26 Mart 2022

All night long


All night longIt was a beautiful mid summer Saturday morning in South Florida. I woke up with morning lumber and looked over at my gorgeous naked 21 year old girlfriend still sleeping next to me and started lightly kissing her neck and running my hands over her body. Slowly I moved down to her nipples, licking and biting them. NOTHING !!! She didn’t wake up. I wanted to wake her up in the nicest possible way, because she wasn’t really a morning person, and I didn’t want to start out the weekend with a fight. Not one to give up easily, I moved on to plan “B”. I carefully climbed out of bed, pulled the covers off of her, and continued my assault. I moved to the foot of the bed and slowly pulled her legs apart. I climbed between her legs, and lightly started blowing on her pussy with my warm breath. Then I started to lick and kiss her shaved lips,(boy she smelled and tasted good) and flicked my tongue on her clit. First I heard a whimper, then a little moan. She opened her legs further and put her hands on my head pulling me into her crotch. She rolled her pelvis up to give me better access. She started squirming and bucking, I put my hands under her tight little ass and pulled her to me. Within minutes she came hard and collapsed. I climbed on top of her a slid my 10 inch (I wish) my 6 inch (on a good day) cock in her. She was so tight and wet, I didn’t last long. I rolled over on to my back, holding her all the while until she was on top of me, without ever sliding out of her. She pulled her knees up so she was in the cowgirl position, grabbed my face and gave me a big kiss. I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight to me, grabbed a handful of hair and kissed her back hard. We were so in love, we had been dating for 4 years, and she moved in with me 1 year ago. The honeymoon was still going strong. She asked if we could go to the beach and get some sun and some beers. I told her I had some work to do. She put her hand on my mouth to shut me up and said she would wear (my favorite) her tiny little white g-string bikini that showed a hint of nipple and pussy when it was dry, but when she got it wet, it was totally sheer. And before I could say anything, she slid down and sucked my dick and licked me clean. Needless to say we were going to the beach. She jumped out of bed and put her g-string on, to keep my cum inside of her, (well mostly) and once the cum leaked onto the thong and it turned sheer her pussy was totally visible. She liked to tease me by sliding her finger in her pussy and then slowly putting in her mouth, licking the cum off her finger. Sometimes she did it while other people were around. She was such a tease. She fired up the bong, put the tiny bikini top on and pulled her favorite white almost sheer wife beater tee shirt on that just about covered her ass, and we headed to the beach. We had to stop at the gas station, she went inside for some ice and beer (and to tease the crap out of the cashier) while I got some gas. She came back with a big smile on her now red face. She told me that he was cute and she gave him quite a show when she bent over to get the beer. He groaned out loud when he saw her wet sheer crotch , and she couldn’t hold back a laugh. I pulled the cooler out of the trunk, so she could put the beer in it, and being the tease that she was, she bent over with her ass facing the cashier again, and took her sweet time putting the beer in. I looked over and saw him staring at her. Then he came running out with a bag of ice she forgot. He knelt down next to her and was about to put the ice in the cooler for her (boy….girls have it made. No guy EVER offered to put the ice in for me) when she grabbed it and said she would do it. She turned to dump the ice in and put her butt inches from his face. Talk about “deer in the headlights”, he was frozen. She made a point of smoothing out the ice (to give him a better look) and even brushed her ass against his face briefly. He turned bright red, gave me a quick look, mumbled something and went back inside. We both got a good laugh. We caught a draw bridge on the way, and she asked me to pull in the convenience store so she could pick up some munchy food. And of course several other people had the same idea while they waited for the bridge to go back down. She jumped out of the car knowing she was putting on a show all to see. Her bare butt was totally visible for all to see.I guess I should describe her, so you can get a mental picture….. She is 5′ 4″ tall, weighs 120lbs. Has long beautiful sun streaked brown hair, almost to her waist. green eyes,a pretty smile,a wonderful sexy disposition, full perky 36b tits that don’t know what gravity is yet, really nice abs,and a little bubble butt. She looks like a toned and tight gym rat, but with just a little meat on the bones so she doesn’t look skinny. My idea of a perfect woman. (of course I LOVED her so she WAS perfect to me). And she is wearing a see thru tank top and almost naked underneath. She got lots of attention everywhere she went.We went to the beach and found a area with no-one too close, while I set up the blanket and cooler, she peeled her shirt off, adjusted her bikini so it just barely covered her nipples and pulled the g-string down so it just covered her clit. She called my name, and when I looked at her she slowly turned all the way around, and asked me what I thought. I was