14 Mayıs 2023

Ally Stays Over (series 2 part 2)


Arrival day had been my most anticipated event in months. Janice had some retail issues to deal with at work that day and asked me to pick Ally up at the airport. The drive takes forty-five minutes from our house. My attention was not as focused as it should be on the road, but I could not have been any less likely to fall asleep at the wheel. My mind would not rest as I tried to predict how our greeting might go and what Ally would be wearing. It was reasonably warm and skimpy clothing is her standard.The flight was still a few minutes out when I got there. Her plane landed and passengers soon began filing out. Ally appeared in a red dress and cork wedge heels with white straps wrapping her legs twice and tied in a bow at mid-calf. It looked tame for her, yet still drew the eyes of many men.I waved once I saw her. A glass wall separated us. After she came through the security gate, she came to me with arms out wide. I welcomed her, prepared for a hug and got a bonus – a full kiss on my lips, and not a short one either. Having completed her examination of my tongue, Ally eased back and said, “I missed you,” in a tone befitting a dating couple, much like Janice does.Several others noticed with varied expressions of amusement, envy, or in at least one case, disapproving glare. The disapproval was most likely incurred from the stark age difference between us than the affectionate display itself.Ally placed her arm around my waist as we waited for the luggage. I knew it was a bad idea to ask why she needed a bigger bag than a carry-on. “I had to bring all my sex toys,” she said loud enough to be overheard.Her suitcase was big enough for a couple weeks of my clothes, but I did not rib her further. We headed towards the exit, but she needed to stop in the restroom. Why couldn’t she have done that while we waited for her case? My offer to watch her bag was rejected and she wheeled it behind her, disappearing into the ladies room.She was in the ladies room so long I started to wonder if there was a problem. Upon her return Ally was dressed differently, or perhaps simply undressed. She had transformed from respectable casual attire to super slut. I would have thought the metallic blue strip of fabric around her hips was intended to be underwear. It was about two inches wide, dropped in a V shape above her crotch which pointed at her pussy and made it clear that she shaved down below. To top it off, it exposed very obvious cameltoe. Her boob tube was white to match the straps on her heels. However, the top was so thin, the red around her nipples was visible if you looked closely, which I did, and so did several others.Ally walked over to me and pushed my jaw shut. She cupped my balls right there and said, “I’m ready now. Mind taking my suitcase.” Nearly everyone who noticed us stared. Just being with her made me feel different, and I began to get a sense of the buzz Ally enjoyed from this kind of attention. At the car, I felt compelled to open her door to watch her climb in. She smiled and thanked me. Once I got in, I sat and admired her a bit more.Ally said, “Strangers can stare if they want. If you want to stare, you need to do it with your dick in your hand.” The games were on. Janice and I had not had sex since Wednesday, so I was fully prepared for Ally’s antics. I whipped it out and stroked slowly. This pleased Ally. I pulled her close and kissed her again. Then kolej escort I pushed her down in my lap and had her suck my dick. Ally loves giving head as much as men love it. She had me throbbing when she sat up again. “Let’s get out of here and find somewhere to fuck.”We left the airport. Once we were on the highway, I told her we should head straight home. Disappointment washed over her face. She turned to reach into the back seat for her suitcase and sat down with a big dildo in her hand.A bulky wedge shoe blocked most of the road as it crossed my field of view. I turned to see Ally spreading her legs. The metallic hot pants were on the seat beneath her. “I need space,” she said, lowering her leg into my lap. The large dildo vanished inside her pussy. Ally pushed it in until she could sit on it before leaning back with her eyes closed. “Ah, much better,” she declared. We drove on, Ally with her eyes closed and head back, one finger gently rubbing her clit, and me trying desperately to stay on the road.I kept one hand on her leg at all times. Her silky smooth skin felt as good as it looked. When there were no cars near us on the road, I lifted her leg to kiss her and could not resist sliding my tongue several inches along her gorgeous leg.