling down from the corner of Ricky’s eye, down her cheek, to her chin, and then plop soundlessly on her chest. Lynn swallowed thickly and without her conscious permission, her hand drifted up to caress the woman’s soft skin. “Ricky…What is this about? We don’t even know each other. I have a boyfriend back home. We can’t do this.” Excuses and reasons kept running through her head, but she was only conscious of one thing, and that was the slow trickle of tears from those beautiful eyes she had grown so unknowingly fond of. She ran her fingers leisurely through the dark tresses as she wiped away the trail of tears with her other hand. “Don’t cry.” She admonished softly, threading her fingers into her hair and pulling her down to her lips. The contact was even sweeter than before. They kissed and tasted each other for a few minutes, brushing their lips against one another, licking and nipping in between languid caresses. It was pure heaven for both and the feeling that they didn’t want it to end ran through them like an electric current. Suddenly frantic to make the moment last, they pulled at each other’s clothes and began touching, exploring the newly discovered skin. Their moans mingled together as a hand touched a breast, then a tongue replaced the fingers at a straining nipple. Touches became firmer as their bodies sought to move closer. Hunger, their movements could only be described as pure hunger, as they ravished each other’s flesh. Their bodies intertwined to such a degree you no longer could discern where one ended and the other began. Moans were beginning to grow in volume as fingers searched an opening, a deeper connection with the warm, sweet body lying alongside them. By tomorrow many marks would be evident on the women’s bodies, betraying what their minds would probably refuse to acknowledge. The peak was close as they moved in tandem. It was sweet torture and release was craved to such a degree that hearts were on the verge of bursting. One more deep thrust, one more strong suck, one more slick push and they were gone. Their screams mingled in the night, like two animals reuniting under the white glow of a new moon. Scratch marks appeared on Ricky’s body as she arched into the smaller one beneath her. She looked down at Lynn, trying to keep her eyes open in order to capture the look of intense rapture on the beautiful features. The moment of release was incredible, as she had known it would be. Holding the young woman in her arms, she ran her fingers through the now damp hair and caressed the sweaty back. Lynn had already fallen asleep. Ricky pulled her closer still, tucked warmly between her legs; she kissed the crown of her head and fell into a deep sleep as well.

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