speechless, and just tomarza escort sucked my breath in. She laughed and laid down on the blanket,on her back and asked me to oil her up. ( God….. why do I have to do all the work. Just k**ding) She liked using baby oil, so by the time I was done, she glistened. And just for her own protection and safety from that nasty sun, I made sure to put oil on her nipples and pussy. I mean the bikini was almost sheer. My baby oil application had attracted the attention of several men, most of them deciding that the beach waS BETTER right near where we were. Go figure. ??? We sucked down a few beers, and after about 30 minutes, she rolled over on her stomach and asked me to oil her back. Fuck me….. when do I get to relax ? LOLI started on her shoulders and she reached up and pulled her hair out of the way for me, and I kind of massaged the oil in. She let out a long moan, and told me not to stop. Then she reached back and untied her top. I looked around and noticed we had quite an audience. And for some reason a lot of men were walking by, getting closer and closer. I was afraid someone was going to take a beer. GRRRRRR….. I worked my way down, making sure not to miss any spots, and was very careful to oil her butt, before moving down the back and outer parts of her legs and feet. then I worked back up the inside of her legs, sensually rubbing the back of her knees. As I worked up her inner thighs, she spread her legs further apart. I teased her working slowly, closer and closer to her crotch. She started arching her back, sticking her ass up and breathing heavy. I poured some oil right over the crack of her ass, and then working it in. When I touched her pussy, she jerked violently and came. I looked around, nobody missed it, they all smiled at me. Must be gay. LOLAfter she caught her breath, she sat up to get us more beers, looked around at all the guys, not caring that her top was just hanging around her neck, letting everyone see her tits and nipple rings. She was really turned on, and looking right at me she just took her top all the way off. We were NOT on a nudist beach. She didn’t care. I glanced around and didn’t see any beach patrol so enjoyed the show with the ever increasing number of men, some of them almost within arms reach. She said she was hot, and want to go for a swim, and asked me to join her. I told her I couldn’t stand up right now, but for her to go and I would watch. She stood up wearing nothing but her tiny g-string and walked, no ….. bounced down to the water, and dove in. She swam for a minute, the stood up in waist deep water and started walking to shore. Her nipples stood out hard, and when the water got below her crotch I and everyone else on the beach thought she had taken her g-string off. And with a big smile on her face and not much else, she walked back to the blanket. She told me she was having fun, as she looked around at the crowd of guys looking at her. She playfully reached up and brushed her nipples, several guys let out groans. She smiled even wider and pinched both her nipples and rolled them between her fingers and pulled on both of the rings, which triggered another round of moans from the guys. She started to sit down on the blanket, when I stopped her and said… your not going to get the blanket wet with your bikini bottoms are you ? She just chuckled standing right in front of me, she turned around with her back to me, hooked her thumbs into the g-string, and slowly bent at the waist and slid them down to her ankles. She stood back up raised her g-string over her head and twirled it around her fingers while turning around letting everyone see her now butt naked body. The guys started clapping. She knelt on the blanket, and bent down with her ass arched out and started kissing me. There was a lot of movement going on as the guys were jockeying for the best position behind her. We kissed for about a minute, she started breathing heavy, I wrapped my fingers in her hair and put slight downward pressure on her head. She knew instantly what I wanted and slid her head slowly down my chest to the top of my shorts, letting her hand rest on my crotch right next to my cock. The reaction from the crowd was instantaneous, she brushed her face across my hard on and then started nibbling on it lightly thru my pants. She had never gone this far before. Just then someone in the crowd said ” beach patrol”. They came to see what was going on, thank God there were so many guys blocking their view. The guys all took off in different direction, all she had time for was to put on her sheer top. We were not so politely told to leave the beach. YES SIR buzz kill.She didn’t bother to put her bikini back on, so all the way up the beach and thru the parking lot everyone could see her pussy and tits, with her nipple rings plainly visible thru her top. When we got to the car, I noticed her face was flush, she got really turned on having so many people see her naked. We even saw one woman slap her boyfriend for looking at her. She told me we needed beer and stop at the gas station again. I barely had stopped the car, when she jumped out and said she would go in. I watched in disbelief as she walked almost naked across the parking lot. The same cashier was still working. She was inside for several minutes, while she was gone I had the bright idea to park at the far end of the parking lot near the street, where she would have to walk with lots of cars being able