7 Kasım 2022

Allison’s Online Tryst


Once I got married, I didn’t stop going online and chatting with guys. It was too hard and I had too much fun to stop. I never met up with the guys I chatted to online, it was just good fun. The only thing I did change was my screen name and picture. I used a picture of a girl I had met online so that if I happened to meet someone in a chat room knew my husband or me, it wouldn’t end ugly.

My real name is Allison; I am 24 years old and happily married for two years now. I have blonde hair and cold blue eyes. I am a heavier woman, coming in at 184 lbs, which is a bit much as I am only 5’6 tall. The only good thing is my weight is distributed evenly so I’m not one of the pear shaped girls. I like to lie and say my best feature is my eyes or my smile, but guys tend to like my thick thighs and nice round ass. They also especially like my 34DD tits a lot more than my eyes as I would soon find out. (I have pictures available upon request)

My husband was away at work as usual and I had cleaned the house for the past two hours. It was part of being a stay at home wife, no biggie. I decided to go online and relieve a little stress. Signing on to the chat rooms, I went to the “married but looking” room. Always good fun to be had. It was usually about 50/50 between older men and mid 30’s women chatting away. I said my hellos and settled in chatting in the room with a few people with my alias in full swing. A guy named Charles started talking to me in the room. He was 43 and from PA. I told him that my husband’s dad was also from PA and it turned out they were from the same city. It was big city so it wasn’t that weird. He asked me if he could instant message me and I told him he could no problem and gave him my AOL screen name.

We were chatting and flirting in no time and I sent him a few pictures of “me”. The girl whose pictures I used was heavy fatih escort set as well and the same build as me. He was quite pleased with the pictures. He told me his daughter in law was also chubby. I started asking him more questions about his daughter-in-law and finally asked him if he had a picture of her. He informed me he had a quite a few, especially from their wedding. I asked him if he had any naughty ones of her. He balked at that question at first, then admitted he had a few down blouse ones of her. I asked if he could send me some. Within a minute I had a normal picture, an ass shot in a bathing suit and a down blouse picture of me sitting in my inbox. I couldn’t believe it. “Charles” did the same thing I did. I was chatting with my father-in-law and not only did he have an alias, he had some naughty pics of me!!

My curiosity was seriously piqued at this point, as well as me being wet for some inexplicable reason. I started asking him more questions about his daughter in law. He proceeded to tell me all kinds of stuff…How much he loved her thighs, her nice ass and, of course, her huge tits. He told me every time they visited she was always wearing skirts.

I, of course, asked him “short ones?” He replied that they weren’t short, but rather just below knee length and flowing, but it left more up to the imagination. He told me how she has a nice black one too that is tight and you can see her ass perfectly and never any panty lines. And how hard he always gets when she wears it.

I couldn’t contain myself anymore. I took off my sweatpants and set the camera on a timer and took a pic of my ass with me bent over. Alls that was in the pic was my fat ass framed by my thong and my thick thighs. You could also see part of the heels that I had thrown on for the picture. I had made sure no tell tale signs of our house were visible etiler escort and sent him the pics. He absolutely loved them and told me to hold on a sec. Next thing I knew, I got a cam request. I accepted and his camera popped up on my screen. I made it seem like I was so sad I didn’t have a webcam. In reality I do, but there was no way he needed to know he was actually talking to his daughter in law!

His camera popping up on my screen was all the confirmation I needed. This was in fact my father in law. I asked him how much he liked the pics. He answered by tilting the camera down to show his hard cock. I gasped as soon as I saw it! It must have been 8 inches long and 2 ½ inches wide!! I was soaking wet looking at my father in laws hard cock! What was wrong with me? But the charade continued…

He proceeded to tell me how much he loves watching his sons wife parade around in her skirts and barefeet. And how she always wears tight low cut tank tops that show 90% of her cleavage in his estimation. And when she picks something up off the floor, she bends at the waist, not the normal lady squat that women normally do, so her ass is just thrusted out.

He said, “every time she does that, I just wanted to go up behind her and nuzzle my hard cock between her ass cheeks.”

I had my hand down my pants at this time and was rubbing my clit, reading what he was typing and watching him stroke his cock, knowing he was thinking about me. He invited me to audio and I told him I didn’t have a microphone either, but I would love to listen to him. So I accepted and made sure all my stuff was muted.

“What’s her name?” I asked him.

“Allison,” he replied over the speakers.

Two fingers sunk into my wet pussy as I let out a moan.

“I just want to bend her over, hike up her skirt and shove my hard cock in her wet beşiktaş escort pussy, grabbing her pigtails and fuck her hard!” he exclaimed with sincere lust in his voice.

I could not believe I was damn near having phone sex with my father in law and he didn’t know it! I heard him moaning more and by him using his microphone, his hands were free to jerk off.

I told him I was rubbing hard and even threw in a “fuck me daddy…fuck me hard!” to get him going more.

He was stroking so hard and kept moaning out “oh God yes Allie, your such a good little slut aren’t you?” He said he always wanted to just fuck her hard, not like passionate loving sex, just down and dirty fucking.

I asked him if he had a printer and he told me yes. I asked him if he could print off of picture of her and cum on it for me to see. He was more than happy to oblige. Once he had it printed off he showed it to me. It was a picture of me smiling for his camera. With me being bent over a little in the shot, plenty of my cleavage was hanging out in the tank top I was wearing.

“mmmmm are those the huge tits you want around your cock?” I asked him.

“ohhh god yes…and in my mouth” he replied over the speakers.

I was soaking wet and so close to cumming!

“mmmm daddy you need your fat whore don’t you?” I typed to him.

“ohh god yes allie I need you on my cock right now!” he said over the speakers.

“ohhh god daddy treat me like the fat bitch I am and cum all over my picture…please!” I typed.

“ohhh god allie, you want daddy all over your face don’t you you little bitch. You want my cum like you want cake don’t you?” he replied over the speakers.

“ohh god daddy im cumming!!!!!” I typed over.

Alls I heard was him moaning my name and grunting…watching him stroke his cock as I saw his cum shoot all over my picture. It was the hottest experience ever!

I’m wondering if I can use this ammunition to make this happen for real. Or I’m wondering if I could tease him to the point that he forces me…well at least he thinks he’s forcing me 😉

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