“Slut,” I said, softly.Ally turned her head to look at me. “What?”“Just enjoying your company, that’s all.”Ally put her leg down on the floor and leaned closer. “Call me a slut again and I’ll suck your dick right now.”It could be dangerous letting her suck my dick while I drive, but I am a guy. Looking into her deep blue eyes, I tried to sound like a snob with disdain for girls like her, “Slut!”“That does it!” Ally was impressed, and immediately lowered herself into my lap. She pulled my clothes out of the way and gobbled up my cock. Throbbing in Ally’s mouth became the focus of my attention as well as my blood flow. I had to pull off the highway at the next exit. We stopped on the shoulder and cut the engine.I slid my seat back and pulled Ally up for a kiss. During our kiss, I reached for her pussy. Ally liked having her clit rubbed and let me remove the huge dildo. She did not need to be asked to move on top of me. She sat sideways and guided my dick inside her. It was not the most energetic position, but getting out on the side of the road in broad daylight was not safe. The confines of the car were not lacking in pleasure; A velvety warmth embraced me with every gentle thrust. Ally moaned from the attention of my fingers on her pink nub, calling praises to her deity and affirming everything that occurred, yet asking for more.In some ways, I prefer the quiet. There is a point where it becomes too much. Not wanting to kill her mood, I chose to give her something else to do. The large dildo she had been sitting on filled her mouth nicely. I told her, “Suck it, slut,” and then kissed her cheek. The muffled moanings of appreciation were a vast improvement.Ally was highly reliable for being sexually active, or hyperactive, and it would last the entire weekend. It would not benefit me to cum right away. In the interest of my personal endurance, I let her rest on my lap without pumping. I spread her legs to rub her clit and groped her breast with my other hand. It took ten minutes to make her cum. I felt contractions around my cock as her spasms swept her, and held her in my arms after they sihhiye escort bayan passed.We got back on the road, heading home again. Ally put her hotpants back on and then a pair of normal shorts. I asked why she felt the need for them. She replied as if it should be obvious, “Because Aunt Janice won’t be impressed if I arrive only wearing underwear.”So, I was right. Ally did walk through an airport in her underwear. “It does look hot,” I added casually.“That’s why I did it.” Ally is not the most humble individual. “Did you see that old lady smack her husband for looking at me?” My body was already excited by expectations of the coming weekend. It was definitely going to be entertaining.When we arrived home, Janice greeted Ally at the door and quickly started conversation, while I took Ally’s suitcase upstairs. I heard Janice compliment her top in a mildly chastising manner, noting that she did not mention it in front of me.Due to the last minute delays at work, Janice decided pizza was easier than cooking. When the bell rang, I grabbed my wallet to pay for the pizza. At the door was Charles, one of the staff who works for Janice, yet he had pizza. Details were irrelevant, so I invited Charles inside and Janice introduced him to Ally. Ally smiled and checked him out in blatant appreciation. He was about her age, early twenties. Behind Ally, Janice did not witness her niece being overtly forward and licking her lips. She only saw Charles’ slightly shy response.In rare civilized fashion, we sat at the dining table for dinner. Janice and I were on one side, and the other two looked like a couple on a date. Charles was calm and collected. I assumed he was watching his behavior because he was in his boss’ house. Ally, on the other hand, let nothing hold her back. Subtle arm position and personal experience told me that Ally had her hand on Charles somewhere beneath the table. What I could not determine is whether it was on his leg or his groin. I felt jealous, yet also relieved that I could relax, since her attention was directed away from me. There was nothing I needed to hide from Janice, as long as Ally focused on Charles.Ally took the opportunity to bring up plans for the weekend. She mentioned that she hoped to go out the following night, and invited Charles to join them. After dinner, Ally asked him if he could give his opinion on her choice of outfits for dancing. My mind flashed back to the way she and Marie took turns wearing skimpy clothes at their house when I was there for that manic week of nonstop secretive sex. This was not a repeat performance. Instead of going to change Ally took Charles upstairs to show him.I sat down in front of the tv, not really caring what was on. A few minutes later I thought I heard a strange noise. A touch on the remote muted the sound. There was a definite repetitive creak in the bedroom upstairs. Janice looked at me. Neither of us spoke. I left the sound off.A couple minutes later I asked, “Should we do anything?”