to see her. She had lots of horns blowing. She came back with a 12 pack in each hand. I asked her how she paid for the beer and she just smiled and said he gave it to her. I said “really” and she said well there was one caveat. I impatiently asked “what”. He said if she took her top off and stood spread eagled in the store for 3 minutes so he could look at her, he wouldn’t charge her. So she stripped and asked where he wanted her to stand. She was right in front of the cash register where anybody walking in would see her. He was walking around her bending over looking right up her crack when another customer walked in. she reached for her shirt and he told her if she didn’t keep standing there for the full 3 minutes, she would have to pay. The other customer heard the deal and walked outside and told the other guy in the car to come inside. She stood there while 3 guys inspected her from every angle. Apparently at least one of them was blind, because they started grabbing her. She said she was pissed at first, but then she got really turned on.We got back to the house had a quick bite to eat, and talked about the days events,and got turned on. She said I should call my buddy the black jamaican d**g dealer and get some blow. I said we don’t have money for that crap. She just smiled at me and said “let me take care of that”. He said he would be over in a couple of hours. She said she wanted to take a shower and get ready. I followed her into the bathroom and asked her what she had in mind. She said it was a surprise and kicked me out and told me not to come back in. She would come out when she was ready.Well about an hour later, she came out of the bedroom and just floored me. Her hair and makeup was done to perfection. She was wearing 6″ heels a black leather skin tight mini skirt and a silver metal halter top. I almost came in my pants. I walked over to her and tried to see if she was wearing panties, and she just playfully slapped my hand away and said no touching until later. ?????? I asked her what she had in mind. She took a couple of hits off the bong and told me to put some music on and get some tequila shots, limes and salt. When I came back she took the shot from my hand and slammed it. Before I could react, she took my shot and slammed that one too. I stood there kind of in shocked, because she’s a light weight, and she gets wasted on 2 shots. She asked me when he was going to show up, and I told her he was suppose to be here in about 1/2 hour. She then told me to pour 2 more. She took her third shot and said she was not going to be responsible for anything that happens tonight. With that she told me to turn up the music. She started dancing really slutty, and said she was going to strip, and if showed up she would keep going. I was really turned on thinking she was going to put a show on for the 2 of us. She danced a few songs, pulling her skirt up and bending over, but not enough to show me anything, then she undid her top and took it off. She danced topless for 2 songs then started to unzip her skirt and slid it down. She wasn’t wearing any panties. So here she was completely naked except for shoes, dancing and grinding and started playing with herself, knowing full well our friend was going to show up at any minute. After a couple of minutes she went back into the bedroom and came back out with her favorite dildo. She laid down on the coffee table spread eagled and started playing with herself. I thought OMG what if he walks in while she’s doing this. ????? So i asked her……. and she said I told you I wasn’t going to stop. And then her body racked with a really intense orgasm. I was about to explode, and reached out to play with her, and she said NO TOUCHING until later. After a few minutes she got up and started to get dressed again,and said he missed out and laughed. She just put her dildo away and there was a knock on the door. He came in just as she came out of the bedroom, and just stared at her, and said she looked really hot. She blushed a little and said if you had been on time he would had a great show. She then told him she had just stripped for me and played with herself and if he had shown up on time he would have seen for himself.He pulled out the party favors and gave it to her, and asked when the next show started. We all did a few more shots, and a few lines and she was trashed. She came over and sat in my lap and started grinding on me. she asked him to put out some more lines, and he asked what was in it for him. She gave me a sloppy kiss winked at me and went over and sat in his lap. She started grinding on him and asked him to take his keys out of his pocket. He teasing said that wasn’t his keys. she kept grinding her ass on him and in the process her skirt rode up so that I could see her pussy. He had his hands on her bare midsection, and when he tried to slide them up under her top she stopped him. He laid out a few more lines, and when she leaned over to do some he slid his hands under her top and was cupping her tits. She didn’t stop him, she was preoccupied. She stood up abruptly, presumably to get his hands off her, came over to me and asked me to turn up the music. We both moved over to the couch, she climbed up on the coffee table and started dancing. She teased us for a few songs, and then pulled her skirt up enough to show her pussy briefly. She was rubbing her tits over her top, and then reach back and untied it. She let it slowly fall down to her waist exposing her tits to both of us. We shouted words of encouragement, and by the next song her skirt was on the floor next to her top. She got off the table and started grinding on my lap, and then moved over to him and ground on. He started playing with her tits and running his hands up her legs. I thought she was going to stop him, but to my surprise, she surrendered to him, laid her head back on his shoulder and opened her legs. He started finger fucking her, and she was grinding on his fingers, then took his hand and brought it up to her mouth and licked his fingers. She got up and went into the bedroom and came back out with her dildo. Laid down on the coffee table facing us so we had an unobstructed view of her pussy and spread her legs wide. She started rubbing the dildo all around her pussy and then just shoved it deep into her pussy, and started fucking herself with it. We both moved to opposite sides of her and started playing with her tits, and sucking on her nipples. Within minutes, she started shaking and bucking and orgasmed so hard, she almost passed out. When she recovered, she reached down and grabbed both our crotches, and started play with us. He unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out for her to play with. She rolled over on her side to get a good look at his package and let go of me. He grabbed her head and pulled her toward his dick. She instinctively opened her mouth and started sucking on him. He was fucking her face hard and she started choking and had to stop. She said she needed another line. She told him she could deep throat him better. He laid out the last of his stuff,and she snorted it all up. He stood up, dropped his pants to the floor, pushed her on her knees in front of him and put his cock in her mouth and said “deep throat me”. She tried for several minutes to take all of him in her mouth, but couldn’t take it all. He finally just grabbed the back of her head and slammed his hips forward, pushing his dick all the way down her throat. He held her there for a while until she needed air. He let go of her head and she started gulping air. And then without warning he grabbed her head and started slamming in down her throat again, pulling it almost all the way out, and then slamming it back down her throat. His balls were bouncing off her chin. After a few times, she got the rhythm, and started taking quick breaths every time he pulled out. Within minutes he started breathing hard, said he was going to cum, shoved his cock all the way down her throat, and emptied his ball in her stomach.She asked for some more blow, and he said he was out, but he could go to his supplier and get some more, and he would stop by later. She said she wanted to go with him to make sure he came back. She went into the bedroom and grabbed a pair of tiny cut off blue jean shorts, (they are so short she would never wear them outside). The crotch was only the double seam of the shorts that slid into pussy and left her pussy lips totally exposed. The top was a cut off tee shirt that I cut too short, that just barely covered her nipples. And if she raised her arms at all her tits would be on full display. She blew me a kiss and said they would be right back. And ran after him still wearing the high heels.An hour went by, I didn’t hear from them so I tried calling…… no answer. 3 more hours went by, still no contact with her. It was 5am and she still didn’t come back. Finally around 7am I heard a car pull up in front of the house. It was just getting light outside and she climbed out of the car butt naked. Her clothes and shoes were gone. The driver gave several long blasts of his horn, presumably to let all my neighbors look out to see my girlfriend stagger naked into my house. She was a mess.She was covered in cum. All over her face, one of her eyes was glued shut with cum. her hair was matted and soaked with come, she had scratches and bruises and bite marks all over her, and cum was running out of her ass and pussy down both her thighs. After cleaning her up I put her to bed and she got some much needed rest. Over the next few days she remembered more and more, and finally told me that our “friend” owed the supplier a lot of money,and offered her up to them as an interest payment. There was about six of the biggest blackest men she had ever seen. They used her in every possible way, some of them had huge dicks, and they fucked her mouth pussy and ass, all of them diving all the way to their balls in her. And then they called a bunch of “friends” and let them use her too. She said she has no idea how many guys there were. Some of them fucked her more than once. But she said they fucked her all night long. I tracked down my friend a few days later, I was going to beat the crap out of him. As it turned out, his supplier beat me to it. They beat the crap out of him and knocked him out. He was lying on the floor u*********s for most of the night. He said that they took lots of pictures and even video taped most of it. They got her really fucked up and on camera got her to ask them to use her and gang fuck her. If I went to the cops or started any shit, they would post the pictures and video online and send copies to her family. We broke up a few months later. every time we had sex, she would start talking about that night and wanted to do it again.

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