“Like what? Tell her to be quiet?” Janice had a point.In my mind, I answered, “Tell her to come down here and fuck where we can watch.” Before we heard anything, I had already been imagining her fucking Charles. Since it was definitely happening, I wanted to know how quickly she dropped to her knees to suck his dick. It was a given with Ally, that she would have his Escort sincan dick in her mouth at some point. Most likely she started things off that way.We needed to listen to be sure she was okay. That was the excuse I gave to Janice. The erection I got from hearing her told a different story. Subtle changes occurred upstairs. Creaks faded slightly, but grunts began to reach our ears. It was sexual music to my ears from a familiar composer. Ally grunted with regular frequency. She avoided the cliche porn phrases, but would ask for specific things if she wanted them. I did not hear any of that.“Feeling frisky?” Janice asked. Shit. I had my hand on my groin. The awkward moment left me momentarily speechless. Janice had a way of dissolving those into nothing. She came over to where I sat, leaned over and kissed me, and then knelt on the floor. She pulled my pants down and took my cock straight in her mouth. My cock was already erect but Janice made it a little bit harder.She stroked me with one hand while she asked a personal question. “Is it just hearing someone having sex, or is it Ally that got you excited?”“Both.” There was no need to hide it. “Ally is a beautiful woman.”“Yes. She definitely is,” Janice agreed. “Why don’t you close your eyes and pretend I am her.” She saw the doubt in my eyes. “Just tell me you like it, and call me Ally.”Janice enjoyed doing things for me, but I expected the family line to be one she would not cross. Still, she went down on me again, so I followed her suggestion. With my eyes shut, I pictured Ally between my legs. She always looks great, but with my dick in her mouth, she looked even better. “Suck my dick, Ally. Deeper.” I let her continue a while, and then said, “Ally, I want to cum on your face.”Janice stopped. “Really? Do you think she likes that?”I know she does, but the point is that I should not know. I tried not to sound defensive. “I have no idea. In my fantasy, she does, though.” This seemed to satisfy Janice, but she said I was not going to cum on her face.In fact, I did not get to cum at all. Ally and Charles finished upstairs and headed back down. Janice jumped up and went back to where she was sitting. I put the sound back on, and we pretended we never stopped watching tv.There was a brief awkward silence as Ally and Charles joined us. In true Janice fashion, rather than avoid the elephant in the room she fed it. “You guys seem to enjoy each other’s company.” Charles looked sheepish and avoided looking at Janice. “Anyone care for a drink? Ally can you give me a hand, please?”Janice just assumed we all wanted something, and the girls went into the kitchen. Soft voices were too muffled to understand. Charles looked a little uncomfortable, probably worried that he got them both in trouble. After all, Janice was Ally’s aunt and his boss. Banging the boss’ niece was not the most prudent move he could make.Barely any time had passed before Ally leaned around the corner. “Want to stay over?” Charles took a moment to grasp the opportunity, and having worked out that Janice must have approved it, he would love to stay. Ally had predicted this and gave him the beer she had behind her back, “Since you don’t need to drive now…”We had a relaxing evening, talking and half watching tv. Ally and Charles sat close together. They did not hold hands or cling like lovers. They looked relaxed and made occasional contact when it suited the conversation. Ally was impressed with his muscular body and made several inquiries, which gave her the opportunity to feel his arms and abs. She made him show us his six pack and told him to walk over to Janice who did not hide her enthusiasm. Both women were impressed by his muscle.

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